Comprehensive Super Affiliate System Review From Someone Who Quit

Comprehensive Super Affiliate System Review From Someone Who Quit

Update May 2018:

This Super Affiliate System review was written more than a year ago. A lot about this program has been updated and it's no longer a scam!

In fact, John has contacted me privately to provide me with more insider information.

So, I've decided to write another more updated review for John's product - Internet Jetset & Super Affiliate System.

Super Affiliate System Review Summary

super affiliate system logo

Product Type:

Affiliate Marketing Training Platform


USD $47/month + $187 upsell

Skill Level Needed:

​Nil. Suitable for Complete Beginners

Income Potential:

​Not Clear. Claims to make 6-7 figure per year.




Super Affiliate System offers a decent course called Internet Jetset to teach beginners on how to get started with affiliate marketing.

However, the rest of the "system", support, tools are all very salesy, scammy and low quality. What I hate the most is that they are making a lot of unrealistic claims to create a huge hype.


When I first started in online marketing, I was intrigued by an YouTube Ad from Stuart Ross showing his freedom digital lifestyle on the beach. I then joined his company Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and that was my first online venture where I lost quite a lot of money. Eventually, I quite SFM 5 months after joining.

​Recently I came across John Crestani's YouTube Video Ad which is very similar to the one put up by Stuart. He showed his wonderful lifestyle with Lamborghini and traveling around the world while making massive income online. (John is the founder of the Super Affiliate System.)

But this time, I am already an experienced affiliate marketer so I have a very clear view on what John is doing and what tricks he is using. 

I decided to follow his business funnel and take a deeper look at what he has to offer.

The Most Comprehensive Super Affiliate System Review

Following their business funnel means that I followed their instructions like a complete newbie. I also spent the money required to join his company and analyze the whole system to have a really detailed insider look.

After hours of analysis and research, I'd finally compiled all the information needed to put up this comprehensive review for John's Super Affiliate System (SAS). (I signed up for his webinar, paid and went through his training, etc...)

For your information, the total cost for this system is USD$234. So, the cost of writing this review is more than $234!

internet jetset order details

My order details

Given that, this will be a long review on SAS but you can expect it to be an epic one!

At the end, I have a comparison ​between SAS and my #1 Recommended Online Business. I'm sure this post will help you make the best decision for yourself.

​I did these because of YOU! I don't review anything that I've never tried before.

Who is John Crestani?

​Before we dive into the SAS system, let's know a little more about the founder, John.

John Crestani is a 29-year-old successful affiliate marketer from Santa Monica, California.

He was a college dropout and eventually found success online after many failures.


​He has created a successful online business selling health products on his website It also includes an affiliate network which allows people to join as affiliates and sell his products.

Afterwards, he brought his knowledge and skills over to create Super Affiliate System, the platform where he teach people how to succeed in the same way as he did.​ This is also the main focus of our review today!

According to Forbes, he claimed that he is earning at least $500k per month and it is still increasing.​

His success story is featured in various platforms including Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Inc Magazine and Home Business Magazine.

john crestani with lambo

John Crestani with his Lambo

My First Impression

​To be honest, when I first came across his YouTube Video, I was pretty skeptical about the business he was talking about because the method he uses is exactly the same as many other scammers online.

It reminded me about my feeling for my first online venture with Six Figure Mentors​, which was somewhat a failure.

He featured his freedom lifestyle around the world and also show​ed his Lamborghini. I'm not sure whether it is a coincidence or not but it seems like "scammers love Lambos"!

Wait! I'm not saying he is a scammer yet. It's just a common strategy many scammers use. Given this, my first impression was bad.​

So I decided to follow through the funnel and wanted to clarify my doubts.​

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Some Unethical Business Behaviors in the Past​

His current success story is widely spread on the Internet but he also had some unethical backgrounds.

Firstly, he used his technical skills to acquire test answers from his University for all the online courses. Not only that, he sold the information to other students and earned $1,000 in a day. He was suspended from school afterwards for his illicit act.

Secondly, ​this happened to his first entrepreneurial venture by selling products on eBay.

