Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 Review - Here's How To Be Your Own Boss!

Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 Review – Here’s How To Be Your Own Boss!

Welcome to my Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 review!

You’ve probably seen his ad on Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube.

There’s no doubt that he’s one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time, and now he’s sharing his knowledge through his various digital training programs, each with their own praises.

Now, we’re reviewing a new version of his previously successful program and ads about this program are all over social media.

This is Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 or Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0!

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with Tai Lopez and his programs in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal what this life-changing program is all about and how it's for serious entrepreneurs only! 

Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 Review Summary

Product Name:  Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0

Founder:  Tai Lopez

Product Type:  Entrepreneurial Training Program

Price:  $497 one time fee or $197 per month in three installments

Best For:  People who want to start their own business. 

Tai Lopez SMMA Review Image Summary

Summary:  Tai Lopez is a man who needs no introduction. You've probably seen his ads all over social media a lot of times every day. That just goes to show you how good he is. Now, he's going to teach you how to set up your own social media marketing agency and how to land high-paying clients through SMMA 2.0. The program is comprehensive with over 60+ hours of videos, and is handled by Tai and the rest of his professional teaching team. You're guaranteed high-quality training from one of social media's top gurus

Rating: 90/100

Recommended:  Yes!


What is Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0?

Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0, or SMMA 2.0 as he liked to call it, is an online course that promises to teach you on how to start your own social media marketing agency and how to get small businesses to hire you.

Based on their sales reports, they have 35,000 sign up for the course and not one of them has had anything bad to say about their experience.

Why Should You Listen To Tai Lopez?

Now, if you’re thinking that I’m just overhyping this program up, but you’re wrong. Tai Lopez is as legit as you think.

And this isn’t something that I say lightly for most affiliate marketing programs being reviewed here.

So just how good is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez SMMA Review - This Is Tai Lopez

This Is Tai Lopez

Well, his YouTube videos are being used by college instructors to teach marketing, and whether you want to believe him or not, he’s actually really good at what he does. And this includes how to go about with social media.

Let’s just take a look at the numbers:

  1. 6.5M Fans on Facebook!
  2. Over 3M Followers on Instagram!
  3. 1.2M Followers On Twitter!
  4. 1.3M subscribers on YouTube!

That’s more than 12M followers on social media, and each of them willing to give him money for his programs.

And these aren’t paid followers or fans either. Each one of them are everyday Joe’s and Jane’s looking to learn about how to become their own bosses.

Granted, Tai Lopez keeps his background hidden from the rest of us, but that doesn’t mean he’s being dishonest. The results are in the pudding.

Apart from being a social media expert, he’s also an investor and partner in more than 20+ multi-million dollar enterprises. He’s also worked together with various influencers and celebrities such as Rihanna, Jordan Belfort, Kobe Bryant, and even went as far as interviewing Hillary Clinton, Mark Cuban, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Steven Spielberg.

Now I don’t these people have the time to waste if Tai Lopez wasn’t legitimate or at the very least, nowhere near as good as he claims.

I mean, just check out these articles:

  1. Featured in Entrepreneur as the no.1 social media strategist
  2. Tai Lopez interviews Gary Vaynerchuk
  3. Mark Cuban hangs out at Tai Lopez’s house
  4. Tai Lopez facetimes with former president Bill Clinton

Inside Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0

I won’t go into too much details for the program since the coverage and the modules are only accessible to its members.

What I can tell you is that the main point of the program is to show you how to set up your own social media marketing agency, how to run campaigns, and how to secure clients.

He teaches you how to run your own business and to generate leads continuously.

Tai Lopez SMMA Review - Modules


From what I’ve heard about the member’s testimonials, they go earning about $1000 to $10000 per month on average.

 And these are all verified claims of income, ranging from pictures of paychecks and PayPal deposits.

The program runs for about 4 months, and lessons are mostly in video format. So less reading, more watching.

Here are some of the things that you can expect to learn from SMMA 2.0 taken directly from his website: 

  1. How to get your first $1,000 a month client within 4 months (some may reach this milestone sooner)
  2. The right and best way to use free videos to help any small business
  3. How to automate your social media marketing agency so you can scale and make more money
  4. How to setup the new business even if you have never started a business before
  5. How to set up multiple types of packages for your clients, so you can offer premium services
  6. How to choose a company name, purchase a domain and setup a website for attracting clients
  7. The best equipment to use for social media marketing
  8. Why naming your new social media business using your own name is a mistake (and what to choose instead)
  9. How to make any business interesting, even if they’re a mortuary
  10. How to setup email marketing funnels for small businesses
  11. How to speak to business owners and use the language they respond to
  12. What type of businesses will pay you the most
  13. How to find clients and convince them to pay you
  14. The best way to track your social media marketing
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SMMA 2.0 Program Bonuses

Tai also has bonus modules for its members, which you’ll see here on this screenshot.

