Is Chris Farrell Membership a Scam? An Insider Review 2018

Is Chris Farrell Membership a Scam? An Insider Review 2018

Welcome to my Chris Farrell Membership review!

Guess what?! I've just purchased Chris Farrell Membership:

chris farrell membership purchase proof

I've just purchase CFM 🙂

So, is Chris Farrell Membership a scam?

I'm ready to walk you through this program and give you an insider review.

Let's begin...

Chris Farrell Membership Review Summary

Product Name: Chris Farrell Membership (CFM)

Founder: Chris Farrell

Product Type: Internet Marketing Training Platform

Price: $4.95 (First 7 days), then $37/month or $297/year + $47 upsell

Best For: Beginners in Internet Marketing

chris farrell membership review

Summary: Chris Farrell Membership is a highly rated platform to help beginners learn internet marketing. However, the so-called "community" is pretty inactive now and there are some really outdated contents. Also, they completely lack more advanced training.

Rating: 85/100

Recommended: Yes (But only for beginners)

Despite I recommend Chris Farrell Membership for beginners, it still falls short when compare to my #1 Recommendation (I'll explain in the review below)


Since I've personally tried this program, this is just a warning that this will be a fairly long review with lots of details. The quick navigation below will help you find the information you need 🙂

Who is Chris Farrell?

Chris Farrell is one of the most successful and highly respected internet marketers today.

He started back in 2008 without any experience. Within 6 months after he got started, he had many $250 dollar days. And within 9 months, he had his first $1,000 month.

In August 2010, Chris had one more amazing accomplishment and that is he had a record of making 1 Million dollar in sales within 24 hours.

That's crazy my friend!

chris farrell

Chris Farrell

Given all his successes and achievements in internet marketing, he decided to give back to the society and help people who want to make money online.

That's why Chris Farrell Membership was formed. 

What is Chris Farrell Membership?

Below is a video introduction by Chris about Chris Farrell Membership:

And this is my video review for Chris Farrell Membership if you prefer to watch video:

Chris Farrell Membership is a highly rated service which provides quality step-by-step training, tools and resources to help beginners get the hang of internet marketing.

CFM was voted the #1 Online Income Service for 4 consecutive years from 2011 to 2015 by IMReport Card.

That's a pretty awesome achievement, isn't it?

So, How Does CFM Really Work?

Chris Farrell Membership mainly focus on the concept of Email Marketing & Affiliate Marketing.

Chris explained in the beginning that the 3 main steps to making money online are:

  1. Find a profitable niche
  2. Build a list
  3. Market related products to our niche

This is basically Email Marketing + Affiliate Marketing. For those of you who you're new to this concept, take a look at this flowchart:

How Does Email Marketing Work

Firstly, you need to create a landing page/opt-in page to collect people's Email address.

After you have your landing page set up, you'll drive traffic (visitors) to that page.

Most of the time, you'll offer a FREE gift on your landing page in exchange for people's Email address.

Once you have their Email, you can follow-up with them and build relationship & trust.

Then the last step is to promote relevant (affiliate) products to your list to make money.

By the way, I use bracket for the word "affiliate" because you can either promote other people's products (affiliate products) or your own product, if you have one.

Chris summarizes this process into 3 simple steps that are easy-to-understand for beginners.

4 figure monthly passive income
Jerry Huang, Founder of Smart Affiliate Success

I'm Jerry!

I Created My Own 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income at just 21 Years Old!

What You Can Expect from CFM...


#1 Chris Farrell's Exclusive Email Swipe File ($47)

Immediately after I paid for the Chris Farrell Membership, I was led to this page offering an One-Time-Offer (OTO):

chris farrell membership upsell

Immediate upsell after joining CFM

Chris is offering his personal Email Swipe File to help you get a even better head-start in Email Marketing because a lot of beginners simply don't know how to craft their follow-up Emails in the first place.

However, the problem with this OTO is that prior to this stage, I had no idea that CFM is about Email Marketing. All I knew was that this is a membership with course to help me make money online.

