Solo Build It Review: How does it compare to Wealthy Affiliate?

Solo Build It Review: How does it compare to Wealthy Affiliate?

Solo Build It claims themselves to be the ONLY all-in-one platform for solopreneurs to build their profitable online business.

This is a pretty bold statement given that there are so many awesome platforms, services and communities online.

So, in this Solo Build It review, I'm going to show you whether SBI is really the ONLY all-in-one platform or it's just a scam.


Let's be honest, if you've tried doing some research for SBI, it's hard to make a decision, isn't it?

I can categorize all the SBI reviews online into 3 categories:

  1. People who have achieved success with SBI and highly recommend it
  2. People who struggled with SBI and hate it
  3. Affiliates trying to promote SBI & make money

So basically, the attitude towards SBI is pretty distinct. People either love it, hate it or just want to make money by promoting it.

For me, I'm just trying to give it an unbiased review and help you make the best decision for yourself by laying out all the facts for you...

You don't have to trust or believe my words. Just go through the review and listen to your own heart πŸ™‚

Solo Build It Review Summary

Product Name: Solo Build It (used to be "Site Build It")

Founder: Founded by Ken Evoy in 1997

Product Type: Online Marketing Training Platform

Price: $29.99/month or $299/year

Best For: Anyone interested to build their own website & make money online

solo build it review

Summary: Solo Build It is a comprehensive platform to help people build their own online business and make a passive income from it. They have pretty good tools and training but the platform itself can be very restricting. I'll explain why in this review.

Rating: 75/100

Recommended: Legit but not my top recommedation


What is Solo Build It (SBI)?

Solo Build It is a membership platform that provides you with tools, training and support to build your own online business from scratch.

They call themselves the All-in-one platform because you don't need to look for your own third-party website hosting, website builder, keyword research tool by yourself.

They provide you with everything you need to start running your own profitable online business.

solo build it facts

SBI Quick Facts

Site Build It vs Solo Build It?

Solo Build It used to be called Site Build It in 2001 but they changed their brand name to Solo Build It in 2017.

You should be concerned by this because companies won't just change their brand name for no reason.

Apparently, there are 2 possible reasons for this...

Firstly, SBI claims that they are not just a normal "website builder". Instead, they are a "business builder" or even a "solopreneur incubator". This could be the reason that they change their name from "Site" Build It to "Solo" Build It.

However, there's another saying that because Site Build It was not living up to the expectations and had a number of negative reviews online, they want to revive the reputation of the company.

So Ken, its founder, decided to rebrand the company and called it Solo Build It. This allows them to retain the well-known moniker of "SBI" while allowing a host of new reviews to be found on Google.

I don't know the real reason but I suspect both of these are the reasons behind their name change.

While this doesn't show anything about the legitimacy of this company, it's just something you might want to take note of.

How Does SBI Work?

SBI teaches people a process called C-T-P-M which stands for:

  • Content: Your website, blog, post, etc.
  • Traffic: Different ways to increase visitors to your website
  • Pre-sell: Develop trust and relationship between you and your potential customer
  • Monetize: Convert visitors into buyers and make money

To be honest, this process is pretty vague, right? Do you understand how to make money using SBI by looking at this process? Probably not, especially for beginners.

Let me break it down for you by using the process developed by My #1 Recommended Platform (Wealthy Affiliate):

the process of making money online with wealthy affiliate

I use this framework because SBI works in a very similar way like Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. Choose an interest of yours to decide on the niche market you want to go into
  2. Build a website on the niche market
  3. Create contents, rank them on Google and Drive traffic to your website
  4. Recommend relevant affiliate products to your visitors and turn them into buyers

So basically, SBI and WA has a very similar concept. They teach people to build websites, create contents, drive traffic, and make money from their websites.

That's the way to make money if you want to join SBI. I'll explain why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate rather than Solo Build It in a moment.

