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Jerry is a young aspiring Internet Entrepreneur who started his online business at the age of 18. He is currently a Full-time Affiliate Marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, a community to help anyone start their own online business without prior experience. He actually achieved Financial Independence at the young age of 21. Read more about his story here!


Course Creator Pro Review: I Made Over US$100K in a WEEK!

So, you want to know more about Course Creator Pro to decide whether this is for you?

Congratulations! You're in the right place because I'm the first batch Course Creator Pro student.

In this review, I'll show you what's inside this course and everything you need to know before making your decision.

You have 2 options.

You can either watch the video review at the top of this page or continue reading my full written review below.

Let's go!

Course Creator Pro Review Summary

Product Name:
Course Creator Pro (CCP)

Founder: Parker Walbeck & Dakota Walbeck

Product Type: Online Course

Price: $997

course creator pro membership


Course Creator Pro is an online course teaching you how to build your own online course. This can help you turn what you know and package your knowledge into a digital product to sell online. I definitely recommend it if you have certain knowledge or skill you want to share and teach others. This can potentially become a full-time passive income for you if you follow the steps. This is THE course that helped me generate over US$100K in ONE WEEK. If you want to know more about how I did it, continue reading!

Rating: 96/100

Recommended: Yes

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Why Proper Affiliate Management Is Important To Your Success

In today’s day and age of technological advancements, it is not uncommon for many to see the power and benefits that digital marketing can bring. With countless users on the World Wide Web, digital marketing has become even more effective than ever. With this, it is important to start with the knowledge that digital marketing is a broad and comprehensive concept. There are many facets of digital marketing that you can apply for you to succeed, and one of them is affiliate management, which is offered by teams and companies, such as iAffiliate Management.

Affiliate management refers to the hiring of affiliate partners for them to promote your goods and services. In exchange for this performance, they are paid a fee and, in some cases, a commission on top of this salary. Without a doubt, affiliate marketing has consistently proven its efficacy in making businesses successful. That said, read through below to learn about the benefits that you can gain from proper affiliate management for your success.

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3 Strategies to Earn More Affiliate Commissions With YouTube in 2019

I’ve started my journey in online marketing years ago with SEO when this practice was the real deal.

It was 2008, and there were no Facebook or Twitter yet. Nonetheless, YouTube wasn’t the ‘free traffic’ machine of today.

Fast forward to 2019, there are no better marketing channels than YouTube that can get you a reliable and high-quality amount of free traffic to your site or to affiliate offers.

Yet, despite the platform from Google seems flooded by new ‘youtubers’ every day, there is still huge space in every niche to take over and earn more affiliate commissions in 2019.

The reason is simple: most people are and will be camera shy. But that’s is not a problem, you can still make relevant numbers without showing your face.

I will explain how in this article. Keep reading!

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Promote Your Website Effectively With These 7 Tips

Creating a website is one thing, but giving it out for the world to see is a whole different thing. Compared to promoting your website, creating it is like stealing candy from a baby. By learning how to promote your website, you will be one step closer to monetizing it.

The good thing is, it doesn’t have to cost anything. Of course, there are paid marketing solutions that will probably work faster than the free solutions. But if want to go absolutely free, you definitely can.

Why do I need to promote my website?

You can sell the best service or product in the world. But without a good promotion, nobody will know about it. Your website being online doesn’t mean that people can see it. In fact, it’s most likely that they can’t – Not in a literal sense, of course.

What I mean is that people will have no way of hearing about your website. It’s like searching for Facebook on Google, but it’s on the third page and you’re most likely to click the first few links.

#1: Strengthen your SEO

Learning how to promote your website starts with SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most powerful tool to effectively promote website for free. It is a free way of getting your website ranked higher on Google, Bing or any other search engine. It’s basically telling the search engine how to display the website in their results.

The downside with this free marketing tool is that because it’s so powerful, everyone uses it. The competition is literally endless. The good thing is, a lot of websites don’t have good SEO. This gives you the upper hand. Good SEO means that you’ll soon outrank those with bad SEO.

Google uses a lot of factors to determine how your website ranks in search results. There are a lot of variables you control that can increase your ranking in search results. The first thing you should start doing is to plan your keywords with a keyword research tool like KWFinder. Other things that will improve your SEO score are optimized headings, image alt text, and others.

Hostgator are obviously doing something right, because their website ranks first for the keyword “hosting”, which is what they’re selling.