He ran a successful online business on eBay and was making $1,000 to $2,000 per month. But the products he was selling were not approved by PayPal so his business was closed down and the PayPal Security Team was involved in an investigation.

Although unethical business ​behaviors in the past do not mean his current business is the same, this still shows that this person may not be truly honest and ethical in his mindset and business.

I may be wrong but the past facts cannot be denied. It's just something I think everyone should be aware of.​

In the next section, I'm going to quickly dive into the SAS system​ and show you the exact funnel John is using to make sales...

Super Affiliate System (SAS) Funnel Revealed

Super Affiliate System Funnel flowchart

The Flow Chart of SAS Funnel

​Above is a simple flow chart which I created after going through the system myself.

Funnel Step 1:

​The beginning of his funnel starts from generating traffic. He uses quite a number of ways to generate traffic which include both paid and free sources. 

Some paid ones include YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Adword. Free ones are organic traffic from search engines, YouTube and Facebook.​

Funnel Step 2 & 3:

After that, he drives all the traffic to one single landing page which is the Webinar registration page. He wants everyone to go through his 1 hr+ Webinar​ first before purchasing the Internet Jetset Program which is the product he is selling.


John Crestani Webinar

​Because of that, it's hard to find out what's the program and what's the price of the program before attending the Webinar.

He doesn't provide the information elsewhere.

The only place where he wants people to purchase is at the end of his Webinar. That's why his Webinar is full of salesy pitches, using various means to persuade people to buy after the Webinar.

And yes, I went through the 1 hour plus Webinar and purchased the program just for YOU!

(By the way, the way he sell both of his products is via ClickBank.)

Funnel Step 4:

Immediately after ​I purchased the $47 program, I was led to another page selling his Jetset Xtreme Case Study Archive which costs $187.

I was really surprised by the immediate upsell here because people seldom promote their upsell so fast.​

There's a little story here​ which pissed me off...

Initially, I didn't intend to purchase the $187 upsell because I thought that the $47 program was enough for me to analyze the system.

internet jetset immediate upsell

I was immediately bombarded by the upsell after I purchased the $47 program. An unpleasant experience!

When I clicked "Give me access to the $187 program", I was expecting a page where there are more information about the program and I can choose my payment method!

But when the page loaded finish, I was SHOCKED! 

The message on the page shows "Thank you for purchasing..."

I just spent another $187 for the upsell which I didn't want! I was shocked and the feeling quickly turned into anger.

What just happened was that by clicking the button, ClickBank automatically used my previous payment method I entered for the $47 to purchase the upsell.​

I haven't even look into the training itself but I already had a really bad impression!​

Since I've purchased the products unintentionally, I ​told myself that I might as well study the system really closely and write an epic review.

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​Internet Jetset Course

​After going through the funnel and understanding more about John, I'm sure you have been curious about the exact details of the Internet Jetset Course he has been pitching about.

Is it really a great course? Or is it another Internet scam like I'd been guessing? 

​Course Details: The 3 Main Components

internet jetset dashboard

Internet Jetset Dashboard

In this section, I'm going to give you the details for all the features first. I'll then analyze them at "The Good & The Bad" section after this.

(1) 12-Week Step-by-Step Course

Internet Jetset is a 12-week course which has 50+ hours of training videos in total, including daily tasks and assignments.

This course was released in Feb 2016 which is a relatively new course.​

Below is an overview of the 12-week course:​

internet jetset 12-week course overview

(2) JetsetLIVE

​JetsetLIVE is a monthly Live Webinar hosted by John to offer extra guidance and tips related to online marketing.

JetsetLIVE dashboard screenshot

This is a screenshot of the JetsetLIVE recordings page

(3) Xtreme Case Study Archive

​As you would have known by now, this is the $187 upsell.

Xtreme casestudy upsell screenshot

This is a screenshot of the Xtreme Case Study Archive page

With this $187 one-time investment, you have access to quite a few case studies on some niche markets and some marketing examples.

