Increased Online Brand Exposure – Best SEO Tactics to Implement

Increased Online Brand Exposure – Best SEO Tactics to Implement

A brand, whether it’s of an established or a start-up company, is a precious asset. It is truer when you've invested a considerable amount of time, money and other resources in creating and building it.

Enhancing and expanding brand awareness is one of the core priorities today. Since online marketing is the order of the day, it’s essential to increase your brand exposure online. 

However, from time to time the search engines are updating their algorithms. Therefore, your brand needs to opt-in for new tactics while executing online brand awareness tactics.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics play a significant role in enhancing the online brand exposure.

Yours is an online business so you will have to depend on SEO tactics for better brand recall and awareness.

You can count on an SEO agency for this. Reach out to one based on your location. If you are in Los Angeles, you can search for Los Angeles SEO Agency and select the one based on the search results and your requirements.

Alternatively, you can resort to the following SEO tactics for brand awareness and exposure...


1. Work on Your Brand Popularity

Unless your brand is something close to a Rado or Jimmy Choo, the prospects will take some time to look up for you online.

The search engine design is user-based and not brand based.  

Hence, when you include your site using brand keywords, chances are your search performance is likely to suffer. 

It's because nobody is searching the keywords.

So, you're not yet a very famous brand, and you want your prospects to be searching for you? If yes, make use of keywords that your existing and potential clients are using.

2. Assess Your Data 

You need to evaluate all SEO data.

Without this, you won't be able to make any constructive changes.

Also, do you want to arrive at an updated decision for executing your brand awareness tactics?

If yes, data analysis is essential. It will help you to know more about the blog content, keyword and landing page performance and many more.

Furthermore, you will also get to know the keywords and web pages are essential for your online audience.

3. On-Page SEO and Brand Awareness 

One of the crucial SEO challenges is finalizing the keyword set you want to target.

For instance, your brand, which sells women’s watches, has been using the keyword "chic women's watches" all the while.

It could be that your analytics team suggests that you now make use of "exclusive women's watches" as your keyword.

It is not bad news. You necessarily don’t have to change the entire keyword. You can still retain the old one and use the new keyword simultaneously. It will enhance your search performance.

4. Work on Your Meta Description 

Search engines usually don’t make use of Meta description.

But the users read Meta descriptions to understand the critical web page they need to browse through.

Hence, it's crucial to make your Meta description compelling and fact driven. So, you have to keep the brand keywords aside.

5. Page Title is Essential  

The search engines scan the web page titles to draw the page data.

It is a crucial area to place priority on your prospects-based keywords.

Do you also want to use the brand keyword on your page title? If yes, then make sure they get placed after the primary keyword.  

6. Work on The Headline 

The headline is the place where the marketers place catchy taglines. And this has to be very informative.

When you have an informative tagline, it works in your favor.

For instance, when you have a tagline that says "Assisting you to improve your sales", there's not much information available from it. It is partly directionless.

But when you have a tagline that reads like this – “Improve your business with inbound marketing tactics”, you know it says a lot more than what it did previously. 

Even though the tagline for your brand, but it still is more informative and compelling.

7. The Importance of Design 

Your company image is in everything.

Right from your web content to the brand logo on your web page, each aspect has relevance.

Therefore, you need to take good care of your website design. Your online users should want to browse through your site, owing to its uniqueness.

Simultaneously, it should enable the users to navigate through the website easily without any hassles.

8. Page Body is Essential 

Your online audience will not know much about your brand name, service and products at the first go.

For instance, they might be browsing through your website as they wanted to know more on marketing automation. But they are yet to find out the specific product or service your company offers about their search.

If you specialize and are selling marketing automation software online, you need to inform your online audience about it. It enables them to get engaged with your brand.

This way you can make them know more on the brand terminology part.

The Trade-Offs for Both Brand and SEO

If you have decided to build your brand using SEO, chances are you will have trade-offs to encounter.

You won’t be able to change the manner in which people would search for your service or product. Hence, it's essential that you smartly tweak your brand. 

Has your company done a stellar job in building a brand that caters to your customer?

If yes, then you will be keener on using the tactics, content, and keywords that SEO and they are searching for.

Additionally, the famous brands also have made errors that have made them irrelevant to users from time to time.

Hence, it is essential that you sync in your branding and SEO initiatives keeping in mind the people that matter the most for you. It has to be your existing and potential customers.

 When you decide to make these initiatives buyer persona-driven, you will be able to build both SEO and brand effectively.

Today's online marketing world is challenging. It's dynamic and competitive.

To make a profit, customers need to remember your brand and your product offerings.

With an increased inflow of online brands, you need to use the right SEO tactics for online brand exposure. Implement the steps discussed above and check out the difference for yourself.

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