Is Builderall a Scam? (No, But you have to give up WordPress!)

Is Builderall a Scam? (No, But you have to give up WordPress!)

Welcome to my Builderall review!

“Imagine a world where you can access all the marketing tools you need to succeed in your business!” - says the Builderall sales pitch.

Do you believe that there is such a place where you can have everything you need to succeed online?

If it is, it should be really expensive right?

Well, after all, there are so many scams out there claiming that all you need is to buy their product and you'll be successful.

So, is Builderall a scam?

We'll find out soon...

(Rest assured that I'm not an affiliate of Builderall trying to pitch this product to you!)

Builderall Review Summary

Product Name: Builderall

Founder: Founded by Erick Salgado in 2011

Product Type: All-in-One Internet Marketing Platform

Price: $9.90, $29.90, $49.90 (Per Month)

Best For: Anyone who want to make money online or do any forms of marketing online

builderall review

Summary: Builderall is a great platform which offers a wide range of tools to help you grow your online business at a very affordable price. But it's a stand-alone platform which means you'll have to switch to a totally new platform if you're already using WordPress to build website. Also, in order to continue running your business, you have to keep paying Builderall recurring fees.

Rating: 85/100

Recommended: Yes

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What is Builderall?

what is builderall

The Problem

If you have some experience in internet marketing, you know that in order to run a fully functioning online business, you need quite a number of different tools and services.

For example, you need a web hosting, a website builder, Email autoresponder, sales funnel and many more.

All these are mostly paid services on its own and you can easily spend hundreds of dollars per month on these tools.

Let me just show you some of the common tools and how much they cost individually:

You see, as you get more and more advanced, you're going to pay for more and more services as well.

The Solution

Builderall is an All-in-One digital marketing platform which allows both beginners and experienced marketers to build their own websites, landing pages, sales funnels and many more things to scale their online business ALL IN ONE PLACE!

In short, it offers both Web design and digital marketing tools. Not only that, their prices are also extremely affordable.

More on the detailed features later. Let's first take a look at a DEMO video by Alex Paim, Builderall Marketing Strategist, walking you through the entire Builderall platform:

As you can see, Builderall has lots of useful tools that are all relevant to digital marketing.

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What's Included in Builderall?

So the list below are all the tools you can access in the Builderall platform which you've just seen in the video. Let me just briefly walk you through each of them...

  1. HTML5 (Drag & Drop) Site Builder - User-friendly interface that even beginners can create beautiful websites (include thousands of templates)
  2. Email Marketing Platform (Mail Boss) - Unlimited Autoresponder campaigns up to 10K subscribers
  3. Responsive Website/Blog Builder - This is the feature I couldn't agree on. Builderall does NOT have a responsive website builder (I'll explain later)
  4. Animated Video Creator - This is a very cool feature. You an easily create your own animated video to promote your business.
  5. Floating Video Creator - The feature the makes your video float on your website.
  6. Design Studio Mockups - This is another great tool for you to design professional-looking cover images, posters, etc, without using complicated photo editing software
  7. Presentation Builder - This tool allows you to create digital presentation on your website (unlike the real life presentation)
  8. On-Page SEO Report Tool - Another good thing about Builderall is that their website can be indexed and rank on Google. This tool helps you optimize your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) settings.
  9. Facebook Integration - Builderall websites can seamlessly integrate with your Facebook page to gain more leads and customers from your followers on Facebook.
  10. Browser Notifications - This is a very powerful function because your audience will receive notifications about your website even if they're not on your website (Of course with their permission)
  11. Lead Capture Tools - I believe this requires no further explanation. It helps you collect your subscribers Email addresses
  12. Click/Heat Map Tool - This is another interesting tool. This is often a paid service from other companies. You can track how your audience behave on your website to optimize your conversion rate.
  13. iOS/Android App Creator - Last but not least, another unique tool. You can easily build your own mobile App in their platform.

What I like most about Builderall is that they have a lot of guidance within their platform. Despite there are so many different features, there are 200+ video tutorials to teach you how to use each of them to grow your business.

On top of that, there's a Private Facebook Group for all Builderall members as well as Weekly Live Training for you to learn new skills.

Who is Builderall for? (and NOT for)

Since Builderall has lots of tools and functions, it's actually suitable for a wide range of audience, such as...