Other Secondary Features

1. Email Support

Having a support system is very crucial for any online platforms today.

They do offer Email support for all members. But due to the fact that it is an Email support, it really takes a long time to receive their response.

So basically, you can't get your problems solved fast!​

2. Jetset Forum

Jetset Forum

Jetset Forum Dashboard

This is a very ordinary forum which allows Jetset members to discuss and share stuffs related to online business.

Nothing special or fancy about this forum. It's just a very ordinary forum you can imagine.​

Since it's an average and common forum, it requires another login process to access the forum which is a bit troublesome.​

3. ​Affiliate Marketing Tools

Jetset Tools list

Jetset Tools List page

One of the main disadvantage of SAS is that it doesn't have any of their own tools. All the tools in this list are links to external websites and software.

It's for sure that you need quite a number of essential tools to run a successful affiliate marketing business. For example, web hosting, keyword tool, website builder, etc. These are just the basic ones.

Super Affiliate System even claimed that you can earn commission immediately within 2 hours. But this so-called 'system' only has the training part. They doesn't provide any tools themselves or any form of technical assistence.

What's more shocking to me is that...

They simply put an affiliate link to the different external services and tools on their tools page.

jetset affiliate tools

An example of "naked" affiliate link in their so-called "Tools page"

This further penalizes the system in my heart.

I'm not saying they can't use affiliate links. What I felt was that they didn't put in any effort in this area.

Without offering some of their own tools ​is already a disadvantage in this Internet Marketing industry.

They simply put a naked affiliate link without any efforts to explain or guide people regarding the tool.

Really disappointed!​

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​I think by now you should know this very well already.

​The Internet Jetset course costs $47. If you wish you have access to the JetsetLIVE monthly Webinar, then you need to pay $47 every month.

From my experience, the payment is set to $47/month recurring when you first make the purchase by default, unless you cancel the recurring payments by contacting their support.

There's an enigma though...

I don't know whether you can still access to the 12-week training videos after the first month if you stop paying monthly. There's no way to find out unless you try it. I can't find any information about that as well.

There's this enigma because they explicitly said that the recurring $47 per month is for access to JetsetLIVE.​

The​ Good

1. Step-by-Step Training

​The good part about this product is that the 12-week training videos are step-by-step. They are planned out in the way that allows people to follow easily and get started quickly.

There are also quite a lot of quality and valuable content for complete beginners.​

2. Pre-built Templates of Ads, Landing pages & campaign

This can be both good and bad.

Having pre-built templates allows newbies to quickly get started.

However, "templates" ​not only limit the creativity of people but may also hurt Google rankings as the contents are sometimes the same.

3. ​Money-Back Guarantee

​They claims that they have a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course.

If they are able to offer this guarantee, it's a good sign that the courses are at least above average.

For your information, after a few days of waiting, I've successfully gotten my refund.

The Bad

​1. Unrealistic Claim

SAS claims that you can earn your first commission in less than 2 hours.

claim to earn commission within 2 hours

As an experienced online marketer, I can confidently tell you that this is IMPOSSIBLE! 

Even if you are using the best platform, tools and support, it is impossible for a complete newbie to earn commissions within 2 hours after getting started in an ethical way.​

And they are promising you to start earning $100, $250 or even $1,000 in their first week.

Just by judging on this unrealistic point, I can conclude that SAS is a scam. They are promising things that are impossible to achieve in an ethical way.​

In fact, there's a steep learning curve when getting started with online marketing. Complete newbies need ​a lot of time, learning and hard work to start getting the grasp of it.

2 hours?... Stop scamming!​

(By the way, there's a point in the Webinar that John said this is not a "Get Rich Quick" scheme. But afterwards, he is promising people to earning commission within 2 hours. Isn't that contradicting?)​

How Do People Make Their First Commission Within 2 Hours?

​There are actually people making their first commission within the first 2 hours following the course. But, what I found out is that they use a totally unethical way to do it.

​What he teaches his students is to literally LIE to Amazon, claiming someone else's site with 10,000+ traffic is their own.

