14 Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories - Real Proof that WA Really Works!

14 Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories – Real Proof that WA Really Works!

​Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a platform and community which allows ordinary people like YOU and me to learn and build our own affiliate marketing business online. 

​Before joining any platform, many people would definitely want to know about the success stories that platform has so that they can have more confidence to take actions.

This is THAT post!​

​In this post, I want to introduce to you 14 successful WA members and their respective success stories.

If you are researching more about Wealthy Affiliate, this post is to give you some real proof that WA really works.

If you are already a WA member and you have not achieved the results you want, this post is to motivate you and give you some inspiration.

Also, you can expand your network by following and connecting with these successful marketers in Wealthy Affiliate.

Ready for some inspirations?


Top 13 Successful WA Members whom I Admire

I've listed 13 successful Wealthy Affiliate members according to the time they joined WA. And these are their usernames in WA.

I've done a lot of research and these people are in my list because they are very knowledgeable and experienced in online marketing. They constantly help other WA members as well.

What's more important is that they are actually earning a lot of passive income online.​

1. EddySalomon (joined June 2007)

Eddy is a Stay-At-Home Dad who is earning a Full-time income online since 2008. 

Since his high-school days​, he was very serious and forward-looking about his future. While his friends were playing sports, he was looking into online money making opportunities.

Since then, he had worked as a freelancer for many services such as apartment finder, work at home locator, email reader and web surfer.​

​During the days, he had also been scammed a few times and lost some money.

After his years of hard work, ​he was able to retire from his corporate career which paid him nearly $90,000 per year.

Today, he has made to the Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Conference for 3 consecutive years (2014, 2015, 2016)​.

The requirement for the conference is to make at least 300 WA sales in a calendar year.

On average, the commission for each sale is recurring at USD$23.50 per month. You can calculate that for 300 referrals for 3 years. His online revenue is very spectacular.

There's no secret to succeed with this online business. You can keep asking different members hoping that there is going to be some magical technique or button. But all of the successful guys and gals I know are pretty much applying what is taught here.

Eddy Salomon

2. VitaliyG (joined September 2007)

​Vitaliy is a Full-Time online marketer who has also made it to the Las Vegas Conference for 3 consecutive years (2015, 2016, 2017). 

Here's a screenshot from his website's about page:​

Needless to say, through his 10 years of internet marketing journey, he is very experienced and good at converting prospects into customers.

Here's an 2015 income report that he provided in his WA blog:​

Not only that, he is very helpful and writes a lot of resourceful blogs which benefit me a lot.

In this business, you have to try, even if you have no idea what to do, do something and see what happens. Through that you will find a path to the ideal way to success and always remember WA is here to help!


3. AlexSol (joined October 2007)

​Alex is a 30-year-old Full-Time online marketer who is currently living in Montreal, Canada.

Alex might have similar story like you.

In 2007, he was working on a typical 9 to 5 office job while spending 2 hours commuting to work everyday. He saw no future so he started looking for opportunities online.

Creating an income is very possible for every single person here but it will take hard work and some mind-shifting. Do what you love, the success will come as a by-product of that.

Alex Sol

I admire him a lot because English is his 4th language, yet he is now a full-time blogger, podcast host and has an YouTube channel, all marketing in English! He also got a chance to interview the industry expert, Pat Flynn, on his Podcast Channel.

For me, English is my 2nd language. That's why the fact that English is his 4th language really inspires me a lot.

This also proves to all of you who are reading this now that language is not a reason for you not to succeed, so do many other factors. Very often, those are just the excuses you are giving yourself.

Also, he has been a frequenter of the yearly Las Vegas Conference since 2010.​ This means that he has always been making lots of sales online to qualify him for the conference.

Here's a video he made about the recent 2017 conference:​

Do you want to Get Started and Make a Full-Time Income Online just like them?

4. IveTriedThat (joined April 2009)

​Steve Razinski is a Full-Time online marketer running a website called I've Tried That since 2007.