That's why I don't see any value in this immediate upsell. I think a lot of people will just pass up this OTO.

#2 The 4 Week Fast Track Program

At the bottom of every page in the member's area, Chris is promoting this product called The 4 Week Fast Track program.

chris farrell membership upsell

4 Week Fast Track Program

However, this program is currently closed at the time when this review is written. So I can't give you any info about it.

I guess it is a high-ticket upsell for people who want to have faster results.

chris farrell membership upsell

4 Week Fast Track program is currently closed

5 Main Training Modules

#1 Getting Started

This first module has nothing much. It's basically an introduction by Chris and he'll talk about the 3 steps to making money which I've just explained earlier on.

Right after module 1 when Chris hasn't really go into the content, he'll be promoting his annual membership which can help you save 33% for 1 year of CFM.

You can pass it up if you're still trying the platform. I don't recommend you to upgrade at this point of time.

Just enjoy your first week of membership at $4.95 first.

#2 10 Minutes to Success

This second module is the main course. This is when things start to get more interesting and hands-on.

There are 31 videos in this module and each of them are less than 10 minutes long. That's why it's called "10 minutes to success".

Basically, after going through each video, you'll achieve something, be it big or small.

You'll learn things like:

  • Finding a profitable niche
  • Getting your own domain name & hosting
  • Basics of using WordPress
  • Creating your own Email Campaign using Aweber
  • Choosing products to sell
  • Traffic generation

After going through this module, you'll have your own website/landing page and Email campaign set up and ready to go.

#3 Money Making Labs

Money Making Labs consists of lessons on various topics, such as:

Below is a screenshot of all the lessons available in the Money Making Labs:

chris farrell membership training

Training included in Money Making Labs

This module is like a library where you can learn the things you want to learn.

Not all of them may be relevant to your business so you can just choose the ones you're interested in.

#4 I Love Traffic

I Love Traffic, as its name suggests, it's a module teaching you about the various types of traffic generation and how to apply them into your business.

There are a total of 15 videos teaching things like:

  • Paid Ads
  • Forum Marketing
  • Guest Blogging
  • Video Marketing

One of the things I agree with Chris is that you don't need to master all the traffic generation methods. All you need is to master one or two and your business will prosper if you properly execute them.

However, there's one important traffic method that Chris has missed out and that is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is one of the major free traffic method because it is very targeted and effective. The only downside is that it takes a much longer time as compared to paid traffic.

#5 Webinars

Chris claimed that he will be hosting webinars regularly to cover different topics in internet marketing.

However, there are only 7 webinar recordings available in the members area.

I highly doubt that Chris has been moving on to other business and slowly abandoning Chris Farrell Membership...

chris farrell membership webinar

Very few webinar recordings 🙁

Tools & Resources

To be honest, I'm pretty disappointed at the tools and resources offered in the Chris Farrell member's area.

What Chris has done is just list down some very general tool recommendations like:

  • Aweber (Email Service Provider/Autoresponder)
  • LeadPages (Landing Page Builder)
  • Optimize Press (Website Builder)
  • Microphone
  • Camtasia  (Screencast), etc...
chris farrell membership tools

Tools & Resources page on CFM

These are all Chris's own affiliate links which means if you purchase anything through the links on this page, he'll earn an affiliate commission.

I'm not saying this page is totally useless. It's indeed helpful for complete beginners to know what are the recommended tools for each purpose.

But Chris doesn't have any of his own tools. All these are 3rd party tools. In my opinion, he's trying to make more money from his own affiliate commissions in this page.

3 Types of Support

Chris Farrell Membership offers 3 types of support. Let me go through the pros & cons of each type of support...

#1 Knowledge-base Support

CFM has a FAQ page that looks something like this:

chris farrell membership faq

However, there are absolutely no categorization within this FAQ thread. All the questions and answers are listed here without any order.

The only thing you can do is to arrange them in terms of date, number of reply, number of views. You can't categorize them into different topics which makes it very hard to find what you're looking for.

