Copy Paste Income Review - Yet Another Lie from Ewen Chia!

Copy Paste Income Review – Yet Another Lie from Ewen Chia!

Welcome to my Copy Paste Income review!

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking the time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's a great way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online 🙂

Ewen Chia, founder of Copy Paste Income, claimed that you can easily make $3,052.68 in one weekend by just copying and pasting stuff... (So what exactly are you copying?)

copy paste income scam

I wanna laugh at you Ewen...for selling such false hopes when yourself is a renowned speaker

Why the number is $3,052.68, so exact? I don't know.

But one thing I can guarantee you is that this is just a fake made up number to capture your attention.

In this Copy Past Income review, let me help you discover the UGLY TRUTHS behind this hyped up product...

Copy Paste Income Review Summary

Product Name: Copy Paste Income

Founder: Ewen Chia

Product Type: Very Basic Affiliate Marketing Training & Resources 

Price: $37 + NUMEROUS Upsells & Downsells

Best For: Ewen Chia himself and affiliates promoting the product

copy paste income review

Summary: Copy Paste Income is just another sales funnel created by Ewen Chia to promote his products and make more money for himself. This is evident in the techniques he used within the product which I'll be exposing to you very soon in this review.

Rating: 15/100

Recommended: No


What is Copy Paste Income?

Copy Paste Income is an extremely hyped-up ClickBank product claiming to help you make thousands of dollars online with minimal effort.

As its name suggests, Ewen claimed that the ONLY skill you need to make money with his program is the ability to "Copy & Paste".

He also claimed that:

  • Copy Paste Income is the fastest & most profitable way to get an online business started & making thousands of dollars on autopilot
  • It only takes less than 10 minutes to set up
  • AND...You should be preparing for a life where you have more money than you know what to do with...
is copy paste income a scam
copy paste income review

I know these are all very temping for beginners. But as an experienced marketer, I can confidently tell you that none of those are real.

They are just some unrealistic & exaggerated claims to lure you into buying Ewen's product.

Another thing is that they keep using all these income screenshots to make it seem like making money online is very easy and all it takes is just to invest in the right system...

copy paste income
copy paste income hype

Unfortunately, I have to honestly tell you that making money online is really not that easy.

It's possible to achieve such results of few hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day. But it takes A LOT of hard work prior to that.

For those who have already succeeded online, you'll never know how hard they've worked on their business day and night unless they reveal that to you.

By the way, I'm not criticizing Copy Paste Income simply based on my own opinion. I have included some solid proofs in this review. So stay tuned!

4 figure monthly passive income
Jerry Huang, Founder of Smart Affiliate Success

I'm Jerry!

I Created My Own 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income at just 21 Years Old!

Who is Ewen Chia?

I feel that I need to reveal to you who is Ewen Chia because you'll be shocked, just like myself.

Ewen is a Singaporean internet marketer who started his online business back in 1997.

He has been featured in media around the world, made millions online and written a best-selling print book called "How I made my first million on the Internet".

Not only that, he has spoken at various events and shared stage who some of the top speakers in the world.

Below is a video showing Ewen speaking at National Achievers Congress:

I must say, this kind of achievements is very inspiring and admirable for many people.

Since he is so successful, people will naturally have a good impression on the products he offered.

That's the exact reason I am so disappointed at Ewen. He is taking advantage of people's trust on him and make unethical money by selling extremely hyped-up, misleading and low quality products online.

Let me prove to you in just a moment...

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How Does Copy Paste Income Work?

If you're clever enough, you'll know that what's being claimed by Ewen is not true. So how exactly does his Copy Paste Income work?

Here's what you need to know...

Copy Paste Income is a program helping you to make money online via the business model called affiliate marketing.

But it is teaching outdated strategies that don't work anymore in today's world.

The reason why Ewen claimed that you only need the skill of "copy & paste" is because his "secret method" is just "giving away free viral ebooks".

Basically, Ewen has ready-made Ebooks with PLR contents for you to give out. (PLR contents are generic and re-purposed contents)

All you need to do is to find affiliate products online and insert your own affiliate links in the Ebooks you give out.

Whenever someone clicks through your affiliate link and purchase something, you earn a commission.

So, how to give out your Ebooks?

Ewen teaches you to post these Ebooks on sites like Slide Share, Forums and FB Groups.

That's it!

If you have some experience in internet marketing, you'll know that these techniques don't work today.

Even if you're new to this, just think about yourself...

When was the last time you really sit down, took your time and read an Ebook seriously?

