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Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program: Why Cloudways is The Clear Winner

Hey, my fellow affiliate marketers!

We all know that Web Hosting is a kinda like a necessity for everyone who wants to build an online business and make money online, right?

So, as an affiliate marketer, have you ever wondered...

What's the best & highest-paying web hosting affiliate program out there?

This post highlights the details of Cloudways' affiliate program - A company that offers one of the best hosting affiliate programs for online marketers!

Imagine this:

It’s the end of the month. For a person working at a 9-5 job, this is the time he needs to be careful with his spendings. The pay cheque is about to come but it hasn’t yet.

What if I were to tell you that this does not necessarily have to limit you?

You can continue to live your life without any worries, as thousands of dollars flow to your account.

Yes, I’m not kidding. This is possible through ‘Affiliate Marketing’.   

Thousands of bloggers and website owners across the world are earning passive income through these affiliate programs.

Many of them are doing it by promoting web hosting...

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WordPress Setup Basics: 5 Steps to Properly Setup a Website

In the previous tutorial, I've shown you how anyone can build a WordPress website from scratch in 5 minutes.

If you haven't gone through that tutorial yet, here's the link!

For this tutorial, I'll be walking you through the process of completing all the necessary settings in WordPress and what are the essential plugins needed.

I understand it can be quite overwhelming and confusing for people who are completely new to WordPress.

But don't worry! It's much easier than you think.

Let's get started...

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How to Build a WordPress Website From Scratch in 5 Minutes? (Completely FREE!)

Congratulations for making it to my step-by-step guide on how to build FREE WordPress websites from scratch.

If you prefer a video walk-through, watch the video above. It's about 8 minutes long but the actual website building process is a lot less than that.

If you prefer to read, I've documented all the steps you need to take in this post below.

So, what I need you to do is to follow closely step-by-step because after this, you're going to have a fully-functioning website of your own, which is a really exciting thing!

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Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review (Don’t Waste $1,997!)

Welcome to my Affiliate Marketing Mastery review!

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Stefan James claimed to help you build a 7-figure affiliate marketing business from scratch through his Affiliate Marketing Mastery course.

Is it really possible? Is this course worth it?

Here's the truth...

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review Summary

Product Name: Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Founder: Stefan James Pylarinos

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course

Price: $1,997 or 3 payments of $767

Best For: Beginners who want to get started with affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing mastery review

Summary: Yes, Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a legit course. In fact, it's not just legit but full of great values and tons of training to help anyone get started with affiliate marketing the right way. However, the major downsides is that it's just a course without actual tools yet it is charging a whopping $1,997. So, I would say it is a great but overpriced course.

Rating: 85/100

Recommended: Yes, but not worth the price!

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Top Web-Design Affiliate Programs to Make Lots of Money

This is a guest post by Alla Taff from TemplateMonster.

It is a completely obvious thing that many people start considering affiliate marketing to be a great way to make a living. 

When it comes to the web-design industry, a number of affiliate opportunities start getting even bigger.

There is a tremendous amount of affiliate programs out there. Yet some people may have doubts about choosing the most profitable or reliable one.

Are you among these people who want to join the most effective affiliate program? 

Do you want to find out more about the most popular ones?

In this case, we wrote this article exactly for you.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review: An Honest & Untold Message from a Successful Wealthy Affiliate Member…

Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate review!

I know there are tons of WA reviews on the internet and I only have a few seconds to capture your attention.

So, very quickly WHY listen to me and spend your precious time reading my Wealthy Affiliate review?

Very simple...

  • I've been a WA member since 2016 at the age of 18 and...
  • I'm now earning a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income at 21 years old, thanks to the help of Wealthy Affiliate!
jerry huang
affiliate commissions oct 2018

My October 2018 commission thanks to Wealthy Affiliate

I understand there are two sides to this. Critics of Wealthy Affiliate will claim that this is another biased review by a Wealthy Affiliate member.

But I can guarantee you that this is one of the MOST HONEST & UNBIASED reviews online about Wealthy Affiliate.

How can I be so confident?

There's a reason for me to give Wealthy Affiliate a score of 90/100, unlike other WA members giving WA a score of 98/100 or even 100/100.

So, let's don't waste anymore time and let me uncover all the necessary things you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate.

Take Note! My goal here is to make critics of Wealthy Affiliate speechless because this is so authentic and unbiased that they have nothing to criticize about.