Noticed he only joined WA in 2009?

​Yes, he was already working online since 2007.

His website serves to help people to stay away from online scams by writing tons of reviews to expose the scams.

The reason for this is because he had fallen into a data entry scam. Back then, there wasn't any legitimate sources to review and reveal scams. So he decided to do that himself to help others.

In 2009, he joined Wealthy Affiliate because he wanted to write a review for WA on his website. However, he has never left WA since then. He went through all the training and resources in WA to bring his online business to the next level.

Today, his website has tons of views everyday. He has 2 contributing authors and his site also allows guest posting.​

He has attended the yearly Las Vegas Conference for 5 times so far.

In Wealthy Affiliate, he often shares his laptop lifestyle which allows him and his wife to be travelling around the world and really enjoying life.

It's been six years now and I've been paying for my membership ever since. If they had a lifetime option, I'd buy that in a heartbeat. I have no plans to ever leave WA, especially not after all the opportunities I've been able to afford in life. I'm forever grateful to Kyle, Carson, & the Wealthy Affiliate community as a whole.

Steve Razinski

5. nathaniell (joined June 2010)

​His name is Roderick but he often uses his middle name "Nathaniell" on the Internet. 

He is a Full-Time internet marketer​ since 2011 and he had an interesting story!

Nathaniell likes to travel around the world. He grew up in California but left US soon after graduating from high school to travel around Europe.

After Europe, he decided to broaden his horizon so he moved to China and started learning Mandarin. (He is now fluent in Mandarin!)

After being in China for a while, he began thinking about his future. He dreamed to earn US dollars while working in China. This idea led him into this online marketing world.

He started off by exploring and joining different sites, email lists and programs but had been scammed for a few times.

Eventually, after 6 months of exploration, he came across Wealthy Affiliate and had been learning and building his legitimate online business since then.​

Remember! Even if you're not making money yet, you need to count the small steps that will get you there.


His progress at WA was amazing. After 3 months, he had his first sale. After 6 months, he was making regular sales.​ After 18 months of consistent hard work, he was earning over $10,000 per month.

Due to his outstanding result, he quit his job and returned to the US. By 2013, he owned his own house, truck and a motorcycle!​

His story is really inspiring. However, his path to success was not always smooth. He did encounter many difficulties and made many mistakes along the way.

Due to his perseverance, ​he was able to overcome those obstacles and put in consistent efforts even when he was not seeing results.

Today, ​he is teaching people about how to make money from home with an online business on his website One More Cup of Coffee and he has attended the Las Vegas Conference 4 times.

(Later in this post, I'll tell you what are the common things successful WA members possess and what it takes to succeed. Stay tuned!)​

6. DomW (joined August 2012)

​There's only one word that can be used to describe Dom - EXTRAORDINARY!

​Ok, let's introduce him proper.

Dom is a Full-Time Internet marketer​. He started his online business in August 2012 when he joined Wealthy Affiliate.

Within 1.5 years, he was earning $1,000 per month. Within 3 years, he was earning $10,000 per month. So he turned full-time only in 2014.

Anyway, his progress afterwards were simply outstanding.​ Let me tell you why...

Today, he has 2 service businesses, ​a WordPress software business and other niche website businesses.

He used his skills and knowledge learnt from Wealthy Affiliate to build another website company called HumanProofDesigns.com to start his own training platform for his audience.​ Yes, He built his own COMPANY!

This company has made him $680,000 in revenue in 2016. Today, he also has over 100 employees and freelancers working for him.

His ability to scale his business is simply impressive. He is also featured in many well-known websites such as Entrepreneur and Empire Flippers.

The difference between his platform and Wealthy Affiliate is that he offers ready-made sites to his customers and guide them to build their online businesses from there.

Dom has always been one of the internet marketers I look up to. I've also learnt a lot from him.

I've met a lot of entrepreneurs in my time, and one thing that every successful entrepreneur has, and you have, is the ability to self-motivate.

