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Solo Build It Review: How does it compare to Wealthy Affiliate?

Solo Build It claims themselves to be the ONLY all-in-one platform for solopreneurs to build their profitable online business.

This is a pretty bold statement given that there are so many awesome platforms, services and communities online.

So, in this Solo Build It review, I'm going to show you whether SBI is really the ONLY all-in-one platform or it's just a scam.


Let's be honest, if you've tried doing some research for SBI, it's hard to make a decision, isn't it?

I can categorize all the SBI reviews online into 3 categories:

  1. People who have achieved success with SBI and highly recommend it
  2. People who struggled with SBI and hate it
  3. Affiliates trying to promote SBI & make money

So basically, the attitude towards SBI is pretty distinct. People either love it, hate it or just want to make money by promoting it.

For me, I'm just trying to give it an unbiased review and help you make the best decision for yourself by laying out all the facts for you...

You don't have to trust or believe my words. Just go through the review and listen to your own heart 🙂

Solo Build It Review Summary

Product Name: Solo Build It (used to be "Site Build It")

Founder: Founded by Ken Evoy in 1997

Product Type: Online Marketing Training Platform

Price: $29.99/month or $299/year

Best For: Anyone interested to build their own website & make money online

solo build it review

Summary: Solo Build It is a comprehensive platform to help people build their own online business and make a passive income from it. They have pretty good tools and training but the platform itself can be very restricting. I'll explain why in this review.

Rating: 75/100

Recommended: Legit but not my top recommedation

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Is Springboard America Legit? (Good Luck America!)

Springboard America claims that YOUR opinion has the power to change your life and America's future. 

Well, that's a really bold statement. But first let's take a look at whether Springboard America is a legit make money online opportunity...

Springboard America Review Summary

Product Name: Springboard America

Founder: Launched in 2009 by Vision Critical (now Maru/Matchbox)

Product Type: Online Paid Survey

Price: Free

Best For: Americans who wants to make some extra cash

springboard america review

Summary: Springboard America is a legit survey panel for Americans. But the extremely low earning potential is just like many other survey panels. It's just wasting your time with such paid survey sites.

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No

Warning: Springboard America is only available for Americans who are actually residing in the State. If you're not an American living in the State, head over through the link below to find out My Favorite way to Make Money Online regardless of where you are...

What is Springboard America?

springboard america homepage

Springboard America is one of the leading online market research companies in the US.

They are actively working with companies and policymakers in the United States and help them collect the research information they need.

So, they offer the opportunity for panelist (survey takers) to make some money while providing their opinion.

Springboard America surveys on a pretty wide range of topics, but mostly surrounds consumer behavior and preference.

One thing to take note is that Springboard America is one of the very few survey panels that actually touch on political topics. So there will be questions regarding US politics if you're their target demographic.

How to Make Money with Springboard America?

There are only 2 ways for you to make money with Springboard America, unlike survey panels like American Consumer Opinion, which offers a number of ways for you to make money with them.

One example is to make money via product testing, which can be a pretty high-paying survey thing to do.

1. Online Surveys

This is the typical method for all online paid surveys.

For Springboard America, their surveys are relatively short. Most surveys can be completed within 10 to 15 minutes.

For the 10 to 15 minutes survey, you can earn on average between $0.50 to $5. But you have to know that those $5 are not common.

You should be happy if you could earn just $1 per survey. That's pretty good for a short survey.

2. Affiliate/Referral Program

The second way to make money with Springboard America is to refer people to join this survey panel.

You'll make $2 for each referral who has successfully signed up and set up their profile.

This is also considered quite a high-paying referral program.

How to Join Springboard America?

It's completely FREE to join Springboard America.

All you need to do is to sign up on their website and complete a questionnaire.

Almost every survey panel requires you to answer a questionnaire before they accept you and send you survey invitations. This is for them to know your demographic and send you the relevant surveys.

Some things you need to answer in the questionnaire include your name, Email, date of birth, employment status, income range, credit card number, credit card security code...

I'm just kidding about the credit card, LOL! Don't ever give your credit card information to any survey panel because there's no legitimate survey panel that requires you pay a fee to join. Remember this!

Anyway, just be completely honest with your answer because that's how they determine what surveys are suitable for you.

Your personal information is pretty safe with Springboard America. That's one of the benefits. So, don't worry about giving away your personal information. (Except CREDIT CARD INFO!)

How does Springboard America Pay me?

Springboard America is another panel that uses a point system.

You're rewarded with a certain amount of points after completing each survey. This ranges from 50 point to 500 points.

1 point = $0.01

You need to accumulate at least 5000 points ($50) before you can cash out your earnings.

There are 4 main ways you can cash out:

  • Bank Transfer
  • VISA Prepaid Card
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • PayPal (They've just added this popular payment option)

A lot of people were complaining about the lack of PayPal payment option. They finally have it now.