Despite having a FAQ page, this page is poorly managed.

#2 Forum Support

This is the forum that Chris always talk about regarding their CFM "community".

He claimed that they have a very helpful and active community in the form of this forum. You can connect with other members and ask questions whenever you need.

However, there are 2 main problems with this "community":

  1. There are no clear categorization (like the FAQ page)
  2. The "community" is really inactive!
chris farrell membership forum

The activity is really low!

Take a look at the screenshot above. Look at the pathetic number of views and reply.

That's not the end. Look at who's replying to these threads. Jeff Hope is one of the admin/moderators in CFM. He's not even a regular Chris Farrell member.

If you're looking for a REAL COMMUNITY with helpful and active members, you should really check out Wealthy Affiliate!

#3 Ticket Support

Lastly, you can submit support ticket to get help from Chris support team.

chris farrell membership support

I personally think this type of support is much better than the other two. But one thing you need to know is that it's impossible to get immediate help in Chris Farrell Membership.

Even the support ticket takes time before you can get a solution or even a reply.

I believe a truly great community should have a Live Chat function where members can get immediate help.

And that is the case for Wealthy Affiliate. A 24/7 Live Chat area is available 🙂

Who is Chris Farrell Membership For?

Chris said that Chris Farrell Membership is for 2 main groups of people:

  1. Complete beginners who have ZERO experience in internet marketing
  2. People with some experience and probably have a website but they're not generating the income they want

For me, I believe it's more for the first group of people who are complete newbie but want to start an online business.

All the content are targeted towards complete beginners.

For people with some experience in internet marketing, the training might be too basic for them.

If you have some experience but you're not generating the results, you might be doing something wrong. In that case, Chris Farrell Membership may be able to help you.

However, CFM is definitely NOT for people who are looking for intermediate or advanced internet marketing training. You'll just be wasting your time and money.

Check out Wealthy Affiliate for more intermediate and advanced training.

Pros & Cons

The Good

1. Reasonable Price

Chris Farrell Membership costs $37 per month which is pretty affordable. On top of that, you can enjoy the first 7 days for $4.95.

You can even save up to 33% by paying annual fee of $297.

chris farrell membership pricing

For the amount of value you're getting inside the member's area, the price Chris is charging is pretty reasonable.

Unlike other programs that are charging hundreds or thousands of dollars for their hype!

2. Chris is Very Sincere & Authentic

One thing I like the most about Chris Farrell is his sincerity and authenticity.

Let me explain...

We're all familiar with all the "get rich quick" hypes and all those programs that are making unrealistic claims and promises, right?

Or even those who just show off their flashy sports cars, luxurious lifestyle and mansions. To be honest, most of them are either scams or very low quality products.

scam alert

Don't be lured into any business opportunity because of some flashy cars!

Chris Farrell Membership is the very few that never show off those cars and give bold promises, just like Wealthy Affiliate.

They have no intention in creating hypes. This is the kind of program that is truly helpful.

That's not the end...

One thing that Chris surprised me is that he is extremely open about cancelling the membership.

He talked about how to cancel Chris Farrell Membership in his first welcome video. He even places the cancellation link very obvious on every single page in the member's area.

chris farrell membership cancellation

Cancellation link on every page in the member's area

Is there any program out there that is so open about their cancellation process?

Some of them even try to hide it so that it becomes very hard to cancel. Sometimes you need to personally write Emails to them and only get a response after a few days or a week. (That's the worst case scenario)

3. Beginner-Friendly Training

There are a couple of good features about Chris Farrell Membership's training...

  1. All the video training are step-by-step. It's hard for you to get lost.
  2. Each video are kept between 3 to 10 minutes long, unlike some other training programs which have videos up to a few hours. This kind of bite-sized video training are easier to consume for most people.
  3. For some of the videos, there are transcriptions for people who prefer to read than watch videos.
  4. CFM has a couple of Done-For-You landing page templates for beginners to use straightaway.

