Is College Power a Scam? A Rehashed Scheme Just Released!

Is College Power a Scam? A Rehashed Scheme Just Released!

Welcome to my College Power review!

When a program becomes too good to be true, there’s always something wrong about it.

In this case, this program promises to provide college students a chance to make money online through the things they normally do.

But this program has more surprises in store for them.

This is College Power.

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with College Power in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal what this program used to be and why it's a complete waste of time. 

College Power Review Summary

Product Name:  College Power

Founder:  Brandi Williams and Michael Pousti

Product Type:  Get Paid To Platform

Price:  Free to join

Best For:  No one

Is College Power a Scam Image Summary

Summary:  College Power is a get-paid-to platform of sorts that accommodates college students by providing them with income opportunities that revolve around what they do. However there are several evidences found that linked them to an older version of their program, which was a scam in itself.  

Rating: 10/100

Recommended:  No


What is College Power?

Color me impressed the first time. College Power works a lot like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms where you can share content.

Like any social media network, they provide a marketplace where members can sell, rent, or purchase items and services.

Just like Amazon or eBay.

College Power is relatively new, so there’s not much information about it available. They launched on August 5 2019, so everything’s still brand new.

At first glance, everything looks legit. But when I logged in to their platform, this is where everything started to become suspicious.

College Power Founders

There’s no information about who their founders are, nor can you find info about their headquarters and other important information.

But further research through 3rd party sites revealed that the founders are the same people behind Empowr (formerly known as FanBox) – Brandi Williams and Michael Pousti.

And this is the puzzle pieces started to click.

On their landing page, it offered college students a chance to sign up for the program and earn money.

Inside College Power

College Power works a lot like a GPT or Get Paid To platform, minus the surveys and watching videos. It comes with its unique tasks that aren’t far from what college students typically do.

Is College Power a Scam - 10 Ways To Get Paid

According to their website, there are 10 ways for you to make money on College Power.

  1. Posting and Sharing Content – Get paid up to $100 daily just by doing the things you do on social media
  2. Campus Activism – This is their referral program where you get paid $20 for each new member you sign up
  3. Trade Currency - Apparently, they have their own cryptocurrency and claim that you can earn 7% of trades when you use it
  4. Transportation Services – Get paid to rent your vehicles to complete College Power transactions within the marketplace
  5. Sign Up Local Merchants – Get paid when you sign up local merchants such as bakeries, dentists, and vets to the College Power platform and earn 10% of their sales
  6. Selling Products and Services – When you make sales through College Power’s marketplace, you earn 85% of the total money earn. College Power keeps the rest as service fee
  7. Rent or Share Products – Like selling products, renting products can get you 85% of the total amount while College Power keeps the rest
  8. Become a Guide – Earn up to 18% of other students’ earnings by becoming their guide through the site
  9. Become a Manager – Earn 50% of other Guide’s total earnings by becoming a Guide Manager. You can recruit up to 4 Guides under your management
  10. Launch New Student Campuses – If your org gets too big, you get to launch a “New Student Campus” via College Power where you can earn 50% of all the Guide’s earnings

Now these are just impressive if you don’t know the standards for GPT sites. College Power provides you with a lot of paid opportunities.

But here’s the big question…

How does College Power earn and make money?

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College Power Earning and Paying Rules

One thing that linked College Power to Empowr is the way they handle their finances. Similar to Empowr, all earnings require a maturity period of 90 days before you can cash out.

That’s right. 90 days before you cash out.

Based on further research, all other earnings and income are converted to College Power’s cryptocurrency.

The name of the cryptocurrency has yet to be revealed, but it’s revealed to be in USD.

What Is Empowr?

I mentioned that College Power works a lot like Empowr, to the point that I think it’s a rehashed version of an old scam.

Empowr has a social economy where you get paid to do other tasks and provide tasks at the same time. A lot of their Citizens (what they call their members) were surprised to see their credit cards and PayPal accounts get charged without notification.

When it came to cashing out, members were made to jump through hoops and only left the site frustrated and penniless.

Who's College Power For?

College Power is supposed to be for college students, but there are several reasons why they should avoid this program at all costs.

College Power Ugly Truths Revealed!

