Is Javita A Scam? Check What This MLM Scheme Is Brewing!

Is Javita A Scam? Check What This MLM Scheme Is Brewing!

Welcome to my Javita review!

If someone told you that you'd make money by selling coffee, then you probably got invited to a Javita marketing presentation. 

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with Javita in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal what business opportunities Javita can provide its constituents and if its products work like they're supposed to. 

Is Javita a scam, or is it the real deal? 

Let's find out...

Javita Review Summary

Product Name:  Javita

Founder:  Stan Cherelstein

Product Type:  Coffee / Tea Weight Loss Products

Price:  $99 for the Wholesale Program or $599 to get into their full compensation program plus monthly autoships depending on level entered.

Best For:  People who love to drink coffee or tea, and those who know how to directly sell products.


Summary:  Javita is an established MLM company that works within the coffee industry. There are certain aspects of the business that make me not want to recommend this to anyone. First, people have complained about their products not working like they're advertised (and I'll PROVE that right here). Second, it's a very competitive industry and members are competing against local and commercial brands and coffee shops. Lastly, it's a very expensive program to get into. 

Rating:  15/100

Recommended: No


What is Javita?

Javita Coffee Company is a sister company of another MLM or Multi-Level Marketing company Waiora. Waiora provides “healthy living” products, and Javita happens to carry their weight loss coffee product line.

Javita Homepage

Think of them as another version of Organo Gold, who also happen to market coffee products and personal care.

Javita’s CEO and founder, Stan Cherelstein, is also the CEO for Waiora, and continues to run this company to this day.

Javita Product Line

Javita’s flagship products are its one-use instant coffee sachets where you only need to add water.

Javita Products

But these are not your ordinary sachets of coffee either. Their coffee products also have their health benefits, ranging from weight loss to improving overall health.

Javita carries these products, and more:

  1. Activeblendz Products – Activeblendz is a selection of fruit drinks containing vitamins and minerals, and different herbs that help reduce cravings and appetite while supporting overall health.
  2. Burn + Control – This is coffee mixed with herbs, specifically Yerba Nate and Garcinia Cambogia, and is intended to boost your metabolism and reduce cravings.
  3. Energy + Mind – Coffee packed with antioxidants and herbslike Gotu Kola to boost mental clarity and alertness. Also includes the herbs Bacopa Monnieri to improve learning skills.
  4. Herbal Cleanse Tea – One of their non-coffee variant and is meant to help improve and maintain the digestive system to boost weight loss.
  5. Lean + Green – This is their green tea variant that contains the herb Gymnema Sylvestre to control sugar levels and Garcinia Cambogia to help suppress appetite.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a common ingredient in their products is Garcinia Cambogia, which is a herb that helps in weight loss by suppressing the appetite.

Do Their Products Work?

You don’t need to dig deep into the web to look for their reviews because I did that for you.

In terms of their products working, there are mixed reviews but most of them are quite negative.

Mixed Reviews Amazon

Most of these reviews claim that Javita products gave them upset stomachs, sleeping issues, and even the jitters.

 “But Justin, these are also side effects from when you’re drinking a cup of coffee. They could be just sensitive to caffeine.”

That would be a fair assumption since Javita is still coffee after all, but what I am getting at is these are products containing exotic herbs that supposedly have health benefits.

I am not a doctor or nutritionist, but even then, I would do a little bit of reading first and foremost before I actually put this stuff into my body.

Could it be possible that the people who complained about Javita fell prey for their representatives’ sales pitches?

It would be safe to assume, but unless I hear or watch one of their presentations, I would like to withhold my thoughts.

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How To Make Money With Javita?

Javita is still an MLM company that sells people a cup of coffee, and no, we’re not talking about the big coffee brands like Starbucks.

There are basically two ways for you to earn money via Javita:

  1. Sales volume dependent commissions – the more you sell, the more you earn
  2. Recruitment-based incentives – the more you grow your team, the more money you make.

How to get started with Javita?

In order to join Javita, prospects are given two options:

  1. $99 is your one-time fee for joining, and you’ll be able to get into the wholesale program.
  2. $599 is your one-time fee for joining if you want to get the full Javita compensation plan – from commissions to bonuses.

Members are also required to maintain a monthly product purchase (or autoship) in order to keep their status active in Javita, regardless of the level you signed on.

Javita Compensation Plan

Javita utilizes a unilevel organization for their compensation plan that expands to an infinite amount of legs and pays out to 15 levels down.

The commission pays out at a flat 4% and is based on around the total OV or Organizational Volume sold.

In other words, you are paid 4% of what your entire organization makes (hence, the focus on building a good team and the recruitment aspect).

