Quick Home Websites Review - Another Get Rich Quick Scheme Exposed!

Quick Home Websites Review – Another Get Rich Quick Scheme Exposed!

Welcome to my Quick Home Websites review!

99% of affiliate marketing scams that are prevalent in the industry today involve get-rich-quick schemes. One of the most common schemes being a system that supposedly “copies websites”.

To the uninformed marketers, the system sounds promising and could actually work. Unfortunately, these systems don’t really work at all.

One of the schemes that we’re going to discuss today is Quick Home Websites.

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with Quick Home Websites in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal what this scheme is all about and why you're not going to make any money from it. 

Quick Home Websites Review Summary

Product Name:  Quick Home Websites

Founder:  Jake (Not real)

Product Type:  Affiliate Marketing System

Price:  $37 plus upsells

Best For:  No One! 

Quick Home Websites Review Image Summary

Summary:  Quick Home Websites is an affiliate marketing system that works by copying other people's websites that are already making money. It's a stupid program that doesn't work and I'm about to expose the BS underneath this system. The fake owner information and fake testimonials are just some of the red flags we raised during the review. 

Rating: 1/100

Recommended:  No!


What is Quick Home Websites?

Quick Home Websites appears to be a new website for making money online, founded by a marketer named Jake.

In the sales video, he talks about how he was struggling to make ends meet until he uncovered the algorithm to make thousands of dollars a day. And now, he’s going to show you this system for a few dollars.

Quick Home Websites Review - Landing Page

He says that it’s going to be the best investment you’ll make in your life.

Sadly, Quick Home Websites is a replica of another scam that I recently reviewed call Copy My Email System or CMES.

I don’t know if the actual owners of the program are lazy because they just replaced the texts from CMES’ website with texts from Quick Home Websites.

Inside Quick Home Websites

Watching the sales video made me realize that Quick Home Websites is also a copy of another site called Viral Cash App. Again, these websites must belong to one group only since the template for the website is used for all of them.

Quick Home Websites Review - Copying Websites

Now, the sales video promises that you can make thousands of dollars in a single day by copying websites that are already making that amount of money.

If this was a legitimate way to make money, we’d all be doing it, right?

You just need to sign up on their landing page, hand over the money, and then you’ll be given the websites that are supposedly going to copy other websites.

How this happens, you will never know because the sales video doesn’t explain how the copying process works.

In fact, the sales video only contains hype and fake promises about making a lot of money. 

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How Quick Home Websites Actually Works?

Now here’s how the program really works. The only thing that the program is selling is a dream of making thousands of dollars online per day.

They are actually farming you for your cash and personal information, which they can use to further promote new scams or to sell to third-party market research companies.

The only one making a lot of money here is the owner of Quick Home Websites. You won’t be making a single cent here on their program, and you’ll be flooded with spams about new scams coming from them.

Does It Only Cost $37?

According to Jake, Quick Home Websites costs $37, and you can already start to make thousands of dollars in a day.

But like I said, the claim is too good to be true. Sure, affiliate marketing can actually help you earn that amount of money in a day, but it takes years of hard work and effort to get to that level.

There are several factors behind a website being able to earn money, and at the volume that Quick Home Websites is promising, you would need thousands of visitors in a day coming in and out of your website. But this doesn’t happen overnight.

After you pay the $37 sign-up fee, you’ll also be presented with upsells once you sign up for the member’s area. 

These upsells are more expensive than Quick Home Websites and will do absolutely nothing to supplement your income.

Who's Quick Home Websites For?

No one. It’s clear that Quick Home Websites is a scam and I will prove it in the next section.

Quick Home Websites Ugly Truths Revealed!

#1 – Copying Websites Is Illegal In More Ways Than One!

On their sales vide, Jake says that the way to make money via Quick Home Websites is that their system replicates another website that’s already making money and having you earn the same amount minus the hard work.

But it just doesn’t work that way. There’s no legitimate software out there that literally duplicates a website. Even if there was, you’d be in trouble with the law for plagiarism, intellectual property issues, and other legal issues.

What the program is basically giving you is a one-page website that’s not even your own domain because you’re only hosted on theirs.

Even if you were able to duplicate a site successfully, from the layout to the content, the search engines would penalize you faster than you could say “QUICK HOME WEBSITES”.

Google and other search engines are very particular about duplicate content. Your site will be buried in the 1000th page of Google SERP’s before you could even make a single dollar.

#2 – Fake Testimonials!

It’s no surprise that the scam uses fake testimonials to add more hype to their program. Based from Jake’s sales pitch, hundreds of members are making thousands of dollars already and they’re willing to talk about their experience with Quick Home Websites.

Unfortunately, these successful members are not real persons at all because these are just fake names using stock photos.

Take a look at this example:

Quick Home Websites Review - Fake Testimonials

Fake Testimonials

This is a huge red flag for anyone because this is proof that there’s nothing truthful about what they say about the program.

#3 – Jake Is Fake!

Jake does not exist, or at the very least, he’s a person hiding behind a fake persona.

Quick Home Websites Review - Jake Is Fake

Jake Is Fake

This is a common modus operandi amongst scams because they don’t want to have anything to do with their customers and potential lawsuits. That’s why sites like Quick Home Websites will do their best to hide any information that would link to their actual personage.

How can you trust a program that doesn’t even tell you who the owners are?

#4 – They Don’t Guarantee Your Success!

But the biggest twist of them all is that Quick Home Websites doesn’t guarantee your success, and they do so by providing you with this small clause in their Disclaimer:

Quick Home Websites Review - No Guarantee Disclaimer

What this basically tells you is that you can’t sue them for making false promises about making money online because you should’ve already been aware of it by reading their disclaimer.

In my opinion, I doubt that there would be anyone who’s going to succeed in making a lot of money using this website.

What I Like About Quick Home Websites?

There’s nothing I like about Quick Home Websites, despite providing you with an unbiased review. There are just a lot of red flags mentioned here in this review.

Is Quick Home Websites a Scam?

Quick Home Websites proves to be a scam because of the red flags that were raised during the review.

These red flags are huge issues in itself because these prove that there’s nothing legitimate going on within the program and that they’re only after your money.

Fake testimonials and a company that doesn’t reveal their real information are two of the biggest red flags that were raised here and these should be enough to dissuade people from joining the program.

There are tons of legitimate affiliate marketing systems out there that will help you establish your online business, but it’s not going to be Quick Home Websites.

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