Is 5LINX a Scam? This Company Is Long Gone, But...

Is 5LINX a Scam? This Company Is Long Gone, But…

Welcome to my 5LINX review!

It’s not uncommon for MLM companies to be built around services that we avail of on a daily basis. We’ve reviewed companies who offered travel services, electricity and internet services, and even those who offer financial assistance (credit scores, investments, etc.).

However, they’re difficult to market and they aren’t very lucrative. One good example of such a MLM company is 5LINX, which we’ll review in the article below…

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with 5LINX in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal what this company is all about, or what it used to be...

5LINX Review Summary

Product Name:  5LINX

Founder:  Craig Jerabek, Jeb Tyler, Jason Guck

Product Type:  Services-Related MLM

Price:  $249 sign-up fee plus various costs

Best For:  NO ONE!

Is 5LINX a Scam Image Summary

Summary:  5LINX is a MLM or multi-level marketing company that offers various business and personal services. However, this company isn't as legitimate as you may think. Their owners were sent to jail not too long ago for criminal activities. They also don't have a lot going on with their program, so it's difficult to market

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No!


What is 5LINX?

5LINX, or 5Linux, is a MLM or multi-level marketing company that specializes in business and personal services ranging from utilities to telecommunication to health insurance to health and wellness products.

Is 5LINX a Scam - Dream Lifestyle

Is 5LINX a Scam - Dream Lifestyle

The company was founded by Craig Jerabek, Jeb Tyler, and Jason Guck back in 2001 and operated in Rochester, NY.

However, the MLM company is not without its controversies, and we’re going to dive right into those details in the next sections.

5LINX Product Line

Under their product line, 5LINX has two categories:

  • Business Categories
  • Personal Products Categories
Is 5LINX a Scam - Products

Is 5LINX a Scam - Products

Business Categories

These are services that focus on structure and are designed to help you reduce your day-to-day expenses for your business and help you increase profitability.

Services include:

  • Business Elite Services – A package of products and services to help you automate your business
  • Chroma Digital Marketing – A digital marketing service to help you get ahead of the competition online
  • Linx Energy – An energy service provider that recommends the best energy-saving plan for your business, spanning up to three-year agreements
  • Commercial Security – As the name implies, a service that helps protect your business against different threats
  • Payment Solution – A service provided by another partner company to help with payment processing for your online store
  • 5LINX TextAlertz – A SMS-platform that allows you to send mass messages, widely used for text promos and so on

Personal Products Categories

These are products and services to help you with your day-to-day activities and personal health.

  • CaptaVida – A supplement that helps manage diabetes and glucose levels for diabetic patients
  • Chroma Credit – A service that helps you manage or manipulate your credit score in the market place
  • Daily Dimes – A platform that gives you pre-clipped coupons from trusted manufacturers to help you save money
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Does The Product Work?

Let’s be real here.

Do you really think you can sell any of these services to different people or business owners? I wouldn’t think so.

The fact that that there are better versions of products and services they’re selling means that there’s nothing special about what they offer.

There’s no other incentive to sign up for their program other than just to have one place to do these things.

But honestly, why would you even need these services to begin with when:

  • I could easily do all of my transactions online and through my bank app
  • Isn’t it redundant to avail of these business services to help cut costs when the services themselves are additional costs?

How To Make Money with 5LINX?

There’s only two ways to make money from 5LINX:

  • Commissions from selling their membership
  • Commissions and bonuses from recruiting and building a team, and generating team sales

How To Get Started with 5LINX?

There’s a number of fees associated with joining 5LINX:

  • $249 – One-time payment to become an Independent Marketing Representative. This comes with a startup kit, website, and other resources
  • $99 – One-time fee to become a customer representative for 5LINX
  • $49.95 – Renewable fee for website and reporting tools

You can start with the $99 package at the bare minimum and gets you commissions on product sales.

5LINX Compensation Plan

5LINX’s compensation plan is reliant on your rank, meaning the higher your rank is, the more money you can make. You also make more money by gaining access to rank-restricted bonuses.

Here’s a short version of their compensation plan:

  • Quick Start Bonus – Earn a $250-bonus when you earn a minimum of 12 customer points and convert two qualified IMRs in your first 30 days
  • Customer Acquisition Bonus – You earn a bonus when your downline recruits a member within 30 days after they sign up
  • Residual Commissions – You earn commissions on personal, referred, and team sales. These percentages are based on your leadership position at the time of customer order.

You can read more about their compensation plan by clicking this link.

5LINX Ugly Truths Revealed!

#1 Owners Went To Jail

Let’s get one thing out of the way here. 5LINX’s reputation wasn’t that positive in the eyes of its consumers and in the eyes of the law.

In 2017, all three of the founders, Jerabek, Guck, and Tyler were arrested for wire fraud and conspiracy. Guck is awaiting his sentence while Tyler and Jerabek are already in jail.

Is 5LINX a Scam - Public Info On Owner Jailtime

Is 5LINX a Scam - Public Info On Owner Jailtime

And yes, this is public information as seen on this quick Google search.

Did their crimes have something to do with 5LINX? Apparently.

#2 These Are Not Their Products!

The products and services sold by 5LINX aren’t theirs. They’re merely partnered with these companies, much like other service-related MLM company.

This means that the company doesn’t have its own products or services to avail of. This is a red flag considering that they have a lot of wiggle room to inflate prices and to pave the way for a potential pyramid scheme.

#3 Not Enough Money To Be Made

Based on their income disclosure statement, there’s no potential to make money here. At most, members earned no more than $400 per year while a small percentage earned a few thousand dollars.

Is 5LINX a Scam - Income Disclosure Statement 2015

Is 5LINX a Scam - Income Disclosure Statement 2015

This isn’t really that surprising given the nature of 5LINX as a direct sales company. They’re designed to incentivize people who recruit more and who’re at the top of the tier.  

And you’ll see this on their income disclosure statement. The higher the rankings, the fewer people there are up there.

What I Like About 5LINX?

There’s nothing to like about 5LINX, and the company is just too problematic with its internal issues.

Is 5LINX a Scam?

5LINX is a legitimate company as far as we’re concerned, but we can’t recommend anyone to do business with them as a marketer or as a customer.

  • Their owners are in jail for criminal activities, and word has it that the company has stopped operating. We can’t confirm it at this time, but this is one red flag that should not be taken lightly.
  • Their income disclosure statement says it all. No one’s making any real money here. Only a few hundred bucks a year for most of the members, and that’s not even worth the hassle of joining.

This company has seen better days. We don’t recommend this to anyone.

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How I Make a Living Online?

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