What Is NutriCellix? It's Another Health MLM Reviewed!

What Is NutriCellix? It’s Another Health MLM Reviewed!

Welcome to my NutriCellix review!

The health and wellness niche of the MLM industry is an overcrowded one. There are a few established ones that have been around for more than 10 years, but a whole lot of them are barely new.

It’s quite hard to succeed in the health and wellness MLM industry, but if the compensation plan and the products are great, then there’s a chance that you might make it.

Today, we’re looking at NutriCellix.

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with NutriCellix in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal what this MLM company is all about...

NutriCellix Review Summary

Product Name:  NutriCellix

Founder:  Bo and Roni Short

Product Type:  Health and Wellness MLM

Price:  $59 to sign-up

Best For:  No one

What Is NutriCellix Image Summary

Summary:  NutriCellix is a health and wellness MLM company that sells weight loss supplements with a DNA-testing kit, supposedly so they can help you find the best weight loss product for you. But we're not sold on the program just yet. There's no income disclosure statement available, so we don't know if people made money from their program. Their products are also expensive

Rating: 50/100

Recommended: No!


What is NutriCellix?

NutriCellix is a MLM or multi-level marketing company that markets fitness supplements with a twist. The company was founded by Bo and Roni Short; Bo serving as CEO and Roni as President.

Researching these founders led me to their involvement with other MLM companies in the past. Bo has been active with Amway in the 90’s and opened his own MLM company called Passport. It didn’t succeed.

Passport then reemerged as  Oasis LifeSciences, which rebranded into the popular Univera LifeSciences.

Bo also promoted Max International earlier, but quit when he launched EIRO Energy in 2008.  He was involved in other MLM companies before he settled down with NutriCellix.

NutriCellix Product Line

NutriCellix is a nutrition-niche MLM company with focus on the sale of their supplements that help you lose weight.

What Is Nutricellix - Products

What Is Nutricellix - Products

You’ll have to take their DNA Analysis Kit which cost $100. You’ll take a swab and send it to their super sophisticated labs where they’ll build your own DNA-based weight management supplement.

Their supplements come in monthly servings, unless otherwise specified.

There are three other products you can buy and these are:

  • Core ($129.95)
  • FIT Shakes ($59.95)
  • Surge ($49.95)
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Does The Product Work?

I think the idea of using your DNA to tailor-fit your weight loss supplements is completely bogus. And let me tell you why.

As individuals, we’re built completely different even if we’re of the same race. Your DNA is as unique as it can be, down to a minute percentage.

If you have health products designed based on DNA, then the products you get from NutriCellix should only be compatible to you and no one else. If someone else drank your formulation, it wouldn’t work for them. This would be NutriCellix’s concept.

What this means for the company is that they would have to manufacture 100 different supplements for 100 different people. That’s tedious and time-consuming.

But the way I see it, NutriCellix only offers three different kinds of supplementation, so why would they have you take the DNA test if you’re just going to get offered one of three products? Why couldn’t they just prescribe you with what works for you and your goals?

At this point, I don’t really think their DNA tests are meant to do anything other than to just add hype to the products they’re selling.

On top of that, the products they’re marketing are quite on the expensive side. Go to Amazon and you’ll find the bigger commercial brands there selling for half the price and with more servings.

How To Make Money with NutriCellix?

NutriCellix is your typical MLM company, offering the following means to make money from:

  • Retail commissions
  • Team-based commissions (team sales and team building)
  • Other bonuses and incentives

How To Get Started with NutriCellix?

You’d only need to pay $59 to join as a member of the program. You don’t need to purchase starter sets or subscribe to monthly autoships.

NutriCellix Compensation Plan

Their compensation plan is straightforward and typical of any MLM company, so there’s nothing unique to it.

I’m just going to give you a summarized version containing the important details of the plan.

NutriCellix compensation plan is pretty standard and straight forward.

I summed up the main parts for you so you understand what's most important:

Affiliate Ranks

There are 13 ranks to reach in NutriCellix, and hitting one rank to another will get you certain rewards and other benefits.

  • Ambassador
  • Executive Ambassador
  • Opal
  • Jade
  • Pearl
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Black Diamond
  • Read Diamond
  • Crown Diamond

​Retail Commissions

Retail commissions are basically retail profits. You buy products on wholesale and sell them for retail price. The difference is your commission.

Residual Commissions

This is income you generate from your downline, or your team. It follows a unilevel structure that looks like this.

You make a certain amount for each level and up to a certain level depending on your rank, as follows:

  • Ambassador gets 5% on level 1 (personal recruits)
  • Executive Ambassadors and Opals get 5% on level 1 and 8% on level 2.
  • Jades get 5% on level 1, 8% on level 2, 5% on level 3.
  • Pearls and Sapphires get 5% on level 1, 8% on level 2 and 5% on levels 3 to 5.
  • Rubies and Emeralds get 5% on level 1, 8% on level 2 and 5% on levels 3 to 5.
  • Diamonds and Blue Diamonds get 5% on level 1, 8% on level 2, 5% on levels 3 to 5, 4% on level 6.
  • Black Diamonds and Red Diamonds get 5% on level 1, 8% on level 2, 5% on 3 to 5, 4% on level 6 and 3% on level 7.
  • Crown Diamonds get 5% on level 1, 8% on level 2, 5% on levels 3 to 5, 4% on level 6, 3% on level 7 and 2% on level 8.

Other Bonuses

You get bonuses when you hit certain goals, from matching bonuses to leadership bonuses based on your overall sales in NutriCellix.

SmartSave Customer Commissions

This is commission you earn when you sign up a customer for a retail autoship. They get the price at wholesale instead of retail.

NutriCellix Ugly Truths Revealed!

#1 Expensive Products That Are Questionable

I’m not sold on what they have to offer because it’s just fluff and filler for fancy weight loss. It sounds cool and looks cool on paper, but realistically, it doesn’t make sense.

Their products are on the high-end, costing at least $100. You’ll find cheaper and more recognizable supplements from Amazon.

#2 Overcrowded Niche

The health and wellness niche is overcrowded, and I’m not talking about your MLM competitors too. You have competitors from other big brands that are more established and are more effective.

#3 No Income Disclosure Statement

I’m disappointed that I have not found any income disclosure statement from NutriCellix. This is supposed to tell us that people have made money (no matter the amount) from their business opportunity.

So what does the lack of an income statement mean? Well, two things:

  • People haven’t earned enough money so there’s nothing significant to report
  • Not enough people have signed up to generate significant data to prove they did make money.

What I Like About NutriCellix?

#1 Inexpensive To Join

At this time of writing, it costs you $59 to sign up for their program and to start selling their products. But just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s good to sign up for.

Is NutriCellix a Scam?

NutriCellix is a legitimate MLM company as far as we’re concerned, but we wouldn’t recommend this to anyone looking for a source of full-time income.

  • There’s no income disclosure statement to prove that people made money here.
  • The products are expensive, so it might be difficult to market them when there are cheaper and more recognizable alternatives around.
  • I just don’t buy into their DNA testing scheme. It’s just a way for them to make money off of you.
Verdict Not Recommended Template

How I Make a Living Online?

I'm not a fan of MLM, not because it's illegal or not profitable, but because of all the restrictions and the expensive costs involved.

Instead, Affiliate Marketing is my top recommended business model for anyone to make money online.

The reason is simple...

  • You don't have to recruit anyone to make money
  • You have the freedom to promote any products you want and not being restricted to only promote the products from one MLM company
  • It's Free to get started

In fact, with affiliate marketing...

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