Is PrizeRebel a Scam? Uncover the Truth Behind This GPT Site

Is PrizeRebel a Scam? Uncover the Truth Behind This GPT Site

Welcome to my PrizeRebel review!

If someone ever told you about a paid survey site that's actually legit and pays out, then you've probably come across PrizeRebel. 

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with PrizeRebel in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal the inner workings behind PrizeRebel and what they offer to their customers. 

Is PrizeRebel a scam? or are they a legitimate business opportunity? 

Find out in this article...

PrizeRebel Review Summary

Product Name:  PrizeRebel

Founder:  PrizeRebel

Product Type:  Paid survey / Get Paid To site

Price:  Free to join

Best For:  People who have time to spare for completing surveys. 

PrizeRebel logo

Summary:  PrizeRebel is a legitimate GPT website that has people saying more good things about it than bad. The payout is consistent, albeit low, and they provide different cash out options. My only issue with PrizeRebel is that they don't offer a lot of opportunities to people residing outside USA, UK, Australia, or Canada. But it doesn't mean that it's not worth trying either.  As long as you're consistent in completing tasks and surveys, then PrizeRebel will send more opportunities your way (I'll explain why and how later in this article). 

Rating: 70/100

Recommended: Yes


What is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel was created back in 2007 in San Diego, California. The company is actually a market research company that comes in the form of a GPT and they have been in business for 11 years and running.

In the case of PrizeRebel, you’ll be doing more than just surveys as you’ll be offered different options to earn rewards (which I will showcase later on in this article).

But according to their founders, who were also members of survey sites, they were not impressed with how long it took to process rewards and the poor customer services offered by other markets and GPT companies.

A good example of a GPT website is ClixSense.

Inside PrizeRebel

I am going to show you just how much you can potentially earn from PrizeRebel.

First, you need to understand their point system. 100 points is equivalent to $1. No more, no less. If you earn 500 points, you basically earn $5.

Choose Tour

Two things why you need to pay attention to the point system:

  1. It will tell you how much you can convert into cash (this is a no-brainer)
  2. They will determine your rank in their Tier System (which I will explain)

How Does PrizeRebel Work?

PrizeRebel is a GPT website that offers its members a chance to earn points by completing tasks.

These tasks have varying points and once they are completed, points are credited to their account.

According to their site, 100 points equals $1.

Now by looking at some of the tasks, it’s not unreasonable to earn a few dollars since you’ll have tasks that are worth more than 100 points.

Granted, PrizeRebel never claimed that they’re a “get rich quick scheme” so don’t expect to become a millionaire or sustain a full-time income with this site alone.

How To Get Started With PrizeRebel?

It’s easy to get started with PrizeRebel. Just sign up for a membership, which only takes a few minutes, and you’re good to go.


However, PrizeRebel requires its members to be 18 years and above. If a member has signed up between the ages of 13 and 17, then they will have to provide a letter of parental consent. 

Unlike other GPT sites like ChampCash, PrizeRebel gives you immediate access to the surveys and tasks, so there’s no need for you to do some tasks before you can access the paid ones.

Right off the bat, you’ll be given surveys that require you to provide information about your lifestyle or buying habits. And it’s okay to fill these up when you can because these will help PrizeRebel determine which and how many surveys to offer to you.

So don’t skip over a survey just because it contains questions that you have already answered. This is how PrizeRebel works.

The more information you provide, the more surveys you’ll be qualified to take up on.

Now, there’s no exclusivity when it comes to PrizeRebel, so anyone from any country may join. However, the surveys and other offers will be dependent on your location and demographic, so your country will affect your user experience.

Residents from USA, UK, Canada, or Australia are more likely to receive surveys and other offers.

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Types of Rewards And How To Redeem Them?

On PrizeRebel, your total points earned matters because you’ll be given a level based on their tier status. 

So, this is how the tiers look like:

  1. Silver – 1,000 points
  2. Gold – 3,000 points
  3. Platinum – 7,000 points
  4. Diamond – 12,000 points

All users start out at the Bronze Level and move up to Silver once they reach 1000 points or $100 in total earnings for that month. This system incentives people to be active on their site and to take on as much offers as they can take.

They offer different categories of gift cards from their esteemed partners (Amazon, Best Buy, Forever 21, Whole Foods, etc.), ranging from retail to online games to books to electronics to prepaid cell minutes. Again, this depends on your location.