4. A Highly Rated Program

Chris Farrell Membership is really a highly rated program. You can do a simple search on Google for "Chris Farrell Membership review".

99% of the reviews give CFM a positive rating.

CFM definitely has its own disadvantages (which I'll cover in the next section) but its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. That's why majority of the people give Chris Farrell a pretty high rating.

5. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Apart from the affordable membership cost, CFM also has a 30-Day refund policy.

So if you're a beginner in internet marketing, I believe there's no risk to give Chris Farrell Membership a try.

The Bad

1. Lack of More Advanced Materials

Just like what Chris has said, CFM is solely to help complete beginners get started in internet marketing.

After I went through the training, I can confirm with you that if you have some experience in Email Marketing & Affiliate Marketing, Chris Farrell Membership will be a waste of your time and money.

All the content are rudimentary. If you're looking for more advanced training, check out Wealthy Affiliate.

2. Some Outdated Content

Since Chris Farrell Membership has been around for almost 10 years, there are a lot of contents that are creating long time ago.

Today, it's really hard for any program to keep up to the change over the internet.

But the example below will show you just how outdated some of the training is:

chris farrell membership scam

This is freaking outdated!

WordPress version 3.5 was released back in December 2012 (Source: WordPress)

But the training in CFM is still using this version as an example. It's very outdated!

3. Chris Doesn't Offer His OWN Tools & Resources

Like I've mentioned in the Tools & Resources section, Chris Farrell Membership does not have any in-built tools. All the tools recommended by Chris are all 3rd party and require additional expenditure for sure, be it:

  • Domain name
  • Web hosting
  • Autoresponder
  • Website/page builder, etc...

Chris offers his affiliate links to all these tools so whenever you purchase anything through his link, he earns a commission.

Given the low cost of the program, it's understandable that they don't have these tools within the platform.

But I think it's still better if they can have in-built tools just like Wealthy Affiliate.

4. Small Community, Inactive Forum 🙁

Chris claimed that there are more than 23K members who have already gone through the training at CFM.

However, take a look at the screenshot below:

chris farrell membership members

Look at the number of members

This is a screenshot in their member's forum.

There are only 16,169 posts, 2,053 members and a maximum of 44 people online.

I'm not sure why the numbers are so low. This shouldn't be the case for a very popular and active community.

Even after more than a day of my purchase, I'm still the newest member in the community.

That's really weird but I guess the community is not as active as before. This can indicate a sign of the decline for this program.

Is Chris Farrell Membership a Scam?

Nope, Chris Farrell Membership is definitely not a scam. Like I've said many times in this review, it's a high quality platform for beginners in internet marketing.

But it's not the best either. There are some signs showing that this program is becoming outdated and inactive, like I've explained in the cons of CFM.

Chris Farrell Membership VS Wealthy Affiliate

As you can see in my Chris Farrell Membership review, I've mentioned Wealthy Affiliate quite a number of times.

My #1 Recommendation for anyone to learn and earn from Affiliate Marketing is WA.

The reasons are simple. Take a look at this infographic:

chris farrell membership vs wealthy affiliate
Jerry Huang

Jerry is a young aspiring Internet Entrepreneur who started his online business at the age of 18. He is currently a Full-time Affiliate Marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, a community to help anyone start their own online business without prior experience. He actually achieved Financial Independence at the young age of 21. Read more about his story here!

Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 31 comments
ramesh ramaiah - September 25, 2018

Thank you, Jerry, for your detailed review of CFM. I loved the way you created a post and compared WA. I was part of WA and got around 450 free members but none of them who actually upgraded… the reason I didn’t know so I quit. If you show me how to get more premium member, I can join via your link again. Thanks.

    Jerry Huang - September 25, 2018

    Hey Ramesh!

    I’m glad you like my Chris Farrell Membership review.

    And yes, I can definitely show you how to get more Premium referrals in WA. I’ve actually created a very popular training for that in Wealthy Affiliate, which is called “WA Bootcamp HACKS: How to Get More PREMIUM Referrals?”.

