What Is NuLife Ventures? A Health and Wellness MLM That Sells Water?!

What Is NuLife Ventures? A Health and Wellness MLM That Sells Water?!

Welcome to my NuLife Ventures review!

Sometimes in the MLM industry, you’ll find a one or two companies that try to market unusual products. By unusual, we mean something that’s not usually offered by majority of the MLM companies.

Case in point, we’re about to review a company that markets healthy water tumblers and a water supplement. As far as we’re concerned, these are just placebo products at best.

This is NuLife Ventures.

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with NuLife Ventures in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal what this water-based MLM is going to sell you...

NuLife Ventures Review Summary

Product Name:  NuLife Ventures

Founder:  Bill Resides, Bob Doran, and Joey Bird

Product Type:  Health and Wellness MLM

Price:  $280 membership cost + Various starters

Best For:  No one!

What Is NuLife Ventures Image Summary

Summary:  NuLife Ventures is a health and wellness MLM that markets hydrogen water machines. Just like it sounds, it's an expensive program to get into, and it's difficult to make money from this program. There's also a few things wrong with the compensation plan, which we'll explain later.

Rating: 30/100

Recommended: No!


What is NuLife Ventures?

NuLife Ventures is a MLM or multi-level marketing company that operates in the health and wellness products. However, they’re not the usual health and wellness company. They sell a water apparatus and a water supplement, which we’ll explore later on.

On their landing page, you won’t find any information as to who owns the company or who runs it. However, we found their Facebook page. One of the posts showed the brains behind this company.

What Is NuLife Ventures - Founders

What Is NuLife Ventures - Founders

As you see here, Bill Resides is listed as the CEO, Bob Doran as EVP, and Joey Bird as CSA. Bird and Doran are listed as co-founders of the company.

Why this information wasn’t available on their website, but available on their social media, we’ll never know.

Prior to starting NuLife Ventures¸ Resides and Bird were involved in a pyramid scheme called FlexKom. Resides was named Country Manager for FlexKom in 2014. Meanwhile, Doran wass promoting another scheme called North American Power, which collapsed in 2015.

We were unable to identify the exact date that NuLife Ventures was established. Their website footer lists their copyright at 2014, but the domain itself wasn’t registered until 2016.

The Facebook page wasn’t created until 2019. The company YouTube videos were uploaded 11 months ago.

So, how long they’ve been around, we’ll never know. We’re inclined to think that they’re only a year old or two.

NuLife Ventures Product Line

NuLife Ventures presents various products in the health and wellness niche, specifically:

  • Hydrogen water machines
  • Nitric Oxide booster
  • Anti-Aging Face Mask
What Is NuLife Ventures - Water Machine Products

What Is NuLife Ventures - Water Machine Products

The NuLife Ventures Hydrogen Water Machines were manufactured by a company called Echo, and they sell the following:

  • Echo H2 Pitcher –  Priced at $1195 and promises to make hydrogen water portable
  • Echo H2 Machine – Priced at $2795 and is the first water machine from Echo to have the Hydrogen module
  • Echo H2 Server – The newest model priced at $2495
  • Echo H2 Ultimate – No retail pricing yet, but is called the “ultimate hydrogen water machine”

Nox+ is a Nitric oxide supplement that NuLife Ventures claims to increase your blood flow. The retail pricing is not provided anywhere.

Sedona Face Mask is their anti-aging face mask. They claim that users enjoy the benefits of a beautiful skin thanks to the PMF Therapy (Pulsating Magnetic Fields), which improves blood circulation and increases oxygen supply in the skin.

Retail pricing for the mask is currently unavailable.

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Does The Product Work?

All right, let’s talk about two of their products.

What the heck is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen gas dissolved in water results in Hydrogen water. Hydrogen is a potent source of antioxidant and helps reduce oxidative stress.

Hydrogen water has gone through 12 years of research and hundreds of studies. Note that the studies are not related to NuLife Ventures. These studies are all about hydrogen water in general.

There are no studies done to prove that NuLife Ventures’s, or Echo’s, hydrogen water machines work as promised.

What about Nitric oxide?

Well, Nitric oxide is a natural chemical needed by the body, and is produced by every type of cell. This chemical contributes to the molecules necessary for blood vessel health.

