Is Inspired Opinions a Scam? (Making $100 Per Survey is REAL!)

Is Inspired Opinions a Scam? (Making $100 Per Survey is REAL!)

It's been said that you're able to make up to $100 or more for one survey you take with Inspired Opinions. It seems too good to be true, isn't it?

So in this review, I would like to walk you through the entire system to see if this is true at all or is Inspired Opinions a scam?

Inspired Opinions Review Summary

Product Name: Inspired Opinions

Founder: Schlesinger Group

Product Type: Paid Surveys

Price: Free

Best For: US residents in certain areas (More on this later)

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Summary: Inspired Opinions is a legit survey panel company where you can make some extra cash. It's possible to earn $100 per survey for their Focus Group but the opportunities are extremely rare. Overall, the earning potential is too small just like other survey sites.

Rating: 45/100

Recommended: No


What is Inspired Opinions?

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Inspired Opinions is an online survey panel where you can earn some extra cash by offering your opinions to help companies better understand their customers.

Schlesinger Associates is the parent company of Inspired Opinions which has over 40 years of experience in market research. So they are considered a reputable source in the field of market research.

Over the years, many companies have worked with Schlesinger and Inspired Opinions to better understand the needs and wants of their current and potential customers so that they can make better business decisions.

That's why Inspired Opinions is willing to pay you for your opinions as your opinions are valuable to these companies.

What's so Special about Inspired Opinions?

There are countless survey sites but most of them only offer one way to take surveys and that is through online surveys. You're simply required to fill up survey forms online and get rewarded.

Some of the websites are even worse. They are not even survey sites. Instead, they are just affiliates with those real survey sites. Their main goal is to refer you to those affiliate sites so that they can get paid. Some of these include Survey Money Machine, SurveySay and BigSpot.

Instead of offering just one way of taking surveys, Inspired Opinions offers 3 main ways which you can take your survey and get paid:

  1. Online Survey (The common method)
  2. Telephone Survey
  3. In-Person Survey
inspired opinions survey preference

You can choose your preferred way to take surveys when you join

I wouldn't go into online survey because you already know that. 

As for telephone survey, you can arrange certain timings to receive a phone interview if you're qualified.

Lastly, for in-person survey, it is only eligible for US residents in 15 cities because you have to go down to their office to do the interview.

inspired opinions US offices

15 offices located in the US

Wait a second! I know what you're thinking. This is troublesome but it is the most popular option in Inspired Opinions. Keep reading and you'll know why...

How to Make Money with Inspired Opinions?

Inspired Opinions reward you with a point system. For every survey you completed (10-15min), you'll be rewarded with probably around 100-150 points. 100 points is equivalent to $1, which means 1 point is $0.01.

Once you've accumulated a total of 1000 points or above ($10), you can cash out via Amazon Gift Card. Yes, Amazon Gift Card only!

Their pay per survey is not that bad but the disadvantage is that you can't earn real cash. Some people may like Amazon Gift Cards but definitely not everyone.

This is the normal way to make money with Inspired Opinions.

However, it's a total different story for its Focus Group, in other words, the in-person survey interview.

Inspired Opinions is one of the very few platforms that offer in-person surveys. Focus Group is a very good way for you to make money because that's when you can get paid $100 or more per interview.

The Best Way to Make Money with Inspired Opinions

So, this is how Focus Group works...

If your personal details and preferences meet the demographic criteria of the market research company, you'll be offered an opportunity to attend one of their Focus Group.

Once invited, you need to go down to their office (located in 15 cities around the US) and participate in a 1-2 hour interview session for market research companies to find out your opinions about their products, services, your need, etc...

For such 1-2 hour interview, you'll be paid an average of $100 in check. It's not Amazon Gift Card this time round.

Earning $100 by spending 1-2 hour giving people about your own opinions. Not bad huh?

But you need to take note that this kind of opportunity is extremely rare. First, you need to stay in the US. Second, you need to meet the exact criteria of their research demographic.

Thirdly, you need to consider the amount of people looking for this kind of opportunity. It's huge. You can consider yourself lucky to receive such invitations twice a year.

How to Get Started with Inspired Opinions?

​​​​​​​Here are the steps required:

  1. Sign up here to become an Inspired Opinions member (completely free)
  2. Complete the questionnaire regarding your personal particulars and your survey preference (takes about 2 minutes)
  3. Wait for survey notification in your inbox
  4. Once notified with available surveys, you need to go through a pre-qualification process to make sure you are the correct target audience for the survey (This takes about 10-15min)
  5. Once approved, you can go ahead with the actual survey and get rewards as explained earlier!

However, one major downside of this platform is that the available surveys are very limited. You can consider yourself lucky if you receive at least 5 survey notification per MONTH!

It's not like other survey sites such as Survey Junkie where you can keep doing surveys as long as you have the time to spend.

Thus, your earning potential is very small due to the limited opportunities.

Pros & Cons

The Good

  • Free to join: Completely free, no hidden fees or upsells
  • High credibility: Schlesinger Group, the parent company of Inspired Opinions, has 40 years of experience in the market research industry
  • A variety of ways to take surveys: Online surveys, telephone surveys and in-person interviews
  • High paying Focus Group: Focus Group is an awesome opportunity to make some good cash
  • Low cash out threshold: You can cash out your earnings as low as $10, unlike some sites which have threshold of $100
  • Accept multiple members from the same household: Your family members can join with their own account and make their own money unlike some other survey sites that don't allow this

The Bad

1. Low Earning Potential

Inspired Opinions pay you more for every completed survey which is a good thing. However, like I've said the available surveys are very limited.

Let say you get to complete 10 surveys per month (which is pretty good for Inspired Opinions) and each survey pay you 100 points which is $1. In total, you can only earn $10 per month. That's really low.

Focus Group is another different story which I've already covered. It's the only way to make some decent money from Inspired Opinions.

2. Limited Paying Options

Except for Focus Group, you're paid with Amazon Gift Card. There's no bank transfer, no check, no PayPal which is really rare.

This is the first time I see a survey site that pays you via Amazon Gift Card only.

You just need to know that you won't be making real cash with Inspired Opinions.

3. Focus Group are Extremely Rare

Despite the advantage of Focus Group, it is extremely rare. You can't be attending a Focus Group every week or every month because the opportunity is too limited.

So all in all, you still can't earn a lot of money with Inspired Opinions.

4. Only Available in 4 Countries

I've heard that Inspired Opinions is only available in the US, UK, France and Germany.

During the sign up process, there's a part where you need to choose the State you live in. However, the available options are all the different States in the US.

I'm based in Singapore so I just randomly chose a State and I got in.

So I'm not sure what's the rules for this because there's no clear information on their website. I'm just guessing maybe that's why there are complaints about members not getting paid when they were supposed to.

Is Inspired Opinions a Scam?

Inspired Opinions is not a scam. It is a legit survey platform that is backed by a credible parent company.

However, like all other survey sites, the earning potential is too small. You can't earn a decent income even if you put in a lot of time and effort.

Another thing is that Inspired Opinions is more for US residents. If you're not a US resident, don't even think about making money from Inspired Opinions. It's just too hard.

If you're a US resident, just pray that you can be invited for the Focus Group and I wish you all the best for that.

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