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Jerry Huang, Founder of Smart Affiliate Success

Hi, my name is Jerry!

​I assume you're here because you are still looking for ways to "make money online".

I'll be helping you in the rest of this page (and the next few days or months if you decide to continue)​ to understand real, legitimate ways to make passive income by building an online business for yourself.

Before we get started...

If you're tired of all the crap and scams and just want to find a legitimate place to begin, Wealthy Affiliate is my all time Top Recommendation where you can get started for FREE without any credit card information.

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A Little Bit About Myself

Before we dive into the real stuff, let me introduce myself a little bit more so that you know why you should listen to my advice.

I'm a 20-year-old Taiwanese blogger & affiliate marketer since 2015.

​I'm young. I may not be as experienced as other marketers but within a year after I started working online part-time, I found the real and legitimate way to make money online.

Like many others, I started out by stumbling into an online scam. Since I was a complete beginner back then, I couldn't recognize the trick they were using. Although I did learn something new, I was not going anywhere and I lost quite a bit of money.

Fortunately, I came across Wealthy Affiliate (WA) during a conversation with someone on Google AdSense Support Forum. Since then, I slowly built up my strong foundation in online marketing by following WA​'s step-by-step training.

Definitely, I was skeptical at first​ like anyone else. But since it's FREE to get started with WA, I gave it a shot and I found the best place to help anyone make money online.

(After I became more experienced, I reviewed many other programs to compare. That's why I can conclude that utilizing Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to get started with affiliate marketing.)​

Here's How I Make Money Online

​So here comes the most exciting part....

​If I would describe all that I do in one simple sentence, that would be:

I build website and create contents online to help people solve their problems or meet their needs & wants. And I get paid to do so!

I'll explain what this means by introducing you the 4 simple steps that I personally use to make money...

But before that, ​let me just illustrate with a simple example to help you better understand this.

​Let say you have a lovely cat. After some time, you definitely know what kind of cat food, toys and other equipment are better than others because you have some experience in it. There are also some very useful stuffs that you would like to share with other cat owners or people who wants a cat.

So, you decided to start a blog and share your experience in taking care of a cat as well as the cat-related products you love to use. You know what?!! Just by doing this simple sharing can allow you to make real money online!

What exactly you'll be doing is to share your valuable experience in raising cats on your blog and then attract visitors to read. After that, you can recommend to them the products you like to use and link to other websites where they can purchase.

Every time when someone purchases anything through your "affiliate link", you get paid! The more people reading your blog, the more money you can earn. All these can take place anytime because visitors are coming to your blog 24/7 worldwide.

You'll be earning passive income while you're sleeping in this way!

This is just a small example. You can apply the exact same principle to almost every niche.

The 4 Simple Steps to Make Money Online

the process of making money online with wealthy affiliate

(Click the image to enlarge)

Step 1: Choose an Interest/Hobby of Yours

​This interest will be the topic that your website is going to be about. In a more professional term, it's called a "niche".

Your website can be about anything as long as you have some knowledge or experience about the topic so that you can offer value to your visitors.

Don't worry! There will be more specific guidance from the training inside Wealthy Affiliate.

make money step 1: choose a hobby (niche)

Step 2: Build a Website Based on the Niche Chosen​

​Don't be scared by "building website" because today you can build a professional website without knowing a single code.

In fact, Wealthy Affiliate's powerful website builder allows you to build 2 FREE websites in minutes by just clicking a few buttons.

make money step 2: build a website

Step 3: Get Rankings & Visitors to Your Website

Having a very good website without people visiting it is useless. So, after setting up your website, you'll learn how to get visitors (aka traffic) to your site.

One of the most common and free methods is to get your site rank in Google and let Google send you free traffic. This is a skill known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO.​ What you'll be doing most of the time is to write content that are helpful to your target audience.

make money step 3: generate traffic

There are many other free and paid methods to get traffic. (E.g. Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, PPC, Forum Marketing, Email Marketing, etc...​)

Don't be scared! You don't need to master everything. You can make money just by mastering SEO. The others are just bonus that can help you achieve more.