Let's first take a look at what training, tools and support are provided by SBI...

4 figure monthly passive income
Jerry Huang, Founder of Smart Affiliate Success

I'm Jerry!

I Created My Own 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income at just 21 Years Old!​

SBI Training, Tools & Support


Solo Build It's main training is called the "Action Guide". With this Action Guide, you're provided with a 10-Day course.

This 10-Day course will guide you from scratch to the point where you can monetize your website.

You won't start to make money in this 10 days. It's impossible. What I mean is that they'll provide you with the necessary instructions and guidance to help you get to the point of making money from your website

However, do not expect yourself to be making money within a short period of time. You'll not see any results in the first few months for sure.

sbi action guide

Now, let's take a look at the breakdown of their 10-Day course:

  • Day 1: Master the All-important Basics
  • Day 2: Develop your best site concept
  • Day 3: Brainstorm more profitable page topics
  • Day 4: Investigate and plan monetization options
  • Day 5: Refine your site concept and register your domain name
  • Day 6: Build a site that gets the click
  • Day 7: Build free traffic from a variety of sources
  • Day 8: Develop relationships
  • Day 9: Know your visitors
  • Day 10: Monetize

I won't go into details for the course because they have a lot to teach. Go to their Action Guide sales page to learn more.


Since SBI runs on a complete different platform from WordPress, they don't have the advantage of millions if WP's plugins (mini tools for your website).

So they have to build their own. That's why they have literally tons of tools within their platform.

Let me just list down a few for you:

  • Brainstorm It! (Keyword/Niche Research Tool)
  • SiteDesigner (Website Templates)
  • SiteBuilder (Drag and drop page builder)
  • BusinessCenter
  • TrafficCenter
  • PageManager
  • InfoCenter
  • DownloadCenter

Within each center, they have even more tools for different purposes, such as social media tools, autoresponder, auto blogging function, etc...

All in all, they just have a ton of relevant tools to help you build your business. This is pretty awesome given that they only charge you $29.99/month.

solo build it tools

Guess what?! These are all tools available at SBI

However, the downside is that it's a bit too complicated and overwhelming for beginners. Even for more experienced marketers like myself, I find it a bit overwhelming too.


Solo Build It offers a 24/7 support which is a pretty good service. You can get help very fast if you need it.

They also have a SBI forum where you can ask and answer questions. But it's not active as it used to be.

Pros & Cons

The Good

1. 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Solo Build It offers a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee which is pretty good.

But the disadvantage of this is that you still have to pay for it first. Whether you are able to get your refund is another story.

On the other hand, you can test-drive Wealthy Affiliate for FREE without any credit card information!

2. Awesome Training

SBI's Action Guide is very detailed and step-by-step. They'll cover most of the things you need to know in the 10-day guide.

It's not just beginner-friendly, it's also easy-to-consume because they offer the guide in three formats - written, video and mobile!

3. Long History

solo build it birthday

2017 was the 20th Birthday for SBI. (Image taken from SBI Blog)

Solo Build It started off as a series of book in 1997 (the year I was born, lol).

It then turn into a SiteBuilder called Site Built It in 2001 and then renamed in 2017 to become Solo Build It, the Solopreneur incubator (that's how they describe themselves now).

The point I want to make here is that SBI has come a long way and they couldn't have survived for more than 2 decades if they're not providing much value.

This definitely shows that SBI is a legit platform with resources that can really help people build a profitable online business.

Click here, if you want to learn more about SBI's history.

4. Affordable Price

Honestly speaking, the price of SBI is pretty awesome, given that they provide you with so many tools for your business.

With $29.99/month or $299/year, you can get everything you need to start your own online business. Pretty awesome deal!

Apart from the affordable price, they offer a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee like I just mentioned. 

There are a lot of programs out there charging a few hundred bucks but they don't provide as much value as SBI.

So I would highly recommend SBI in terms of price.

