Is Evolution Travel a Scam? (What Agents Are NOT Telling You!)

Is Evolution Travel a Scam? (What Agents Are NOT Telling You!)

Welcome to my Evolution Travel review!

Do you like travelling?

Do you like to make money?

Oh sorry, pardon me for those silly questions because I'm sure we all do.

I love both travelling and making money. (The most exciting part is that I have been doing both of them at just 21 years old!)

Chances are, someone has just introduced to you this awesome business opportunity known as "Evolution Travel" that you can make money while you're travelling.

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

To be honest, I've seen lots of biased online reviews about Evolution Travel made by their own members/distributors.

Rest assured that I'm not an affiliate or distributor of this company. I'm exposing this company in the third party perspective.

So, let me reveal to you what are the things they are hiding from you...

Evolution Travel Review Summary

Product Name: Evolution Travel

Founder: David McCovy

Product Type: MLM company selling travel packages

Price: $30 + $69.95/month

Best For: Travel agents, people who're good at networking...

evolution travel review

Summary: Evolution Travel can seem to be a good option for you to travel more and make more money at the same time. But you need to understand that this is just a typical MLM business. You'll be taught to contact your friends & family members and pitch them something that could potentially sabotage your own relationships. Be careful!

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No


What is Evolution Travel?

Evolution Travel claims themselves to the "affordable home-based travel business" which has all the training, sales assistance and support to help you make a living from home or while you travel.

They also call themselves the "cloud-based travel agency".

It all sounds very appealing, especially from the mouth of their distributors.

But to be honest, it's just a Multi-Level Marketing company selling travel packages and recruiting people.

So, I really want to congratulate you again for doing your research and landing on my review, instead of listen to those biased members!

Some Quick Background Info...

  • Evolution Travel is still a very new company
  • Founded by David McCovy in 2015
  • Based in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • In partnership with a well-establish travel company called "Archer Travel Service, Inc.

Evolution Travel Product Line

To be honest, there isn't really a product line for Evolution Travel. They don't have any products themselves.

All they're selling is travel discounts, coupons and packages.

This actually include quite a variety of things like:

  • Hotels
  • Flights
  • Car rental
  • Tickets to sporting events, concerts, theme parks, etc.

Also, Evolution Travel & Archer Travel Service have partnered with various vendors around the world to provide those travel packages, such as:

  • Carnival Cruises
  • Disney
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • Southwest Vacations
  • Universal Orlando
  • United Vacations
  • Sandals
  • Beaches
  • And several others

Another very similar company is called World Ventures which has been banned in many countries for being operating as a pyramid scheme!

The most important "product" for Evolution Travel is their membership to become an independent distributor (aka Travel Agent).

I called it a "product" because unfortunately, that's their main way to make money.

Anyway, as an ET Travel Agent, you'll be eligible for rewards like:

  • Free cruise
  • Travel points
  • Cash & Merchandise rewards
  • Familiarization trips
  • Travel agent discounts
evolution travel rewards

These are just the "incentives" to lure people to buy into their membership.

So this is definitely not the most important thing.

Their main focus is on their compensation plan...

4 figure monthly passive income
Jerry Huang, Founder of Smart Affiliate Success

I'm Jerry!

I Created My Own 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income at just 21 Years Old!

How to Make Money with Evolution Travel?

There are 2 ways for you to make money with Evolution Travel:

  1. Sell travel packages
  2. Recruit more members to become your downline!

But in order for you to be qualified as a "Travel Agent" and make money with Evolution Travel, you need to first purchase a PTA Package (Professional Travel Agent Package).

The cost is one-time $30 plus a $69.95/month fee! (Seriously overpriced!)

P.S. This program that has enabled me to generate a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income at just 21 years old is FREE to get started and only cost $49/month fee to go full-time!

With that PTA Package, here's what you'll get as a Travel Agent:

  • 90% commission from your travel sales
  • Customizable Travel Website (Just a basic, duplicated & unprofessional WordPress site)
  • Training & Support to grow your business
  • Opportunity to earn residual income
  • Discount directory (Travel discounts for your own use)
  • Tax benefits

Evolution Travel Compensation Plan

I've just given you the big picture of how to make money with Evolution Travel and how to get started.

If you want to understand their detailed compensation plan, please refer to their Comp Plan PDF or watch the video below:

Evolution Travel Ugly Truths Revealed!

1. Joining the NFL Club 🙂

NFL club?

Definitely not what you're thinking...

The "NFL club" I'm referring here is the "No Friend Left" club!

Have you heard people saying that you'll lose your friends if you do MLM business?

From my personal experience with MLM, it doesn't happen to everyone for sure. If not, how would you explain for those who achieve massive success through MLM?

Whether you'll ended up in the NFL club pretty much depends on the company you join.

If the company is focusing too much on recruiting, there's a high chance for you.

In the case of Evolution Travel, I can say that this company focus A LOT on recruiting new members. That's the main way for their "Travel Agents" to make money.