  • Newbies (who have zero experience in digital marketing)
  • ​Affiliate Marketers (who earn commission by promoting other people's products)
  • Product Creators (who wants to sell their own products online, both physical & digital)
  • Bloggers
  • Small Business Owners (can be people who want to build a website for their local business)
  • Marketing Agencies (help other people with website building and marketing)
  • Anyone who wants to make money online

However, I believe Builderall is NOT for people who already have their own websites unless they want to spend time and money to switch platform, which I think is a stupid idea.

You must be aware that Builderall is a stand-alone platform.

Although it can integrate with quite a number of third party software/tools, you will need to stick to this platform and keep paying them monthly or yearly fees if you want your websites or your landing pages to keep running. (That's the "Platform Lock-in" issue which I'll talk about in just a moment.)

So, if you happen to be someone who doesn't have a website yet and want to build one for your online business, Builderall is for you.

Builderall is also for you if you just want to build a landing page or a funnel for your next campaign.

Other than that, I wouldn't recommend you to switch into a totally new platform like chasing a "shiny object".

I hope this make sense to you!

How Much is Builderall?

So here are the pricing options...

builderall monthly pricing

Builderall Monthly Pricing

There are 3 different pricing options in Builderall, namely Web Presence, Digital Marketing and Builderall Business.

The screenshot above shows the monthly recurring fees and the screenshot below is the fee if you pay annually.

builderall annual pricing

Builderall Annual Pricing

To be honest, this price is actually very reasonable and affordable for most of the people, especially beginners.

But, what's the catch??!

Think about this for a moment. Builderall is offering 13 main features in their platform and they're only charging you like $10 per month? $30 per month? That's a crazy deal!

So, here's the catch in my opinion...

Like I've mentioned earlier on, there's this problem called the "Platform Lock-in" issue. What this basically means is that you're indirectly forced to keep paying them the recurring fee in order for you to continue running your business.

It's also quite hard and troublesome for you to switch to another platform.

So, they're willing to charge you a very cheap price upfront. But they're collecting much more profit at the back-end, including several upsells of course.

Pros & Cons

The Good

1. Everything in ONE Place

Builderall solved the problem that we need to purchase different tools from many different platforms.

Builderall brings everything under one roof so that you don't have to overpay and over-complicate things.

2. Very Affordable & Reasonable Pricing

I would be happy to pay $50 per month or even up to $100 per month for all the services they provide. Yet, they're charging at only $10 and $30 per month.

It's a pretty crazy deal.

3. Easy-to-Use Interface

As you can see in the demo video, it's very easy to build your own website and landing pages using Builderall.

All you need to do is "drag and drop" elements to the places you want them to be at.

It's absolutely WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) platform!

4. Unlimited Website Hosting Provided

You have to purchase your own domain but it's rare to see company offering UNLIMITED web hosting service.

5. Create Your Own Apps

This is a very unique feature because not many platforms out there allows complete newbies to build a mobile App by just using simple drag and drop functions.

This is effective for you to build some simple Apps. (Of course, don't expect it to be very sophisticated!)

6. Suitable for a Wide Range of Users

Most products out there only target a specific group of people. However, like what I've listed earlier on, Builderall is catered for a wide range of audience.

Many groups of people can benefit from this awesome program.

7. Easier to Design Than WordPress

To be honest, using WordPress is like learning a completely new language in the beginning. So quite a number of people may struggle with WordPress when they're just starting out without clear guidance.

Also, the design of your website in WordPress is pretty much depending on the theme you choose.

Unless you know how to code, it's hard for you to customize all the design features to make it the way you want.

Builderall's powerful page design function is a much better alternative if you are very particular about your website design.

8. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Last but not least, you're able to get your money back within 30 days if you're not satisfied with Builderall.

The Bad

1. It is NOT WordPress

Having said that it's better than WordPress in terms of design, WordPress is still the leading platform for building websites.

For your info, WordPress runs 28.9% of the entire Internet. (Source: codeinwp) That's a huge share!

Being the major player in the game, people are more familiar with WP rather than Builderall. There are also much more tools and integrations that are related to WordPress.

Most importantly, there are more freedom in WP. You won't be stuck to the platform like you will in Builderall.

2. Pay-to-Play?

If you've noticed, I haven't talked about the "Builderall Business" package as shown in the pricing plan.