The purpose of doing this is to register an Amazon associate account and get it approved fast.

After they are approved, they pick a book and post it to their FB page or tell a friend to buy it. That's it, they earn their first commission.

He then uses this to create a huge hype and promote his course. I'm sure you know this kind of method won't make you consistent commission and make you rich.

What John did should be heavily condemned! Really!

There's some more to this...

Check out this screenshot of my inbox:

John Crestani pitching emails screenshot

John Crestani's follow-up Emails are full of unrealistic promises

You can see that the follow-up Emails from John Crestani are all Emails promising to "make money quick" and how to do that.

"From zero to at least $100 by Monday", "15 minutes into $45.25"...

You know what...These are the methods that scammers use to scam beginners.

If you have some experience in online marketing or if you just have a little bit of common sense​, you will know that all these are just empty promises to keep members interested.

There may be real people attaining it but it's just ONE example and it may not even from a complete beginner. You get where am I coming from?

​Legitimate systems don't offer promises on how much money you can make within a certain period of time.

Legitimate systems promise you what education and training they can offer you and how you can benefit in terms of knowledge and skills.

Can you see the difference now?​

2. No Tools Provided

​As I've mentioned, Super Affiliate System only offers video training but NO tools to help you get started.

Instead, they give you affiliate links to external tools without explaining how to use them.

​3. Average Support

​Again, their Email support is nothing special. It's a very ordinary support which takes very long to get a reply.

However, support is one of the most important area you need to run your online business because ​there are a lot of occasions where you need the technical skills of the support team to help you remedy your problems.

Without quality support, you will sure get stuck somewhere and get frustrated.​

4. Very very "Salesy"

​This one is very serious, especially at the beginning.

​Undeniably, John is good at talking and persuading people.

At the second step of the funnel where he host a webinar to sell his Internet Jetset, he kept on emphasizing his lifestyle, his success and the benefits of Internet Marketing.

Other than that, he has a lot of testimonials to show and he always like to show off his Lamborghini and Digital Lifestyle.

From all these facts, you can see that John is very salesy. These are the common indications of a scam.

Compare to My #1 Recommended Affiliate Marketing Platform

​Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is my #1 Recommended platform for affiliate marketing.

Let me quickly show you some of the comparisons and you'll see how awesome Wealthy Affiliate is...​

The above table is a very simple comparison for the two platforms and you can clearly see the differences and who is the winner.

​So, if you are looking for online money making opportunities or you are looking for affiliate marketing platforms specifically, I would highly recommend you to try out Wealthy Affiliate.

It's FREE to join (as compared to SAS which doesn't allow you to try for Free) and it will allow you to have a much stronger foundation in online marketing business, given the various tools and support they have.

From my experience, WA's step-by-step training is a lot more thorough and in-depth than SAS.​


After my thorough analysis, I'm sure it's very clear that Super Affiliate System is a scam despite it has an above average step-by-step training video. (That is the main and only selling point.)

What I would conclude about SAS is that it's just a "training resource" and not a "system". I think this is the best conclusion I can give for this program.​

​Nevertheless, SAS is still relatively new so it still has a long way to go. It may become better in the future, who knows?

At the moment, SAS is NOT the best option for beginners. Although you can learn a lot of valuable knowledge as a beginner in SAS, you will most probably get lost and stuck somewhere due to the weak platform and support.

This was also what I experienced in my first online venture with Six Figure Mentors. I learnt a lot of knowledge from the system because I was a complete newbie.

But after a few months, I was not going anywhere and I was lost and stuck.

This will probably be the situation in the case of Super Affiliate System as well.

Finally, we've come to the end of this long and thorough review of SAS.

I've put in hours and hours of research and spent $234 to come out with this insider review.​ I hope it has been very helpful in making your decision.

​If you have any questions related to SAS or WA, please leave them in the comments below.

And don't forget to try out Wealthy Affiliate for FREE. It's the best platform for online marketers!