Dom Wells

7. pribs (joined October 2012)

​His name is Ian Pribyl.

The interesting part about him is that he started exploring internet marketing when he was only 16 years old.

For your info, I started exploring online marketing when I was 18 years old which is already way earlier than many people. But Ian was even earlier than me.

He wasn't going anywhere in his first 3 years. He just wasted a lot of money on crappy products.

But, his hard work did pay off. He started earning a full-time income when he was 19 years old. That's simply amazing!

When his peers were still relying on their parents to support them, his was already making a full-time income. He was earning $3,000 to $5,000 per month back then.

Did you realize I haven't mentioned about Wealthy Affiliate?

Because he had not come across WA during that time. So, when he joined WA in 2012, he was already making full-time income.​

Today, his website StoppingScams.com helps people to review online programs and reveal scams.

A very awesome guy, huh?

Recognize every failure as a learning experience that brought you one step closer to success. Every time you're feeling down, defeated, and like you'll never succeed, recognize that each and every full-time internet marketer I know felt that way once too.

Ian Pribyl

8. Scottdogg187 (joined November 2012)

​His name is Scott Newkirk.

Scott always had a dream to start his own business at home since 18 years old but he wasn't able to find a way back then.

​For many years, he had been an ordinary guy working at a variety of jobs such as factory work, distribution center, retail establishments and even fast food.

Only until he got laid off one day, then he started ​looking for online opportunities seriously. Afterwards, he joined quite a few programs online and got scammed many times.

However, everything changes after he was introduced to Wealthy Affiliate. His started having a step-by-step training and guidance. That's when his business began to take off.

Today, he had made it to the Las Vegas Conference in 2016.​

All I have to say is never give up on success and stop finding excuses for why you can't be successful. If you work hard at this you will see incredible results.

Scott Newkirk

9. BNakedScam (joined June 2013)

Jack is a full-time online entrepreneur who earns a passive income of between $5k to $10k a month. He owed everything to Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate because it was through the training and support that made him what he is today.

Today, he runs a successful review site called barenakedscam.com and he is exploring another new website called sinceremarketer.com where he shares his experience on Internet Marketing and how it can help SMEs.


Having spent thousands of dollars feeding the gurus, Jack almost ditch the idea of becoming financially free.

It was only when he started to research about a program that he was in (he thought there was something fishy about the program as it requires him to pay more and more money), and he eventually found WA.

When Jack first started his online business, he didn't know how to write, and that was the biggest hurdle he had to overcome.

He knew that to become successful online, he has to get some form of exposure, either through written form or videos, but he wasn't good at either of them, but he chose to write.

The longest article he has written before joining Wealthy Affiliate was 300 words, and he flung his GCE O' Levels English paper.

Clearly, he wasn't qualified to write.

Writing for him was a tough challenge, but he went through all odds, accepting criticism from people who've read his articles, and he eventually become good at it.

Through his journey, one person even told him that he should stop writing for good because he su*ked so much at English.

Today, I was told that writing interesting articles of 1,200 words is a norm to him, and he enjoyed writing so much that it made him on one of the top affiliate marketers of Wealthy Affiliate.

The lesson learned from Jack is that no one is good at anything from the start, and to be good at a craft, one has to do it over and over again till it never stops. That's how success is achieved, through consistency.

If you are on the fence about Wealthy Affiliate, or you've heard bad stories about it, I would suggest that you keep an open mind and join the free starter membership (you don't even need to enter your credit card details).

The best person who can judge what Wealthy Affiliate is, is yourself. No one can have a better experience, unless she/he tried it.

You'll know learn a ton of stuff for FREE, literally!

10. affilicoach (joined August 2013)

​His name is Frank. He is a full-time affiliate marketer based in New Zealand.

Prior to affiliate marketing, he was a successful software developer, IT manager and had worked in many software businesses ​in New Zealand.

​However, he always wanted to be his own boss and own a software business himself. 

