Cash Siphon System Review - We're 99% Sure It's an Outright Scam!

Cash Siphon System Review – We’re 99% Sure It’s an Outright Scam!

Welcome to my Cash Siphon System review!

If you ever encountered Ewen Chia's products, then you're probably not surprised as to how this one would be different from the rest of them.

I am talking about his "revolutionary" money-making system called Cash Siphon System!

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with Cash Siphon System in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal why Chia's Cash Siphon System is a scam, and I am going to prove it to you. 

Read my unbiased Cash Siphon System review and find out the truth. 

Cash Siphon System Review Summary

Product Name:  Cash Siphon System

Founder:  Ewen Chia

Product Type:  Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Price:  $17 - One-Time Fee + optional upsells

Best For:  No one...

Cash Siphon System Products

Summary:  Ewen Chia's Cash Siphon System is a scam in a sense that it sells you one product but what you're given is far from the actual product. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone, or any of his programs at all. First, this is a bait and switch scheme, and I'll explain why in this article. Second, affiliate marketing is shown the wrong way with its with his claims and sales pitches. Lastly, the sales funnel contains questionable products that preys on a customer who doesn't know anything about affiliate marketing. 

Rating: 1/100

Recommended:  No


What is Cash Siphon System?

Ewen Chia is back at it again with another “revolutionary” product called Cash Siphon System.

Cash Siphon System Members Area

He claims that with this system, you’re getting a slice of a billion-dollar loophole that could easily make you up to thousands of dollars per day without selling anything.

And he says that on his website.

Cash Siphon System Make Money Snippet

What their site actually posted

But what exactly is this system?

After browsing a very cluttered landing page, Cash Siphon System appears to be a training course for learning affiliate marketing.

This is not to be confused with another program of the same name, called Daily Cash Siphon.

Daily Cash Siphon, developed by Chris Parker, is an affiliate marketing training course with a keen focus on building WordPress websites.

Ewen Chia’s Cash Siphon System is another story. If you ever encountered his other products like Autopilot Profits and Copy Paste Income, then you’re probably aware of his “reputation” in the industry.

Inside Cash Siphon System

The Cash Siphon System, according to the sales landing page, is supposed to be a software or a system that’s guaranteed to help you make a lot of money.

Instead, you get 14 training videos about affiliate marketing.

To make things worse, there’s nothing groundbreaking about the videos.

But before you can get to the member's area, you’re taken into a rollercoaster ride into Ewen Chia’s sales funnel, which contain his other products.

And if you try to leave the sales page, you’re taken to another page that says you can get Cash Siphon System for $7.

Cash Siphon System 7 Dollars

Cash Siphon System 7 Dollars Last Price

But didn’t the member just pay the one-time fee for the same product?

The First Upsell – Cash Sites

The first upsell is another of Ewen Chia’s Products called Cash Sites.

This is a “made for you” website where you can make money right away from affiliate sales.

Note that this is not included in your one-time fee.

Cash Siphon System Upsell 1

Here lies the problem. The website is already purchased by other people, so how many do you think have a copy of it?

This is nothing more than a site that’s going to be penalized for duplicate content.

The Second Upsell – MTTB or My Top Tier Business

The second product that you’re about to be presented is going to help you earn “more commission”.

Cash Siphon System Upsell 2

This isn’t Chia’s product, but it belongs to his friend, Matt Lloyd, who just so happens to own MOBE (My Own Business Education).

And just so you know, MOBE was shut down by the FTC for charges of being a pyramid scheme.

Cash Siphon System Upsell 4

Matt Lloyd and Ewen Chia

MTTB is a high-ticket MLM program that costs a nominal fee of $49 to join, and then you’ll have more upsells (why am I not even surprised).

Jerry Huang, Founder of Smart Affiliate Success

I'm Jerry!

I Created My Own 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income at just 21 Years Old!

4 figure monthly passive income

Who's Cash Siphon System For?