#2: Make sure your website is fast & optimized

Google also ranks your website by speed. Even if they don’t, Google’s research shows that bounce rate increases drastically with every second the website takes to load. The need for faster-loading websites grows bigger and bigger. It’s not wrong to say that we need fast websites as much as we need to breathe.

Before you do any website promotion, make sure you purchase great hosting because that can’t be optimized if it’s slow. Then, optimize your website files like CSS and most importantly JS files to load faster and not block any rendering that happens. A good tool you can use to optimize your website is Google PageSpeed Insights. This tool will tell you exactly what is causing your website to load slowly.

If you have a website that uses PHP, you can serve the visitors a cached HTML version of the pages that don’t need to be live updated. There are plugins for WordPress or any other platform that can help you implement this.

#3: Start a blog

Blogging has become a very main-stream hobby. More and more people are getting into blogs every year. Some of these people start blogging with the hope of creating an income source from it.

But money doesn’t have to be the only thing to be accomplished with a blog. Starting a blog also helps you promote your website free. Regularly writing articles on that blog can help you increase your website’s SEO score, ultimately ranking higher in search results.

The unintentional benefit will be that you will start researching your market much more often and you’ll become an expert. By increasing your skills in your market area, you will ultimately reach more people and even sell more if that’s what you’re trying to do.

Guest blog posts

Guest blogging has recently become a very popular marketing tactic. It’s a mutually beneficial way of building a following for both involved parties. It usually involves another person from the same industry writing a post on your blog.

This allows you to attract some of that person’s network to your blog. The guest has the same benefit, there are usually backlinks in the post that lead back to their own website. This allows them to attract some of your audience to their website.

It’s recommended that you become a guest blogger, but also let someone guest post on your blog. This will definitely enlarge your network, and the backlinks definitely help in increasing your SEO score.

#4: Extensively utilize Social Media

Knowing how to promote your website starts with knowing how to utilize social media. Social media can be used for a lot more than contacting your friends from high school. Social Media is the ultimate tool for businesses and just about anyone trying to promote something.

The best way to promote your website on social media might be to just create an account and start interacting with your customers. 80% of consumers use social media to engage with brands, this should be enough for you to start promoting on social media.

But, if that’s not enough, it also costs 6 times more to solve a customer support issue through calls compared to social media. Additionally, buyers that get replies from brands on Twitter might spend more than 20% more when buying their products.

Wendy’s is doing this the right way. They are playing the game and winning at it. They sometimes engage in roast battles that attract a lot of attention.

#5: Do email marketing

Over 59% of professional marketers say that email is their biggest source of ROI. That is because once you invest in gathering email subscribers, they will most likely remain in your subscription list. After that, it’s basically free marketing, sending promotions, products, newsletters, you name it.

A nicely written newsletter can bring you a ton of visits or even sales. The most important thing to consider is writing the newsletter in a tone that will press the user into clicking the link or button. If you practice this enough, you’ll get to a point where your email marketing brings you a lot of visits and even sales.

There are plenty of services that will help you with website promotion through email marketing. There are plenty for free until a certain number of subscribers. The best thing is, you don’t even need them. Depending on your hosting, you might be able to utilize WordPress plugin like “Newsletter” to do this.

#6: Post quality content

The best way to promote website free is to post quality content. Think about it. You get up in the morning and most likely open twitter and read what the people you’re following have posted. If some of them post a huge quantity of content, to the point that it harms their quality, you unfollow them.

You need to keep this in mind when posting. There’s no need to extensively post content. If you try to post three 1000 word blog posts in a day, you will most likely have no free time and even degrade your quality.

Quality is what brings people back to your blog. Quality is what makes people click the “Subscribe” button after writing their email in the box. It’s quality that will boost your blog, not quantity.

The best thing to do is to find the sweet spot between quality and quantity, that will bring in the most visitors and have a high retention rate.

#7: Paid advertising

If you want to learn how to advertise your website, look no further than Facebook and Google. They’re the two main services to do your paid advertising with. Facebook is a little cheaper and will reach a lot more people. But Google will ultimately provide it to people who are looking for it.

Advertising on Facebook is like begging people to buy, they’re not necessarily looking for a new alarm clock, but an alarm clock ad appears anyway. A very small percentage will click on it, and an even smaller percentage will purchase.

