Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate a Scam? Uncover The Shocking Truth!

Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate a Scam? Uncover The Shocking Truth!

Welcome to my Deadbeat Super Affiliate review!

If you ever found an online training course for affiliate marketing that costs less than $20, then you must've discovered Dan Brock's Deadbeat Super Affiliate. 

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with Deadbeat Super Affiliate in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal you what the affiliate marketing course provides you, as well as my insights if it's worth trying or not. 

Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate a scam? 

Find out down below...

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review Summary

Product Name:  Deadbeat Super Affiliate

Founder: Dan Brock

Product Type: Affiliate marketing training course

Price: $17 for product + OPTIONAL upsells ($23 for Deadbeat Traffic Blaster + $47 for The Deadbeat Millionaire + $97 Instant Affiliate Site Builder + $67 for monthly members' forum)

Best For:  People who want to build a solid foundation in affiliate marketing.

Deadbeat super Affiliate products

Summary:  Deadbeat Super Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training course created by Dan Brock. It contains 23 videos that's about 5 hours long in total and is structured around the basics of affiliate marketing. However, there are issues that make this course not worth the money. First, the earnings disclaimer contradicts its claims of making any real money (and I'll prove that down below). Second, it teaches old techniques that are no longer effective as they were before. Third, the products being sold are questionable in a sense that one of them was created by a known devious marketer. There are better training courses 

Rating:  25/100

Recommended: No


What is Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

Deadbeat Super Affiliate is Dan Brock’s latest version that teaches its customers about the basics of affiliate marketing through the promotion of their products on Amazon and other affiliate networks.  

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Members' Area

Similar to the old version back in 2010, this new and improved version shows you everything you need to know about affiliate networks and how to make them work for you, whether it’s through Clickbank, VigLink, or Market Health.

Inside Deadbeat Super Affiliate

Dan Brock claims that his system and methods will allow you to set up websites, add content, get high rankings in search engines, and be able to tap into the multi-billion-dollar commission pool that is Amazon affiliate commission.

And just like him, you’ll get to experience $10,000 or so in monthly income. However, that claim is far from being true, and I'll show you why within the next few paragraphs. 

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that makes Deadbeat Super Affiliate stand out from the rest of the affiliate marketing courses out there. While he does provide useful content, I wouldn’t say that they’re valuable either.

You’re better off with other marketing courses like Affiliate Marketing Mastery or Amazing Selling Machine if you’re interested in learning about how Amazon’s FBA program works.

How Does Deadbeat Super Affiliate Work?

Well, you’ll sign up, work through the training, and then start building your sites and traffic. The thing is, Deadbeat Super Affiliate takes a lot of work. In reality, any affiliate marketer has to put in a lot of work especially when they get started. If that doesn’t seem ideal, then this isn’t the field for you. So don’t really expect to sleep walk in to your $3000.

How To Get Started With Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

1. The Deadbeat Super Affiliate Program - $17

The one thing that’s really good about Deadbeat Super Affiliate is that it’s cheap to join. The program costs about $17 and will give you full access to the training programs.

Deadbeat super Affiliate products

This gives you access to 23 training videos or about 5 hours’ worth of educational content. Here’s the breakdown of what you can expect from the videos:

  1. Video #1: Register for an Affiliate Network
  2. Video #2: Choosing a Market
  3. Video #3: More Niche Research
  4. Video #4: The 60 Second Competition Check
  5. Video #5: Register your Hosting and Domain
  6. Video #6a: Installing WordPress for “Deadbeats
  7. Video #6b: Addon Domain Setup
  8. Video #7: Basic WordPress Optimization
  9. Video #8: Installing “The Deadbeat Theme
  10. Video #9: Adding an Article
  11. Video #10: Inserting Affiliate Links
  12. Video #11: “Stage 1” Link Building
  13. Video #12: Customizing “The Deatbeat Theme”
  14. Video #13: About Me
  15. Video #14: Adding More Articles
  16. Video #15: Advanced Link Building
  17. Video #16: Introduction to Video
  18. Video #17a: Creating a Video with VideoMakerFX
  19. Video #17b: Using a Voice Actor in your Videos
  20. Video #17c: Creating a Video of Yourself
  21. Video #18: Uploading you First Video
  22. Video #20: Buying YouTube Views
  23. Video #21: Distributing you Video to Other Networks
  24. Video #22: Mass Link Blasting for Non-YouTube Video Sites
  25. Video #23: Final Thoughts

These are all quality videos, which is expected of Dan Brock. It does give you a solid foundation on what Internet marketing and affiliate marketing are all about without having to go into a lot of its nuances.

