Is Yoli a Scam? (Another Supplement Pyramid Scheme Exposed?!)

Is Yoli a Scam? (Another Supplement Pyramid Scheme Exposed?!)

Welcome to my Yoli review!

Chances are, someone has just introduced to you this amazing opportunity by a company called Yoli where you can live a healthier and wealthier lifestyle.

No matter how you came across Yoli, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product or business opportunity.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

To be completely honest with you, I'm not associated with Yoli in any form.

So, rest assure that I'm not here to pitch or sell you anything.

Instead, I'm here to provide you with an unbiased 3rd party review where I'll reveal to you some of the ugliest truths you need to know before considering this opportunity.

Is Yoli a scam?

Here's the truth...

Yoli Review Summary

Product Name: Yoli

Founder: Founded by Robby Fender, Corey Citron, Daren Falter, Bobby Jones and Michael Prichard in 2009

Product Type: Health & Wellness MLM Company

Price: $39.95 + $20/year + $9.95/month to start + Monthly Autoship of around $70~$80

Best For: People who are good at networking and recruiting

yoli review

Summary: The good news is that Yoli is a legit MLM business opportunity where you can make real money, if done right. Product-wise, it's pretty subjective but it's legit as well. However, Yoli is still a typical MLM which adopts the traditional way of recruiting which I don't recommend for various reasons. Most people failed at this business too!

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No


What is Yoli?

Yoli means “to live” in Aztec.

It's a typical health & wellness Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company selling nutritional supplements and shakes to help ordinary people gain health & wealth.

And they have a pretty common mission to "transform lives".

They claimed that by joining them, your life can be changed physically, emotionally and financially.

To change your life physically, they claimed to have a line of all natural nutritional products helping people lose weight, become more fit or simply feel better overall.

As for the emotional aspect, they claimed to have a comprehensive support system to take care of you and even boost your self-confidence.

Finally, they claimed that you can improve your financial situation by leveraging their compensation plan. You can earn a side income or completely replace your full-time job just by sharing Yoli with other people.

To be honest, all these are just the ideal scenario.

Can you really benefit from all these and transform your life?

There are 2 main aspects of this company that we need to look into - Product line & Business opportunity...

Yoli Product Line

Yoli products

Yoli has a huge product line with numerous nutritional products.

So, they have created 3 different product packages to help people better choose the products they need:

  1. Better Body System - This is their flagship program focusing 5 different areas of your health - pH balance, weight management, healthy metabolism, total nutrition and structural support
  2. Transformation Kits - This package is called "transformation kit" because it can help people quickly lose weight, enhance physical energy, and improve overall  health
  3. Lifestyle Kits - This product line is focusing the specific needs people have, such as weight management kits, energy kit, alkalinity kit. If you have other health needs, you can even create your own combinations.

They always emphasize that Yoli is not focusing on diet, but rather helping people to form a new healthier lifestyle.

This reminds me of another MLM company I've just recently reviewed called Purium, which is very similar to Yoli.

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How to Make Money with Yoli?

Just like any other MLM businesses, there are 2 main ways for you to make money with Yoli:

  1. Sell Yoli's products and earn retail commissions
  2. Recruit people and build your downline teams to earn various bonuses & other commissions

But before you can even start making money, we need to first understand how you can get started and qualify for commissions...

How to Get Started with Yoli?

There are quite a few costs you have to incur:

  • $39.95 one-time fee for the Enrollment pack (However, this fee is waived if you purchase selected initial order packages)
  • $20 annual renewal fee
  • $9.95/month fee for a virtual team office and marketing website

These are the basic costs for getting started with Yoli.

Apart from that, in order for you to stay as an active distributor, you need to purchase a monthly autoship of a minimum $70 to $80 per month.

However, this still doesn't qualify you to earn commission.

On top of all these, you still need to have at least 2 active members in your downline with a monthly autoship of $70-$80 as well.

In other words, you need to start recruiting people right away in this business for you to earn commission.

This is a red flag in MLM!

Yoli Compensation Plan

Yoli adopts a hybrid compensation plan, which means they combine both Binary and Unilevel compensation plan.

Normally, MLM companies will adopt either one of them in their comp plan and not both.

The good thing is that they can reap the benefits from the both worlds but the downside is that it makes the comp plan even more complicated for beginners to understand.

Anyway, another advantage of Yoli's compensation plan is that there are over 10 ways you can earn commission or rewards.

Let's take a look:

  1. Retail Profits - The most straightforward commission. You sell Yoli's products to customers and earn the difference between the wholesale and retail price.
  2. Rebate Bonus Program - Bonus commission that is designed to reward active distributors who enroll preferred customers and retail customers (This is actually a great bonus program as it separates Yoli from those companies that only focus on recruiting distributors)
  3. Fast Start Bonus - A 20% bonus commission paid to active members rewarding them for enrolling new members into Yoli
  4. Refer 3, Get It Free - You can get your Yoli products for FREE when you enroll 3 members and/or preferred customers within a four-week period
  5. Break Even Bonus (BEB) - It's basically the credits you earn from the autoship of your downline members. These BEB credits can be used towards your own Yoli products.
  6. Binary Team Commission - This is the residual income you can earn based on the performance of your binary downline teams.
  7. Unilevel Executive Matching Bonus - As its name suggests, this is the unilevel commission you'll earn based on your personally enrolled members. The number of levels you can earn depends on your rank.
  8. Global Bonus Pool - Company's profit sharing bonus for top leaders in Yoli who has achieved Diamond rank and above.
  9. Multiple Business Centers - This is for top leaders who have max out their binary compensation to build another leg/downline so that you can qualify for "multiple binary commissions".
  10. Travel Incentives - Every year Yoli will sponsor qualified members to travel to some of the most exotic places in the world.
  11. Luxury Car Program - Yoli will give you up to $600 every 4 weeks for your car payments if you qualify for this incentive program

As appealing as it sounds, most people will get stuck at the first few ways to make money, i.e the retail profits, rebate bonus program, fast start bonus, refer 3 get it free, BEB and binary team commission.

