Is Gold Opinions a Scam? (I think it's not even worth a PENNY)

Is Gold Opinions a Scam? (I think it’s not even worth a PENNY)

Do you want to get paid up to $50 per survey? I'm sure many of you would. But the first question will always be is it a scam? Because that just sounds too good to be true.

And that's the case for Gold Opinions. Gold Opinions claim that you can make $50 per premium survey with them. In this review, let me reveal to truth and justify whether Gold Opinions is a scam or not...

Gold Opinions Review Summary

Product Name: Gold Opinions (Click here to join)

Founder: Paul Parker Unknown

Product Type: Paid Survey Intermediary

Price: $1 (7-Day Trial) + $27/month

Best For: The Owner

gold opinions ad

Summary: Gold Opinions is a paid survey intermediary scam. It's just a product on ClickBank that is trying to make money from innocent people. Don't be misled by their unrealistic promises like making $50 per survey!

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No


What is Gold Opinions?

Gold Opinions claim themselves to be an online paid survey portal where you can take a wide range of surveys and get paid lucrative rewards by just sharing your opinions.

Let's just take a look at some of their claims:

gold opinions claims

Gold Opinions misleading claims

As an experienced internet marketer and someone with experience in online surveys, my instinct told me that this is just BS.

If you have tried online surveys before, you should know that normally you'll only get paid a few cents or up to a dollar per survey. The numbers they claim is just not possible.

In fact, here's a case study on Upfuel about taking online surveys. You'll see that at most you can only make up to a hundred or two hundred dollars per month, if you put in a lot of time and effort.

There's a huge difference from the one Gold Opinions promise you.

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The Ugly Truths Revealed

1. Gold Opinions is NOT a Paid Survey Site

It is just an intermediary between survey takers and market research companies, in other words, it's just a "middleman".

You'll not be taking surveys directly on Gold Opinion's website. Instead, you'll be referred to sign up with other survey companies to take surveys. And you'll be paid directly by these survey companies, not Gold Opinions. So Gold Opinions have no control over your earnings.

Also, I'm sure Gold Opinions can make money as an affiliate in this process. So the more survey companies you sign up, the more money they make.

They're acting as an affiliate marketer in this whole process.

2. Gold Opinions is a ClickBank Product

According to wikiHow, a legitimate survey site won't ask you to pay in order to take surveys. 

However, Gold Opinions is asking for a $27 monthly membership fee for you to take surveys and make money with them. This is a big red flag!

They explain why there a fee to join in their FAQ page.

gold opinions faq

Basically, they said that because they don't take any commission from the money you earn and it's expensive to maintain the site, so you have to pay a fee for their "service".

But like I've said, Gold Opinions have no control over your earnings, simply because they are just an affiliate. So it's impossible for them to take any percentage of commission from you. That's why the only way for them to make money is to charge you a monthly fee.

If you scroll all the way down to the bottom on their sales page, you'll see the disclaimer saying that "ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site".

What this means is that Gold Opinions is just a product being sold on ClickBank. Their goal is to make money for themselves, not helping you to make money.

There's no legitimate paid survey charges a monthly fee and sells on ClickBank. 

I have reviewed a similar but legitimate paid survey site and it's completely free to join them. You can check out my Survey Junkie review here. It's one of the only few paid survey sites that are legitimate.

3. Gold Opinions is a Clone Product!

This is probably the most shocking truth being revealed.

Take a look at the sales page of Gold Opinions:

gold opinions sales page

Gold Opinions Sales Page

And then look at the following websites:

photography jobs online sales page

Photography Jobs Online Sales Page

Tutor Jobs Online Sales Page

Tutor Jobs Online Sales Page

Writng Jobs Online Sales Page

Writng Jobs Online Sales Page

Gaming Jobs Online Sales Page

Gaming Jobs Online Sales Page

These are 4 other different websites offering different services:

But they have the exact same design, layout and sales tactics. Not only that, they are all being sold on ClickBank and  promising the same things in their sales page.

"$8,000,000 is the amount our happy members have been paid to date"

This sentence is used not just in Gold Opinions but other websites from the same founder as well. Do you still believe that it true?

I'm sure they're just making up this number to convince innocent visitors.

If you're observant enough, I've crossed out the founder of Gold Opinions and put "unknown". Because I think "Paul Parker" is just a name they use to promote that product.

At the same time, they're using different names to promote other products from the same founder, who is unknown to the public.

Just from this point alone, I can conclude that Gold Opinions is a scam because they are not honest at all. It's just another money-making product from a mysterious marketer.

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Pro & Cons

The Good

  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee: As usual, there's a money-back guarantee with ClickBank products but we don't know how hard it is to get your refund if you request for it.

The Bad

  • "Pay to Play": You have to pay them in order to get access to a list of their survey providers, which can be easily found online for FREE. As I have always said, any paid survey sites that ask you for money is most likely a scam!
  • Unrealistic & Misleading Promises: They are promising you to make $50 per survey which is almost impossible.
  • Duplicated Website: The biggest truth revealed of the day. They are just using the same sales tactic to promote a number of different products repeatedly.
  • Unknown Founder: Despite there's a name on their sales page. I highly doubt that's the real founder of the program because they are using different names to promote different products.

Is Gold Opinions a Scam?

In my opinion, it's definitely a scam for sure. Stay away from any paid survey sites that ask money from you. A truly legitimate paid survey site will not ask any money from you.

However, taking surveys online is definitely not a good idea to make money online. Like I've always said, take up a local part time job is even more lucrative than taking online surveys. Because the potential of online surveys is just too small. It's not worth your time.