Pros & Cons

The Good

1. Free to Join

There's no hidden fees or upsells within Springboard America which is a good thing.

Never join any survey panel that requires you to pay a fee. Almost all of them are scams!

That's the first thing wikiHow warns you: Don't ever "Pay-to-Play".

2. Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Another good thing about Springboard America is that you can actually take surveys on any devices you like. There's no need to download any Apps.

Also, the system is smart enough that you can switch between devices even if you're half way through a survey.

The Bad

1. High Cash out Threshold

A lot of legit paid survey sites allow members to cash out with just $10.

However, Springboard America requires one to reach $50 before they can cash out. This is considered pretty high threshold for paid survey.

Just imagine you're earning $0.50 to $1 per survey. How long will it take for you to reach $50?

A lot of members have complained that it took them months to even reach the threshold.

2. Only Available for American Residents

Like I've said in the beginning, only Americans that are actually living in the US are allowed to join.

If not, they'll tell you that you're not their target audience:

springboard america disadvantages

Even if you try to fake your location, they'll know unless you use VPN.

springboard america rejection

3. Extremely Low Earning Potential

Springboard America states that on average you'll receive around 1 to 4 survey invitations PER MONTH.

springboard america complaint

Let's be very optimistic and imagine they pay you $5 per survey and you receive 4 survey invitations per month.

You're only making $20 per month which is not even half of the payout threshold!

Not only that, some of the surveys are not rewarded in terms of cash. Some of them only allows you to take part in contests like a lucky draw for you to win some rewards.

Most of the time you'll win nothing, which means you completed the survey and you are rewarded with nothing.

How are you going to make any money with such a low earning potential?

4. Payments Take Forever

Another common complaints among survey panels is that it takes forever for people to receive their payout. Springboard America is no different.

There are people complaining that it took up to 3 months to receive their money, which is pretty ridiculous.

But with the addition of PayPal as another payment option, I believe this will not be a major problem.

5. Poor Customer Service & Support

Springboard America has a really poor customer service and support. A lot of members have been ignored despite they keep contacting them via Email.

Some took very long to receive a reply. And by the way, Email is the only way to reach their customer support.

springboard america negative review

6. Poor BBB Rating

Lastly, Springboard America has a "F" rating and it's not even accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB).

springboard america bbb rating

Is Springboard America Legit?

Yes, Springboard America is a legit survey panel that doesn't require you to "pay-to-play" and actually pays you.

However, like many other survey panels, it's just too hard to earn money, not even a minimum wage. You can only do it as a hobby or time-killer but don't expect to earn anything much.

So basically, Springboard America receives a pretty average user rating.

But if you really want to take online surveys, Survey Junkie is a much better option which is available not just in the US.

A Much Better Way of Making Money Online...

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Is Talk Fusion a Scam? (Not really, but there’s a Big RED Flag!)

Has somebody just shared with you this money making opportunity called Talk Fusion? Or did you heard about Talk Fusion from somewhere else and you're wondering if it is legit or a scam?

Welcome to my Talk Fusion review!

You've definitely come to the right place because you'll find all the necessary information for you to make a decision and learn about the best way to make money...

Talk Fusion Review Summary

Product Name: Talk Fusion

Founder: Founded by Bob Reina in 2007

Product Type: Video Marketing MLM

Price: $30 + Up to $1,500 + Monthly Fees

Best For: Experienced Network Marketer, Top Earners and the Founder

talk fusion review

Summary: Talk Fusion is a company which aims to revolutionize Video Marketing & Video Communication via their unique products. They have pretty good products but they are selling them using the MLM business model. The worst part is that I found out their business model is like a Pyramid Scheme in disguise.

Rating: 30/100

Recommended: No

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What can I Do if I Don’t Want to Go to College? (You’ll Thank me later!)

I don't want to go to College...

I want to dropout from College...

What can I do?

Here are the reasons why you landed here on my post. What I can promise you is that I'll give you the answers to most of the common questions regarding College education and help you make your best possible decision after reading this post.

Not only that, I'll provide you with the actual opportunity for you to live life on your own terms without any College degree!

However, what I request from you is to put away your "electronic distractions" and go through this post in full.

Because you're about to make a very important decision in your life. I'm sure you shouldn't take it lightly, right?

In fact, what I'm about to share with you will never be taught in schools and most people will never have the opportunity to learn this information for their entire life. I'm not exaggerating.

(Warning: The things that are being discussed in this post may not make sense to you at the start because it requires a "Paradigm Shit". But I urge you to keep an open-mind to absorb the information.)

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Is American Consumer Opinion a Scam? (It’s NOT just for Americans)

Welcome to my American Consumer Opinion review!

I've signed up with the platform and gave it a test-drive. If you're still wondering "Is American Consumer Opinion a scam?", this review will give you all the answers you need.

I promise!