​During that time, he thought in order to own a business, he needed to learn how to sell. He then dived into a real estate business and thought he could learn the skills needed.

Although he did get some results at the start, he was soon demoralized by the huge challenges and frequent rejections.​

One day when his colleague asked him unintentionally why he didn't just go "make money online", he then suddenly start thinking seriously about it.​ That's when he began his online marketing journey.

Over the years, he has become experienced in affiliate marketing and his skills in software development has helped him a lot along the way.​

Today, he has made to the Las Vegas Conference at least 3 times (2014, 2015, 2016)​.

It's not until you immerse yourself into the process that you get the insight.

Go deep into the training here in WA, because it really does work.

So if nothing else, that's one thing you can work on right now.

But the other thing is this.

If you're not getting sales, then, think bigger than that you currently are.


11. JasonJF (joined September 2014)

​Jason has been a full-time affiliate marketer since 2014 after he joined Wealthy Affiliate.

Jason with Kyle & Carson (Co-founders of WA) at Las Vegas Conference 2017

Jason (center) with Kyle (right) & Carson (left), Co-founders of WA, at Las Vegas Conference 2017

Jason is just an ordinary guy like you and me. Even his WA story is nothing fancy. 

He ​was looking for the best way to build an online business when he repeatedly came across Wealthy Affiliate on the Internet from his research.

​After he joined, he was soon amazed by how resourceful and genuine this community is. That's when he decided to take this opportunity seriously and put in consistent massive actions.

Within 3 years time, he made it to the Las Vegas Conference in 2017.

Here's a screenshot of his income he shared on his website:

jasonjf income report

Jason's Income Report

He has a really ordinary story and simple start point. This just further proves that it is totally possible for everyone to succeed online especially with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

You will not be successful if you are just sitting on the fence and waiting for a miracle to happen or luck to favor you. You simply need to have a desire to succeed and of course put in the action to make it a reality.

Wealthy Affiliate provides the tools, the support and everything else to allow us all to succeed online. It's all about you taking action towards achievement for sure.


12. Dougbeney (joined September 2014)

Doug is a young internet marketer. He's already earning a full-time income online at the age of 18. WOW! (the age I started exploring online marketing...)

I'm sure this is amazing to me and to everyone as well.​

He constantly shares his income report on his website DougBeney.com and his WA blog.​

Doug's WA blog posts

Doug's WA blog post titles

As you can see, he's really doing very well in Wealthy Affiliate and internet marketing as a whole.

Recently, he has​ just launched a new ebook. With the ebook, he made $3,000 dollars in just 2 weeks' time with a Email list of 2,500.

He knows how to play the game really well!​

13. PjGermain (joined June 2015)

P.j. is a serial entrepreneur, webmaster, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert, author, copywriter and more. He is a guru who masters many skills in online marketing.

Physically, he was not so fortunate as normal people. At a young age, he had to have one of his eye removed​ so he only has one eye for the rest of his life.

Nevertheless, he was able to graduate and pass the certification to become a Law Enforcement Officer. He was then called upon by the Federal Government to work on a joint task force for several agencies.

Due to his job, ​he was shot in the chest once and stabbed twice on separate occasions.

From his story so far, no one could expect him to be an internet marketing guru in the next phase of his life.

Because of his mother's health condition, he had to come back home to take care of his parents. After that, he began exploring online marketing by chance and fell in love with website building and SEO eventually. (actually I see no link for the beginning of his online career.)

​After his first sale online, he was addicted to online marketing.

Today, he has a website at PureResiduals.com to help people find the best residual income business opportunities online.​ He also has offline services which help people with SEO, social media and business marketing solutions at MagnumMarketing.org.

His website is also frequently being featured on various channels:

pureresiduals.com being featured on various channels

Inside WA, he often post very resourceful and helpful guide in different areas of online marketing to help other members out.

Lastly, he has a huge social influence as seen from his high Klout score of 81.​

14. JasonHeard (joined June 2015)

​Jason is a father of 2 daughters from California and now a full-time affiliate marketer and stay-at-home dad.