#1 - College Power has NOTHING To Do With Helping Students

There’s just nothing about College Power that’s meant to help college students, other than the name itself.

When you look at the platform and the business model, it appears that everyone can become a member of College Power. The program doesn’t even mention that it’s only for college students as well.

#2 – Rehashed Version of Empowr

There’s just too much proof to be found on their site that makes me believe that this is a rehashed version of Empowr and Fanbox.

When I logged on their dashboard, I was surprised to see what I found.

Is College Power a Scam - Link to Fanbox
Is College Power a Scam - Link to Empowr

The outdated posts didn’t really shock me, but what I found at the bottom. It clearly says Fanbox on it.

This means that this is the site’s third iteration launched this year and we caught it a month into its release!

#3 - Not Enough Information

While College Power tries hard to give you an estimate of how much you can earn, they haven’t really provided certain and important information such as:

  • What is the minimum cashout requirement?
  • How do members get paid?

Also, let me point out why there’s no information on the owners and where they’re located. Any legitimate site will do their best to tell you who’s running the company and where they operate from.

This is basic company transparency, but College Power doesn’t do this. Quite suspicious if you ask me.

What I Like About College Power?

There’s nothing good about the program that’s worth mentioning.

Is College Power a Scam?

At this time of writing, there’s just too much evidence that College Power is nothing but a rehashed version of an older scam that ran the same MO and business model.

Their business model doesn’t make enough sense to justify the amount of money they’re paying out to their members, which is far from the average of your legitimate GPT sites.

There’s just nothing good about this site, even if it just started out.

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Justin Hagen

Justin has worked as an SEO and content specialist for the last 9 years. His success in the industry has allowed him to graduate from college, pay for a wedding, and pay for their first car. He recently joined Jerry as a writer for the Smart Affiliate Success blog.

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Patrick Abney - October 8, 2019

I received an email from CollegePower that I was being fast tracked to Director because of my experience. Here is the email that I was sent through Indeed.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for applying to the Sales – Entry-level / Recent Graduate position at CollegePower.

After reviewing your resume, it seems like you might actually be well-suited for a different position that just opened up and takes good advantage of your skillset – the Hiring Director – a position that I think you’ll be very interested in.

Here’s what’s great about it: You’ll be able to work from home, or from our San Diego office. You can set your own hours. You’re expected to earn as much as $800 per day for full-time work and can get paid at the end of each day.

As I mentioned, we’ve already reviewed your resume. I am fast-tracking you through the interview process. The next step is for you to speak with our co-founder (Mike) and interview with my Managing Director.

If interested, let’s book a time on their calendar quickly to ensure the position doesn’t get filled:

(There was a Calendar with times that I used to set the appointment)

I’ll get notified as soon as you book a time, using the above link, and I will reach out to you soon afterwards to confirm everything.