If you’re looking for just straight up cash, PayPal is the best reward you can ask for. You’ll get rewards ranging from $5 to $500, and to redeem a $5 amount, you’ll need to earn 500 points.

It’s really straightforward, if you ask me.

If you want to go for gift cards, then you can go as little as $2 on an Amazon Gift card, but only if you’re Silver level or above.

You’ll also have other options of cashing out. For example, you’ll have the $100 Visa Card. In order for you to cash out through Visa, you’ll need to earn 10,300 points (not 10,000) since you’ll also be charged for the activation cost. Similarly, a $50 Visa Card will require 5,200 points.

How To Make Money With PrizeRebel?

1. Cash Offers

Cash offers

This section covers offers, which are pretty similar to other GPT sites. You’ll go through varying paid and free offers that offer differ in points.

These offers are provided for by the following third-party platforms:

  1. PeanutLabs
  2. AdGate
  3. Adscend
  5. OfferToro
  6. TrialPay
  7. Superrewards
  8. RadiumOne

Now, you’ll find free offers often have to do with signing up for other free websites and usually pay around 100 points just for signing up. These are easy to complete and will only require a confirmation from your email address.

Some free offers will also require you to view a website for a set period of time, which is also easy to complete.

For the paid offers, some of them will have you sign up for a free trial to a service, but will need your credit card information. Granted you don’t want to have anything to do with something that charges you every month, these paid offers pay a lot more than free offers.

Paid offers average around $5 once you complete the task, so they’re pretty much worth it if you ask me.

Just remember to cancel any subscription you have to a service after you get paid.

2. Surveys

Like most GPT sites, PrizeRebel also offers surveys but with major differences.

PrizeRebel gets their surveys from 8 different companies, all highly trusted and pay pretty well. Most of the surveys pay out between $1 to $2.50, and take about 10 to 30 minutes to complete.


The best thing about this section is that although surveys belong to a third party, you don’t have to join any other site. You’ll be taken to the survey form on a different tab and once you complete the form, you’ll be credited with the points to your account.

3. Videos

This is brought to you by another third party site called Encrave. These are just videos that you click on and watch though.


Instead, a new windows appears and you’ll watch the video on another site. you’ll only need to watch the whole video and get paid after that’s done.

Now, this doesn’t pay out much, but come on. Who else would pay you just to watch videos?

4. Tasks

The tasks are provided by CrowdFlower, and you’ve probably seen them before because a lot of GPT sites use this provider for this section of their site.

Under this section, you’ll find different tasks to complete for points. Most of them are short surveys, while most of them will require you to do other things like provide feedback on images, research on Google, and even data entry.

5. Daily Points

This section simply asks users to view websites and then get paid to do so.

All you need to do is visit 10 websites for 15 seconds each, so it should only take you about 2.5 minutes to complete them.

Daily Challenge

You’ll be awarded 2 points after viewing 10 websites, which is not a lot of points. But it is one of the easiest ways to farm up on points every day.

6. Referrals


PrizeRebel allows you to earn money by referring your friends, and their system is simpler than most.

Basically, you earn 20% of all referral earnings for life. Doing quick math, if a friend joins and earns 100 points, you get 20 points.

This is where your tier status comes into play again. Once you reach Diamond-tier, you earn 30% of all referral earnings. So again quick math, having 4 friends earn 100 points gets you an easy 120 points. That’s already $1 for passive income.

Granted, it’s not that high but it is consistent.

Meanwhile, this video sums it all up and provides you with some proof about earning through PrizeRebel as well.

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How Much Money Can You ACTUALLY Earn?

Can you really earn money via PrizeRebel, or is it just a scam?

First of all, PrizeRebel does not claim anything about getting rich quick, so don’t expect to get rich from their program.

If you’re expecting that you’ll earn at least $50 every week, then you might be disappointed.

As I explained earlier, every survey and tasks are worth certain number of points. Considering the time it takes to complete these tasks, I would not expect it to replace a full time job at minimum wage.

But if you have an hour or two that you can spare to fill out survey, then this site might just be for you.

If you’re looking for other forms of passive income that really makes it worth your while, I would look at affiliate marketing.

How Often Are Surveys Sent Out?

PrizeRebel is a very active site in terms of sending out surveys, but again, this depends on where you’re located.

From its system, PrizeRebel doles out surveys to people who do more than just completing paid surveys. If you do other tasks, you’re more likely to be sent more opportunities for earning through PrizeRebel.

How Can You Make More Money At PrizeRebel?