As you can see from their compensation plan, their ranking system depends on how many PTA Package you sell:

evolution travel compensation plan

Evolution Travel Ranking System

By the way, selling PTA Package equals to recruiting new downlines in Evolution Travel.

In fact, the first thing you're told to do once you become their member is that you need to write down a list of people whom you think will be interested in this opportunity.

So they'll ask you to list down all your friends & family members name and them contact them one by one.

This is what they called the "Warm Market Memory Jogger", which is obviously the fastest way for you to lose your friendships and relationships.

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2. Expensive Business Cost

Like I've mentioned earlier on, the cost to start this business is an upfront investment of $30 with a monthly recurring fee of $69.95.

This membership is meant for you to get access to their back office for all the training, supports and new updates.

I'm fine with the $30 one-time investment.

But seriously, the entire system doesn't worth $70/month. This can be a huge financial burden for many beginners.

For some of you, you may not feel so. But for many people who wants to make money, it's obvious that they don't have much money to begin with.

They have regular webinars and new updates going on and they're taking $70 from you every month just for that?

If they're able to provide much more value continuously month after month, $70 can be justifiable.

But from what I see, it's just way too expensive and not worth the price.

Once again, I can create a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income stream at just 21 years old by paying $49/month. And you can even get started for FREE!

I really don't see any reason for you to pay $70/month and sabotage your own friendships at the same time.

3. Unethical Distributors/Agents

Since Evolution Travel doesn't have a clearly define and strong product line, most people are here for the money!

This leads us to another problem...

There are many irresponsible Travel Agents leaving a lot of unhappy or even angry customers.

Here are the proofs:

evolution travel scam
evolution travel complaint
evolution travel scam review

I know this doesn't mean that everyone in the company is the same. For some of you, you may be able to get pretty good services from responsible agents.

But you need to take note of this problem that's obviously happening in this company!

4. Pyramid Scheme in Disguise!

Last but not least, you really need to be careful if you're considering joining Evolution Travel.

I highly suspect that they're just a pyramid scheme in disguise because they're focusing a lot on recruitment.

According to FTC, if a company is focusing on recruiting people into the system, it's likely to be a pyramid scheme.

So you should really stay away from this one!

World Venture is a negative example.

Like I've said earlier on, World Venture is very similar to Evolution Travel and they have been banned in several countries because they're recognized as pyramid scheme!

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The Good Thing About Evolution Travel...

As you can see by now, I definitely don't recommend Evolution Travel as a business.

But this company is not all bad. Here are some bright sides about this company...

1. Solid Background

Evolution Travel itself is not solid. It's only founded in 2015.

But it's in partnership with the Archer Travel Group which was founded back in 1952.

It has been around for more than 60 years and it's one of the pioneers & leaders in the travel industry.

Another thing is that the founder of Evolution Travel, Mr. McCovy, has lots of experience in building MLM business.

He was one of the top earners in two other MLM companies, Paycation (now known as TraVerus Global) and 5LINX, prior to setting up Evolution Travel.

2. Some Great Feedback

I'm a balanced and unbiased reviewer. So apart from the negative feedback you've seen just now, I can also find a number of positive feedback:

evolution travel positive review
evolution travel legit

This means that there are still people enjoying the travel benefits offered by Evolution Travel.

So, it's no too bad as a consumer per se.

Is Evolution Travel a Scam?

Nope, not until it's been officially announced as pyramid scheme by FTC.

I'm not saying it will. But there is a chance, simply because their business model is focusing on recruiting people.

Yes, there are still people making good money with this company. Just like there are still people getting rich by selling scam products.

So, I'm not saying you definitely can't succeed in this business.

All I'm saying is that there's a high chance you will fail.

But failure is not the worst thing. The worst thing is that if you lose your friends & family members while you are too focused on the money.

Not only that, you need to be prepared to keep paying the expensive recurring fees if you want to continue doing the business.

If you're already a travel agent in the traditional travel agency company, this business opportunity MAY be a good fit for you.

But, let me ask you a final question...

Do you want to be responsible for someone else's travel plans?

This is a huge responsibility because people are placing their money and trust in you for their trips.

That's a lot of pressure my friend.

How I Make a Living Online...

Everybody wants to travel...

But do you want to travel with pressure?

I personally want to fully enjoy my trips and not being responsible for other people's travel plans.

Thankfully, I'm able to build a online business that allows me to travel whenever I want, wherever I want and however I want.

That's all possible because I've built up my affiliate marketing business and my website is doing all the selling for me like a "money machine".

I don't have to be responsible for other people's trip. Neither do I have to recruit friends and family members.

In fact, with affiliate marketing...

I've personally created a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Stream and become financially independent at just 21 years old without any College degree or working experience!

Through my own hard work, I went from a broke restaurant waiter to living my dream laptop lifestyle in less than a year's time...

If you want to discover the secrets of how I did it at such a young age, click here!

Jerry Huang

Jerry is a young aspiring Internet Entrepreneur who started his online business at the age of 18. He is currently a Full-time Affiliate Marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, a community to help anyone start their own online business without prior experience. He actually achieved Financial Independence at the young age of 21. Read more about his story here!