He has a record in Wealthy Affiliate - He is the fastest guy to make it to Las Vegas Conference. He took only 16 months! This is amazing!

In the beginning, he just wanted to look for ways to make money with a website online​. After working his away through the various online scams, he found Wealthy Affiliate.

It's not about luck, it's about following the training, taking action, and having a positive mindset!

From starting with zero experience, to meeting with the owners and a handful of other wonderful WA members, I am very glad that I decided to become a member here and follow the training.


When he just got started, he was also skeptical towards the system just like many people. So in his mind, he was satisfied if he could earn a few dollars here and there.

But, he was hooked! He immersed himself fully into the training inside WA.

Just like everyone, he was not making much money in the first few months. However,​ after 9 months of consistent effort, he started making $4,000 per month.

Going at that speed, he continued putting in the consistent hard work. After one year plus in 2016, he bought his brand new car!

JasonHeard's WA success story

Jason's progress was simply amazing!

He eventually managed to be invited to the 2017 Las Vegas Conference which was just 16 months after he joined.

His progress was pretty inspiring and motivating for many people especially many Wealthy Affiliate members!​

Those were some of the most successful members of Wealthy Affiliate.

They all own highly successful affiliate websites and their income grows year over year.

However, though we have the word "affiliate" in the name, success with Wealthy Affiliate is not just affiliate marketing related.

I have procured another, bonus success story for you.

Take it away, Nikola Roza!

BONUS. Nikola Roza (joined May 2015)

"Thanks, Jerry! it's a real pleasure to be here rubbing shoulders with other WA successful members.

So, I first joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2015. My mother was extremely sick back then and I wanted to earn money online to help here. Affiliate marketing was my logical choice because it seemed highly ethical and doable by poor and inexperienced me.

Of course, I was very wrong in thinking  that I could get FAST money with affiliate marketing. Partnership marketing is a business model that works; but it takes time for it to work and I, a total newbie, hadn't realized that.

So, after failing miserably, I quit WA feeling despondent with the whole idea of making money online. It seemed something built on clouds and unrealistic, at least for me.

Fast forward a few months, and somehow, by accident or a lucky chance, I read a story about a woman who's making a killing online doing freelance writing. What intrigued me the most is that she claimed she started with a free WordPress.com site, and that anyone can follow suit. Then I remembered that WA also offers free websites (via their Siterubix platform) and that Kyle, the co-owner of WA, goes into great detail on how to write articles for the web and how to SEO them for maximum success.

So I rejoined WA for one month and plowed through their training material like crazy. I also absorbed dozens of Jay's webinars (advanced training at Wealthy  Affiliate).

After a busy months time, I felt ready and I created my portfolio website hosted for free by Wealthy Affiliate and on their SiteRubix website builder. Then I began to promote my writing services that way I was taught at WA, and enhanced a bit by techniques I picked up elsewhere.

And voila!

With a lot of toil, a lot of grit, determination and a pinch of sheer luck- I landed my first paying client. Then after the first came the second, closely followed by third...

Today I'm making between $1200 and $2000 per month and can't thank myself enough for sticking through the harsh times of no clients and no money.

Now, while I know that you can learn how to write online for free, I'm glad I learned it from WA training because I felt sort of secure and safe whenever I logged into my dashboard. I think that just knowing you're at all times surrounded with thousand of people who're on the same path as you gives you true comfort and encouragement to keep going.

Because it gets so easy when you earn your first $1 online. Then it all clicks in your head and you just "know". But before that is hell and you better find a guiding hand to lead you trough it safely.

And to prove how much of a nerd I am, let me say this: if the beginning stages of making money online are hell, than Wealthy Affiliate was my Virgil, which makes me Dante Alighieri which makes me extremely proud.

Favorite poet and all..."