In order to increase your earnings, you’ll have to build up on your tier status. This will directly impact how much you can earn for completing tasks, as well as opening other doors for cashing out through digital codes.

For reiteration, PrizeRebel has 5 tiers:

  1. Bronze – 0 points
  2. Silver – 1,000 points
  3. Gold – 3,000 points
  4. Platinum – 7,000 points
  5. Diamond – 12,000 points

To increase your earnings, the first thing you should do is focus on building your tier status up. It will have a direct impact on how much you earn for completing tasks. Even better, it can open the door to instant delivery when withdrawing through digital codes.

By the time you get to Diamond status, you’d have earned at least $120 for the month and you’ll get the extra rewards like:

  1. Instant payments
  2. 7% income boost monthly
  3. 3% prize boost
  4. 30% of earnings from referred users

The last point is important. Once you become a Diamond-tier member, you’ll score 30% of whatever anyone referred by you manages to make.

If you’re only a standard user with no tier status, you will still get 20%.

PrizeRebel Ugly Truths Revealed

#1 - Low Payout

Since 2007, they’ve only paid out a total of $16 million in both cash and rewards.

That’s around $1.5 million for the past 11 years they've been online. And it's safe to assume that no one has ever been paid more than several thousand dollars at one time either. 

So what's the average payout then? 

16 million divided by 8 million users would get you $2 per user on average within the last 11 years


If you don't believe me, you can check out that on their website, and it's on their homepage. They're as transparent as they can be for how much they pay out.

#2 - There Are Few Opportunities In Some Countries

Available job

As much as PrizeRebel includes anyone who wants to earn income online, your chances of getting opportunities are reliant on your location.

If you’re not a resident of USA, UK, or Canada, then you’re going to be fairly limited in your options for tasks.


Sometimes, you’ll also get tasks that won’t match your area. In the screenshot above, a user only had a task available in Russian, which he or she can’t complete because he or she doesn’t understand the language.

#3 - Credit Card Offers Can Be A Letdown

Some of the paid offers that PrizeRebel provides will require credit card information, and this is not just an issue for PrizeRebel alone.

In fact, majority of GPT sites with paid offers require credit card information because they want you to sign up for a free trial. In order for you to complete the task, they need your credit card because they will charge you after the trial is over.

I am always leery of sites asking for my credit card information for a free trial simply because I don’t trust other unknown companies with that information. And if I was a member of PrizeRebel, I’d be avoiding some of the paid offers just for this reason.

But as long as you read the terms and conditions of the paid trial and you put in a reminder as to when to cancel the subscription, you should be fine.

What I Like About PrizeRebel

#1 - You Really Earn Money At A Reasonable Pace

You may not get rich from PrizeRebel, but I am quite surprised that you can earn income at a reasonable pace. You may not earn a thousand dollars in a month, but it’s comforting to say that it’s easy to earn a dollar or two with their site.

Payment proof 1
Payment proof 2

This is more than enough reason for anyone to try this website if they’re looking to earn a few extra dollars.


Oh, and remember what I said about them being partners with other companies?

They pay out in other ways with the help of their partners, like a Playstation Gift Card. If I bought a Sony PS4 instead of a Customized MacBook 2018, then this would’ve been an awesome incentive for me.

#2 - Different Cash Out Options Provided

PrizeRebel’s philosophy of keeping it simple also applies to how they want their customers to withdraw their money.

It’s amazing for any GPT website to provide different cash out options too. 


In the case of PrizeRebel, you can choose to withdraw your earnings via PayPal or Visa Card (or whichever is available for your country), or you can go for gift cards. Now that the holidays are drawing near, PrizeRebel may come in handy for your shopping.

Is PrizeRebel a Scam?

PrizeRebel is far from being a scam and it’s actually a legitimate site where you can earn money and rewards. The site pays out its members 99 times out of a 100, so I would say that they’re reliable and consistent as well.

Now, I have two main issues with PrizeRebel: its location-specific opportunities and the amount of money you earn because of this. This is probably the main reason why the payout is quite low. 

For people living outside the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, some offers and opportunities may not be available to you, so this affects their bottom line if they want to work with PrizeRebel.

Speaking of amount of potential earning, PrizeRebel is not going to replace any full-time job at minimum wage. With an average payout of $2 per user, it's not going to help you become a millionaire.

Thankfully, PrizeRebel does not claim that you can get rich quick with their program either, so don't put too much faith in them in terms of consistent streams of income. 

Would I recommend it?

I would like to, and I would advise anyone to try it out with caution.

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