The Bad

1. Bad Navigation

SBI has a poor navigation on their platform. I couldn't find anywhere to login to their platform. The only way for me to login is by clicking on the link they sent me when I signed up.

That's not really user-friendly. And their platform may be too overwhelming for beginners because of the poor navigation and the long-winded contents.

2. Inactive Community

SBI community is in the form of a private Forum. But this forum is just a regular forum for you to ask and answer questions. There isn't really any unique features for their forum.

Over the years, the activity within the forum has dropped. Some members have complained about their questions not being answered.

To be honest, managing a forum and keep it active is not easy.

That's why I'm really grateful for Kyle & Carson, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate. They managed to create a truly 'pay-it-forward' community (more than just a forum) which is really active and engaging 24/7.

I'm not kidding on this. Join WA here and check it out yourself πŸ™‚

By the way, SBI is still using extremely old testimonials in their promotional video:

sbi testimonial

Judging from the video quality and the bulky computer in the back-end, this looks like a pretty old testimonial. But they're still using this in today's promotional video.

Also, if you go and take a look at the website by this guy HamRadioSecrets, you can see that websites built using SBI are really archaic and non-professional at all. They are the old school kind of website.

This leads me to the next point...

3. Outdated Old School Websites

Just take a look at some of the websites build by SBI members:

To be honest, these sites are not really visually appealing. Just compare them with my website.

Since SBI has a long history, these websites are built based on the old designs and templates. If you look at modern websites, they won't look anything like these.

These outdated website design will not get a lot of attention as people's attention span online is just a couple of seconds.

If they can't catch visitors attention within 3 to 5 seconds, people will just leave the website and never come back.

I'm sure you want to build more professional and visually-stunning websites than these.

4. Content Lock-in Issue

Since Solo Build It websites run on its own SiteDesigner and BlockBuilder software which is totally different from WordPress (unless you purchase SBI! for WP), it's very hard for you to move your website to a third-party hosting if you want to.

In addition, SPI offers a lot of tools which you need to heavily rely on. This creates the "lock-in" issue, meaning that you're bound to using SBI products for life for the websites hosted at SBI.

5. Only Focus on Organic Traffic

SBI claims that they don't need to purchase Google Ads or any form of Ads because they can help you drive FREE targeted traffic, which means they are solely focusing on organic traffic from Google or other search engines.

From my experience, organic traffic is a long term strategy which can continuously drive targeted traffic to your website.

However, the downside is that it takes a long time to build. The average is that you need to consistently create content for at least 6 months before you can see a jump in your traffic and thus sales.

By consistently, I mean you need to blog at least 3 to 4 post per week. That's minimum. If not, you'll just take even longer time to see results.

The problem is that most people give up within the first 3 months because they couldn't see any results with organic traffic.

That's just the harsh truth. For most people, you're not going to make any money within the first 3 months but you'll spending hours everyday to work on your business.

I agree that Wealthy Affiliate also focuses on organic traffic. But they do include training on using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to drive traffic. There are also many training created by fellow members on different paid traffic generation methods.

Is Solo Build It a Scam?

Solo Build It is not a scam. In fact, it is a pretty very comprehensive platform to help beginners start their own profitable online business.

However, I don't like the fact that they are not using WordPress as the primary method to build websites because WP is the largest and most popular Content Management System in the world. They are the biggest for a reason.

I also don't think you want to be locked-in to the system which means you're unable to transfer your website to other hosting when you need it.

So, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate over Solo Build It. WA not only uses WordPress, you are offered with 2 FREE websites and you can host up to 25 websites on your own domain.

How I Make a Living Online...

I'm not saying you can't make money with SBI. I'm just saying that here's my result with Wealthy Affiliate...

I've personally created a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Stream and become financially independent at just 21 years old without any College degree or working experience!

Through my own hard work, I went from a broke restaurant waiter to living my dream laptop lifestyle in less than a year's time...