Probably that never even happened before, right?

If you're not doing it yourself, why do you think people will read your low quality Ebook and purchase something via your affiliate link within the content?

Not only that, posting low quality content on any social media, groups or Forum without engagements has no benefit to you because it's impossible to yield any results out of that.

Can you start to see why Copy Paste Income is a low quality product that doesn't work?

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Inside Copy Paste Income

Now, let's take a look inside Copy Paste Income. There are only 3 main components within the member's area.

The rest are just crap. I'll prove to you real soon...

1. Coaching Videos

There are 6 coaching videos made by Ewen himself teaching you the concept of giving away free Ebooks to make money via affiliate marketing.

If you add everything together, it's only about 2.5 hours of content teaching you some outdated techniques that don't work today.

Below are the details about these videos:

  • Video 1: How to Choose a Profitable Niche [36:53]
  • Video 2: Finding Relevant Affiliate Products to Promote [16:43]
  • Video 3: Researching Relevant & Targeted Keywords [10:06]
  • Video 4: Create Mini Ebook [39:18]
  • Video 5: Promote Ebooks with Your Own Affiliate Links [46:22]
  • Video 6: Advanced Strategy (Email Marketing) [06:43]

The "Advanced Strategy" in the last video seems to be teaching you about Email Marketing on the surface.

But in reality, it's all about promoting another Ewen's product called Autopilot Profits which I've recently exposed on this website as well.

2. Copy Paste Ebooks

There are 10 pre-written and rebranded Ebooks which you can just swap the ClickBank ID and use it as your own.

copy paste ebooks

There are also some information on how to create your own Ebooks but the content is really basic. You can easily find much better information online for Free.

The problem with these Ebooks is that they're not unique at all.

Imagine one thousand people buy into Ewen's Copy Paste Income and start using these exact same Ebooks to grow their business, do you think it's gonna work?

3. Support

There are only 2 very simple support methods - Email Support and Helpdesk where you can view some FAQs or submit a support ticket.

As expected, it'll take a very long time before you even get a response.

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Copy Paste Income Ugly Truths Revealed!

Now comes to the most exciting part.

Like I've said before, I always review products based on real proofs. So here it is...

1. FAKE Testimonials

Within the sales page of Copy Paste Income, Ewen used a testimonial claiming that this particular person called Brittany has test out the system and start making hundreds of dollars per day just by plugging into his system...

Look at what I've found, this picture is actually a stock photo on Free Images. In other words, this is a completely fabricated testimonial and Brittany is just a fictitious character.

copy paste income fake testimonial

If Copy Paste Income is really that good and you can make quick and easy money, why do they have to use fake testimonials?

In fact, this type of sales technique is nothing new. I've reviewed tons of scam products and they are all using fake testimonials.

Just take a look at products like Tube Profit Sniper, Fast Earners Club and Affiliate Millionaire Club, just to name a few.

2. FAKE Ferrari?!

Although fake testimonial alone is a strong enough reason for you to stay away from this product, it's not the end.

At the bottom of the Copy Paste Income sales page, you can find Ewen bragging about how luxurious his life is.

He even claimed that he can drive whatever he wants. He even included a Ferrari picture.

You know how ridiculous this is?

After some research, I found out that this particular Ferrari Enzo is actually owned by Nicolas Cage, a famous American actor, director and producer.

You can see the proof here at this website!

copy paste income fake

How ridiculous it is for Ewen to claim that this is his own Ferrari, LOL.

I guess he was just searching for a Ferrari picture online to put it inside his sales page and happen to stumble upon this one. But he didn't know this isn't a randon Ferrair, but Nicolas Cage's Ferrari Enzo.

3. Full of Unrealistic HYPE!

I think this requires no further explanation.

Just take a look at all the misleading income claims, proofs and how little effort one is required to put into this business.

All of them are lies after lies.

4. Upsells Galore

I guess "upsell" is the signature feature for any of Ewen's product.

I've reviewed another product by Ewen called Autopilot Profits, which has 14 upsells in the member's area!! 

The funny thing is that Copy Paste Income is one of the upsell included in Autopilot Profits while Autopilot Profits is one of the upsells included in Copy Paste Income.

What I've found is that there's only ONE purpose for ALL of his products, and that is to cross-promote all the other products from him and even promote other affiliate products.

copy paste income members area

Copy Paste Income Member's Area is Full of UPSELLS!

As you can see in the screenshot above, the core training is only a very small part of the entire member's area.