This program should be avoided by anyone, and I mean do not even think about going to their landing page.

There are better (and more legitimate) affiliate marketing courses and platforms out there.

If you're looking for a platform to setup your affiliate marketing business, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate

Cash Siphon Ugly Truths Revealed

#1 - It’s A Classic Bait and Switch Scheme!

People may have different definitions of a bait and switch, but it perfectly applies to Chia’s product.

Ewen Chia lies to his customers on the sales page about a revolutionary system that could make you money without selling anything and minus the hassle.

Cash Siphon System Affiliate Marketing The Wrong Way

Affiliate marketing the wrong way

When people do buy the product, they find out that the system doesn’t ACTUALLY EXIST!

Instead, they get a very typical affiliate marketing training course for newbies.

What Chia brags about on the landing page are what you are actually supposed to be doing when you’re setting up a website intended for affiliate marketing.

#2 - Affiliate Marketing The Wrong Way

In a nutshell, Ewen Chia’s product is an affiliate marketing course that doesn’t teach people how to do affiliate marketing the right way.

Here’s why.

He talks about not having to sell any product but still earning money.

Cash Siphon System Landing Page Quote

But the actual point of affiliate marketing is selling OTHER PEOPLE’S PRODUCTS.

On his landing page, he makes a lot of promises about how you can make a lot of money with NO effort and in NO time.

He frequently uses the words “loop holes”, “secret systems”, and “magic systems” in his landing page.

Affiliate marketing is nothing like those three words at all.

There’s no loop hole or magic to succeeding in affiliate marketing. The only secret to success is consistency in these three areas:

  1. Consistency in creating content
  2. Consistency in quality
  3. Consistency in originality

If you’re really interested in getting to know the power of affiliate marketing, check out my step-by-step guide here.

#3 - Sales Funnel Containing Other Bad Products

An upsell with duplicate content and upsell from a company that’s been shut down by the FTC.

Upsells are supposed to supplement your program. They are supposed to aid you in achieving your goals for a program. 

How can you even trust a program that tries to sell you these, and more?

The upsells are intended for people who have no idea about affiliate marketing, who Ewen Chia is, and who Matt Lloyd is. 

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What I Like About Cash Siphon System

In all of my reviews, I try to provide an unbiased and objective insight into a program or a product, no matter how fraudulent (or close to it) it might be.

I also aim to be optimistic and try to find at least one positive benefit of a program without overselling it.

However, for my Cash Siphon System review, there was nothing positive worth mentioning about the product at all.

The only thing that would’ve made a big difference here is how Ewen Chia presented the system.

If he presented it in a way that the customer is getting 14 videos of affiliate marketing for $17, then that’s really a great deal.

It could’ve also put Ewen Chia under a different spotlight as well.

Is Cash Siphon System a Scam?

There’s no doubt that Cash Siphon System is a scam.

It’s a scam in a sense that you’re promised one thing and what you’re given is far from it.  

I would not recommend this program, or any of Ewen Chia’s programs for that matter.

First and foremost, it’s a bait and switch scheme created by Ewen Chia. You’re promised a money-making system that could help you earn thousands of dollars a day.

Instead, you get 14 videos about affiliate marketing (the very thing that the system is supposed to contradict!)

Second, affiliate marketing is shown the wrong way. Everything that the product claims to be, and then what it actually is, makes affiliate marketing look stupid.

As I pointed it out above, there’s no secret sauce or loop hole in making real money online.

Lastly, the sales funnel contains questionable products. A site that promotes duplicate content and a program from a company charged with being a pyramid scheme are presented to customers once they sign up for the site.

I don’t think I can say good about why they did what they did with the upsells, other than it’s just to prey upon those who know nothing about duplicate content or the fraudulent company itself.

As a word to the wise, it’s best to avoid any product created by Ewen Chia. His reputation online precedes him, and I would invite you to do more reading about who he is after reading my article.

On another note, there are better and more reliable affiliate marketing courses and platforms available online.

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