    Check it out through the link and let me know what you think.

    I would really appreciate if you could join through my link again. Apart from the training, I can also give you personal feedback.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best!

    Being able to get 450 free referrals is awesome. You probably just need to tweak certain things to get more conversions.

Stephen J Vincent - July 28, 2018

This is a typical Wealthy Affiliate website where members of WA are encouraged to create websites doing exactly what you did here rubbishing CFM and others and recommending WA.

I used to belong to CFM and WA but recently left WA and rejoined CFM for the reason I just outlined. Not only are members of WA told to write fake reviews like this one but often are full of outdated lies about other competitive sites.

Chris Farrell has recently updated his membership so a lot of what you write about it is out of date and misleading too. Chris is a much better teacher than those at WA who over complicate the way to making money online while Chris keps it simple and makes success easier.

So why not stop being another WA robot and instead take another look at the CFM and review it with the changes he has made and give an honest comparison instead of the one they tell you to do?

Oh, and another thing, WA do often not pay you for the new members you sign up to them, they are ripping off their members like you. Chris is as honest as the day is long and a close friend too having personally met and spoken with him several times. Has any one of the WA founders ever done that? I didn’t think so.

They also revoke members write access if you write about any other business except theirs.

    Jerry Huang - July 28, 2018

    Hey Stephan,

    I really want to laugh when I saw your comment because it just shows how ignorant you are. I’m rubbishing Chris Farrell Membership here in this review? If I am doing that, why am I giving it a high rating of 85 upon 100?

    So instead, I will call you the “typical ignorant WA haters”.

    And I really doubt you’ve ever taken a serious look inside Wealthy Affiliate. Because if you do, you’ll know that WA doesn’t encourage people to bash other products. Instead, their main course is teaching people how to build niche websites and promote whatever products you want from Amazon, CLickBank or any other affiliate programs you can find.

    WA is not like many other program which simply ask members to resell their membership and make money. It doesn’t work that way bro!

    And as you can see, I’ve purchased CFM before and went into their program personally to see everything myself.

    I’m writing this review to show people what Chris Farrell Membership really is to help them make their best decision.

    I gave it a rating of 85/100 and recommend it but only for beginners.

    So, probably you’re just a beginner. If you do, I don’t blame you but please do your research properly and stop being another “ignorant WA hater”.

    Jerry Huang - July 28, 2018

    Anyway, I just want to share with you something…

    No matter which program we choose to follow, the most important thing is if you can make it work for you. WA has allowed me to achieve financial independence at the age of 21. So you may want to ask yourself, why didn’t you make it work for you? Or why are you still struggling with making money online?

    No matter which program you choose, your most important job is to make it work for you. But of course we want to join the best program.

    So, instead of having so much negativity in yourself, embrace the opportunities you have and work for it. Trying to make yourself look cool or smart by leaving such a skeptical comment won’t make you money, will you?

Tony - April 1, 2018

Hi, Jerry,

Thank you for this review!

I was curious about Chris Farrel Membership. It seems it is worth giving it a try.

At the same time, you give an excellent comparison between Chris Farrell and Wealthy Affiliate.

Reading your notes, if both programs were cars, it seems to me Wealthy Affiliate would be the luxury model.

    Jerry Huang - April 2, 2018

    Hi Tony,

    That’s a very interesting analogy haha. However, despite Wealthy Affiliate is the more luxurious model, its price is very affordable and reasonable.

    Anyway, thanks for your comment Tony 🙂

Wayne - March 29, 2018

Hi, Jerry and thanks for this detailed review. I also did a review on this training by Chris and I joined as a free member to have a good look around.

I have to agree, his training really is only for beginners and he really does have to update a lot of his training.

Also, some of what is taught is not even used anymore. Things like “Backlinking” and the content he provides. These are not liked by search engines very much anymore.

Sadly, many people who use or copy content to their websites usually don’t have much success.