From there, you also have the following avenues for earning money via Javita’s compensation plan:

1. Direct Sales Profit

This is probably one of the easiest methods to earn money since you’ll be earning a 30% commission when you sell your product directly to the customer from either your MyJavita website or when they place an order via Javita Member Services and gives them your Member ID.

2. First Order Bonus

This bonus is paid out based on the amount purchased by a new member in his or her first order.

First Order Bonus

There are certain requirements to meet if you want to qualify for this bonus, and one of which is to maintain a minimum of 150 PV for existing members.

3. Top Enroller Bonus

The Top Enroller Bonus is given to members who’re considered as the top enrollers each month.

Top Enroller

This bonus is based on total commissionable volume in your personally enrolled member’s first order.

4. Luxury Car Bonus

What MLM doesn’t give out a car for one of their bonuses? Oh, just Nerium and Kyani to name a few.

Car BOnus

Once you reach a certain rank in their compensation plan, you’re eligible for the Luxury Car Program and receive a monthly bonus in the form of, you guessed it, a car.

5. Team Commissions

I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed an MLM opportunity that doesn’t have team-based commissions.

Team Commissions

Javita’s Team Commissions is pretty straightforward. The higher you are in the organizational structure, the more money you’ll earn from your downline.

Their unilevel compensation structure pays out up to 15 levels deep, so they are really allowing their members to build the biggest teams possible.

I don’t want to spend most of my time explaining their compensation plan, so if you want specifics, check out this video.

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Javita Ugly Truths Revealed

#1 - Their Products Don’t Work

I am not happy with calling any company out for their overhyped products, but it has to be done.

Elevate Weight Loss

Javita claims that they are not your usual “band-aid solution” to weight problems, and that their products can take your weight loss efforts to the next level.

But when I dug up their product reviews, I was immediately disappointed to find out that their products don’t even work (and by work, I mean give the benefits that they claim to have).

So, humor me as I dissect the following Amazon reviews from their products:

Amazon 1
Amazon 2

Apparently, the people who took Javita claimed that they did not lose weight and even one review called out those who claimed to have lost a lot of weight with Javita products.

Granted, there are several factors that can be attributed to weight loss, like exercise and diet.

But come on, a weight loss product needs to do the bare minimum, which is to control weight and/or to control appetite.

And based on the reviews that I read, even they claimed that their appetites were not suppressed.

#2 - There’s Too Much Competition

If you carefully check the prices of their products, there’s no denying that theirs is a little too expensive, even for a cup of coffee.

I mean what makes them any different from other coffees and teas that are available in the local market?

And don’t even get me started on commercial coffee brands like Starbucks. If I wanted expensive coffee, I’d go to the nearest Starbucks or any coffee shop to get my caffeine fix.

#3 - Expensive Joining Fees And Products

$99 and $599 to join a program? Are you kidding me?

I get that members will be working within a multi-billion-dollar industry, but unless they’re selling great tasting coffee products that work and are worth the money, there’s no way for anyone to make their money back.

I mean, who would spend $35 for a box of 24 sachets that would deprive them of sleep or give them an upset stomach?

Why would I claim something like that? It’s just this missing document called the Income Disclosure Statement that would let me see how much their members are earning.

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What I Like About Javita

#1 - Their Products Are Compact And Easy to Store

Javita’s boxes of coffee sachets are relatively small, so there’s no issue with inventory space and storage. You can easily carry them around as well when you’re doing your presentation.

I always try to be objective and balanced in my arguments, but despite all of my best efforts in researching and reading, I could only find one benefit for Javita.

Is Javita A Scam?

Javita is a well-established MLM company working within the coffee industry, so no, it’s not a scam. However, there are certain aspects that make me not want to recommend their business opportunity to anyone.

First, their products don’t work and people are complaining about various side effects ranging from upset stomach to insomnia.

I don’t see how anyone could market these products knowing that their products don’t give out the results they promise.

Second, there’s too much competition in their industry and it’s being dominated by commercial brands. To make things worse, their coffee is way more expensive than other coffee and tea brands available in the market.

Lastly, it’s too expensive to get into their program. You have to pay at least $600 to avail of their compensation package and there are better options out there that can help you earn income.

How I Make A Living Online?

I'm not a fan of MLM, not because it's illegal or not profitable, but because of all the restrictions and the expensive costs involved.

Instead, Affiliate Marketing is my top recommended business model for anyone to make money online.

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  • You don't have to recruit anyone to make money
  • You have the freedom to promote any products you want and not being restricted to only promote the products from one MLM company
  • It's Free to get started

In fact, with affiliate marketing...

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