Is 30 Day SMMA a Scam? Learn How To Setup your Own SMMA!

Is 30 Day SMMA a Scam? Learn How To Setup your Own SMMA!

Welcome to my 30 Day SMMA review!

Disclaimer: 30 Day SMMA has nothing to do with Tai Lopez’ Social Media Marketing Agency. This is a completely different website and program.

This is a program that teaches you how to set-up your own agency, and while it does sound quite the same as Tai Lopez’s, the content is very different.

This is 30 Day SMMA.

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with 30 Day SMMA in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal what this program is all about and why I think it's a good program...

30 Day SMMA Review Summary

Product Name:  30 Day SMMA

Founder:  Quenten Chad and Jovan Stojanovic

Product Type:  How To Build Your Agency Training Program

Price:  $497 one-time payment, or $297 in two installments.

Best For:  People who want to start their own social media marketing agency.

Is 30 Day SMMA a Scam Image Summary

Summary:  30 Day SMMA is a legitimate training program that helps you build your own social media marketing agency. It's a very comprehensive training program for the price that you pay, and there's a lot of interesting things about their program. It may not be the best training program, but it's not exactly the worst either.

Rating: 80/100

Recommended: Yes 


What is 30 Day SMMA?

Disclaimer: 30 Day SMMA has nothing to do with Tai Lopez’ Social Media Marketing Agency. This is a completely different website and program.

30 Day SMMA is a digital marketing course created by Choose Pristine YouTube channel owners Quenten Chad and Jovan Stojanovic. They will teach you how to start your new SMMA business and how to get your first clients.

While they may sound like they just copied Tai Lopez’ program, they’re actually far from being similar.

If you check out the SMMA content on YouTube, you’ll find that their ads have discussed how SMMA have changed their lives and how the duo made $10 in 30 days.

About Jovan Stojanovic

Jovan Stojanovic was only 18 years old when he dropped out of Ryerson University to start his first ever e-commerce building. He moved to Thailand and specialized in the beauty product niche.

Is 30 Day SMMA a Scam - Jovan Stojanovic

Jovan was a firm believer that people can change their lives through online programs.

He is currently the vice president for marketing at Choose Pristine Inc, and he is also a part-time piano instructor.

About Quenten Chad

Quenten Chad took the leap of faith when he felt that the education system failed him. This drove him to start his new mission in life, which is to become a successful entrepreneur and educator.

Is 30 Day SMMA a Scam - Quenten Chad

Is 30 Day SMMA a Scam - Quenten Chad

His passion for helping people has led him to create 30 Day SMMA in the hopes of breaking people from the vicious cycle of the 9-to-5 work week.

Inside 30 Day SMMA

Their modules come in the form of “live webinars”, where videos are formatted with the duo speaking in front of the camera with some screen-sharing here and there.

This is typical for every training program that we ever reviewed.

There are about 7 modules in total, with 5 of them 5 covering the main topics and 2 of them considered as bonuses.

Module 1 – Preliminary Work

This contains 16 videos that spans over 90 minutes and covers all of the basic accounts that your business should have. We assume that these are social media accounts and other tools.

Module 2 – Outreach

This is the core module of the 30 Day SMMA. There are 27 videos that spans over 3 hours and teaches you how to master the art of outreach (reaching out to customers).

Module 3 – Sales Mastery & Closing Footage

This is the module that teaches you the sales and closing techniques that the duo themselves use for their clients. This has 34 videos that span over 7 hours, so it’s the biggest module here.

We all know that closing a sale is extremely difficult, but they will teach you how to sell your agency and how to close deals.

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Module 4 – Facebook Ads & Getting Results For Clients

This covers Facebook ads for lead generation or for landing pages, or just for generic Facebook ads.

Module 5 – Scaling, Team Building, Outsourcing

This module covers scaling the business by teaching you how to hire individuals, how to outsource work, and so on. This module eventually has you transitioning from working in the business to WORKING ON THE BUSINESS. This module has 11 videos that span for about 1 hour.

Module 6 – Bonus

This module basically just ties some loose ends that may not have been covered in the previous modules. There are 7 modules that cover topics such as dealing with clients that left, scaling your business higher, and even setting up your bank account.

There are also case studies and special SMMA services covered.

This actually isn’t a full module teaching some of the more core elements of the course, it just aims to go over some of the loose ends that you may not have been aware of when running a SMMA business.

These loose ends include 7 videos that cover dealing with clients that have left, scaling even higher, setting up your bank account, different case studies and special SMMA services.

Module 7 – Secure Contracts, Scripts, Templates And More

This section just provides you with some resources and scripts you can use to try to convince and hopefully land a client face to face along with a contract template you can send to close the deal.


30 Day SMMA costs $497, one-time payment or you can choose for installments of 2 payments for $297.

It’s not exactly the most expensive SMMA course that we’ve seen, but it’s not the cheapest one we’ve reviewed. Then again, the price is reasonable given the content that you’re getting.

At the end of the day, it would be wrong to say that there’s no value from their program so the price isn’t that horrible.

However, there were some reviews that mentioned the price of this program was at $997 for one-time payment so I don’t know if the $497 is a temporary discount or a permanently adjusted price.

Who's 30 Day SMMA For?

30 Day SMMA is intended for people who want to start their own SMMA business. They may or may not have the same content as Tai Lopez’s program, but we’re sure that it’s quite cheaper than his program.

What I Like About 30 Day SMMA?

#1 Comprehensive Training

The training is very comprehensive at a glance, and covers a lot of the important elements of building your own SMMA.

However, I would like to take into consideration that these guys are new into the scene when they created the course, so that may count against them.

On that note, I couldn’t find any negative review about their course so it’s safe to assume that they delivered quality modules and lessons.

#2 Live Trainings

30 Day SMMA also has live trainings and case studies to help you expand your business and to help build your confidence in running the business.

These live trainings are perfect for people who learn visually and can benefit individuals who want to learn more about SMMA.

#3 People Liked The Program

Some people actually found some success in setting up their own SMMA, and I've seen quite a handful of reviews on their private FB page. 

Is 30 Day SMMA a Scam - Positive Feedback

Is 30 Day SMMA a Scam - Positive Feedback

It seems that there were people who earned the income they expected, but these reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. While there's no way to disprove these reviews, it's better to err on the safe side. 

30 Day SMMA Ugly Truths Revealed!

#1 Problems With Being Overcharged And Long Refund Process

There have been some minor complaints about the company’s long refund process, as well as some issues with overcharging. These issues usually affect their customers outside of USA.

The refund process has you completing a certain amount of the course to get your money back, which makes sense. But it’s still annoying.

Some of the training program that we reviewed also had this similar refund process, so it’s not exactly uncommon.

Is 30 Day SMMA a Scam?

30 Day SMMA is a legitimate training program that teaches you how to set up your own SMMA business. The program is handled by 2 up-and-coming entrepreneurs who both made the leap of faith to become entrepreneurs.

The training program is comprehensive enough to build up a solid foundation for running your business, and there’s a lot of content that covers the basics of building this business.

Granted, it’s not the best SMMA training program in the industry right now, but it’s not exactly the worst either. The price is reasonable enough and should be enough for people to get into the business.

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Justin Hagen

Justin has worked as an SEO and content specialist for the last 9 years. His success in the industry has allowed him to graduate from college, pay for a wedding, and pay for their first car. He recently joined Jerry as a writer for the Smart Affiliate Success blog.

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