You'll be guided ​on these in WA as well.

Step 4: Make Passive Income by Recommending Products Your Visitors Want​

Lastly, in order to make money, you have to sell products or services.

After you have visitors looking for information they want on your site, that's when you can recommend to them products & services which can help them solve their problems or meet their wants & needs.​

You don't have to come out with these products yourself. You can simply leverage products that are already in the market.

make money step 4: earn commission

For example, you can make money simply by linking your visitors to the product you recommend on Amazon​. 

When people purchase anything on Amazon through your link, you earn commission from Amazon but all the transactions take place on Amazon and it's none of your business.​

This is Affiliate Marketing!​

(This business model of making money by selling other people's products is called Affiliate Marketing)

So, can you see why I said I get paid by helping people solving their problems​ without creating any real products and involving in any real transactions?

I learnt all these 4 steps from the training Wealthy Affiliate provides and they will guide you step-by-step throughout. In fact, you can get instant access to the first 10 lessons of their training for FREE. Check it out here!

online entrepreneur certification course

Why Affiliate Marketing? (Top 8 Benefits)

As you know, there are many ways to make passive income online. Apart from Affiliate Marketing, another very popular business model is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

Why do I choose and recommend Affiliate ​Marketing then?

Let me show you the Top 8 Benefits of Affiliate Marketing...

#1 Source of Full-Time Passive Income

#2 Work From Anywhere in The World

#3 Turn Your Passion into a Business

#4 Fully Flexible Working Schedule

#5 No Product Creation & Manufacture

#6 No Shipping & Customer Service

#7 No Fear of Selling in Person

#8 No Prior Knowledge is Needed & It's FREE to Get Started!

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories​

​Being a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community, you can get daily inspirations from members sharing on their success stories.

Success stories from Wealthy Affiliate are not exaggerated stories created by media or the company itself for the purpose of advertising and promotion, which is the case for many ​programs or companies out there.

In​stead, there's an area inside the community where all the members can share their first-hand experience and successes.

Let me share with you some of the screenshots...​

wealthy affiliate success story
wealthy affiliate success story
wealthy affiliate success story
wealthy affiliate success story
wealthy affiliate success story
wealthy affiliate success story

There are plenty of these success stories happening everyday in the community. This is the proof that Wealthy Affiliate works!

Here's What Wealthy Affiliate Offers

​After understanding the "How" and the "Why" about doing affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate, let's talk about the "What"...

​Wealthy Affiliate has lots to offer to its members and I'm just summarizing the most important benefits for you!

Basically, Wealthy Affiliate is both a platform and a community to help people who want to make serious money online in the form of affiliate marketing. It provides you with all the necessary training, tools and resources to start your online business the right way.

The Top 5 Benefits for you are:​

#1 Step-by-step Training

#2 Super Easy to Use Tools

#3 24/7 Help & Support

#4 A Truly Engaging & Inspiring Community

#5 Unlimited Help From Me Personally

Best Way To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

Let's Get Started & Take Actions!

In this getting started page, I've introduced to you what I consider to be the best way to make passive income online and also the platform I personally use and recommend.

You definitely need a lot more help and resources for you to run a full-time online business from home. This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in handy.

If you are serious about your online business, I would recommend you to give Wealthy Affiliate a try (it's FREE to try anyway)​ and then immerse yourself fully into the resources they offer.

I'm sure you can build a strong foundation in online marketing just like I did.​

take action

Now, I have 2 Tasks for you...

1. Create a FREE Account at Wealthy Affiliate

2. Fill Out Your Profile

Add a profile picture and a short description about you. Let people know why you're here and what you want to achieve.

I'll be there following you and chatting with you very soon once you set it up :)​


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