But you don’t get to the training videos just yet. You’re still presented with two other products that Deadbeat Super Affiliate will try to upsell, and by upsell, I mean Brock will pressure you into purchasing these.

2. Deadbeat Traffic Blaster - $23

The Deadbeat Traffic Blaster is Dan Brock’s content blasting software that allows you to post your content on sites like Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, and other web 2.0 sites for instant free traffic.

And for someone who’s been in the industry for too long, I know that this tactic does not work.

Traffic Blaster Pro

This one was sold by Dan at around $197, which was marked down to $23. Now,

It’s also an article spinning software, which allows you to create thousands of unique contents from one piece of content.

It also posts your content on Facebook and Twitter without you having to lift a finger.

3. The Deadbeat Millionaire - $47

Whether you get the Traffic Blaster or not, you’re presented with the second upsell called The Deadbeat Millionaire.

Deadbeat Millionaire

This is probably Dan Brock’s “done-for-you” system that allows you instant access into profitable niches, keywords, and some quality content. Now, this system reminds me so much of subscribing to PLR content (which really doesn’t work).

4. Instant Affiliate Site Builder - $97

Somewhere along the site, you’re pushed this third product called Instant Affiliate Site Builder, which costs around $97.

This program contains 20 preset websites that claims to bring in a lot of traffic and articles as well.

But you’ll have to re-write (or spin) the articles to avoid duplicate content, and I don’t condone anything that has to do with churning content in mass quantity.

5. Deadbeat University - $67/month

This is probably the only subscription-based fee on their site. Deadbeat University is your personal and direct access to Dan Brock for personal training and access to the Deadbeat community as well.

Screenshot of their forum

Based on the screenshot, I can see that the community is very active or at least, there are a number of people subscribed to the system. However, paying for forum access is quite obscene and I would rather go to reputed digital marketing forums like Warrior Forum.

Jerry Huang, Founder of Smart Affiliate Success

I'm Jerry!

I Created My Own 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income at just 21 Years Old!

4 figure monthly passive income

Who's Deadbeat Super Affiliate For?

Regardless of whether his system is working or not, Dan Brock knows who to target for his products.

And in this case, Deadbeat Super Affiliate’s target audience is geared towards beginners.

The system will provide them with a foundation of learning the basics, from selecting quality niches to creating a website to content creation to social media marketers.

If you’re an experienced marketer already, then this probably won’t be for you. However, it’s a good system for beginners because it’s inexpensive.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Ugly Truths Revealed

#1 - The Earnings Disclaimer Contradicts Its Own Claims!

Throughout this videos and sales page, Dan Brock emphasizes how easy it s to make $10,000 a month, even if you hardly touch your computer for weeks. This is a great sales pitch if you’re a novice Internet marketer.

Take a look at his claim straight from his own sales page !

$10,000 Claim!

That's $5,000 a month that he "guarantees" in his video. 

However, his site provides a disclaimer at the bottom of his sales page that says otherwise. The disclaimer is long, but I just want to highlight this important section:

Earnings Disclaimer

Dan contradicts his claims with this single disclaimer, and anyone who’s been in the business for too long will tell you that affiliate marketing is just like any other business.

Then you have these other claims, and you'll find these in his videos on his YouTube channel that aren't posted on his site.

$20k claim!

It’s a lot of hard work and patience to see any results, and even then, there’s no guarantee that you’ll see results within the first few months.

If that was the case, almost everyone would be an affiliate marketer.

This kind of bothers me because it sets up wrong expectations and people will fail because of it.

And honestly, who here would ever want to read a disclaimer?