Wealthy Affiliate is way better and they don’t charge extra for all that is offered, which they could do and it would still be worth it. The training, tech support and the community are all top of the line.

Thank you again for providing such a detailed review of this product. I’m sure it will help many make the right decision.

All the best moving forward,

    Jerry Huang - March 30, 2018

    Hey Wayne,

    Thanks for checking out my review and sharing your experience with us. But I don’t think you’re able to join CFM as a free member. There isn’t such an option right now. That’s why I purchased the membership and write this insider review.

    Anyway, yes I couldn’t ask for a better community than Wealthy Affiliate. It’s really the best!

JD - March 29, 2018

Thanks for the honest review! Chris Farrell sounds like a legit affiliate program. However, I get a little irritated by the up-selling. This is why I prefer Wealthy Affiliate. Other than the monthly membership fee, there isn’t really anything else you have to buy to be successful. Also, the fact that Chris Farrell doesn’t offer his own tools for web hosting is less than ideal…

    Jerry Huang - March 29, 2018

    Hey JD,

    Thanks for your comment! Yes Chris Farrell Membership is a legit program but it’s just not comprehensive enough.

    For CFM, they don’t really have a lot of upselling so personally I feel it’s fine. There are companies out there promoting upsells after upsells after upsells. Some even up to like $30K or something. That’s really ridiculous.

    So as of the upsell part, CFM is still pretty okay. But like you said, I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is still the best 🙂

Eric Cantu - March 27, 2018

Nicely written and very thorough review, Jerry. This definitely looks like something I’d have been interested in jumping into starting off. I’m thankful that you put right up top how some of the info and groups are becoming outdated. Maybe it’s time for him to revamp and update his system. Seems like a very sincere and honest guy from the video, not slippery like so many.

Thanks for the review!

    Jerry Huang - March 27, 2018

    Hey Eric,

    Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    Yes, Chris is indeed a really nice guy and if he’s able to revamp the content and give it a thorough update, I’m sure Chris Farrell Membership will be a much much better program.

Stefan Vogt - March 27, 2018

Hi Jerry,
Thanks again for testing and commenting another program for us.

This guy seems to have made a lot of money on the internet and this is very motivating for me.

As I have some experience in online marketing, I think I will not join this program too. I asked myself why you joined it.

The email marketing is still something I’ll have to learn but I think here at Wealthy Affiliate, I will be able to do that when the time is right.

I often hear about landing page, can you explain to me what it is exactly and why we need one?

Thanks and see you, Stefan

    Jerry Huang - March 27, 2018

    Hi Stefan,

    I bought this program just to take a look inside their members area to write this review.

    As for Email Marketing, recently there are quite a number of training in WA’s weekly LIVE webinar. I’m sure you can get started from there.

    Lastly, landing page is also known as a squeeze page or an opt-in page. The purpose of this page is to collect visitors Email address so that you can follow up with them through Emails. You need a landing page because websites don’t convert as well today. Funnels are the new sales machine. And in order to build a funnel, your landing page is your first step.

    I hope this makes things a bit clearer for you. Let me know if you need anymore help!

Paul Severe - March 26, 2018

Dear Jerry,

Thanks for this detailed review. I often came across Chris Farrell Membership and was thinking whether it’s genuine or not. But your review really helped me clear things up about this program. Thanks a lot.

The comparison of CFM and WA was really great.

Your Friend,

    Jerry Huang - March 27, 2018

    Hey Paul,
    Glad this review helps. I wish you all the best my friend 🙂

Norman Richards - March 26, 2018

I believe most if not all of us would love to have that kind of success in the beginning of our business. This gentlemen has really made a name for himself. I guess he is using his success so people can buy into his program.

Despite CFM is a legit program, it’s unlikely give you the kind of success like he had in that short period of time.

But when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate, it is a totally different story. With WA, you have the right support, tools and training that will help you achieve success online. Wealthy Affiliate is the first choice when it comes to this line of work and I would encourage anyone to become a part of this community.