Google, on the other hand, shows ads to people that are searching for them. It’s similar to how the search engine works. The Ad is latched to some keywords and it will appear at the top of the search results for those keywords.


The best way to learn how to promote your website is to keep trying. Take these tips into account, because they are definitely going to make your website promotion easier.

By far, the most important thing promote website free is SEO, there’s no tool that is more powerful for website promotion. Mastering SEO will enable you to rank high on Google, and that ultimately will bring in more visitors and increase retention.

Don’t forget that Google also ranks the website based on speed, optimization, design, ease of use and many more factors. The best way to make sure your website is fast is to purchase great hosting. You can fix the broken code. But you can’t fix slow web hosting, migrating can become hard if your website has a lot of data on it.

Remember that paid advertising services don’t always bring a lot of visitors. Even if they do, the visitors aren’t going to come back if your content isn’t of high quality. Make sure to focus on quality, that way you’ll increase your viewer retention and many more people will click the “Subscribe” button.


How I Got a Great Link from using HARO, and How You Can Too!

What is HARO and Why You Must Use It?

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is a service that connects journalists looking for quotes with people who can give them the quotes they need.

And if you're a struggling, new site fighting against the SERP giants, with their roots firmly implanted in the ground- you need to be creative. In other words- you need to be using HARO to get you some awesome authority links.

Because, besides content (hint: Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to create awesome content- click here for more: you also need links to rank.

And in this article I want to show you how I scored an awesome link from Fit Small Business, (one of the strongest sites online) and how you can do the same, or better.

Let’s go!

How to Sign Up for HARO?


Before we start with the article proper, here's the link I was telling you about. It's on Fit Small Business, a site completely relevant to mine, and a very powerful domain.

In fact, I distinctly remember that right after I got that link, overnight I started ranking for 50+ keywords in the first 100 results of Google, (as per Ahrefs).

Now on with the article!

The sign up process is a cinch, you can do it in 5m or less.

And here's how exactly:

Step #1- Go here:

Step #2-  Click "I'm a source" button.

source HARO

Step #3-  Scroll a bit and click on a "subscribe now" button

subscribe HARO

Step #4- Sign up for Basic, free version of HARO (note: below I give a breakdown what's included in paid HARO accounts)

free HARO account

Step #5- Fill in the details and click "sign up"

That is it! Simple, isn't it?

How HARO Works?

Every work day (Monday through Friday) you'll get three emails in your inbox.

They’ll arrive on:

  • 5:35 a.m.,
  • 12:35 p.m.
  • and 5:35 p.m. ET

Now, since you'll be having a free account, you can't opt for only getting emails about certain keywords (that's a paid feature); but you can get emails based on your site’s niche.

For example I get emails on Business section, and of course Master HARO, which is everything else.

Should You Go With Pro HARO, instead of Free Account?

HARO account plans

That is your decision to make.

However, if you're a beginner and don't have a lot of money, I advise against it.

Heck, I still have a free account but I already got 10+  links, and with very sporadic use of HARO. Your paid profile will not help you get links- but your helpful and thorough answers will.

However, there's definite value in paid accounts for sure, and I myself am thinking of upgrading soon.

Here's the breakdown of three types of paid HARO accounts.

a) Standard ($19 per month)

The Standard plan comes with everything included in the basic plan.

However, you also get keyword alerts. This is great because you will get alerted of request that are highly relevant to you (based on the keyword you chose).

For example, I might choose "SEO" and that means that I would get alerts whenever there's a quote request with a word "SEO" in it.

It's a time saver for sure, because I don't have to plow through endless irrelevant emails.

Note: With a standard plan you can also create a profile with your bio, that you can then automatically insert into your pitches.

For example, here's how David McSweeny of Ahrefs has his.

HARO bio

And you can also respond to HARO pitches directly from HARO interface, which is neat.

b) Advanced ($49 per month)

Advanced HARO has everything Standard plan has, but you can choose 3 keywords to get alerts for, and you can also set up 3 profiles to inset into your pitches.

I like the Advanced plan because it also gives you a head start against your competition. Namely, when you sign up they will send you an SMS alert before they send the standard emails (however- this only works if you live in the USA).

This gives you a few extra hours to craft the best pitch and be one of the first to respond.

And it pays to be the first!

c) Premium ($149 per month)

Premiums gives everything Pro does, plus you can set up unlimited profiles and keyword alerts. This plans is the best- but also mighty expensive.