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Kallana Johnson - August 20, 2019

Aloha, I am an Evolution Travel agent and looked at several different host agencies before choosing this one. I will make one correction to your review, the recruiting compensation plan is optional and a personal choice by agents. I know several individuals that only book travrl and sustain their families on the 80% commission (it is not 90%). Secondly, we do not “sell travel packages” we are certified travel agents that assist our clients with their travel plans. Third, the company was acquired and is publicly traded under the ticker symbol “SITS”. I personally get great joy out of what I do. Personally, I have certifications from Disney, Princess Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, and many more all viewable on my site Those are not Evolution Travel certifications but those specific vendors’ certifications. I chose to make my own website because it allows me to tailor more to my customers. The bottomline is as with anything else you must work to be successful, nothing comes on a silver platter. Lastly, I have only booked 1 of my “family & friends” and never made a list ads you suggested, the rest have been complete strangers. It is about the experience. So is it a scam? No, I am booking travel and making money daily from it.

Curley A Mayo - July 18, 2019

Man, I plan on doing this, most people don’t apply themselves right even a corporate employee can send a customer off dissatisfied. I really don’t see why y’all attacking it seems legit and easy unless you book and can’t do what you booked. How much is you’re course is it over 70 dollars??

    Kallana Johnson - August 20, 2019

    It is a great company with a strong family culture.

Sabrina - July 15, 2019

Evolution travel try not to pay your commissions in a timely manner also. But they will collect the 69.99 fees so quickly out of you bank account. I would not recommend this company to anyone!

Jessica - May 27, 2019

Jerry, I found this review to be very bias. It seems you are trying to put down another company to promote your own. Evolution travel is not a pyramid scheme as you don’t make money off your downline as one would in a pyramid scheme. The sponsoring agent only makes a 10% override of the total commissions for their personally enrolled agent. If that agent would then sponsor an new agent, the previous agent DOES NOT make any money from that agent. Only on your personally sponsored agents. You are not required to recruit in order to make money. We book travel which is where the majority of the money comes from. Another thing, if I refer you to become an agent. I will receive ZERO monies for the referral. I will only receive a 10% override your travel bookings. SO, I need to mentor you and train you to book travel which again is the main source of money. Evolution does give leadership bonus and stock options. Evolution is a federally traded company. Archer travel has been in business as you pointed out since 1952. This is not a scam by any means, sure just like with any company and/or business you have some bad apples.

Steophanie - April 28, 2019

Everyone will have there on opinion this company but It seems like you have to enroll people just like Evolution Travel. How much does this cost? I know of several people that are doing great with Evolution, I was think about joining them until I saw that there is a monthly service fee of 69.95 a month. If you are just starting out that fee can be hard to come up with. So what’s the difference with your company?

David - December 29, 2018

Thank you for your insightful review. Earlier today, I received an email from Evolution Travel (owned by Archer Travel) and found their monthly charge of approximately $69.00, rather absurd since business with any company is subject to fluctuations. However, what convinced me that I shouldn’t register with this company are the negative reviews responding to your article. They attack your character and ignore topic which is whether or not Evolution Travel is a scam. I suspect these are people associated with this home business. Needless to say (actually write), I won’t be registering with this company.

    Jerry Huang - January 4, 2019

    Thanks David! You’re an observant guy. Glad this review helps 🙂

    Sheila - May 24, 2019

    When I was approached about traveling I asked if this was a ponci scheme or a pyramid scam. I almost had my head taken off. That she was offended which should have clued me. When I got started I would ask questions and she acted like I was stupid and would be short with me. She said she was just too busy. Once she sent out a msg to contact people when I asked she said it didn’t include me since I wasn’t raking in the $. I got disillusioned and wrote I no longer wanted to be a Travel agent she said well since I can’t put a lot into the company. Today she sent out a fb post that had a cheat sheet and I made a comment that would have been helpful to have when I started out. She sent me a msg stating that I need to send to her a private msg and not publicly speak. She wasn’t finished and acted like I was a child and told me she was highly disappointed in me. I then decided to let her know I was disappointed in her. She has blocked me now. They don’t care for you as a person only as $ to them. I feel you should care for the person but this not a good company to associate with.

Todd Racker - December 17, 2018

Not with Evolution, but your reviews are trash and everyone can see where you are coming from a mile away in trying to promote your business by putting others down. Sad and pathetic way to go about trying to achieve a goal.

    Jerry Huang - December 20, 2018

    Thanks for your comment Todd! Since you don’t agree with me. Why not share with us how Evolution Travel has benefitted you and how much money are you making? I would be very interested to learn more about that. This also gives people more reason to trust you rather than me!

Don - September 26, 2018

Trying to put down another company to try to get sales for your own is NOT the way to do business. Go get a tutor! LOL

    Jerry Huang - September 27, 2018

    Hi Don, seems like you’re an Evolution Travel distributor? Since you don’t agree with my review. Why not share with us your experience with this company, any insights and how much money are you making?

    Look forward to your sharing 🙂


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