Wealthy Affiliate Review Quick Summary

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Founder: Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Community

Price: Free Starter Membership & Premium Membership ($49/month or $359/year)

Best For: Affiliate Marketing beginners

Wealthy affiliate logo

Summary: Wealthy Affiliate, although not perfect, is my top recommended community for beginners to start their online journey creating passive income streams via affiliate marketing. The only problem is that it can take a long time to see results and it only focuses on organic SEO as the traffic generation method.

Rating: 90/100

Recommended: Yes

No credit card info needed & I'll guide you personally 🙂

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Is Autopilot Profits a Scam? (Ewen Chia’s Scam Exposed Again!)

Welcome to my Autopilot Profits review!

First of all, I must congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" products.

That's definitely the right way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online.

Ewen Chia, the founder of Autopilot Profits, claimed that you can make $3460.25 within 24 hours simply by plugging into his "Autopilot Income Machine"...

autopilot profits scam

Is it really possible? Or is Autopilot Profits a scam?

To be honest, this sounds like an outright scam to me since I've been in this industry for quite some time and I've reviewed hundreds of products before.

But let's not judge a book by its cover and dive into today's review...

Autopilot Profits Review Summary

Product Name: Autopilot Profits

Founder: Ewen Chia

Product Type: PDF ebook + video training

Price: $37 + 14 upsells!!

Best For: Ewen Chia & affiliates promoting it

autopilot profits review

Summary: Unsurprisingly, Autopilot Profits is a low quality training product where Ewen's main goal is just to cross promote his other digital products on ClickBank. You won't learn anything valuable enough to make any money online for sure! (I don't want to be so critical and negative towards any product but that's the true identity of this scam product.)

Rating: 5/100

Recommended: No (Scam Alert!)

Wanna Make Money Online but Tired of SCAMS?

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Affiliate Millionaire Club Review (7 UGLY TRUTHS Revealed!)

Welcome to my Affiliate Millionaire Club review!

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" products.

I'm not like any other "normal" marketers out there claiming things like "Read This Before Buying!".

So you know that I'm an authentic and no BS guy who's just trying to help.

And yes, I'm here to give you my honest review about Affiliate Millionaire Club. But more importantly, I'm here to reveal to you the UGLY TRUTHS about this product (with proofs!).

I'll do my best to make it well-worth your time. So, let's dive right into it...

Affiliate Millionaire Club Review Summary

Product Name: Affiliate Millionaire Club

Founder: First launched by Ahmed & Mo back in 2014

Product Type: Affiliate Site Builder + Training

Price: $47

Best For: The owners & probably affiliate marketing newbies

affiliate millionaire club review

Summary: Affiliate Millionaire Club is a sub-par affiliate site builder with legit but very basic training which is not enough for you to really succeed with affiliate marketing.

Rating: 35/100

Recommended: No

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Is Google Sniper a Scam? (A Legit product of the PAST!)

Welcome to my Google Sniper review!

Chances are, you may have seen Google Sniper's sales video talking about earning $1K to $3K per day from your laptop:

google sniper sales video

Google Sniper Sales Video

So you want to find out what this product really is about. You've definitely come to the right place because you're going to find the information you need in this in-depth review of Google Sniper.

Is Google Sniper a scam? Let's see...

Google Sniper 3.0 Review Summary

Product Name: Google Sniper 3.0 (Click here to join)

Founder: George Brown

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course

Price: $47 + Various upsells ($1 Offer is no longer available)

Best For: George himself and Affiliates promoting this product

google sniper review

Summary: Google Sniper is a legit product that used to work. It teaches people how to build niche websites, rank them high in Google and make money by selling affiliate products. But the major problem of Google Sniper is that a lot of the contents & strategies are outdated. Today, it's impossible for you to succeed simply by following its training. (I'll prove to you in this review)

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No

By the way, Google Sniper is NOT endorsed by Google and it has absolutely no relationship with Google as well!

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Is Pure Leverage a Scam? (Beware of their 100% Commission!)

Welcome to my Pure Leverage review!

Chances are, you came to know about Pure Leverage because you've heard of their 100% commission rate and you want to find out if it's legit.

So, is Pure Leverage a scam? Or is it a legitimate make money online opportunity?

Let me reveal the truth to you in this review...

Pure Leverage Review Summary

Product Name: Pure Leverage

Founder: Joel Therien

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company Selling Internet Marketing Services

Price: $24.97/month + $19.97/month (Resell right)

Best For: Network Marketers, Internet Marketers

Pure leverage review

Summary: Pure Leverage is a seemingly good platform that offers you various internet marketing services at an affordable price. However, I would say it's a pyramid scheme in disguise because it is all about promoting themselves and recruiting people to make money.

Rating: 20/100

Recommended: No

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