HARO Etiquette: The DOs & DON'Ts
(How to send pitches that get accepted)

Not all pitches are created equal; and most are just horrible dribble.

Here are some tips to make yours stand out.

#1- Follow the Guidelines Closely

Each journalist is going to tell you what to write about, and HOW to write about it.

For example they might want you to list 10 things about X. So, send them a list of 10 items, NOT a paragraph.

Or they might need a paragraph response on Y. So send them a paragraph and NOT a list.

Get it?

You have to follow the rules closely, or you will not get featured, simple as that.

Here's a pitch I responded to a few days ago.

HARO request

And here's my response.

The post has not been published yet, but I followed the instructions and we'll see if my contribution gets accepted.

#2- Be concise

Short and sweet works best for most pitches.

That’s because most of these quote requests ask specific questions and to a large group of people . So you have to be concise or you will miss your chance simply because your answer was too thorough.


if it's really impossible to be brief with what they ask you, then go all out.

If the journalist likes your reply, they will extract a quote or two and make it a part of their content piece.

In fact, my initial pitch to Fit Small Business link was 300 words through, but Anna Dizon, (the author) extracted 70 words or so that she liked.

But I still got my link, which is what I like:)

#3- Have a bio

Write a bio with some basic data and links about you. Then save it and just use it over and over.

Here's How NOT To Approach HARO?

HARO have some tight rules about user behaviour that you better follow to a tee. Or risk being permanently banned.

Here are the things they frown upon.

a) DO NOT spam journalists with pitches unrelated to their request.

For example, let's say you have a site about coffee and they require your input on best ways to keep your pet dog healthy.

Well you're certainly not going to send them "reasons why coffee is bad for your dog" It's not asked for and it is a clear violation. It's spam.

b) DO NOT try to figure out who the journalists are (they often hide their names).

Even if they don't conceal their name, it's a violation to contact them outside HARO. If you do, and they report you’ll be banned from HARO.

c) DO NOT attach files to email

It's forbidden.

Instead, use DropBox or Google Drive to host files they need.

d) DO NOT be overly self promotional

What I mean is, let's say you give a good reply and at the end you write,

"Hey name,

I'm also an expert on X, Y, Z, if you need some input about these, I'll always be there to help.


While you think you're being courteous, you're actually breaking the HARO rules.

So just don't do it.

Be professional.

PRO Trips To Maximize Your Chances

a) Have a decent looking site

I don't mean custom-designed, or even with a paid theme.

No, that's not necessary.

But you do need to have a site that:

  • is clean (looks elegant and has lots of white space)
  • has content front and center
  • is fast
  • is responsive on all devices

Hey, that's mine I just described:)

Take a look:


b) Have some content

You definitely don't have to have hundreds of articles written, but you do need to have a good sample of ten or so; so the journalist can see when they visit your site that you're  a serious blogger, and someone qualified to give advice on X.

Because they don’t link to thin spammy, low quality sites

For example, I only have 9 articles on my site, but that hasn't prevented me from grabbing 10+ links from HARO already.

It has helped me a lot.

3. Make “soft” connections with journalists

Soft meaning your not going to send them emails outside HARO, because that is strictly forbidden. But you are going to follow reporters on Twitter. Most of them have very active accounts, and by:

  • following them,

  • connecting with them in a genuine way,

  • sharing their stuff,

  • Supporting them

You will eventually get on their radar.

So next time they have to choose someone for their article, they won't-  they'll simply pick you.

Because they "know" you already. 

It makes their life so much easier.


The true power of HARO lies not in getting tonnes and tonnes of links; no, it's biggest benefit is getting links your competitors would be hard pressed to replicate.

So, each link you score helps you build an authority moat around your site and brand. And sooner or later, your competition will wake up to see that you've advanced so far that they can only trace you footsteps in the SERP sand, and those too are disappearing oh so fast.

And you? Oh, you'll be blogging from some sandy beach somewhere:)

But enough with reading this article. Now you know so… Get to work and get it done!

But first- leave me a comment below.

Thank you 🙂

4 Epic Ways your eCommerce Startup Can Grow through Social media for Almost Free

For new eCommerce companies, those initial months on social media can be difficult. There are few things more difficult than securing that first customer, and gaining your initial traction in your market. How do you grow your sales when no one knows about your brand and you have no avenues through which you can generate sales? You have to get creative with your social media management.

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