BigSpot Review: Is it just another SurveySay? (btw, BigSpot = BS)

BigSpot Review: Is it just another SurveySay? (btw, BigSpot = BS)

BigSpot used to be promoted a lot on television advertising themselves as the reliable place for paid surveys. Is this true or is this just another paid survey scam? We'll find out in this BigSpot review...

BigSpot Review Summary

Product Name: BigSpot

Founder: Unknown

Product Type: "Middleman" between survey takers and survey companies​​​​

Price: Free

Best For: The owner

bigspot logo

Summary: BigSpot is not a scam but it is just another survey affiliate that is wasting your time. In fact, BigSpot is exactly the same as SurveySay.

Rating: 15/100

Recommended: No


The Ugly Truths Behind BigSpot

1. BigSpot is NOT a Paid Survey Site

BigSpot is NOT a paid survey site. Instead, it is just a intermediary, or a "middleman", between survey takers and survey companies (i.e. market research companies).

So you won't be taking surveys directly on BigSpot's website and you won't be paid by BigSpot either. What you'll be doing is to sign up with other survey companies recommended by BigSpot and do surveys for them.

This is what happen after you sign up:

  1. Enter your Email address, date of birth, gender and country (No password needed because they are just collecting your Emails and your personal information)
  2. You'll be led to their offer page with five survey companies for you to sign up with.
  3. They claim that the more you sign up the more survey opportunities you'll have
  4. Your earnings will depend on each survey companies rules, which is totally none of BigSpot's business.

2. BigSpot is just acting as an Affiliate

Being a middleman directing its users to different survey companies, the owner of BigSpot is actually earning money at the same time because the links it provides on its website are all affiliate links from these survey companies.

So obviously the biggest winner in this process is BigSpot. Their affiliate commission for referring you to other survey companies may even be higher than your earnings from taking surveys. This is highly possible. (I'm not 100% sure but it's just my guess)

3. BigSpot is Exactly the Same as SurveySay!

This comes the very interesting part.

Recently, I've just written a SurveySay review. I was shocked when I came across BigSpot because its EXACTLY the same as SurveySay. 100%

Let me show you the proof:

bigspot homepage

This is BigSpot

surveysay homepage

And this is SurveySay. The only difference is the LOGO!

bigspot sign up

Once again, this is BigSpot

surveysay signup

And this is SurveySay

As you can see, every single page on BigSpot is exactly the same as SurveySay. Even the survey companies they recommend are the same. The only difference is just the logo. WTF!

Upon further investigation, I found out that these two websites are actually from the same company.

Take a look at their Terms & Condition page:

bigspot terms

BigSpot's company is called "Varsityplaza, LLC"

surveysay terms

SurveySay's company is also called "Varsityplaza, LLC"

The company behind these two websites is called "Varsityplaza, LLC". I have absolutely no idea why this company wants to create two exactly same websites for the same purpose.

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Pros & Cons

Since BigSpot is exactly the same as SurveySay, you can just see the detailed Pros & Cons from my SurveySay review. I'll just give you a brief list of pros & cons here:

The Good

The only advantage of BigSpot and SurveySay is just that they are free to use. But other than that they're pretty useless and time-wasting.

The Bad

  • You'll likely get spammed because you're giving your personal information away and they might even sell it to other companies
  • You'll just be wasting your precious time to sign up and get qualified for surveys
  • You'll hardly earn any money, if any
  • Taking up a part-time job is even more lucrative than taking online surveys
  • BigSpot has a lot of bad reviews on SiteJabber


Basically, BigSpot is exactly the same as SurveySay and they are even from the same company.

This kind of survey intermediary is not worth any single second of your time because the truth is that you can't earn a decent pocket money if you're lucky enough to earn some.

There's one interesting review on sitejabber that says... 

"BigSpot = BS"

bigspot negative review

BigSpot stands for Bullsh*t

That's a very accurate explanation, LOL

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Stefan Vogt - January 23, 2018

Hi Jerry, I am not interested in doing surveys anyway but this is still a good info to learn how to make a dollar without doing much but having a website promoting survey programs 🙂
I think it is sad to know how easy it seems to be to earn peoples money with cheap promises.
Thank’s for the warning, see you, Stefan.

    Jerry Huang - January 23, 2018

    Hi Stefan,
    We can’t prevent scammers from creating scam products. All we can do is to protect ourselves and help other people out. Thanks for your time and comment 🙂

Anne - January 22, 2018

Well I have tried surveys before and all I can say is that they are a waste of time with very little return. I have never heard of this one before but I am done with surveys for now. Hope people could check this before they waste their time.

    Jerry Huang - January 22, 2018

    Hi Anne,
    I believe a lot of people had the same experience and feeling as you. Have you found a better way to make money online?

Jasmere - January 22, 2018

See I never understand the point of programs like this. It just seems wrong to scam and lie to people like that. I had heard of that program before actually, so I’m pretty glad I didn’t try it. Awesome that you found that out then lol.

    Jerry Huang - January 22, 2018

    Hi Jasmere, glad you didn’t waste your time trying out BigSpot! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment 🙂

Philip - January 22, 2018

Hi Jerry,

I tried surveys once and I was exhausted for being disqualified too many times.

Yet, I would be more than half way through when they would kick me out of doing the survey.

As far as I am concerned ALL SURVEYS are SCAMS due to this odd disqualification nonsense.

Don’t waste your time on such online ‘opportunities’ as they only seek to make money from you and not too concerned about providing anything real.



    Jerry Huang - January 22, 2018

    Hi Philip, that’s a typical experience from people who have tried taking online surveys before. Totally agree with you!


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