Social Sale Rep Review: An Inside Look At This Social Media Scheme

Social Sale Rep Review: An Inside Look At This Social Media Scheme

Welcome to my Social Sale Rep review!

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of social media marketing and affiliate marketing programs out there.

But have you ever heard of paying for a job to get into social media?

Well, there's a program that works like that and it's called Social Sale Rep.

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with Social Sale Rep in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal what this affiliate marketing / social media training course has to offer and what sets it apart from the others of legitimate programs on the Internet. 

Check out my unbiased and completely honest Social Sale Rep review...

Social Sale Rep Review Summary

Product Name:  Social Sale Rep

Founder:  No Information Available

Product Type:  Affiliate Marketing Course 

Price:  $27 to sign-up

Best For:  People who want to know more about social media and affiliate marketing in one course, and want to earn some income from it.

Social Sale Rep Review

Summary:  Social Sale Rep is a legitimate affiliate marketing course that's affordable to get started with. It doesn't boast of unrealistic income and hype about its products, but there are certain issues that make me question if they're even worth the time or not. First, they have a misleading sales page that looks like a job posting (I'll show you in this article). Second, they use fake reviews (which I'll also expose in this article). Lastly, they don't have enough information about their company. 

Rating:  20/100

Recommended: No


What Is Social Sale Rep?

Social Sale Rep is a social media platform that helps you market different types of products.

Think of it as an intermediary between the product creators and remote workers (that would be YOU).

Main Site

When you sign up with Social Sale Rep, you will be given training to help promote any product you want to earn money from.

Inside Social Sale Rep

The Social Sale Rep program is, in essence, an affiliate marketing training course with a major focus on the use of social media platforms as their main promotion methods as opposed to using blogs or an emailing list.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is where you promote companies and its products online and you earn income based on the commissions from the sales you generate.

Social Sale Rep has their own in-house affiliate network where you can choose to market their own products, or you can choose products from ClickBank or JVZoo.

And this is how Social Sale Rep works:

  1. You sign up to Social Sale Rep as a remote worker (yes, you’re paying money to get a job from them) and you get access to their training on how to do social media management and promotions.
  2. You browse their marketplace to look for products you want to promote and get the rebranded promotional e-book.
  3. You then promote the e-book on social media and hope that people download it
  4. This e-book actually contains all of the affiliate links for the product you’re promoting
  5. Once a product gets sold, you get paid.

Once you’re inside the member’s area, you’ll have access to the training program.

Training Area

And that’s it. You train, get links, and then start selling. 

How To Get Started With Social Sale Rep?

Social Sale Rep costs you $27 to sign up and that’s it.

There are no upsells inside the platform (which is great) and there’s a 60-day money back guarantee.

About The Real Value

Social Sale Rep will ask you for an account on either ClickBank or JVzoo, and it will provide you with some resources and your affiliate links.

Now there’s no REAL VALUE to this process because you can easily go these two sites, choose a product, and check if there are e-books in the resources (vendor) page.

Then you get your affiliate links and add them to the e-book. The vendor will show you how to do it as well.

I don’t see why anyone has to pay for something that you can do on your own.

Jerry Huang, Founder of Smart Affiliate Success

I'm Jerry!

I Created My Own 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income at just 21 Years Old!

4 figure monthly passive income

Who's Social Sale Rep For?

Social Sale Rep is for anyone who wants to earn some money using social media sites, or for anyone who wants to know more about how affiliate marketing works.

Now, I have to be honest right here. There are far better training courses than Social Sale Rep if you want to know more about social media or affiliate marketing.

Oh, at the top of my head you have Wealthy Affiliate, ClickBank University 2.0, and Affiliate Marketing Mastery just to name a few.

Social Sale Rep Ugly Truths Revealed

#1 - Their Sales Page Is Very Misleading!

When you click on the link on their webpage, you see a page that looks like a job posting. It even has an “Apply Now” button.

Misleading Sales Page

When you click that, you’ll need to enter your first name and email, and you’ll be taken to the “application” process where you’ll answer a few questions about what social media platforms you’re currently on and how many hours a week you’re willing to work.

Once that’s done, you’ll be taken to their sign-up page where you’re asked to pay $27 for the privilege of accepting the job.

Now, this is where this bothers me. Social Sale Rep is a ClickBank product, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

 ClickBank sells products, not job openings. So, in essence, you’re not paying for the job, you’re paying for the product.

This is just downright dishonest and I have to point that one out.  

#2 - Their Review Sites Are Ridiculous!

As I was searching for this program’s success stories and reviews, I came across some ridiculous review sites about Social Sale Rep.

False Reviews

Or how about this one?

False Reviews

Now, why do these reviews bother me?  

First, these reviews look like they were copied from another product’s reviews and then placed in an article spinning software.  Then, they gave it some high scores and ratings, and poof! Instant positive review.

Second, the reviews don’t even make sense themselves. Seriously…

“Asks you for no special use of brain”?

If they were expecting these reviews to paint a pretty picture of their brand, then they were dead wrong.

Oh, and you’ll find one of them on the FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE!

Google SERP

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#3 - There's Not Enough Information Available About Them

I am all for transparency, and it’s an important aspect of any product to be as transparent as they can be to their customers.

With Social Sale Rep, there’s not enough information about the company that’s available to the public. And when I say information, I am thinking about:

  • Compensation and income data
  • Founders and company history
  • Success stories and testimonials (not like the ones you see on my first point)

I don’t want to have to pay that $27 just to get an insider information about these pieces of information because these are great selling points.

They have an About Us page, but it only says HIGHLY-SKILLED TEAM that’s running their company.

About Us

Team of what or who exactly?

If I don’t know who I am working with, how am I supposed to trust them that they won’t shut down their program when I wake up the next morning?

#4 - No Member Support Or Community

Just because they provide a training program doesn’t mean they’re going to be there with you all throughout.

On the contrary, the moment you’re in their member’s area, you’re on your own. There’s no support, no forum or community for all members, nothing that will help you succeed with their program.

They don’t even give you a traffic strategy or philosophy to follow!

What I Like About Social Sale Rep?

#1 - There Are No Upsells

Unlike other programs and training courses (like Deadbeat Super Affiliate or Super Affiliate System), there are no upsells in this program.

So, there are no add-ons, no hidden charges, no scheme that’s going to take away more money from you.

But then again, you are paying for a job (and not a product), so there’s that.

Is Social Sale Rep A Scam?

Social Sale Rep is not a scam, and it doesn’t have unrealistic claims and hype about its products. However, I have issues that make me question both the legitimacy and the value that they provide to their customers.

First, they have a misleading sales page, which is a red flag for me. This is a completely dishonest way to market your sign-ups, and to make your job applicants pay to get into the company makes things even worse.

Second, there are fake reviews that I found online that’s way too obvious. If a company has been successful with their program, they should’ve used their own customers’ testimonials (to which there’s a complete lack of).

Lastly, there’s not enough public information available on their site or anywhere else for anyone to do a solid research about the company or its products and benefits.

If a company was really all about helping you earn money, they should’ve been able to market that completely by at least letting us know who’s running the company and who’ve been successful with their training courses.

Sadly, we don’t get that information anywhere else except for fake reviews.

What I do know is that there’s nothing of value that they can provide because there are far better affiliate marketing training courses and platforms out there.

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