If you want to discover the secrets of how I did it at such a young age, click here!

Jerry Huang

Jerry is a young aspiring Internet Entrepreneur who started his online business at the age of 18. He is currently a Full-time Affiliate Marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, a community to help anyone start their own online business without prior experience. He actually achieved Financial Independence at the young age of 21. Read more about his story here!

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Rod Dagan - October 15, 2019

Hi, its been a year since the last comment.
First congratulations on your WA success but I feel your SBI review is biased and unresearched.
I have used both systems as a full member and without a doubt SBI is far superior to WA especially for beginners.

Kenneth Keicher - November 26, 2018

The Wealthy Affiliate website is not available.

    Jerry Huang - November 26, 2018

    What do you mean by it’s not available?

Luis Antonio - October 7, 2018

You have responded fast to comments, except for Margit’s comment: June 19, 2018. Four months w/o you responding.

That seems the only comment questioning your review with measurable facts.

Does your silence means that her facts are real facts?

    Jerry Huang - October 9, 2018

    She does have her points. I might give the wrong example to illustrate my point. So I just put it on hold and forgot about it.

    But anyway, I’m not saying you can’t make money with SBI or SBI is a scam.

    There are success stories in both programs. So, if you really want to succeed and get some results, you wouldn’t procrastinate for 3 years and are still undecided.

    If you’ve chosen one 3 years back and give all in for months and even years consistently, I can guarantee you that you would already have at least one strong source of full-time passive income, no matter which program you follow.

    Attaining success is never about keep on finding the best program. It’s all about yourself, your inner self. If you’re not ready, you’ll never make it no matter how good the opportunity is.

      Luis Antoni - October 9, 2018

      I have been working on my own. I am hosted with HostGAtor, have TrafficWave autoresponder and buy domains from GoDaddy.

      I have lost three times 5 years of work each one from all-in-one programs. Have been hacked, etc.

      That’s why I have spent 3 years looking at SBI and WA.

      But the lately security issues online is overwhelming for me. GDPR, SSL Certificates, FTC, Malware, DDos attacks, etc.

      That’s why I am now trying to decide which of the two programs has the most features, specially, security.

      I want to spend my time developing my business and not the time consuming security issues and tecnology. I am not a technie.

      At present, I have been testing SBI for WP. But basically, what this program offers is knowledge, the rest is on us.

      And another thing, WA’s promotion of two free websites, commissions for promoting WA for free members is hype.

      I have earned commissions from WA affiliate promoting, but I was told that I won’t be paid those earned commissions if I don’t upgrade to premium. After three years I have earned $86. I did have to spend $49 to get that money.

      And, my two websites have been inactivited because I didn’t upgrade to premium.

      And, I have never seen any “Google” search results from a siterubix website. Thus, their only service is for practice.

      And the same for the 25 siterubix websites at the premium level.

      SBI has an autoresponde, WA does not. And an AR is the life of any online business.

      WA has 25 websites, SBI has only one. Multiple streams of income need several websites.

      Each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

      Your review has been one of the most honest I have read on the issue between SBI and WA.

      Thank you very much for your response.

      Luis Antonio

        Derek - November 5, 2018

        “And, I have never seen any β€œGoogle” search results from a siterubix website. Thus, their only service is for practice.”

        These days it is not that often you will see a “Site.Wordpress .Com” In the search results, or “Site.Bogger .com”

        My apologies, but I do think your marketing skills are to be questioned and heavily questioned regardless of what you are promoting. $86 in 3 years.

        I have sites in a few different niches that I have done nothing on zero, zip, nade for years and they are earning double that…monthly and completely passively!.

        Only a poor workman blames his tools! Perhaps if you had gone through premium training you would learn more, how to do affiliate marketing properly and earn way more than $86 in 3 years!.

Luis Antonio - October 7, 2018

I have been a free member of WA for over 3 yrs and of SBI, receiving their emails.