The reason is simple...

Most MLMs have all these attractive compensation plans but only a extremely small group of people can make it to the top and enjoy these rewards while most people either struggle at the bottom or even fail at this business.

Now, if you want to have a better understanding of the entire compensation plan, please watch the video explanation below:

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Yoli Ugly Truths Revealed!

1. Recruiting, Recruiting, Recruiting...

Just like any other MLM businesses, the main profit lies in recruiting.

The more people you can recruit into this business, the more money you can make and the more rewards/incentives you can enjoy.

Yes, you can still make money by selling the products but that will not allow you to earn residual income.

It's almost impossible for you to earn a decent living by just selling Yoli's products.

That's why they have this thing called the "Better Body Party".

It's just like all those typical home parties most MLMs are doing.

You're required to come up with a list of people to invite to your party, mostly your friends, family members and colleagues.

I'm not saying recruiting is bad or evil because it's a legitimate way to build a business. And if done right, it can be pretty profitable for you.

But once again, that's only for a small group of people. Most people either run out of prospects to talk to or they simply mess up everything by sabotaging their own friendships and relationships.

That's one of the reasons I don't recommend traditional MLMs.

Thanks to the Internet, I'm constantly getting at least 20 leads per day for my business without doing any cold-calling, hard-selling or recruiting.

And I've already achieved financial independence at just 21 years old earning 4-figure monthly passive income.

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2. Questionable Product Effectiveness

Just like many health & wellness MLM companies, Yoli's products are NOT backed by any clinical studies.

So, do the products work?

Yes, they do! But definitely not for everyone.

The effectiveness of the product is very subjective. The only way for you to find out is to try it out yourself.

Some complained about the effects, some complained about the price and some even complained about the taste, as you can see from the screenshot below:

yoli complaint

If you are interested to find out the best nutritional supplements, check out Usana.

3. Overpriced Products

The products aren't just questionable, they're pretty expensive I would say.

For example, the Transformation Kit can cost up to an unbelievable $340/month.

That's really too expensive for some nutritional supplements and shakes.

4. Not Transparent

Last but not least, Yoli doesn't have an official income disclosure statement which is necessary for all MLM companies to have.

It's a statement disclosing the percentage of people making money and how much money are they making.

So, it's pretty suspicious why they don't disclose that.

Nevertheless, I've reviewed many MLM programs before and I can say all of them are pretty similar in terms of the people failing.

At least 95% of the people in any MLM company will fail because they can't even make a profit.

Some even higher, up to 97% or 99%.

I'm not saying you definitely can't make good money from MLM business. I have friends making millions from MLM but ultimately it's just the minority.

What's Good About Yoli?

1. Potentially Profitable Compensation Plan

As you can see from my brief compensation plan explanation above, there are over 10 ways to earn incentives & income.

Regardless if you want to earn quick cash, long term income or even luxurious cars and travel, there are ways to do it with Yoli.

So, the combination of their binary and unilevel compensation plan is a great advantage as compared to other MLMs.

But the main problem is still the same...

Most people fail to make a profit from this business.

2. Relatively Affordable Startup Cost

Another thing I like about Yoli is that their startup cost is pretty affordable as compared to many other companies.

They only require a $39.95 one-time fee, a $20 annual renewal fee, a $9.95 monthly website fee and $70-$80 monthly autoship.

Some companies like Nerium International and LifeVantage can cost you up to more than a thousand dollar just to get started.

It's insane!

Is Yoli a Scam?

No, Yoli is not a scam, nor is it a pyramid scheme.

They have real nutritional products that work and a potentially profitable compensation plan for you to make money.

But the same problems for most MLMs still apply:

  • There's a huge focus on recruiting. If you don't like to recruit your friends and family members to the business, this is definitely not for you.
  • The products are overpriced and the effectiveness is very subjective.
  • Most people failed to even recover their costs.

Yes, Yoli is a legit business opportunity but I don't recommend it.

How I Make a Living Online...

I'm not a fan of MLM, not because it's illegal or not profitable, but because of all the restrictions and the expensive costs involved.

Instead, Affiliate Marketing is my top recommended business model for anyone to make money online.

The reason is simple...

  • You don't have to recruit anyone to make money
  • You have the freedom to promote any products you want and not being restricted to only promote the products from one MLM company
  • It's Free to get started

In fact, with affiliate marketing...

I've personally created a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Stream and become financially independent at just 21 years old without any College degree or working experience!

Through my own hard work, I went from a broke restaurant waiter to living my dream laptop lifestyle in less than a year's time...

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