I wanna thank Jerry again for giving me a chance to share my experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I know my story is an atypical one, but I hope that I can inspire someone to achieve the same, or do better. The biggest takeaway here is that while affiliate marketing is passive income that comes and builds up slowly; freelance writing is easy money that comes fast if you work your butt of;

So if you're in a tight financial situation like I was a few years ago, it might make sense to start freelance writing full time, while building out your affiliate marketing biz on the side. Eventually those two business models will switch places.

Do you want to Get Started and Make a Full-Time Income Online just like them?

I'm sure these 14 people are the a few out of many successful members. These are the really outstanding ones I discovered.

Many of these members have multiple websites​ which means they have multiple income streams. They not only have sites that promotes Wealthy Affiliate but also have niche websites which sell other affiliate products.

I have repeatedly mentioned about Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Conference because it's the goal which many WA members are eager to achieve.​

It's also an easy indicator of a really successful marketer. If you have the ability to make 300 sales per year, you are pretty good at internet marketing already.

I've calculated, if one makes it to the conference, it also means that the person is earning around USD$84,600 passive income per year.​

What Do They Have in Common?

​After reading and knowing these successful WA members and affiliate marketers, do you know what do they have in common? What it takes to achieve the kind of success?

I've compiled a list for you below!​

#1 They Take Actions

​Successful people are action takers. If you are always hesitant, procrastinating or even afraid of falling into scams, you will definitely not take actions and move forward.

This doesn't mean they are not afraid of failure or falling into scams. But they do the necessary learning and research on their own to take calculated risks.​ The keyword is "calculated risk"!

No one likes failure. No one likes to be scammed. But without taking real actions, you are not going anywhere.

This leads me to my next point...​

#2 They Never Give Up​

​There are many scams online. Like I've mentioned, many of them had fallen into many in the past and lost a lot of money and time.

But they never give up!​

​Everybody faces different challenges. Alex faced the language challenge. Ian wasted a lot of money on many products for 3 years before he found the way to make money. Steve got scammed. Scott got scammed. Even I got scammed as well!

Despite all the challenges and obstacles, they succeed because they never give up!

#3 They Have the Right Mindset

​Another important thing about online marketing is your mindset. This is a huge one. The wrong mindset has caused a lot of people to quit.

​Many people are looking for online opportunity because they need money. The intention is not wrong but their expectation is.

They expect them to at least be earning some cash in a few months time so that they have the confidence to continue putting in effort. Very often, they are disappointed because they couldn't see any results​ after a few months.

​Let's take a franchise business as an example. How long does it take to build up the business? How long does it take to break even? How long does it take to profit?

It probably take 2-3 years to just break even if the business survive. All business takes time to see results but why many people are having such a high expectation in online business? Why they expect them to start making money in a few months' time?​

All the successful ones know online business is no different than any other business in the way that they all take TIME! No fast cash can be sustainable.​

There are a lot of times you may be asking yourself whether the time and effort you put in will ever pay off. This is the nature of online business. It's normal.

Just take the above 13 people as an example. None of them could start making huge and consistent money in a few months' time. Some of them took years​ to see results.

So, ask yourself: Do you have the right mindset and expectation to succeed?​

#4 ​They Care about HELPING People

​In all kinds of business, be it online or offline or traditional business, "helping" is the core to any transactions. You HELP people to solve their problems. You HELP people to reveal scams. You HELP people to make informed decisions

If you want to make money and want to succeed, start HELPING your prospects and CARING for them. Only in this way, you can gain trust from them and eventually make them want to buy from you.

The long-term sustainable way to make money is to constantly generate VALUE to your customers. If you are able to do that, they will want to give you their money to get more from you.

Without giving and trust, no one will buy from you. That's why it's hard to make money at the start. Once you get that traction, your business will prosper fast.

The advantage of online business over traditional business is that it generally takes a lot faster to see results and it requires less monetary investments upfront.

Your true worth is determined by how much you give in #value than you take in payment.

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#5 They Put in Consistent Effort & Commitment

​As you would have known by now, any kind of business takes time.