Still undecided.

My major concern is website security. It is very expensive and time consuming.

    Jerry Huang - October 9, 2018

    What kind of website security are you referring to?

    Anyway, WA offers FREE SSL Certificate so WA websites are definitely safe and secure.

      Luis Antonio - October 9, 2018

      FTC and
      HTTPS compliance
      Website security paradox
      Financial loss
      Damage to reputation
      Forensic analysis of compromised websites
      Outdated platforms
      DDos Attacks
      Brutal Force Attacks
      Criminal Backdoors installs
      SEO spam
      Malware signatures
      Getting blacklisted
      Getting off the blacklist
      catastrophic attack
      Several others…

Philip - September 12, 2018

Hi Jerry,

I was looking into SBI, I never heard of it before. I came across your review. I heard that they are getting bad reviews unfairly. I read yours and actually I feel strongly you gave a fair review so good job on that Jerry.

I have looked into other platforms before like SFI – Now SFI is hard to absorb and navigate and actually I am still a little lost on what I got to do to make money. I know I got to refer people there but its not user friendly like Wealthy Affiliate. So yes, I am a WA member.

As for your recommendation of WA, all I can say is, I am STUNNED! At some of the success I am experiencing within this platform. I don’t feel I have rocketed in success but over time it has built up many many thousands of free traffic and that is all down to the training and very much down to the instant help I get – pretty fast most of the time – at the WA Live Chat.

I feel that both these platforms are good and legit and I am glad you, as a WA member, gave SBI – Solo Build It – a Fair Shake.

Appreciating your work Jerry and see you around WA some time!


    Jerry Huang - September 12, 2018

    Hey Philip,

    Thanks a lot! I’m glad you like my SBI review and agree to my points. Also, I’m happy for you that you’re enjoying the training and support Wealthy Affiliate offers!

    Anyway, what’s SFI?

      Philip - September 12, 2018

      Hey Jerry,

      Absolutely, the training has been vital and my experience, with consistent work, is always yielding resutlts – for that I am only grateful.

      So SFI is a platform that has another of gateways to promote. Those gateways can be Trippleclicks, Auctions, Games, and stuff like that once people upgrade you earn.

      When you have many in m your downline earning and all that then you are earning to. Seems to be MLM in nature but its got huge potential. I have not participated that much on the platform simply for time restrictions.

      So I like the many and varied ways to earn with them and they got good resources to promote with.

      What I don’t like about them is the training is nearly all reading. That is a lot of reading some videos but would good.

      I could not upload my own image. I contacted support but not resolved as yet – that is on going many months now.

      Some of their affiliate promotional links are HTTP – I think one of those images broke my green padlock on my site and took me ages to fix it. If I recall right, but, that is something that has happened with other sites promotional banner links and so it something we got to watch out for in general.

      They don’t offer to you to make a website but if you got a site then you got plenty of space to do reviews on their earning aspects and promotions.

      I found their platform a little hard to navigate but really they truly have packed it out with excellent resources to help all earnonline.

      Should you fail not to earn so many points in the one month to replace their reasonable monthyly fee, and you earn, that earning is sent to your upline – you get nothing, if I am not mistaken.

      NOW, with WA if you are free member you get some money for making referrals. Not to get any credit, premium or not, is bad form and it just disappointed me a little is all.

      THEY are a trusted platform and been online same time as WA or even longer, actually from memory, they been online since around 1998/1997 – no – 1998! I remember now.

      Thanks again Jerry and keep up the amazing work!


Tony - August 6, 2018


Margit’s response hit the nail on the head. In addition, your link, Wealthy Affiliate review bashing WA, just gave SoloBuildIt! proof that WA is no comparison to its web business program. They provide evidence that WA has the worst traffic stats, using independent sources-SenRush, Alexa, SimilarWeb. That’s not bashing at all.