    Jerry Huang - March 26, 2018

    Hi Norman,
    I don’t think he is using the success he had to make people buy into his program. Chris is a really authentic guy who didn’t mention much about his own achievements. He focuses more on his customers.

    But like you said, it’s quite impossible for anyone to achieve the success he had achieved just by going through CFM. Because it takes a lot more advanced training which Chris Farrell Membership doesn’t have. Nevertheless, CFM is still a pretty good place to get started. Just that it’s not as good as Wealthy Affiliate for sure.

Dennis - March 26, 2018

Hey Jerry,
You’ve done a thorough job reviewing the Chris Farrell Program. I’m still a newbie in the industry so I don’t think it would work for me. Well, I am a Wealthy Affiliate member and what I love most about Wealthy Affiliate is the community. Every once in a while I get stuck and the community helps me back up.

I always check out for affiliate marketing products. There’s so much to learn out there so when I master the game, I’ll have a look at this program. Thanks for your insights.

    Jerry Huang - March 26, 2018

    Hey Dennis,

    Thanks for stopping by!

    I don’t think there’s a need for you to check out Chris Farrell Membership if you’re already doing well with Wealthy Affiliate. CFM is just not on the same level as WA.

    Follow closely with the training at Wealthy Affiliate and you’ll be good. All the best!

Rick - March 26, 2018

It’s great to see the thorough job you have done digging into the Chris Farrell Membership. Many of us who are new to the internet might think this is a good opportunity, and as you said, this is fine for newbies.

It would be nice if the training continued on after you’ve gained some experience so a person could keep gaining experience and education.

Thanks for the heads up on this program.

    Jerry Huang - March 26, 2018

    Hey Rick,
    Yes, one of the problem with CFM is that it lacks longevity. I don’t think there’s any reason to stay as a member after you’ve completed all the training. That may be the reason why the “community” is so small and inactive nowadays.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by and pointing out a good point 🙂

Cameron - March 25, 2018

I’ve actually never heard of the Chris Farrell Membership but it sounds like there is some decent content from what they have to offer.

I’m always on the lookout for some new points of view when it comes to affiliate marketing. I am relatively new to online business and affiliate marketing.

Having said that, to me it seems that Chris Farrell Membership may be worth testing out because the worst case scenario would be losing a few bucks for a month of membership.

Very informative, thanks!

    Jerry Huang - March 26, 2018

    Hey Cameron,

    Thanks for checking out my Chris Farrell Membership review.

    I think you won’t be losing a few bucks of membership fee because there’s a 30-day refund period. So it’s probably the time that is being wasted.

Andrew Bromley - March 26, 2018

I have actually used the Chris Farrell Membership and as described it will introduce you to the basics of building a website, a squeeze page, and teach you the basics of getting it onto the internet.

The training is easy to follow, too easy, I finished a third of the “21 days to launch a business ” in one day. It definitely is not on the same par as Wealthy affiliate.

    Jerry Huang - March 26, 2018

    Hey Andrew,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    I guess Chris has changed the training. There isn’t a course called “21 days to launch a business” now, despite I’ve seen a lot of outdated reviews talking about it.

    The current training is what I’ve listed above in the review. But anyway, yes it’s too basic for many people!

    Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a much better choice 🙂

Fred - March 26, 2018

Thanks a lot for the info. I didn’t know anything about this program. The breakdown is awesome.

    Jerry Huang - March 26, 2018

    My pleasure Fred! Glad you like it 🙂

Thomas Price - March 26, 2018

Thanks for this review Jerry! I’ve been looking into this program for a while now and I appreciate how you broke down the pros and cons of his membership.

All in all, it definitely seems like something I can use as a newbie in the industry. This is one of the best looking reviews I’ve seen btw! Haha take it easy…

    Jerry Huang - March 26, 2018

    Hey Thomas,
    Thanks for your compliment! I’m glad you enjoyed my review on Chris Farrell Membership 🙂


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