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Why Guest Posting on Smart Affiliate Success?

Simple reason...

site traffic growth

Smart Affiliate Success is getting over 2K visitors PER DAY as of September 2018!**

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Also, Smart Affiliate Success is an approved website by Outreach.buzz!

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What I Will Offer You For Your Guest Post...

Do-Follow Backlinks

I understand that most of you are guest posting because you want do-follow backlinks to your website. So, I'll definitely offer you that.

Post Featured Image

If you have your own Featured Image you want to put for your post, please send it to me. If not, I'll help you create a custom Featured Image suitable for your post.

On-Page SEO

I'm experienced in on-page SEO to help a post rank high in Google for your target keyword. I'll help you do that for your Guest Post as well!

2 Options For You...

Option #1: Place Your Order

Due to overwhelming Guest Posting requests, I'm unable to offer FREE Guest Post at the moment.

Another reason for that is because as you can see, I value every single post on my site a lot. This website is NOT meant for people to just randomly submit posts for link building.

I'm a huge believer in White-Hat SEO.

Because I used to offer Guest Posts for FREE, I received A LOT of low quality Guest Post requests from people who simply wanted to randomly build links and had no interest in content quality & user experience, which is definitely NOT the strategy to succeed in the long-run.

So, place your Guest Post order by choosing either one of the options below:


  • 2 Backlinks (Default)
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    Custom Featured Image
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    On-Page SEO
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    Wait up to 3 working days
  • Post start with Guest Post Disclosure*

*Guest Post Disclosure: "This is a Guest Post by [YOUR NAME] from [YOUR WEBSITE]" (No backlink here)


$109 (Save 18%)


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    Everything from Normal Post 
  • Up to 4 backlinks
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    Post within 24 hours once all the details are confirmed
  • Guest Post Disclosure removed


$129 (Save 23%)


Read this before placing your order!

Option #2: Link Exchange

If the guest post pricing is beyond your budget, here's another option for you...

I can give you a Special Discount if you give my site a backlink from an appropriate place.

The discount I can give you depends on the Domain Authority (DA) of the site you're linking to me. So I can even offer you a 100% discount (which means a FREE Guest Post) if your DA is high enough.

If you're interested in this collaboration, let me know via the form below:

Rules & Regulations

  • All Guest Posts should have at least 700 words, preferably over 1000 words.
  • All Guest Posts MUST be Original & Unique! (If your post is found out to be duplicated, copied or simply not original from you, I have the right to reject your post with no refund)
  • It must be related to one of the following topics: Make Money Online, affiliate marketing, SEO, blogging, WordPress, link building, web hosting, domain registration, Email marketing, copywriting, sales funnel, social media marketing, digital marketing & attraction marketing.
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    If your post is not within the topics stated above but you think it's a good fit for my site, send me a message and we can discuss from there.
  • I have to right to edit your post before publishing it.
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    I have the right to reject any post if I deem it's not a good fit for my website or it's not the quality I'm looking for.
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    Don't worry, I will refund you 100% if I couldn't accept your post. (Except for the condition that your post is found out to be duplicated.)

**Disclaimer: The traffic proof that Smart Affiliate Success receives does not guarantee the amount of traffic for your guest post. It still depends on the rankability of your post, which is determined by lots of factors like keyword, competition, content quality, relevancy, etc...

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