Is Easy Cash Code A Scam? A 100% Commission Scheme REVEALED

Is Easy Cash Code A Scam? A 100% Commission Scheme REVEALED

Welcome to my Easy Cash Code review!

If you've read somewhere on the Internet or watched a video about a product that allows you to earn 100% commission, you probably came across Easy Cash Code. 

And we're not talking about the old Easy Cash Code that was released a few years ago, either. 

This is a new system. 

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with Easy Cash Code in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal the secret behind Easy Cash Code's 100% commission compensation plan, and if they are true to their word. 

Is Easy Cash Code a scam? 

Let's find out...

Easy Cash Code Review Summary​​​​​

Product Name:  Easy Cash Code

Founder: Acquired by Reginald Stinson under UOP Sponsorship. 

Product Type:  Lead generation / Internet marketing platform

Price:  $18 for the first product + Optional upsells of $67 for UOP SMS Pro plus $47 for its Reselling Rights + $97 for UOP All in One Tool Suite

Best For:  People who want to get started with Internet marketing and who want to know more about lead generation. 


Summary:  Easy Cash Code looks to be an Internet Marketing/Lead Generation platform that provides its customers with training and the opportunity to resell their products at 100% commission rate. This is a very impressive compensation plan. However, it's difficult to determine the legitimacy of their claims because of their use of fake reviews (which I'll unveil in this article with evidence).  The products are quite useful for Internet marketing or lead generation in general, but market saturation will make it difficult to sell these in the future. 

Rating: 40 /100

Recommended: No


What is Easy Cash Code?

The Easy Cash Code System was designed by Reginald Stinson, who’s also the founder of the Unit of Prosperity.

Take note, there was a previous Easy Cash Code program that was also being sold to marketers, and this was a completely different program from what it is now.

Stinson acquired the Easy Cash Code domain back in January of 2016, so if you’ve read reviews dated before 2016, then it was referring to the old domain. The previous system had nothing to do with Stinson’s Easy Cash Code System.

Inside Easy Cash Code

According to its FAQ, Easy Cash Code is a system that can generate income and serve as an educational hub where its user can learn e-commerce and Internet marketing.

After paying the subscription fee (I’ll get to that later in the article), the person pays out to the person who referred him or her to the system. They make the full commission upon referral. Whether it’s a friend or a landing page you clicked on, they earn what you paid for.

Perfect for

Buying the Easy Cash Code System gives you the license to sell its programs, so you can earn full commission when someone buys it through your landing page or your link.

If you purchase the upsells, you can also promote these and earn full commission as well.

How Does Easy Cash Code Work?

The most important term that you should take from this review about Easy Cash Code is this: Funded Proposal.

This is what makes Easy Cash Code the system that it is today.

What is Funded Proposal?

A funded proposal is a marketing strategy that’s primarily used for building up contact (email) list while earning small to medium sized commissions on the front end, while you promote other programs in the back end.

In the case of Easy Cash Code, you only need to pay out a small fee to get started. After someone pays this fee, they are immediately enrolled in the program and are given the license to promote and sell Easy Cash Code.

ECC Affiliate

All of this happens while you’re steadily building up your email list while making money in the back end.

So, you’re kind of hitting two birds with one stone here.

Easy Cash Code’s funded proposal strategy allows you to earn more money because the system also has additional income streams built into its funnel that will earn you up to $202 per person (as of this writing).

These are simply from people who join and buy all the products.

Jerry Huang, Founder of Smart Affiliate Success

I'm Jerry!

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4 figure monthly passive income

How To Get Started With Easy Cash Code?

1. Basic Package - $18

ECC Products

Apart from the product, you’ll also get the following:

  1. Easy Cash Code Funnel System + Ready To Use Capture Pages
  2. Easy Cash Code Video Sales Page
  3. Referral Management Dashboard
  4. Easy Cash Code System Basic Resell Rights
  5. Easy Cash Code Personalized Hangouts Page
  6. Easy Cash Code Quick Start Training
  7. Easy Cash Code Banner Ads
  8. Easy Cash Code Facebook Mastermind Community
  9. Easy Cash Code Pre-Written Emails

For $18, you’re already equipped with the tools needed to start selling the program. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Then you have these upsells, which Easy Cash Code advertises once you’ve paid the $18.

These are optional, and you’ll have to purchase the products and their individual reselling rights.

2. Bulk SMS Tool - UOP SMS Pro - $114

The SMS Pro is a bulk SMS marketing tool used to send out large scale SMS marketing.

The product costs $67 to avail, and the reseller license is $47, totaling to $114. Note that you don’t need to avail of this if you’re only after making the $18 commissions.

For a $114, that’s not exactly a bad price for a tool that sends out text messages and allows you to resell it at 100% commission.

Not bad for a tool that can help you make $100 – $300 a day simply sending text messages!

If you want to bypass the optin and sales video and buy the software right now just click the button below the video because it will save you some time.

