The Swag Academy Review - Basic Forex Trading Training Program!

The Swag Academy Review – Basic Forex Trading Training Program!

Welcome to my The Swag Academy review!

Forex training courses are quite popular because it allows people with absolutely no background on the industry to have a fundamental understanding of how trading works. 

With the right training course, a complete novice can take a $5000 investment and turn it into something bigger. But that’s the condition right there: it has to be the right training course. 

With all of the training courses making their way into the market, how do we know what’s the right one? 

Today, we’re taking a look at The Swag Academy and we’re going to find out if this course is right for anyone.

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with The Swag Academy in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal what this training course has to offer. 

The Swag Academy Review Summary

Product Name:  The Swag Academy

Founder:  Swaggy C (Chris Williams)

Product Type:  Forex Trading Training Program

Price:  $499 one-time fee

Best For:  Beginners in Forex Trading

The Swag Academy Review Image Summary

Summary:  The Swag Academy is a Forex trading training program designed by Swaggy C, a TV celebrity. Despite having a flashy YouTube channel, his training content leaves a lot to be desired. It's good enough to provide basic information and build up a solid understanding, but it doesn't really help you advance.

Rating: 50/100

Recommended: No!


What is The Swag Academy?

The Swag Academy claims to be the #1 Forex YouTube channel in the world loaded with valued educational materials on Forex trading. 

On their homepage, you’ll see their lead magnet called “The Forex Day Trading Blueprint”, which is packed with info, ranging from choosing what broker you can work with to taxes applied to trading to risk management and psychology and more. 

As you can see from , they’re also calling out Swaggy C for his insane claims.
The Swag Academy Review - Product Landing

The Swag Academy Review - Product Landing

The Swag Academy also claims that their program is both for the new trader and for the intermediate trader because their course is designed to educate you at a higher capacity than with their Youtube channels. 

They also mention that this is not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme and that they don’t guarantee profits. You’ll see that in their own disclaimer: 

Who’s The Founder of The Swag Academy?

The man behind The Swag Academy and The Forex Blueprint is Chris Williams, a.k.a. Swaggy C. Before becoming a day trader, Swaggy C was a TV personality. He was last seen competing in the 20th season of Big Brother and ended up in 15th place. 

This is probably the reason why the production values on his YouTube channel is high because he comes from an entertainment background. 

He claims that he makes millions on day trading and that he made over $10 million trading in a 12-month period. We have no idea why he would make a claim like that because it just contradicts his own program disclaimer. 

this review coming from other traders

Inside The Swag Academy

The Swag Academy used to be a series of different courses back then and was broken up into different skill levels, ranging from Beginner (Series 1) to Advanced (Series 4). 

The Swag Academy Review - About The Program

The Swag Academy Review - About The Program

The Forex Blueprint is now a combination of these 4 series and merged them into one complete course. 

Here’s a breakdown of the series: 

Series 1 contains 32 lessons and introduces the traders into Forex Trading and its basics. This also covers basic and simple Forex strategies as well.

Series 2 contains 31 lessons and goes a little deeper following Series 1. This module goes over risk management and psychology, as well as in-depth training on entries and exits. 

Series 3 contains 33 lessons and builds up more from the last 2 series. This covers various trading tactics and more training in psychology.

Series 4 contains 38 lessons, making it the longest module in the course. This covers every training program that’s supposedly going to make you an elite trader. This module covers taxes and a lot more emphasis on risk management. 

All in all, you get 100 videos that talk about trading, risk management, psychology, and taxes. 

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What Type of Trading Does The Swag Academy Teach?

The Swag Academy teaches market structure and price action. They teach you how to minimize indicators and try to look at the markets for what it really is. That’s the technical side of their teaching. 

They will also show you how to trade the right way, so there’s nothing here that’s illegal and could get you in trouble with the law. 

Features of The Swag Academy

  1. Lifetime Access - Once you pay for the subscription, you’re set for life. You won’t have to worry about prices increasing. You also get new course contents and updates to the current course content for free. 
  2. Step By Step - You get access to their educational resources, ranging from the video library to written content to downloadable PDF files that supplement the lessons you get. 
  3. Community Boards - You get access to their Facebook group which allows you to communicate with other members and to talk to Swaggy C and his team about anything related to trading and the lessons.

Do The Swag Academy Sell Signals?

The Swag Academy does not sell signals. You are responsible for the trades you make and you manage your own risk.

How Much Is The Swag Academy? 

The Swag Academy is priced at $499, but in our opinion, there are far better options out there for Forex trading training. 

Most of the information it talks about can be found on YouTube so there’s nothing really unique they provide if you’re already an experienced trader.

Who's The Swag Academy For?

The Swag Academy is intended for people who’re new into Forex trading. Caveat here being NEW. It doesn’t really have anything unique to offer for expert and intermediate traders alike. 

The Swag Academy Ugly Truths Revealed!

#1 Misleading Income Claims

Their disclaimer said that the program is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but Swaggy C’s claim actually contradicts it. We’re calling BS on the fact that he’s making that much money. It doesn’t make sense for him to sell a course that shows his process on how he does that for only $499. 

Plus, he’s been called out by a few traders about his course in general. 

#2 Expensive Basic Training

This basic training program is on the expensive side. It doesn’t really have anything advanced to offer, so if you’re a complete novice, you’re going to have to enroll in another course for the more advanced lessons. 

To me, this is just counter-productive. You might as well enroll in a course that provides both basic and advanced training. 

If you can the full suite, we suggest you look at Traders Academy Club.

What I Like About The Swag Academy?

#1 Swaggy C Makes It Easy

The one thing that we can appreciate from Swaggy C is that he doesn’t complicate things. Their YouTube channel is a reflection of how the modules are delivered. He delivers the information in a way that’s free from technical jargon (or at least reduces the use of it) and makes the lessons easy to understand for beginners.

Is The Swag Academy a Scam?

The Swag Academy is a legitimate training course made by Swaggy C, and we have no reason to think that it’s an outright scam or the lessons are useless. 

While the lessons are delivered in a way that it’s meant for beginners, it’s just that: they’re meant for beginners. It covers enough ground that it gives novice traders a solid understanding of Forex trading, but it won’t help them progress through their career. 

There are better courses out there that can cover both basic and advanced training. Granted, they are going to be a bit more expensive than The Swag Academy but you get what you pay for. 

Is it even worth looking into if you’re strapped for cash? It is, but you might as well just save your money and enroll in other training courses.

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