#2 - Recommended Programs Are Questionable

There are a list of products that Deadbeat Supper Affiliate will try to sell you, and three of them are not worth the time and I strongly discourage anyone from buying these three products:

  1. Google Sniper – A product from a scam artist named George Brown. He relaunched Sniper 3.0 with “updated information” and re-used videos from the original launch of his product back in 2000’s.
  2. AutoZON Store Builder – this product builds Amazon websites that will get you kicked out of the Amazon Affiliate Program since they copy content directly from the Amazon website. I don’t even know why he would recommend such an awful program.
  3. Trust Jacker – this is a WordPress plugin that claims that you can copy and paste your way into making money. I don’t want to get into a lot of details, but let’s just say that there’s a review coming up about this product from me.

#3 - It Teaches Old Techniques To New People

I get why Dan Brock shows you an old technique, maybe as a point of reference to the glory days of building links and affiliate marketing.

But when the system actually makes use of an old technique that doesn’t even work anymore, that’s another story.

Dan shows you in his system on how to create backlinks through sites like Digg and Delicious. I don’t know about you, but I think I hear the year 2000 calling and asking for their technique back.

Fiverr page

To make matters worse, Dan Brock even recommends that you use Fiverr to get gigs that focus around link building and social bookmarking.

#4- The Upsells Are Misleading

I am not a fan of upsells nor OTOs (One Time Offers) unless they provide some value to the program or product itself.

However, the upsells that Deadbeat Super Affiliate provides are awful in a way that because it’s for beginners, they won’t know what to actually purchase.

This also brings another issue into mind: transparency.

Now, if these upsells were ABSOLUTELY needed to make the entire product work, they should’ve included these in the initial sales price. 

So, instead of paying $17, they should’ve just packaged the system, the Traffic Blaster, Instant Affiliate Site Builder, and the Deadbeat Millionaire into one fee of $161.

Then they upsell their monthly subscription of $60 for the forum and community access.

What I Like About Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

#1 - The Course Materials Are Structured And Educational

I already mentioned that the videos are great in terms of quality, and Dan makes it even more valuable by providing their transcripts. The video presentation contains helpful images as well as other helpful reading material which can be used for later references.

I would also like to point out that Dan provides step-by-step instructions on what students need to do to build their business. This is really important because it allows students to build a legitimate and solid foundation on the various concepts of affiliate marketing.

If you also want to watch supplementary videos, you can check out Dan Brock’s YouTube Channel. He makes a lot of video content and posts frequently.

His YouTube Claims

Now, there are better training courses out there, but Deadbeat Super Affiliate is a good start nonetheless.

#2 - Great Member Support By Dan And The Community

This is probably one of the biggest factors that would make me want to recommend any program: its community support system.

Dan Brock includes a live member forum on his site (granted you have to pay for it, but still valuable if you ask me) and allows you to ask questions if you’re stuck on one of his videos.

Dan is also very active in the community forums and he’s always ready to answer questions.

Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate A Scam?

The course is definitely not a scam. You get what you paid for, and nothing more, nothing less. The topics provided are explained well enough to help you understand the various concepts.

However, I cannot recommend this program to anyone else, and for a good number of reasons.

First, Deadbeat Super Affiliate claims that you can generate passive income, but it contradicts itself with its disclaimer. Anyone who’s been in the industry for a long time will tell you that it takes time, but if you persist long enough, success will come. 

I just wish that Dan and his team didn’t use claims that hype up passive income, especially when their product is aimed at beginners who absolutely have little to no knowledge about the industry at all.

Second, the system teaches old techniques that are no longer as effective as they were before. The system would've been great if it actually referred to techniques that have been used in the last 5 years. 

Third, he recommends questionable programs that are known in the affiliate marketing industry to be devious in nature.

This just makes me believe that Brock is an affiliate of the products that he's selling and that he's using the site as a funnel.

Again, there are more superior products out there that can help you with content, link building, keyword research, and even setting up your own website.  

All in all, I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone, especially those who want to know more about Internet marketing and affiliate marketing. 

It maybe cheaper alternative than other legitimate courses out there, but its training philosophy leaves a lot to be desired.

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