What Is ByDzyne? It's An All-In-One MLM Company!

What Is ByDzyne? It’s An All-In-One MLM Company!

Welcome to my ByDzyne review!

MLM companies by default usually stick to one niche, with one to three products in their catalog. The longer the company has been around, the more products they’ll diversify to.

However, this one company we’re going to review tried its best to get as many products as it could get the moment it started.

This company is called ByDzyne.

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with ByDzyne in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal what this MLM company is all about...

ByDzyne Review Summary

Product Name:  ByDzyne

Founder:  Sophia Wong, Chad Chong, and Nattida Chong

Product Type:  Multi-Product MLM

Price:  $39.95 yearly fee + various starters

Best For:  No One!

What Is ByDzyne Image Summary

Summary:  ByDzyne is a MLM company that markets products in the health and wellness, technology, and beauty niche. However, this was a company that didn't impress us. The products are expensive, and there's no way to make money from this program. 

Rating: 50/100

Recommended: No!


What is ByDzyne?

ByDzyne is a MLM or multi-level marketing company that covers various product niches, ranging from health and wellness to travel to technology.

ByDzyne, pronounced as “BY DESIGN”, doesn’t really specify a corporate address anywhere on their site, but if you look at one of their legal documents, they’ll mention that arbitration is handled in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The company’s team is composed of the following:

  • Nat Puranaputra — Chairman
  • Chanida Puranaputra — Chairwoman
  • Sophia Wong — President & Co-Founder
  • Henry Marsh — Executive Vice President & Co-Founder
  • Chad Chong — Co-Founder
  • Nattida Chong — Co-Founder

Both Nat and Chanida Puranaputra were involved with other MLM companies such as Organo Gold and World Global Network. During their stint with World Global Network, they earned about $450,000 a month.

Most of the other people on their management team have also worked with other companies such as Wealth Generator.         

ByDzyne Product Line

ByDzyne focuses on various product niches:

  • Technology
  • Health and Wellness
  • Beauty
  • Travel


What Is ByDzyne - TUW Smartwatch

What Is ByDzyne - TUW Smartwatch

Their product for this niche is the TUW Smartwatch, which costs $400 to sell. It’s basically the same price as a Samsung Watch and the Apple Watch.


They have a beauty product called Xceler8, and is a package of sorts that contains lotions and moisturizers.


ByDzyne markets a wide range of CBD products, including:

  • Allur CBD Tincture – ‘a full spectrum hemp extract oil formulated for daily oral use’, retails at $171.43 for a 30 ml bottle
  • Allur Relief Balm – “a full spectrum hemp extract salve specially formulated for external topical use”, retails at $185.71 for a 1 oz tub

Does The Product Work?

When I saw ByDzyne’s product catalogs, particularly their smartwatch, it gave me the Alibaba feels.

So, naturally, it would be difficult to trace the actual model but all I had to do was look up models that had the same chipset as ByDzyne’s.

Two models showed up, namely the LEMFO LT03 and Rundoing 08. The LEMFO LT03 on some sites cost like $180. That’s about two times the price of ByDzyne’s smartwatch.

What Is ByDzyne - TUW Smartwatch Closer Look

What Is ByDzyne - TUW Smartwatch Closer Look

Now, granted this may not be the actual model, but we’re pretty sure that they might be manufactured by the same company.

What Is ByDzyne - LEMFO LT03

What Is ByDzyne - LEMFO LT03

Personally, I would rather go for the branded ones like Samsung and Apple, because they’re priced as much as ByDzyne’s and they’re more reliable.

On to the topic of their health and wellness products, and their beauty products, they’re also on the high-end market.

Their Xceler8 brand was made by a company called Prodigy Skincare, but unfortunately we couldn’t find any info about this company.

Their CBD products are on the expensive side. Their 30ML bottle costs $171.43 while Amazon lists other brands for 85$ at the starting price.

How To Make Money with ByDzyne?

ByDzyne offers two ways to make money:

  • Retail income from selling their products
  • Residual income from building a team and selling as a team

How To Get Started with ByDzyne?

You can join ByDzyne by paying their mandatory membership of $39.95/year if you’re in the USA, and $19.95 if you’re outside the country.

From there you have the option of choosing various starter packs:

  • $300 for the Basic Kit
  • $1200 for the Advance Kit
  • $1600 for the Promo Kit
  • $2500 for the Premium Kit
  • $5000 for the Founders Kit

ByDzyne Compensation Plan

Their compensation plan is just like any other MLM’s plan. It’s filled with jargon and graphs that don’t really help explain the opportunity.

Affiliate Ranks

There are 16 different ranks to go from in ByDzyne. You’ll get these ranks when you hit certain goals, such as meeting sales goals and building a team.

You’ll then be required to maintain monthly sales volume as you move up in higher ranks.

Retail Commissions

You earn a commission by selling their products. But in reality, it’s just the profit you get from selling at retail while buying wholesale. Usually the margin’s at about 15 to 25%.

Recruitment Commissions

You get a commission when someone you recruit sells as part your team and buys one of the kits. You get a 20% commission when you’re on the third rank, and 25% as you go higher.

Residual Commissions

You get some form of passive income when your members meet goals. These are also coming from various bonuses such as Matching Bonuses, Pool Bonuses, and more.

ByDzyne Ugly Truths Revealed!

#1 Products Are Expensive

All right, their products are very expensive and that’s going to be difficult to market. There’s just no way that I could sell their watch when Samsung or Apple come in at the same price.

The same thing can be said for their health and wellness products.

If it’s this difficult to sell the products, imagine how difficult it would be to make a profit.

#2 Sketchy Leadership

The leaders of this company don’t exactly have a clean track record. At one point, they’ve been involved in suspicious schemes. The founders were involved with World Global Network and Wealth Generators, both of which were penalized for being a pyramid scheme and other violations.

#3 No Income Disclosure Statement

They may boast about how good their compensation is, but that doesn’t mean anything if there are no documents to prove it.

With my first point, I don’t think any of their members are making any decent money at all because of the expensive products that hardly sell.

What I Like About ByDzyne?

There’s nothing to like about ByDzyne. It’s just one generic MLM company at the end of the day.

Is ByDzyne a Scam?

We’re convinced that the company’s legitimate, but ByDzyne is not a program that could ever give you any income, fulltime or otherwise.

  • The income potential is low due to the fact that the products are expensive. Having products that are difficult to move means that it’s not easy to generate sales. Not being able to generate sales means you’re not getting promoted.
  • Their leadership is sketchy to say the least due to the fact that they’ve been involved with suspicious MLM schemes before ByDzyne.

I wouldn’t recommend this program to anyone.

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