The key to succeed is to put in consistent effort and commitment despite you may not be seeing any results.

As long as you have a purpose and a goal in mind, just keep working for it.​ Consistency is key!

Never give up is just one part. After that, you still need to keep working for it until you see results.

So, you not only need to be determined but also need to have strong resilience and perseverance.

#6 They Learn from Mistakes

​Last but not least, they are not afraid of failures. They embrace them and learn from the mistakes.

If you don't learn from the mistakes, you are going to keep on making it.

​They succeed because they improved each time they made a mistake and they got more experienced. Over time, they became very good at it.

Just like what Robert Kiyosaki said,​

The reason so many people #fail to achieve #success because they fail to fail enough times!

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I know these advice may seem very generic and you may have heard many times before. But these are really the secret to success. No others.

Trust me, if you keep these in mind and practice them in your daily life and in your business, after months or years, you can really feel the effect yourself.​

Do You Have a Dream?

​Let me ask you, do you have a dream? Do you have something you want to achieve in your life?

I'm sure you do.​

Start taking ACTIONS! Don't procrastinate anymore. You do not want to end your life with regrets, trust me...

Before I end off this post, I would like to show you a really inspirational video. It's only 5 minutes.

Watch it now! It will benefit you for life...

Remember, Success Doesn't Happen by Chance!

Thank you very much for reading this post. I hope you have a lot to take away from this.

The 13 successful marketers I mentioned in this ​post all utilize the platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

Do you want to Get Started and Make a Full-Time Income Online just like them?

Jerry Huang

Jerry is a young aspiring Internet Entrepreneur who started his online business at the age of 18. He is currently a Full-time Affiliate Marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, a community to help anyone start their own online business without prior experience. He actually achieved Financial Independence at the young age of 21. Read more about his story here!

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Chloe - May 27, 2019

I’m researching affiliate programs and accidentally read your article. These stories are very inspirational. Thanks for collecting and sharing.

Gomer Magtibay - April 6, 2018

Hi Jerry,

You again have over-delivered here! Great job. Count me into your regular visitors reading this specific post of yours (returning visitors), as I need to check regularly with these sites. I find your site the fastest link to them.

Thanks bro! 🙂

~ Gomer

    Jerry Huang - April 8, 2018

    Hey Gomer,

    Thanks for your kind words and compliment. I’ll definitely do my best to deliver as much value as possible every time.

jacob - March 19, 2017


Eddy is the affiliate who referred me. Such a great guy and gives you great advice when you’re just starting out with WA.

Highly recommend signing up through him. Anyways, I hope to be invited to the conference one day and have over 300 referrals. It actually feels good that Eddy’s going to be profiting of me for the next few years at least! Doesn’t hurt my wallet

    Jerry Huang - March 20, 2017

    Hi Jacob,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Eddy is indeed an experienced marketer whom we can learn a lot from. Good to know that Las Vegas Conference is one of your goals. Keep working smart consistently and I hope to see you in Vegas one day

Christine - March 19, 2017

Thank you for sharing this information. It is interesting to see an entire group of people who are able to make money from the same product. So often you see ad with people wanting to flaunt the money they have earned online and ask you put up money to find out how. It was great to not only have you show proof of income but also share a free way to get started. I also appreciate you sharing what successful people have in common. That’s so inspiring

    Jerry Huang - March 20, 2017

    Hey Christine,

    You’re right.

    One of the common thing online scams have in common is that they only show you the income report, flashy cars and mansions to intrigue you and ask you to pay to get the “secret” of getting them.

    Wealthy Affiliate allows people to try out Premium features for FREE and the free membership has no trial period. You can stay as free member for as long as you want. This is something that is truly exceptional. They have confident in their system and education that they don’t need to charge people to get the basic info to get started. They know people will be happy to pay them for more training and tools.

    That’s why I love Wealthy Affiliate so much. The fact that you can start FREE for no time limit is just awesome.