Want to join the Super Affiliate System?? THIS LINK is for you (it contains the most affordable option available)

Jerry Huang

Jerry is a young aspiring Internet Entrepreneur who started his online business at the age of 18. He is currently a Full-time Affiliate Marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, a community to help anyone start their own online business without prior experience. He actually achieved Financial Independence at the young age of 21. Read more about his story here!

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Pedro Paz - June 4, 2018

Hi Jerry are you doing?
I’m new to Wealthy Affiliate but I’ve been studying affiliate marketing for some months now (from last year) but I haven’t made any penny online.
Could you please tell me what sources of traffic do you use and you turn them in real referrals? I’m also promoting Wealthy Affiliate after trying John Crestani and not succeeding.
Thanks a lot in advance.

    Jerry Huang - June 13, 2018

    Hey Pedro,

    I’m focusing on Free Organic traffic from Google via SEO. That’s also what Wealthy Affiliate focuses on. Just with Free targeted traffic alone, I’m able to convert them into referrals with high quality contents.

    Let me know if you need any help along the way. Wish you all the best 🙂

      Pedro Paz - June 15, 2018

      Hi Jerry,
      Thanks a lot, I’ll push it up a bit more and let you know after a few more weeks.
      Thanks a lot, cheers!

Virgil - May 28, 2018

Another Wealthy Affiliate site designed to bash other sites and sell WA. I signed up with WA and got out. No way do I want to promote a business model that tears down others and redirects them to buy their own. And forget the “free” training. You won’t get anywhere with Wealthy Affiliates free training. If you want to really learn anything you need to pony up to a monthly investment.

    Jerry Huang - May 28, 2018

    Hey Virgil,

    Like I’ve said in the beginning, this review on Super Affiliate System is outdated as it was written more than a year ago and a lot has changed. Of course there are inaccurate information here. So please head over to my updated review on both Internet Jetset and Super Affiliate System here!

    I understand that many critics of Wealthy Affiliate always criticize Wealthy Affiliate for bashing other products. Yes I agree it does happen and I’ve documented it over here about the #1 Complaint against Wealthy Affiliate.

    But to be honest, that only happens for beginners. If you’ve really taken the time to look at my site, I’m always writing 100% honest and balanced reviews. I spend hours to research for each product and reflect their true identity. I don’t just trash other products to promote Wealthy Affiliate. I do have other recommended programs like Inbox Blueprint, Affilorama and ClickBank University because they deserve to be recommended.

    So, before you criticize any other Wealthy Affiliate member’s website, please do your own research and don’t just criticize based on your own limiting beliefs. I can’t guarantee for other people but I can swear to you 100% with my life that I always write my reviews honestly based on thorough research. The proofs are all on my website if you’re willing to do your own research.

    As for your argument about Wealthy Affiliate’s monthly payment. Yes, upgrading to Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is highly recommended if you’re serious about building your own online business. Let me ask you, is there anything valuable in this world that is completely Free? No matter which program you are recommending, they all have to pay eventually.

    But the benefit of Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Starter Membership is that it has no limited trial period. You’re provided with 2 Free subdomain websites to get started which is pretty good for beginners. Also, the first 10 Free lessons in the community allows beginners to have a good understanding about affiliate marketing.

    So what’s wrong with having a Free Starter Membership & a Premium Membership? Many other programs have lots of upsells but Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t. It’s only Free & Paid Membership.

    So, are you going to continue to be a complainer and a critic which doesn’t benefit yourself at all or are you willing to do your own research before giving your opinion? That’s totally up to you. I’m just laying out the fact here for you to see the real picture.

Phil - March 18, 2018

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for taking the time and paying the money to do this review.

I’m not sure when you did this review but NOW, March 18, 2018, ‘Internet Jetset’ and ‘Super Affiliate System’ are two separate and distinct courses.

‘Internet Jetset’ teaches the basics of affiliate marketing including free traffic methods from Google, Youtube, and Facebook.

‘Super Affiliate System’ is an additional, one off payment upsell, currently $997, which teaches paid traffic methods. I can’t say anything about that course because I haven’t ponied up the $997……yet.