If you really want to make some good money online, may I suggest you to stop looking into paid surveys because you'll definitely not get rich doing that. The extra cash you may be able to earn is also not worth the time and trouble needed.

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Jerry Huang

Jerry is a young aspiring Internet Entrepreneur who started his online business at the age of 18. He is currently a Full-time Affiliate Marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, a community to help anyone start their own online business without prior experience. He actually achieved Financial Independence at the young age of 21. Read more about his story here!

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shavante - August 6, 2019

Thank you for your very professional expose’ of Gold opinions.
Must have paid out for a few Survey opps.that never delivered more than a few cents max.
GO gives the impressions you just click on the surveys you want to do.Reality seems you have to go fishing with the companies they list.
These days i always do a scam check first.One day I will find a way this 73 year old can make a pension;and not get ripped off of the little i do have.
Again,Thank you,excellent critical analysis and observations.

Charlie - September 14, 2018

Uh, I wish I can read your post earlier. Is there any way that I can get my money back? I already paid the USD27 fee. But the strangest thing, I cannot find the payment ref mail after I ask for my money back. And the next thing you know, I cannot access the Gold Opinion site anymore. I turn to the CLICKBANK. The customer service tells me that unless I can provide evidence or order number to them. They cannot help me to get my money back. Feel so dump right now. Hope that you can give some insight about this.

    Jerry Huang - September 18, 2018

    Can you find your order detail in your ClickBank account?

Muhammad - May 2, 2018

Hello, thanks a lot for the greatest info you had passed to us. We really appreciate it. Meanwhile is there any survey site that one can get up to $5 per day? I will love to know more about this…

    Jerry Huang - May 3, 2018

    Hey Muhammad,
    Thanks for stopping by! If you want to find legit survey sites, I would suggest Survey Junkie or Swagbucks. These are the 2 highly rated legitimate survey sites.

    But seriously, why would you want to earn pennies or dollars when you can earn hundreds or even thousands? I believe most online surveys are not even as profitable as a local part time job. Most of them is just a waste of time.

    I recommend you to build your own online business. It’s not very hard to build up your own website. Check out my top recommended program here:

Vesna - February 6, 2018

Hello Jerry,

Thank you for the great post!

There are so many scams online. Golden Opinions is one of them. Luckily, there are blogs like yours that help people understand these “great” “business” offers.

I absolutely agree with your points:
1. Paying a fee for surveys is a big red flag for me
2. The same site style, tactics etc. as 3 other sites (that you mentioned) say a lot about Golden Opinions “professionalism”. All these sites use the same template and even worse – the GOs and the 4th one are completely the same (even the background photo is the same) I don’t say that it’s not ok to use ready templates, but at least, do some changes! It doesn’t (even) have to do with a budget, but, investing time… As far as I can see, they want to “play big”, but miss basic things….
3. I find the amount they promise (50$ per survey) unrealistic, too.

Agree with you regarding Affiliate marketing. That’s one of the ways to earn residual income on the internet. Affiliate marketing takes time and effort, but, worths.

Thanks again,

    Jerry Huang - February 6, 2018

    Hello Vesna,
    Thank you so much for agreeing with my points and leaving a great comment! I agree you what you’ve said too 🙂

Stefan Vogt - January 31, 2018

Wow, what a sad approach. Again someone wanting to make money from people in need. It is as if I would ask people for money to get an Amazon affiliate through my website, lol, if it was that easy.
It is ridiculous the tricks people use to cheat out some dollars. And it is sad, that they seem to even achieve their goal and have some success, if not, why would they clone the business model over again.
Thanks for the insight

    Jerry Huang - February 4, 2018

    Hey Stefan,
    Thanks for your comment!
    Using tricks like this to cheat innocent people should really be severely condemned. And you brought up a good point. It’s sad that they seem to be able to make some decent money from this, that’s why they duplicate this entire same system into different niches.

    Hope people don’t fall into this!

Sylvia - January 31, 2018

Thanks for this well-written review of Gold Opinions. I have seen it before and, back then, immediately thought that this is a scam and you have confirmed it in your article.

I am very sensitive when it comes to “Paid Surveys”. I have had my share of experiences and I certainly can confirm that you will never make an income out of it.

Great article!!!

    Jerry Huang - February 4, 2018

    Hey Sylvia!
    Glad that my review helps and you’re not the kind of person who are interested in paid surveys. Like you’ve said, paid surveys will never make you a decent income. They are just wasting people’s valuable time!

Maurice Jackson - January 30, 2018

You are right, the majority of the online survey websites are of no use for the serious online entrepreneur. Heck, it pays less than minimum wage. The review given on this website is the typical get rich scam.

    Jerry Huang - January 31, 2018

    Hey Maurice,
    Survey sites indeed pay less than minimum way. You got a good point. So, what’s the point trying, right?

Norman Richards - January 30, 2018

It is really interesting Jerry, of the many scams out there that claims to have the keys to all that treasure to make your life very easy, only to find out that is not the case.

The good part, however, is that you have done the homework for us so that we can be aware of scams like these. Thanks for exposing this system that doesn’t live up to what they are promising.

    Jerry Huang - January 30, 2018

    Hi Norman,
    We really can’t prevent scammers from doing all these just like it’s almost impossible to have a country without any criminals. But it’s really my pleasure to serve as much people as I could to help innocent ones avoid such scams.

    Norman, thanks a lot for checking out this review and leaving a comment!

sarah - January 30, 2018

Hi Jerry,
This is such a great article revealing this Gold Opinions scam. I don’t think any legitimate survey sites should charge a monthly membership fee for people to join. Pretty scammy program.

    Jerry Huang - January 30, 2018

    Hi Sarah,
    You’re definitely right! Almost all survey sites that ask money from you is a scam.


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