It’s a form of vasodilator, which relaxes the inner muscles of the blood vessels, allowing it to widen. This increases your blood flow and helps relieve blood pressure.

Its benefits include:

  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Decrease muscle soreness
  • Lower blood pressure

However, there’s no way to verify these claims for NuLife Ventures’s Nitric Oxide product.

Note that therapeutic claims have to be verified by the FDA, and that these will have to be tested as well.

How To Make Money with NuLife Ventures?

NuLife Ventures offers two ways to make money from their program:

  • Retail commissions from selling products
  • Recruitment commissions from building a team and selling as a team

How To Get Started with NuLife Ventures?

The membership alone costs $280. Then you’ll have to buy the Avacen bundle packages:

  • Avacen 100 – $4275, includes an Avacen 100 machine
  • Business Builder Package – $6475, includes an Avacen 100 machine and carry bag
  • Avacen Pro – $7275, includes Avacen Pro machine
  • Practitioners Package – $9475, includes Avacen Pro and Avacen 100 machine with carry bag

NuLife Ventures Compensation Plan

Commission Qualifications

You earn a commission on selling class 1 or class 2 products. Class 1 products are Avacen devices.

Class 1 Commission Qualification

To qualify on these Class 1 products, you must:

  • sign up as a member and purchase or sell at least 250 PV worth of products to a retail customer or recruited affiliate;
  • maintain 60 PV in retail sales every 30 days.

Personal Volume refers to sales volume generated by product sales.

Only PV is tied to product purchases:

  • Avacen 100 – 3000 PV
  • Business Builder – 4500 CV
  • Avacen Pro – 5500 CV
  • Practitioners Package – 7000 CV
Class 2 Commission Qualification

To qualify for Class 2 commissions, you must:

  • sign up as a member and purchase or sell a Class 2 order to a retail customer or personally recruited affiliate;
  • complete a certification course provided by NuLife Ventures; and
  • maintain sale of a Class 2 order over a rolling 180 day period.

Passed-up Commissions

You get a pass-up commission produced by your Class 1 or 2 sale. These commissions are for up-line members who also qualify for them.

To qualify for this commission, you must sponsor members who purchase a Class 1 or 2 product.

Retail Commissions

There’s no information as to how much you can earn from retail commissions. All we know is that you’re getting products at wholesale and selling at retail.

They don’t even talk about this in great detail in their videos.

Sponsoring Commissions

You get a 16% commission when you sponsor affiliates who start with an Avacen Package. The rates are as follows:

  • Sponsor an Avacen 100 package affiliate and receive $480
  • Sponsor a Business Builder package affiliate and receive $720
  • Sponsor an Avacen Pro package affiliate and receive $880
  • Sponsor a Practitioners Package affiliate and receive $1120

Residual Commissions

You get a percentage of sales made by your downline members. These are coded bonuses and maxed out at 11%

NuLife Ventures Ugly Truths Revealed!

#1 Expensive Products

Their products are on the expensive side of things, and that’s probably the biggest reason why you’re never going to successfully sell these products.

You’re looking at thousands of dollars to move products, even if they are on wholesale.

You can basically install an Alkaline water system for less than this.

#2 Expensive To Join

The cost to join the program is expensive, so much so that they even offer financing to help you get started.

You’re already going into debt the moment you sign up, and the fact that products are expensive means that you’re going to shell out a lot of money for minimal to no payout.

#3 Product-Based Pyramid Scheme

Our main concern here is their compensation plan, and it literally doesn’t show any other incentive for retail sales.

This doesn’t mean that they’re a pyramid scheme automatically. The FTC stipulates that MLM companies should be focused more on retail than recruitment. Violating that guideline gives them a red flag.

If the FTC investigates the company, you know they’re going to be in trouble.

What I Like About NuLife Ventures?

I don’t have anything positive to say about the company simply because it’s just suspicious in terms of what it is.

Is NuLife Ventures a Scam?

There’s a lot of red flags raised by this NuLife Ventures review, but not so much so that we’ll conclude it’s a pyramid scheme.

It’s not a program we want to recommend to anyone because there’s no way to make money from their compensation plan.

  • The products and membership fees are expensive, so it’s going to be difficult to recoup your expenses.
  • The incentives are solely based on recruitment, which is a huge red flag for the FTC.

Stay away from this program.

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