This Builderall Business is the plan you need to purchase if you want to make money by promoting Builderall, like an affiliate program.

However, this means that you need to pay an extra $50 per month just for you to promote Builderall and be eligible for commission.

This is the "play-to-play" situation I'm talking about. You're basically paying in order to be paid. Sounds wrong, right?

Yes, they do offer quite a number of training and resources to help you promote Builderall. But from my experience, I just feel that it's not worth it to keep paying $50 per month for an affiliate program.

My Secret Tip for You as an Affiliate:

If you want to promote Builderall and earn affiliate commission, go to JVZoo and search for Builderall.

You can apply to become an affiliate of Builderall there. The only difference is that if you purchase through their Builderall Business, you can earn up to 100% commission for every new referral. Whilst for JVZoo, your commission is only up to 50%.

3. Unclear Pricing

As you can see on their pricing options page, they didn't clearly indicate that the prices listed are monthly recurring.

If you're not observant enough, you may think that it's a one-time fee.

4. Platform Lock-in Issue

I've explained this earlier on. Basically, you're indirectly forced to be a lifetime customer of Builderall if you want to continue running your business.

The only way to escape from this trap is to start over again using WordPress, which is a much more commonly used platform.

5. Page Builder is NOT Responsive!

Huh? I though you just mentioned you can build responsive website and pages on Builderall?

Theoretically YES but in reality NO!

Let me explain...

Builderall allows you to design your page in three different format - desktop, tablet and mobile. So you need to design three times in order for your page to look decent on all platforms.

Is it that simple and straight-forward? Obviously NO!

The problem with Builderall is that its software is not built to be responsive. That's why you need to design 3 times on each device.

A truly responsive page builder is that your contents will adjust themselves no matter the size of your screen. All you need to do is to go into different device mode and do some minor editing to perfect the details.

Still don't understand what I'm talking about?

Take a look at this video from 3:55 to 6:45...

​​​​After watching this demonstration, you'll find that Builderall is really not that great after all.

It's just an average or slightly above average page builder.

Builderall Comparisons...

Let's be honest, Builderall is very similar to many other tools in the market, simply because it covers such a wide range of services.

So it has quite a number of competitors. Let's take a look at the differences between Builderall and some of its competitors - WordPress, ClickFunnels, Thrive Themes, LeadPages and Wealthy Affiliate...

1. Builderall vs WordPress



  • Both are meant to build websites


  • Builderall has much more design functions and tools (especially the drag & drop function)
  • Builderall is more than just a website builder, it has a lot more features like what we've discussed in this review so far
  • WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It is more adaptable because it is more widely used globally (Remember, WP runs 28.9% of the entire Internet!)

2. Builderall vs ClickFunnels

clickfunnels logo

ClickFunnels is the world's leading software company for building sales funnels.

Check out the video below because Russell Brunson himself, the founder of ClickFunnels, will be explaining the difference between the two platforms:


  • Both can build sales funnels
  • Both have their own Email autoresponders
  • Both have affiliate programs which you have to pay for


  • Again, Builderall is not just a funnel builder. It has a lot more tools.
  • ClickFunnels specialize in "Funnel Hacking" and they are the leader in this field. Much more successful than Builderall.
  • ClickFunnels is much more expensive than Builderall

3. Builderall vs Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is a company focusing on building Conversion Focused WordPress Themes and Plugins. So basically, they have similar missions in building conversion optimized websites, but using a completely different platform.

Thrive Themes logo


  • Both are focusing on the design and conversion of the website
  • Both have page builders. Thrive Themes' page builder is called Thrive Architect.
  • Both have 'drag & drop' features in their page builder.


  • Thrive Themes is not a website builder. It's just a software company creating WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Builderall has its own platform while Thrive Themes only works on WordPress.

4. Builderall vs ConvertKit

convertkit logo

ConvertKit is my favorite Email Service Provider (ESP) while Builderall has its own ESP or autoresponder called "Mailing Boss".


  • They serve the exact same purpose of collecting and following-up with your leads (subscribers)


  • Mailing Boss is fully integrated within Builderall while ConvertKit is a third party software
  • As a Builderall member, they allow you to use Mailing Boss for free up to 10K subscribers. This is a crazy deal.
  • For ConvertKit, it costs $29/month for 1K subscribers. For 10K subscribers, it costs $100++ per month.