Tai Lopez SMMA Review - Bonuses


These 5 bonuses are worth more than the entire cost of the program, but he’s giving them away to SMMA 2.0 members for free.

One of the best things about Tai is that he handles most of the training modules, but if there’s a topic that he’s not knowledgeable about or not comfortable teaching it, then he lets others do the teaching.

Either way, you get quality tutelage from SMMA 2.0 thanks to Tai and his teaching team.

How Much Does It Cost?

Do you want to know what’s the most surprising thing about this program?

It only costs a one-time payment of $497 or $197 in 3 installments. Tai made this program very accessible to everyone.

After you’ve paid, you have lifetime access to the program so you can come back and rewatch videos when needed.

Oh, you also get access to their secret Facebook group which has about 20,000 active members and scripts to help you close deals with clients.

Can You Really Make Money With SMMA 2.0?

This is the million dollar question: can you really make money with what Tai Lopez is teaching you?

Well, that depends. Let’s say that you were able to secure a client and books you for $1,000 a month for the next 6 months.

I would say that you’ve already made your money back and then some.

Some members are saying that they’ve booked clients for as high as $30,000 a month, and you’ll find it on Tai Lopez’s success page.

Who's Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 For?

Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 is a serious investment for people who want to be their own bosses. The modules are intended for people who want to be as successful as Tai Lopez.

That means that this is a program intended for people who are willing to put in the time and effort to learn and to act on what they’ve learned.

What I Like About Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0?

#1 – As Comprehensive As It Gets

You get a total of 64 hours’ worth of video training inside the program, which is about 130+ lessons in all aspects of building your own social media business and will even go as far as to teach you how to name it and how to scale it.

You’ll also have access to case studies from their successful students and the live calls from Tai and his team will keep you updated on the new trends in social media.

#2 – Taught By Professionals!

Unlike Tai Lopez The 67 Steps and Tai Lopez Knowledge Society, SMMA 2.0 is handled by Tai Lopez and a team of professionals, each recruited by Tai for their expertise.

In just 4 of the core modules alone, there are 34 different teachers across different lessons, and some of them will even appear on the live calls and bonus sections.

#3 – Active Facebook Group!

SMMA 2.0’s Facebook group contains 22,000 members and has dozens of new posts each day, and reading them is an enlightening as it can get.

Many of the discussions may be basic, but the community is very supportive and provide great supplementary learnings for everyone.

#4 – Real Success Stories!

I’ve always been skeptical of success stories and testimonials because anyone can make them, but we can’t deny the fact that a lot of people are actually reporting how they’re doing great in the SMMA private Facebook group.

Tai Lopez SMMA Review - Actual Testimonials

Actual Testimonials

Tai Lopez SMMA Review - Testimonials

More Testimonials

Tai Lopez SMMA Review - Testimonials From Facebook

Testimonials From Facebook

Tai Lopez SMMA Review - Testimonials From Facebook 2

Proof of income

And of course, due diligence on our part has also been done to verify these success claims because of the many accusations that Tai Lopez is a scam artist.

As far as this review is concerned, the claims and testimonials appear to be legitimate and I have no proof that they’re fake or fraudulent in any way.

Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 Ugly Truths Revealed!

#1 – Mostly Video, Little Text!

While we don’t really expect text versions of each lesson, it would’ve been a lot better if there were supplementary readings.

But then again, Tai Lopez is known for his audio-visual content. The least he could’ve done was provide bullet point texts in his presentations or summary of key points in each lesson.

Is Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 a Scam?

Tai Lopez and his programs, especially SMMA 2.0 or Social Media Marketing Agency, are not scams. They are as legitimate as you might think, and all this can be attributed to Tai Lopez and how he’s built his business.

He’s showing you how to set up your own social media marketing agency and provides you with comprehensive training modules.

The modules are handled by professionals and various experts in their field, so you know you’re getting high quality education from Tai and the team.

If you are serious about being your own boss, then this program should help you do that. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s serious about making tons of money online.

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