American Consumer Opinion Review Summary

Product Name: American Consumer Opinion

Founder: Founded by Decision Analyst, Inc., in 1986

Product Type: Online Paid Surveys

Price: FREE

Best For: Anyone who wants to make some extra cash online

american consumer opinion logo

Summary: American Consumer Opinion is a highly rated paid survey panel that's available worldwide. There are quite a number of benefits of ACOP which make it a legitimate site. However, the most crucial problem is that it has very few survey opportunities and the earning potential is too small.

Rating: 70/100

Recommended: Legitimate but NOT Recommended (I'll explain)

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My 10K Model Review: Is it possible to earn $3K PER DAY?

Michael Mansell claims that if you join My 10K Model, you can be making $1,000 to $3,000 PER DAY on a fully automated passive income.

Whilst generating 1K to 3K per day is not impossible in today's digital world, let's dive into My 10K Model review to see if it's really possible to make that money with Michael...

My 10K Model Review Summary

Product Name: My 10K Model

Founder: Michael Mansell

Product Type: Training/Sales Funnel for a Ponzi Scheme

Price: $25 - $1,000

Best For: The owner

my 10k model review

Summary: My 10K Model is not a program itself. It's just a sales funnel trying to promote a Ponzi scheme called Easy 1 Up. However, My 10K Model does offer some legit training and tools to help you make money with Easy 1 Up. The reason I don't recommend My 10K Model is because Easy 1 Up is not a legitimate and sustainable business.

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No

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Step-by-Step Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 2018 (and beyond)

I could still vividly remember the excitement when I made my first affiliate commission while I was asleep.

I jumped out of my bed when I saw my first ever commission from Amazon in that morning after working tirelessly for months.

But guess what?! It's just a $3 Amazon Bounty commission...

first amazon commission

My first affiliate commission from Amazon!

If you've made your first dollar online, you'll know feeling I'm talking about. The feeling of excitement is beyond description. You'll start to tell yourself that "This thing works!!"

And not only that, you'll gain a whole lot of confidence and motivation moving forward.

Don't worry if you haven't made any money online, regardless you have yet to get started with affiliate marketing or you're struggling at some point.

Because in this post, I'm going to give you a step-by-step guide to succeed in affiliate marketing for beginners. This piece of information is applicable to YOU in 2018 and beyond.

My promise to you is that you'll be walking away with your own fully-functional website which is ready to make money after reading this post in full. However, that is guaranteed ONLY IF you follow closely and TAKE ACTION of what I said in this guide.


So, for the sake of people who've not heard of Affiliate Marketing before, let me get started by explaining to you the basics of Affiliate Marketing...

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Is Click 4 Surveys Legit? (Fake website, fake testimonials…)

Does making $75 per survey sparks your interest?

Well, Click 4 Surveys claim that you can make up to $75 per survey with them.

I bet it excites some of you. But the first thing that comes to your mind, just like me, is whether Click 4 Surveys is legit.

Let me tell you upfront that Click 4 Surveys is a scam. In this review, I'm going to reveal to you 9 ugly truths behind this scam that you need to watch out for!

Click 4 Surveys Review Summary

Product Name: Click 4 Surveys (Click here to join)

Founder: Daniel Cooper??

Product Type: Paid Survey Intermediary

Price: $34 + Upsells

Best For: The Owner

click 4 surveys review

Summary: Click 4 Surveys is a paid survey intermediary that requires you to pay to take surveys. They are using a lot of unethical methods to make money for their own so I conclude that it is a scam.

Rating: 5/100

Recommended: No

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10 Things You MUST Know before Taking a Paid Survey Online

Online paid survey has been a very popular way for people to make some extra cash. However, we all know that there are many drawbacks with online surveys.

I have tried out quite a number of paid surveys online and did a couple of online survey reviews. So I know exactly what are the things to look out for if you want to make money from online surveys.

online survey

In this post, I've compiled 10 things that You MUST know before taking your next online survey for money.

But before that, let's first take a look at how online paid surveys work, for the benefits of those who are new...

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#1 Wealthy Affiliate Complaint (I’m Biased but You Gotta Read This!)

Let me be 100% transparent with you. I'm a member and an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate.

I've been a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate University since May 2016. Since then, I have been a pretty active member until today. And I'm sure I'll continue to be an active member for as long as I can.

jerry huang wa profile

My profile at Wealthy Affiliate

The reason being is that WA is by far the best training platform for anyone to achieve success online and make a great passive income for life.

If you're a member of another program or you have been a critic of Wealthy Affiliate, I know exactly what you're thinking.

You're thinking that I am another scammer blatantly promoting WA and trying to "recruit" more members into the system, right?

Well, if you're having that kind of mindset, I would recommend you to take a few minutes and read this post thoroughly.

Because I'm going to tell you the number one Wealthy Affiliate complaint and why it is untrue. I'm also going to reveal to you the latest update in the digital marketing industry.

You gotta read this... I'm speaking with 100% honesty!

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