3. UOP IM Phenom - All in One Tool Suite - $97

IM Phenom

The IM Phenom costs about $97 and allows you to enjoy the following features:

  1. Cutting Edge Marketing System
  2. Built in Autoresponders
  3. Capture Page Builders
  4. Custom Pop Ups
  5. Sales Pages
  6. Create Your Own Share Codes for Your Team
  7. Evergreen Webinars and More!

Paying the $97 one-time fee apparently gets you the product itself and the resell rights.

How To Make Money With Easy Cash Code?

But this is where it becomes tricky with Easy Cash Code.

You have three different packages with Easy Cash Code: $18, $67, and $97. All of which are 100% commissions, right?

This means that any time you sell their product (except on the second sale of each product), you will receive all of the money.

This is called a Reverse 1-Up, which means you must pass one sale “1-up” to your referrer. This works a lot similar to Easy 1Up.

As long as you pass on the second sale of each product, then you’ll be able to receive the commissions.

For example, if I sell 10 units of their $18 product and I’ve already availed of both the $67 and the $97 packages, the second sale for the $67 and the $97 have already been passed up.

This will now allow the customers to earn unlimited $18, $67, and $97 sales.

Here’s a video to help explain their compensation plan better:

Easy Cash Code Ugly Truths Revealed!

#1 - Fake And Exaggerated Testimonials

Exaggerated testimonials does not escape Easy Cash Code, and from what I caught, they’re using these testimonials to make people think that their system is too good to be true.

Like Copy Paste Commissions, they hype up their products by using outlandish claims.

Here’s a sample of an exaggerated testimonial:


Exaggeration is not the biggest enemy here. I just found out that Easy Cash Code uses fake video testimonials from Fiverr to hype up their product.

This is a screen capture of one of their YouTube review videos:
YouTube video
And here she is… Take a closer look at their background.

Now, you’re thinking that’s just one out of a few genuine reviews.

Well, I found another one…

Here’s a screen capture of her review on YouTube. This is from the same video as the first screen capture!
YouTube Video
And then here she is…
Fake Testimonial

Note that these fake testimonials came from one YouTube review video about Easy cash Code.

2 out of 6 or 7 testimonials were fake in one video.

Now, what does that tell you about their marketing ploy?

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#2 - $500 A Day Claim Too Improbable

Now with their commission rates, I’m not saying that it’s impossible to earn that amount in a day.  After all, you only need to sell around:

  1. 28 units of the $18 product or
  2. 8 units of the $67 product or
  3. 6 units of the $97 product

But can you consistently sell these number of units even if you have the most optimized website on the Internet? I don’t think so.

If you’re looking for consistent income streams, there are other options to consider like affiliate marketing.

#3 - Lots Of Upsells

Their system wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t for all the upsells, and I’m not just talking about the other two products that were sold to you when you signed up.

Each product sold to you within different parts of the site costs between $40 and $70, and they don’t even grant you reselling rights so they’re not even worth the time getting.

#4 - No Refunds Issued

Of course, they don’t. Easy Cash Code assumes that the products are so perfect and risk-free that people just want to buy it without worrying about getting their money back.

So they include this clause into their official policy:

refund policy

So, if you found out you just wasted your money, Easy Cash Code won’t give you your money back. You might as well just ask that from your sponsor or referrer, but that’s a probably futile attempt to begin with anyway.

#5 - Products Are Difficult To Market

You’re selling products that you bought into, so unless you got a pretty good marketing strategy going, it’s going to be difficult for you to move units upon units of the products.

Remember the amount of units you need to sell to make $500 in one day? Yeah, that may be doable, but how long can you consistently sell those units before the market dries up?

What I Like About Easy Cash Code?

#1 - You Can Earn A Decent Income

Now, it’s possible to make money from their system, but not in the amount that they hype up.

Their 100% commission is what probably makes them stand out from their competitors.

You’ll probably see a couple of hundred dollars in weekly revenues if you’re lucky. But other than that, I wouldn’t put too much money into their system nor would I replace a full-time job with this gig. 

#2 - Decent Training Provided

The training they provide within their products are decent enough to give them a solid foundation for Internet Marketing and Lead Generation, but I wouldn’t consider it to be the top of the line training either.

The fact that they provide webinars for $18 is enough for me to give them a thumbs up.

However, there are better alternatives if learning about Internet Marketing is your goal. You have other legitimate programs out there like Chris Farrell Membership or the Evergreen Wealth Formula.

Is Easy Cash Code A Scam?

Easy Cash Code is not a scam. It’s a legitimate program with a very promising compensation plan. You do something to sell their products and you get paid commission in full, so this makes your efforts in marketing the products worthwhile.

However, I have issues with them making fake video testimonials and this just makes it not worthwhile to invest in their product.

It’s one thing to endorse a product and it’s another thing to hype it up through fake testimonials. From what I gather, these products are aimed towards people who just want to start Internet marketing first.

With these fake testimonials, they can easily cloud someone’s judgment by promising them a daily income of $500, and we all know that it’s just not that possible with some systems. 

Their products are quite useful, but they may be difficult to market once you've sold them to all of your potential customers. 

If there really was someone who consistently made $500 on average with their system, they would’ve bragged about it by now.

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