5. Builderall vs LeadPages

leadpages logo

LeadPages is another tool which is similar to ClickFunnels and Thrive Architect. It allows you to build landing pages and sales funnels using 'drag & drop' feature.


  • They all build landing pages and sales funnels
  • They are all user-friendly and no coding required


  • Builderall has more functions and it is much cheaper than LeadPages.

6. Builderall vs Wealthy Affiliate

Last but not least, if you've been following my website, you know that Wealthy Affiliate is always my top recommendation when it comes to setting up your own websites and building your own online business.

Wealthy affiliate logo


  • They build websites
  • They have a lot of training resources available
  • They offer web hosting
  • Both have weekly live training


  • Builderall doesn't teach you about how to make money online. It only helps you build websites and create the supplementary tools in your business.
  • On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate has step-by-step training to teach you how to choose your niche, how to drive traffic to your website, how to convert your audience and make money, etc...
  • They have very different tool-kits. For example, Builderall has video creator and App creator while Wealthy Affiliate has its own Keyword research tool and SSL Certificates for its Premium websites.

If you're completely new to internet marketing and this whole thing of making money online, I would recommend you to follow Wealthy Affiliate's training. Builderall is only for the technical stuffs.

Is Builderall a Scam? (You gotta read this!)

No, Builderall is definitely NOT a scam. But there are a lot of things you need to consider before joining.

"Is Builderall worth it?" and "Should I use Builderall?" are two different questions.

Yes, Builderall is worth it because it's a great deal judging from the price and the things they provide.

However, when you compare the products to other major players in the market, Builderall products still fall short.

I know it's very tempting to see such an All-in-One platform that provide you with so many things at a very affordable price.

But do you really think they're reliable in the long run?

I'm not implying or predicting that Builderall will shut down in the near future. All I'm saying is that you should really be cautious about the quality of Builderall's products.

There's a saying that goes like this, "You get what you paid for".

We all know there are scams out there. But I believe majority of the companies specialize in their own services don't just charge the price to make money from you.

Just take a look at ClickFunnels. They charge $97 for their specialized service in building funnels.

Yet Builderall is trying to so-called "spoil the market" by providing so many services at such a low price. My question to you is...Would you trust Builderall?

Think about this, ClickFunnels is still the leading company/product in the funnel industry. Builderall is no where near. They're just creating a lot of buzz and trying to get attention.

Similar to Email Marketing, people still trust and rely on the big companies like AWeber, GetResponse, ConvertKit, etc.

I don't know about you. But I would rather trust the companies that specialize in their own services, instead of spreading themselves too thin.

Don't get me wrong! I love the concept that Builderall is trying to bring everything under one roof so that internet marketers like us don't have to purchase software after software for different purposes.

But this is also their drawback. If they're able to level up their products some more to compete or even surpass the major players in the market, that will be great!

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Jerry Huang

Jerry is a young aspiring Internet Entrepreneur who started his online business at the age of 18. He is currently a Full-time Affiliate Marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, a community to help anyone start their own online business without prior experience. He actually achieved Financial Independence at the young age of 21. Read more about his story here!

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Desheen L Evans - November 14, 2019

Wow, I just want t first thank all of the reviewers and you Jerry for getting this going. I was initially sold on Builderall, because of (1) the all-in-one and (2) because of the APP Creator. I already have a lovely WP website and not trying to rebuild it, so since BA does not allow me to transfer over then I am not going there. Just to be sure, WA can offer me basically the same tools as Builderall absent the APP creator? I am looking to build out a sales funnel, so video, webinar, sales and landing pages are key. I have a new training program launching soon and need an APP creator. Is there a plugin for this that would be compatible with WP and if I decide to go with WA or Thrive A? I welcome all feedback so I can make a sound decision and hit the ground running.

carlos melgar - October 11, 2018

The problem with Wealthy Affiliate is that if you are a free member, you do not get the whole package. And if you decide to stay as a free member and build a site, they will erase your sites, it happened to me.

    Jerry Huang - October 12, 2018

    Hi Carlos,

    I challenge you to get something for FREE that comes with a full package. Every single program that has a free version is meant for people to test-drive the system/program. So, there’s nothing wrong with Wealthy Affiliate offering a Free Membership that doesn’t include the full package, right?