From what I’ve gathered, SoloBuildIt! is building businesses on the web, while WA is building websites: Look and Feel emphasis.

What WA should do now is provide the stats to show that it has outdone SBI! in any other category, other than traffic stats.

Because the jury is out there on WA right now.

Jerry, I think you’ve awaken a sleeping giant…an worst, you’re unaware.

Tomas - July 14, 2018


Wealthy Affiliate is a good platform. I cannot say anything about Solo Build It. I think it has to be tested before making any solid claims and reviews. However, I am interested in their organic traffic claims if they are true or not.

Another thing, I have recently found and experienced WordPress problems with https layer. After inserting some codes in your website there are https security issues in the browsers. However, there is no issue in Blogger, for instance, with the same code.

Andrew Bromley - February 26, 2018

That is a very detailed insight to Solo Build It. I have seen some of the reviews that this company have put out about itself but there are some areas that seem rather exaggerated without some solid proof. I have never thought about joining this company because there are no reviews that have really interested me in its favor. I am with Wealthy Affiliate where I know that I am getting value training with good credibility.

    Jerry Huang - February 27, 2018

    Hi Andrew,
    Glad that you find Wealthy Affiliate helpful!

    I think Solo Build It are very concerned about negative reviews against them. Even the founder of Solo Build It had written a review on Wealthy Affiliate claiming how good they are compare to WA.

    Personally, I think it’s fine if the review came from their members. But that review against WA actually came from the founder of SBI, which I think it’s a pretty stupid and childish move.

    People may think I’m biased. But think about it this way, why not the founder spend the time to improve on their own platform instead of spending time writing reviews criticizing WA? I can confidently say that the founders of Wealthy Affiliate never have time for that because they always focus on making WA a better platform every single day. That’s for sure πŸ™‚

    This is the review I’m talking about if you’re interested:

Norman Richards - February 25, 2018

Jerry, thanks for your honest take on this platform. It seems to work even though there is another side that makes this platform somewhat unappealing. I guess it is still up to individuals to decide if this is the program for them. The good part, however, is the great insight that you have given so before people take the dive they will know what they are up against.

    Jerry Huang - February 25, 2018

    Hi Norman, that’s right! I’m here helping people to make informed decisions for themselves πŸ™‚

Merry - February 25, 2018

Thanks for the honest review Jerry. I looked at SBI some time ago and found it to be very confusing and just a tad pompous! I was so happy I did not stay but instead like you found Wealthy Affiliate. One of the most honest upfront places I have ever come across. And you are so clever for such a young man, anyone joining forces with you will be in the best of positions ( even tho’ we do not build teams as others do) we still stay in touch in the community. Thanks again Jerry. Totally honest review.

    Jerry Huang - February 25, 2018

    Hi Merry,
    Thanks for your kind words. You raised a good point. What we do at Wealthy Affiliate is nothing like developing a team of uplines and downlines in MLM. Instead, we are all “family members” within the same community and we care for one another.
    SBI’s forum is just not as active and engaging as WA for sure.

    Anyway, thanks for your comment πŸ™‚

Nate Kidd - February 25, 2018

I like your comparison between SBI and Wealthy Affiliate. It looks like SBI offers a lot for the price but one of the show stoppers for me is the forum is not active and also they do not use the WordPress platform.

Those two things are very important to me when deciding on a system like this. Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand offers those things and so much more. If I had to choose I definitely would go with Wealthy Affiliate.

It seems like SBI is a little behind with some of its features and concepts. Thanks for sharing.

    Jerry Huang - February 25, 2018

    Hey Nate,
    You got my point! That’s a pretty good conclusion for these two platforms πŸ™‚

Claudette - February 25, 2018

Jerry, I think this is a great review of SBI, particularly the comparison of SBI and Wealthy Affiliate. Your review gives me enough information to settle on which product is superior. I also appreciate your point about SBI changing it’s name. Boy, I am glad I stumbled across this review. Thanks for sharing.