    Thanks for checking out this post and leaving a great comment, Christine

Jamin wong - March 14, 2017

You have done a great deal of research about the 13 successful WA members. It is worth bookmarked this page to inspire me in helping people who have difficulties in dealing with all kind of claim by writing post after post via my experience.

    Jerry Huang - March 17, 2017

    Hey Jamin,
    This post is really worth sharing to motivate and inspire people. (I don’t mean to boast or self-promote myself)

    I just want to help! Thanks for reading and I’m glad this inspires you:)

janele moore - March 13, 2017

Thanks for a very enjoyable article.
These guys you mentioned are all legends in my training school…..WA.

    Jerry Huang - March 13, 2017

    Thanks for reading. They are indeed “Legends”. I like the way you describe it.

    By the way, you can call WA “Wealthy Affiliate University”! It teaches more than Uni but costs a lot lesser.

Patsy - March 13, 2017

Hi Jerry! thank you for leaving me the link so I can check out these success stories.

I love reading these because they inspire me a lot especially having joined Wealthy Affiliate only a few days ago. It didn’t take me long to become a Premium Member..only 2 days. The course is simple and easy to understand for someone like myself who has very little computer skills. Thank you!


    Jerry Huang - March 13, 2017

    Hi Patsy,
    Really nice to hear from you.

    You’re really an “action taker”. This trait will put you in good place to succeed.

    Glad that you’re doing great and you are motivated:)

    Keep going and NEVER GIVE UP!

TomasB - March 13, 2017

Hi Jerry, this was a very inspirational post. All these people are average people like you and me, which proves that anyone can be successful if they maintain those 6 traits you mentioned. Keep up the good work Jerry.

    Jerry Huang - March 13, 2017

    Hi Tomas,
    Yes, you’re right. Anyone can succeed as long as they are willing to put in the necessary work and effort.

    The 6 traits may sound simple and generic but they are really important if you truly want success. They are the “secret” to success although some are common sense and easy to understand.

    The difference between successful people and non-successful people is just that the former keep those to heart and really apply it in life and business while the latter give little attention to them despite they may know it. Another difference is just TIME.

    If you’re putting in consistent effort, the only difference between you and the successful ones is just time. It takes time to succeed. It takes time to create an impact…

Norman Richards - March 13, 2017

Hello my friend, you did a very awesome job with your post, very encouraging. I give you two thumbs up. Keep up the good work!

I can see that you are headed for greatness. Have a nice day. Thanks again, I really enjoyed your post.

    Jerry Huang - March 13, 2017

    Hey Norman, Thank you once again for your kind words and support:)

Andy - March 13, 2017

Hi, Jerry.

I always enjoy reading your posts, and this one is no exception. All these people’s stories are very inspiring. As a Wealthy Affiliate member, I am somewhat familiar with some of these great marketers. Unfortunately, I have not come across some of them, but with thousands of members there and growing constantly, that’s to be expected. I think I’ll locate them and start following them, though.

Thanks for posting this.


    Jerry Huang - March 13, 2017

    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for your kind words.

    Yea, you should go and follow them and check out their posts and websites, like what I did. This not only can motivate you but also give you more inspiration and ideas for your own business.

    I learnt a lot from studying their works and I’ll continue to follow their new contents.

Paulina - March 12, 2017

WOW! This is so motivating! I know that the path to success isn’t easy but the common things these people have is determination and they didn’t give up. I honestly think that wanting to help people (truly help) is one of the main keys to success.
Thanks for this article, it really gave me an energy boost!

    Jerry Huang - March 12, 2017

    Hi Paulina,
    I’m so glad you had a boost in motivation from my post. This is also one of the purposes of this post. I like to read about people’s success and how they achieve it, especially those successful WA members.

    For me, I would really go and study and analyze their websites to give me some inspiration and how to do certain things. I can always learn a lot from this process.

    This post is intended not only to show non-WA members what Wealthy Affiliate is capable of, but also to motivate WA members.

    Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best!


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