    In fact, WA’s free membership is very generous and valuable. You get quite a lot of things like 10 step-by-step training lessons, 2 free websites, etc…

    As for the website you build as free member, they won’t erase your site. It never happen. There must be something wrong with yours.

Nik - September 24, 2018

2 Tire platforms are becoming more and more popular in the last six months. Did you make money selling their product?

    Jerry Huang - September 25, 2018

    Sorry, I don’t sell Builderall products.

      Nik - September 25, 2018

      Do you know what I am talking about? You can promote Builderall site and make a lot of money, I want to do that but in first seemed like a scam.
      And did you heard about Yoonla affiliate program?

Amanda - September 9, 2018

Wow pretty extensive review, man!

I didn’t go into quite as much detail on mine…but I think the trial basically speaks for itself. As well, I noticed some of the points may be slightly out of date because they do have a responsive builder now … I still prefer the pixel perfect, but I’ve seen many people use the responsive builder successfully.

My big push back is that the user interface isn’t nearly as friendly as ClickFunnels as you mentioned. But the price man! The price! hahahah. Anyway thanks for the read.

    Jerry Huang - September 9, 2018

    Thanks! Are you sure they have a mobile responsive website builder? They just introduced it?

Rob - September 5, 2018

Was this page built in Builderall? Because it’s not mobile responsive on my phone.

    Jerry Huang - September 7, 2018

    This page is mobile responsive.

Rodney - August 20, 2018

First off you can keep WordPress and use the mailing boss from Builderall and use other tools as well. The price is the same as Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate teaches people to write reviews for products they have no clue about or do not use. Like yourself, you do not know the product and do not use it. The affiliate program is a two-tier program, unlike Wealthy Affiliate where you only get paid on the first level.

The pricing has 3 levels and the highest level allow you to build a business. Using wealthy affiliate you have to get more tools, like an email marketing platform or if you want to create videos you have to purchase more programs. You get all the tools you need using Builderall for $29.90 unless you want to be a business owner. In addition you get the money making sales funnels. Again Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t come with any of those tools.

Its all about value with Builderall. You can do it all using Builderall unlike WA. WA has some descent training and it uses WordPress themes that are all free when you host a wordpress website anywhere. We could keep going on but that should be enough. 30% of people use wordpress so that tells you the other 70% are using other platforms. Nothing wrong with WP but Builderall can hold its own and it does not require additional plugins.

What WA doesn’t have, 3 website builders, animated video creator, mobile app creator, email marketing platform, heat map, webinar, chatbot, design creator, browser notification, share locker tool, script generator, ready-made sales funnels, marketplace to sell affiliate products, over 1000 premade website templates just to name a few things. Now WA you do have a good Keyword Tool.

Why do you guys use the word scam always. When we see the word scam we know its coming from a Wealthy Affiliate Member. Get some class. 2 good programs let the people decide. I’ve used them both and like them both, each has its own advantages.

    dimetri watt - December 9, 2018

    Appreciate someone pointing this out, and thanks for your honesty.

    Carol Dippenaar - March 24, 2019

    Hi Rodney, awesome feedback regarding Builder All. I use WordPress and BuilderAll – depending on my client’s budget and if they want to do their own updates or not… All my Builder All clients are super happy and I am enjoying being able to build a site within 3 hours… there add on features as you mentioned are great! And their community is also great. Jerry, maybe it is time to check them out again… they have upgraded/added a whole lot of new awesome features. A great Affiliate platform to belong to… It’s my first Affiliate Marketing platform where I am getting commissions from… I have just joined WA as it seems great too.

June - August 18, 2018

Hey Jerry,

Thanks for your review. Makes me feel better I left CF before I even get drawn into paying such an expensive platform. I’m new to online biz and signed up with CF as soon as I got sold into the idea of sales funnels. Found Kartra, Builderall and now WA. Glad I read your review before I signed up for any of these platforms.

I get your “mobile-responsive” issue now. Saw a demo on how builderall can be optimized for mobile and it’s not easy. They shouldn’t even be doing that!

I’ll check out WA as per your recommendation and see if it’s the right platform for me.

Appreciate your insights!



    Jerry Huang - August 19, 2018


    I’m so happy that my review helped.

    I really hate Builderall for claiming that their platform is “mobile responsive” when that’s not how mobile-responsiveness is supposed to work.

    I’ll see you inside WA and guide you along the way.

    Chat soon 🙂