    Jerry Huang - February 25, 2018

    Hey Claudette,
    I’m really glad that you find my review helpful. Thanks for dropping by!

Fabian - February 25, 2018

Hey Jerry,
that’s an awesome review! I saw Solo Build It the other day and wasn’t really sure what it is about and how it is compared to Wealthy Affiliate. But thanks to your review there is no question unanswered πŸ™‚
I totally agree with you that if you only use SEO as a traffic source many people will quit before they see any results. It’s really great that programs like Wealthy Affiliate include PPC in their training!
Again, thanks for your awesome review and keep up your great work!
Best regards,

    Jerry Huang - February 25, 2018

    Hey Fabian,
    Thanks for your comment!
    Glad this review helps you clear things up between WA and SBI because they actually provide similar training and resources. So a lot of people don’t know which one to pick.

    Another thing about WA is that they always keep their training updated. But unfortunately SBI doesn’t live up to that. So the winner is clear.

Todd - February 25, 2018

Great Comparison Jerry,

I have looked at SBI and had not gone any further with it. So you just helped me out. I concur with you on the choice between the 2. Wealthy Affiliate has updated training and tools. The latest update was just this last week.

You have explained the difference very well. This is valuable information since there are many scams online today. It is nice to know SBI is not a scam.

Anyways, I appreciate the detail and honest breakdown of both. Thank you for the information.

Take Care

    Jerry Huang - February 25, 2018

    Hi Todd,
    One of the best things I like about Wealthy Affiliate is that they are constantly updating and innovating. So their training and resources will never be outdated.

    Appreciate your comment!

Minhaj - February 25, 2018

Hi Jerry

Solo Build It is a good platform, however I do think it is a bit out of date. Even though their forums are quite decent if you read through them, they have a lot of issues.

And most of the success stories they have (and they do have a few) is way before Google started getting tough with gaming SEO and low-quality content.

As you say, if you look at the websites they promote as their success stories, they were built when ranking sites was a breeze.

I always thought of doing a Solo Build it review, but the owner seems to turn up to any review that doesn’t give it 100% and write a 1000 word comment. Got no time for that.

All the best

    Jerry Huang - February 25, 2018

    Hi Minhaj,
    Thanks for your comment!

    In fact, they claim that a lot of their websites are among the top 0.5% of the search results. But I’m sure that’s before Google became tough and start penalizing contents.

    And I totally agree with you that the founder of SBI keeps turning up to defend his own company, which I don’t think is a smart move. I’ve seen him attacking people who write negative review about SBI and then creating a lot of arguments. LOL. He even wrote a Wealthy Affiliate review bashing WA. What a childish move…

      Margit - June 19, 2018

      Hi Jerry,

      I wanted to clarify one statement you made in your reply to Minhaj. You said that Ken Evoy wrote a “Wealthy Affiliate review bashing WA.”

      However, the article you linked to isn’t bashing Wealthy Affiliate. Instead, it’s a head-to-head study comparing sites built with SBI! against sites built with Wealthy Affiliate. Their respective traffic levels are measured with three independent, publicly available tools (Alexa, SEMRush and SimilarWeb).

      That means that anyone who wants to, can repeat the study.

      In a nutshell, these are the results:

      1) Websites built with SBI! are 33 times (33X) more likely to achieve “Outstanding – Excellent” levels of traffic than Wealthy Affiliate sites.

      2) SBI! sites are 10 times (10X) more likely to achieve “Medium” levels of traffic than Wealthy Affiliate sites.

      3) 87% of Wealthy Affiliate sites are “Invisible.” This is the only category where Wealthy Affiliate “beats” SBI! (i.e., in the worst level of failure – “Invisible” – they get no detectable traffic).

      Cheekily, I am going to steal one of your own lines, Jerry:

      “You don’t have to trust or believe my words. Just go through the study and listen to the data.”


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