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My name is Jerry, founder of this website :)

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Let's Start My Story From The Day I Dropped Out from College...

college dropout

The confirmation Email I received from NUS regarding my withdrawal

Okay, I'm not going to brag to you about how I dropped out from College and turned out to become someone like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, LOL!

I just want to share with you my personal story and how I became a full-time internet marketer, generating a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income without any College degree or working experience.

I'm considered a College dropout despite I never even entered the College campus.

I got accepted into the Top University of Asia - National University of Singapore (NUS) but I withdrew from one of the most competitive courses (Information System) even before the official school term starts.

This was how my story began...

I used to be a "Good School Student".

I listened to my parents, studied hard, got into a good University/College and...and it ends there.

I never went on to pursue a degree and get a good "high paying job" because I realize that's actually the "formula" how majority of the people get into real debt and rat race!

I got straight "A" for my Cambridge A-Level Examination which allowed me to get into the National University of Singapore, the University that lots of people want to get into but failed.

a level results

My A-Level Results

academic excellence award

Academic Excellence Award

college day award presentation

Academic Excellence Award Presentation

Wait, I'm not here to brag because everything I've just shown you have nothing to do with what I am doing today!

How I went from a Struggling High School Graduate to a Fully Independent Full-Time Internet Marketer...

This internet marketing journey all began from a simple YouTube Ad which I came across when I was preparing for my A Level examination.

The guy in the video was sitting on a cruise bragging about how he was still making money even when he was travelling and enjoying his vacation.

At that time, I was a complete newbie so I was really intrigued by this new concept of making passive income online while you sleep & travel.

I quickly dived into the program he was promoting.

But long story short, it turned out to be a program similar to a pyramid scheme with lots of high ticket upsells up to $30K if I'm not wrong.

I lost quite a fair bit of time and money there. That's my first taste of failure.

The Turning Point

To be honest, the way I started online was just like many people today - wanted to make money online, got scammed and eventually found the right system/program and succeed.

Fortunately, it wasn't long before I found the "right program" for me.

When I got scammed, I was upset but I'm not hopeless. I'm glad I kept on search and kept an open-mind.

One day, I accidentally found a community called Wealthy Affiliate and it was Free to join. Since there's nothing to lose, I dive right into it.

It's a really great platform with an amazingly helpful community. That's why I trust this community within a few days after joining.

All I did was just follow closely with the step-by-step training provided and took massive actions to achieve the 4-Figure passive income per month goal which I'm very proud of and grateful for today...

affiliate commissions oct 2018

My OCT 2018 Commission thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!

My total commission for September 2018 alone is $6,267 USD.

And take a look at the growth of my income since Jan 2018:

wa income growth oct 2018

I am getting new commissions every single day!

wa commissions

I know it's hard to believe and I sound like a scam artist trying to sell you something by telling a very dramatic story.

Nope! My story is NOT dramatic because there are lots of "behind the scenes" which I can't show it you in such a short introduction.

Over the past few months or even past 2 years, I spent countless of hours in front of my own laptop.

At first, I spent lots of time trying to figure out how this business works. Afterwards, I spent lots of time building it and making it happen for me.

My Honest Advice to Those Who Wants to Make Money Online

For those of you who wants to create your own passive income stream online and provide a much better lifestyle for your family, I admire and respect you.

But I need to warn you that making money online is NOT so easy. Too many people are trying too hard to make it sounds easy so that they can promote their own products and make money.

Ever heard of people promising you to make big bucks online with very little work?

If something sounds too good to be true, it most probably is. Keep this in mind!

I recommend you to check out Wealthy Affiliate, the community that has helped a high school graduate to earn 4-figure passively per month.

But at the same time, I'm not promising you that this will definitely work for you. Whether you can achieve success like I did totally depend on yourself.

The good thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that it's Free to get started (no credit card info needed) and I'll be there personally to guide you along the way!

My Personal Life :)

Some quick facts about myself:

  • Born in 1997
  • Come from Taiwan
  • Brought to Singapore by my parents when I was 12
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    Mandarin is my Mother Tongue & English is my second language
  • arrow-right
    Have a girlfriend who is 10 years older than me. We've been in a long distance relationship for 3.5 years as of this writing. With my 4-Figure monthly passive income, I can soon end this LDR and travel with my girlfriend very soon.
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    Plan to marry her by year 2020
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    Goal: Millionaire by 25!

As you can see, I'm still hustling hard and aiming for millionaire and beyond.

The good thing is that I now have this consistent passive income stream which allows me to have the time & money to invest and create more wealth!

Apart from Affiliate Marketing, I'm also involved in a Network Marketing company called Young Living Essential Oil and I'm doing some trading on my own as well.

jerry and ivy

My girlfriend & I

Wanna Start Living the Lifestyle You Desire?

Jerry Huang

Have questions about me or my business? Leave them in the comments below...

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