Majority of the resources there are all upsells. That's why I said the rest are just crap!

copy paste income upsells

The above screenshot is the immediate upsells at the check out page of Copy Paste Income. Ewen is the only marketer I've seen so far who dare to include so many upsells immediately when people are purchasing the front-end offer.

5. Outdated Strategies

Again, I've explained this earlier on.

Giving away free Ebooks and posting on article directories, forums and FB groups no longer work today.

Today, you have to build your own websites or funnels and offer real quality values to your readers first even before asking anything in return.

Legit programs will teach you how to take action on building these elements while scams will simply lie to you how easy it is for you to make easy money.

6. Everyone Can Access the Member's Area?!

This is another shocking discovery!!

I thought Copy Paste Income is a paid product where you can only get access to if you pay $37 or $27(downsell)?

NO, you're wrong!

Anyone can get access to the member's area by going to this link.

7. Banner Ads in a Paid Member's Area?

Last but not least, there are a couple of Advertisements within Copy Paste Income member's area:

copy paste income banner

Paid members area full of Ads?

This kind of Ads should only appear on platforms that offer Free information. Yet, you're still seeing such Ads when you've paid $27 or $37 for it.

Oh wait, for people who have the link, you can actually get access to this platform for Free. So ya...

Anyway, when I clicked on all these banners, they all led me to the same landing page, 7 Figure Franchise's landing page.

7 Figure Franchise is another product I've reviewed before by Michael Cheney. You can read more about the reasons why I do not recommend this product in my 7 Figure Franchise review here.

Apparently, Ewen is just trying to squeeze some more money from you by putting his own affiliate links within the member's area.

How awful and unethical is that?

It's very clear that Ewen is just trying to make more money for himself!

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What I Like About Copy Paste Income...

1. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

First of all, since this is a ClickBank product, Copy Paste Income has a 60-day refund period.

At least innocent people can still get their money back when they found out they can actually access this product for FREE.

2. Legit Business Model

There really isn't any other benefit for this product, especially when Ewen is using so many unethical means to make money.

But for the balance sake, here's another advantage of Copy Paste Income...

At least Copy Paste Income is based on Affiliate Marketing, a legitimate business model which I highly recommend. (but not with this product of course!)

Is Copy Paste Income a Scam?

It's really hard to conclude whether Copy Paste Income is a scam. Since this product has some real training, it's not a scam judging from this perspective.

But there are lots of misleading information and claims throughout the sales funnel.

So regardless of whether it is a scam, I would advice you to stay far away from this product as much as possible.

You're really not going to make any money from a product which uses fake testimonials and even fake Ferrari...

Who is Really Making Money with Copy Paste Income?

Apart from Ewen himself, there's a group of people making real money from Copy Paste Income...

copy paste income affiliate program guessed it right!

The affiliates promoting this product is making some real money. Whilst the victims are those who buy into this low quality product because it's impossible for them to make any money.

So, do you want to be the affiliates promoting products you like to make money or being a victim of such products?

By the way, I'm not asking you to promote low quality products like Copy Paste Income.

I'm just telling you that learning the right way to run affiliate marketing business is very important.

If you agree with me, you should check out my top recommended program - Wealthy Affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best place for you to learn and earn from affiliate marketing.

There are no fake testimonials and no fake Ferrari. More importantly, there is no upsells!

You'll be learning how to build your own website and how to promote your affiliate products with techniques that work today and not just simply giving a Free Ebooks.

I'll be there to guide you personally 🙂

Jerry Huang

Jerry is a young aspiring Internet Entrepreneur who started his online business at the age of 18. He is currently a Full-time Affiliate Marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, a community to help anyone start their own online business without prior experience. He actually achieved Financial Independence at the young age of 21. Read more about his story here!

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Khan - July 16, 2018

Hi Jerry,

Excellent review. I am fond of reading your site reviews. Your whole site looks very beautiful.

One question related to this program: though the site is full of fake testimonials and false promises, are such sites still allowed to be sold on Clickbank?

Clickbank is a legit platform but why they are listing such sites on their platform?

    Jerry Huang - July 16, 2018

    Hey Khan,

    First of all, thanks for your encouraging words and I’m glad you like my site.

    As for your question about ClickBank, that’s a really good questions.

    To be honest, I’m pretty disappointed about ClickBank. It’s a legit platform yet it’s selling so many scam products on their site.

    They claimed to improve their product screening system some time back, but it’s pretty clear that nothing has really changed. There are still a ton of scam products on ClickBank.


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