The ‘Xtreme Case Study Archive’, shows interviews with affiliate marketers who are actually making money. The videos are quite long (some over 2 hours) and the guests are VERY transparent about what they do and HOW they do it. However, I don’t blame you for not going into this section. Having to watch multiple 2 hour + interviews would take a LOT of time.

I’m not saying I totally disagree with your review but I personally would not outright pan ‘Internet Jetset’. Wealthy Affiliate is an EXCELLENT course for beginners but they don’t teach you personal hosting which I consider a negative, however, I agree Wealthy Affiliate is the better place, of the two, for absolute beginners.

Keep up the good work Jerry!

    Jerry Huang - March 19, 2018

    Hey Phil,

    Thanks a lot for informing me about the update in Internet Jetset and Super Affiliate System! I did this review some time ago and when I reviewed them, they are still the same thing in the same platform.

    I purchased the Super Affiliate System then it led me to their Internet Jetset course. Back then, Super Affiliate System definitely did not cost $997.

    If I have time, I’ll do some more research and update this review. So I really appreciate your time and updating me about this info.

    May I know what’s personal hosting? Because I’ve never heard of this term before. What’s the benefit of personal hosting?

    Anyway, I hope you’re doing good for your business. I wish you all the best Phil 🙂

    Jerry Huang - May 28, 2018

    Hey Phil,

    I’ve just updated my review on Internet Jetset & Super Affiliate System here:

    It reflects the most updated info about John Crestani’s products because John has contacted me privately about it 🙂

Kevin Peters - February 8, 2018

Another Wealthy Affiliate Scammer Bashing another product to gain WA commissions here.

I have gone through Johns training and not once do I remember him saying lie to Amazon.

I have gone through wealthy affiliates training where they tell you to bash a product to recommend theirs.

It is more than possible for someone to make money within two hours. Amazon approves nearly anyone. I have had a facebook page approved with only 20 likes.

You just tell them you are starting and they give you a time frame to make sales.

How to make affiliate sales in two hours – newbie friendly.

Find something that you love and you know your friends and family will and then post the Amazon affiliate link.

These people like and trust you and will more than likely click.

I think more people need to be woken up by Wealthy Affiliate! They are the most unethical company I have dealt with. And I went through Rich Jerk course!

    Jerry Huang - February 8, 2018

    Hey Kevin!

    Thanks for your honesty and sharing your experience with us!

    I’m not saying it’s impossible to get approved by Amazon and make money within 2 hours. It is possible. But whether it is sustainable and whether it’s a good strategy to earn a long term passive income is another story.

    I’ve personally purchased John’s product and I’m just writing this review based on my own first-hand experience and feeling. Yes, I am an affiliate for both Super Affiliate System as well as Wealthy Affiliate. This post is just my honest opinion and compare between these two platforms.

    Let me ask you a question… You said that you’ve gone through John’s course. I’m just curious how much money are you making every month with Internet Jetset and Super Affiliate System?

    Look forward for you response and once again thanks for sharing with us your experience. Really appreciate it 🙂



Brady - April 10, 2017

Good info, and well put together!

    Jerry Huang - April 10, 2017

    Thanks Brady! Glad you like it:)

Shannon - April 9, 2017

This needs to circulate the Internet to help those in search. I do know I’ve lost a lot of time and money with these types of programs. All sales and no earnings. Great review and I plan to follow.

    Jerry Huang - April 10, 2017

    Hi Shannon,
    I can feel you. I lost money and time on programs like this before.

    Thanks for checking out!

Norman Richards - April 9, 2017

Nothing but empty promises that is promised by these scammers. It is good to expose scammers like this that is selling dreams and taking the hard earn money of people.

    Jerry Huang - April 10, 2017

    Yes definitely. I like the way you put it: “selling dreams”! It’s so true!

Dhanraj Parekh - April 9, 2017

Great content on the site! This just shows that how easy it is for beginners to loose a lot of money on programs that are not for them. Also, it shows how easy it is for experienced online marketers to take advantage of beginners starting out in this field. Thanks for this in-depth post – really interesting!