Best regards,

Mary Jensen
H.R. Specialist
—————end email —-

I was thrilled although I was hesitant because of the negative reviews, but since I live in San Diego, I was willing to give it a chance hoping that it wasn’t a scam. I told them I was interested and they said I was being set-up for the next day to talk with one of the Cofounders Mike Pousti and a hiring director. I received an email with a link for my video call with Mike. It wasn’t a video call, it was a recorded video (that kinda pissed me off because I was lied to) from Mike talking about inequalities in the world and how CollegePower is trying to make a difference. The video was 51 minutes long and after the video (the video pumps you up though) I was called by a managing director. She asked me if I was interested and so said yes. She said welcome aboard and scheduled me for 8:30 am in their downtown office in San Diego (Little Italy) at 610 W. Ash St. Suite 1101. I showed up early and a nice guy, Bob had me wait in a room with a beautiful view of the North San Diego Bay (beautiful) with other new people. We were told to wait and our training was to began soon. We were finally asked to sit down at one of the many computers around the large office and bring up our email. Bob was sending us the information to start Specialist training. The training was poorly executed and disorganized (I was an Operations Officer in the military and have a MBA). On our email, we were given a script, a resume tool used to bring up resumes, and an appointment setting tool. Our job was to read the script and look at people’s resumes that applied for various positions on Indeed (Marketing Brand Ambassador, Marketing Specialist, etc…). We were instructed to follow the script and pretend like we were really interviewing them for a real job. Our real purpose was to set them up for a second interview with a Leader for the next day preferably. Overall, since we weren’t actually selling anything, it wasn’t too difficult to set that appointment. I did that until about 5:00 pm. The goal was to get at least 8 confirmed appointments scheduled. I think I had the highest numbers that day at 8. They project everyone’s name on the wall showing your progress, which is used to motivate you. The next day, I did Leader training. It was very similar, but easier because by then, the people you talk to have received a video about the company and how you can make a difference in the world. My job that day was to follow the script and tell them that the Specialist from the previous day recommended them and you could see why based on their resume. The goal was to set them up for the video call with the Cofounder, Mike Pousti and a Managing Director. This is the part I really disliked because it’s really a video that acts as if it is a live interview- the video goes as far as Pousti saying “oh your mike is too high, I’m going to mute it” to make you believe it’s a real call. I was informed to tell them to set aside about an hour for the video call (it’s really a 51 minute video). That day, I did 8 Leader calls (appointments set) and 5 Specialist calls (appointments set). That day I was number one with 13 total calls. While you are waiting for the next scheduled Leader calls, you are encouraged to make Specialist calls which I trained for on the first day. On my third day, I received the Director script. My job was to call the person as soon as they watched that 51 minute video (supposed to be a video call) and encourage them to come into the San Diego office and start the three day unpaid training sessions. That day I was second highest with a total of 8 appointments set (4 Director, 2 Leader, and 2 Specialist calls). The person that was number one that day had done a total of 12 confirmed Specialist calls. It was his first day and he did well.

The original plan that I came in on was to train for three days and after that I would receive a team that I was responsible for. I was to make calls to them daily at 9:00 am and 2:00 pm to ensure they were making calls. I was led to believe that on my day six I could cash out (receive money). They told me that the goal was to promote four of my team leaders to directors and I would receive $800 (I found out later on that in order for the team leader to move up to director, they would have to pay $250 each. We were told that the $250 is actually the tip that is paid to the support manager since he’s the one that sends us the resumes and makes sure everyone gets paid. So, that’s $1000 that goes to the company and I would receive $800.

On my fourth day, they brought us into the briefing room and said they were considering changing the pay structure to make it better for us. We would be able to cash out the first day as opposed to waiting till Day 6. The new pay structure would also pay us to actually make calls and not just set up appointments. All of us loved the new plan that was pitched to us. All we had to do was to make 5 Specialist calls, 3 Leader calls, and 2 Director calls and we could cash out that same day and make at least $200. This morning was the big day with the new pay plan and we waited for about 40 minutes before Mike was able to brief us on the pay structure going into effect today. Mike reiterated about making the 5 Specialist calls, the 3 Leader calls, and the 2 Director calls to cash out $200 and that we could cash out several times in one day. One of the new people noticed that we can only cash out the $200 if the 2 new Directors pay $99 to become a Director. If not, we can’t cash out that same day. I told Mike that that’s a huge obstacle to have someone fork out $99 just to become a Director. He didn’t like my questioning and said I shouldn’t poison this plan for everyone in the office and that it was possible to do.

It’s at that point that I totally realized that it was a scam. My $200 would be paid with the two new people I bring in, not from the company.

I told Bob (super nice guy) that this wasn’t for me and left. While I was outside talking to my wife on the phone, I noticed another Director like myself was quitting too.

I have all the emails that I would gladly share of their training. And the photos of my second day and third day accomplishments.

The good thing about this experience is that it was located in a beautiful building downtown San Diego with an incredible view. They provided water, sodas, snacks, and coffee all day long and beer at the end of the day. They also provided us a free lunch made by Johnny (another cool guy). Everyone there is super chill and seem to really want you to succeed and to assist you although the training was executed very poorly.

After I left the office, I texted the Managing Director who brought me on and explained everything. She also confirmed to me that she has been performing unpaid training for over three weeks and hasn’t made anything. She had to pay $250 to become a Director. She was hoping that I was going to pay my $250 so she could make $200 off of it (the old plan, the new plan started today).

I hope they regret the day they lied to me and all of us.

Patrick Abney, MBA
Major, US Army Retired


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