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Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam or Legit? My In-Depth WA Review 2017

Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam or Legit?

My Insider Review on the Industry-Leading Online Marketing Platform


This Wealthy Affiliate review is a little bit outdated.

I have an updated version of Wealthy Affiliate review here!

Wealthy Affiliate Review Summary

Wealthy affiliate logo

Product Name:

Product Type:

Online Marketing Training Platform + Community


Free Starter: $0/month, Premium: $49/month OR $359/year

Skill Level Needed:

Complete Beginners to Advanced Marketers



SCORE (out of 100)












Wealthy Affiliate is an all-rounded platform for beginners to learn how to make money online.

Their step-by-step training, helpful support & resourceful community are charged at a very affordable price of $49/month.

The FREE Starter Membership has NO limited trial period & is a good way to test-drive the system.​

 Overall, the entire platform is very valuable & resourceful. It's hard to find any negative review against WA.

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Recommended Platform for people who want to Make Money Online!​

(No Credit Card Information is Required to Join)

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What’s The Best Affiliate Marketing Product To Promote: Digital, Physical or CPA Offers?

Affiliate marketing is arguably one of the easiest to start and most profitable online business models.

You can sell products and earn commissions without spending any time or money on creating a product. If one product doesn’t sell well, no worries, just move on to the next one.

However, there is more than one way to do affiliate marketing.

In this article, you’ll get a look at the pros and cons of 3 popular affiliate marketing models and understand which is the best affiliate marketing product to promote:

  1. Promoting Digital Products
  2. Promoting Physical Products
  3. Promoting Cost Per Action (CPA) Offers​

You can definitely promoting all 3 types of affiliate marketing products but you need to know which one works best for you in order to get the best result commission.

Let’s go into all three of them and see what’s the best way to do each of them.​

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Easy 1Up Review – A Shameless Online Pyramid Scheme

​I'm not associated with Easy 1Up and I just want to tell you upfront that this Easy 1Up system is a HUGE and SHAMELESS SCAM in my opinion. I'll tell you exactly why I am so certain of it in this Easy 1Up Review.

Easy 1Up Review: The Quick Overview

easy1up logo

Product Type:


$25, $100, $250, $500, $1000


Easy 1 Up has NO real retail products or services to offer. Recruiting people into down-lines is the only way for members to make money. The training system it claims is a low quality one and the whole purpose of the training is just to recruit more people into the system. It's a really obvious scam for more experienced online marketers.

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Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review – 5 Ugly Truths About WA

Let me tell you upfront, I'm a member of Wealthy Affiliate. This Wealthy Affiliate scam review is a post that I want to compile all the complaints and negative sides about WA.

There are so many positive reviews around the Internet ​praising and promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Some are fine because they have balanced review but some are just too one-sided and neglect the fact that everything has two sides, the good and the bad.

Don't get me wrong!

I love Wealthy Affiliate and I highly recommend it to beginners who want to learn how to make money online​, not because I'm an affiliate and a member of WA, but because its training, guidance and support have helped many people to quit their jobs and live the life they want.

Grab Your FREE Proven 4-Step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint if you want to learn how to utilize Wealthy Affiliate as the leverage to make real money online!

Don't waste anymore time. Let me tell you what are the things Wealthy Affiliate can improve on!

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How to Avoid Online Marketing Scams – Top 8 Common Traps

​As online marketing industry continues to grow, there are more and more training, courses and platforms teaching people how to make money online.

However, there are simply too many of them and many people are unable to differentiate the legitimate ones from the scams. This is NOT totally your fault!

I must agree that ​online marketing scams have evolved to the point that experienced marketers are able to develop a very professional and legitimate-looking product to sneakily take advantage of beginners and scam their money. 

It's a lot harder to identify a scam today than in the past.

In this post, I've compiled a list of 8 most common tricks scammers use so that you can be aware of it next time when you encounter it.​

In addition to just revealing the common traps, I've also compiled for you 6 tips to avoid online marketing scams.

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How to Make Money with Art Skills? 7 Ways to Make Full-Time Income

I'm not an artist. I don't have any skills in arts.

But I'm an internet marketer. I can help you turn your art skills into a full-time income online.

Actually, the story goes like this...​

I have a friend who is really good as sketching. I even asked him to help me sketch a photo of me and my girlfriend. (I'll upload the sketching soon.)

Since I'm an internet marketer, I realized that the sketching skills he has can really help him make a huge fortune online in today's world.

That's why I decided to write this post to help all the artists out there to make a good living online. This can also help those who are struggling to pursue their passion and make ends meet at the same time.​

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Comprehensive Super Affiliate System Review From Someone Who Quit

Update May 2018:

This Super Affiliate System review was written more than a year ago. A lot about this program has been updated and it's no longer a scam!

In fact, John has contacted me privately to provide me with more insider information.

So, I've decided to write another more updated review for John's product - Internet Jetset & Super Affiliate System.

Super Affiliate System Review Summary

super affiliate system logo

Product Type:

Affiliate Marketing Training Platform


USD $47/month + $187 upsell

Skill Level Needed:

​Nil. Suitable for Complete Beginners

Income Potential:

​Not Clear. Claims to make 6-7 figure per year.




Super Affiliate System offers a decent course called Internet Jetset to teach beginners on how to get started with affiliate marketing.

However, the rest of the "system", support, tools are all very salesy, scammy and low quality. What I hate the most is that they are making a lot of unrealistic claims to create a huge hype.

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14 Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories – Real Proof that WA Really Works!

​Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a platform and community which allows ordinary people like YOU and me to learn and build our own affiliate marketing business online. 

​Before joining any platform, many people would definitely want to know about the success stories that platform has so that they can have more confidence to take actions.

This is THAT post!​

​In this post, I want to introduce to you 13 successful WA members and their respective success stories.

If you are researching more about Wealthy Affiliate, this post is to give you some real proof that WA really works.

If you are already a WA member and you have not achieved the results you want, this post is to motivate you and give you some inspiration.

Also, you can expand your network by following and connecting with these successful marketers in Wealthy Affiliate.

Ready for some inspirations?

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How to Grow Twitter Followers Fast [PROVEN] – The Beginner’s Hack

​Unless you are an influencer or celebrity like Hugh Jackman, Lady Gaga, Obama, growing your Twitter followers is not an easy task.

But you are also aware that you can help your business by growing your Twitter followings​ so you don't want to miss this opportunity.

The question in your head right now may be "How to Grow Twitter Followers Fast?" or "How to Get Twitter Followers for Beginners?".​

Don't worry! I can assure you to grow at least 20 to 30 Twitter followers​ per day which equals to minimum 600 to 900 new Twitter followers in the next 30 days after reading my step-by-step guide in this post.

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What is a Passive Income Stream & How Can it be Applied Online?

I'm sure many of you today have heard of the phrase "Passive Income". But do you really understand it?

​And do you know how to make it?

In this post, I'm going to let you fully understand ​the concept of passive income stream through a parable video. After that, I'm going to give you 10 actionable passive income opportunities online.


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