Tai Lopez The 67 Steps Review: The Truth Behind This Course EXPOSED

Tai Lopez The 67 Steps Review: The Truth Behind This Course EXPOSED

Welcome to my Tai Lopez The 67 Steps review!

Some people invest in personal development, and in their search, they may have discovered a no-nonsense training course from a very reputable entrepreneur.

If they did, they probably discovered Tai Lopez The 67 Steps. 

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with Tai Lopez The 67 Steps in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal why people say that The 67 Steps is a life-changing course.

Through my unbiased Tai Lopez The 67 Steps review, I will find out once and for all if it does change lives... 

Tai Lopez The 67 Steps Review Summary

Product Name:  The 67 Steps

Founder:  Tai Lopez

Product Type:  Self-improvement training course

Price:  $67 - one-time membership + ($69.99 / month for VIP access)

Best For:  People who're looking to enroll in a no-nonsense self-improvement training course who're prepared to change their lives for the better.

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Summary:  Tai Lopez The 67 Steps is a self-improvement and personal development course that aims to help people change their lives. Through Tai Lopez's life experiences and lessons from his mentors, fellow entrepreneurs, and other iconic personalities, the 67 Steps provides a blueprint for positive change to people who want a no-nonsense approach to change. However, its issues with transparency prevents it from getting the best reviews and the fact that there are hardly any positive testimonials about the program makes me doubt if it's as good as they say that it is. 

Rating:  80/100

Recommended:  Yes


What is Tai Lopez The 67 Steps?

Tai Lopez The 67 Steps is a video-based course found at his website. This is an ongoing and instructional video course that teaches you how to achieve anything you want in life.

The website launched in 2014 with its headquarters located in West Hollywood, California.

But unlike other similar programs like Rich Dad Summit, the program isn’t contained within an e-book.

A Snippet of his Course

This instructional program, devised by Tai Lopez, hinges on the belief that anyone can be successful as long as they know how to get what they want out of life and claim their goals in – you got that right – 67 steps.

The 67 Steps were also taught by five of Tai’s mentors, and it’s what he used to from living inside a truck to driving a Lamborghini.

Who is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez is a successful certified financial planner who now travels the world teaching others how to be successful in their lives.

Tai Lopez himself

According to his bio, Lopez invested and partnered in more than 20 multi-million businesses.

He reached over 1.4 million people with his Book-of-the-Day free email newsletter and over 9 million viewers on his Ted Talks video.

He also created an alternative business school with his Business Mentorship Program, along with other programs like Accelerator Program for Business Mastery, Real Estate Investor Program, and How to Start Your Own Social Media Marketing Agency.

Inside Tai Lopez The 67 Steps

The program is kind of like a collection of lessons and wisdom from different entrepreneurs, influencers, and mentors that Tai Lopez has learned from over the years.

The program covers more than 100 hours of videos that reveal secrets to living a good life found in more than 150 books.

Lopez gathered these pieces of wisdom that he received from successful people he knew and narrowed them down to 67 steps, hence the title of the book.

He also chose the number 67 because it takes 66 days to build a new habit and added an extra step “for good luck”.

The 67 Steps are life’s principles coming from mentors like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and even Mahatma Gandhi just to name a few.

How Does Tai Lopez The 67 Steps Work?

Each of the 67 steps includes an explanation on how you can apply each individual principle in your every day life.

VIP members get access to Twice-a-Month Live coaching calls where they can get answers to questions they may have.

The program also includes a Book-of-the-Day premium audio and video summaries and bonus materials.

To gain access into the program, you need to agree to some company guidelines.

Since the program focuses on an individual taking action, the person must be willing to seek financial independence, invest in self-improvement, and be consistent in living a passionate and exciting life.

Once a person has agreed to these guidelines, he or she may claim their spot by placing an order.

What Are Some Examples of the 67 Steps?

Some of the examples that you’ll see in the 67 Steps are:

1.  “Be Worth a Damn”:

This step addresses the delusions and entitlement that people have to a prosperous life. According to the program, the good life must be deserved and earned by working towards it and becoming better than your competitors at what you do.

2. “Life Long Learning”:

This step focuses on the importance of not only learning from your failures but from other people’s failures as well. Lopez also tackles the issue of why each person should be a “Renaissance Man or Woman” or a polymath, and addresses the values of being one.

3. “Choose Relationships Wisely”:

This step is all about the importance of being able to tell who has your best interests at heart and who doesn’t. Think of it as being a better judge of character and preventing yourself from being taken advantage of.

4. “Shut the F**k Up and Do Something”:

This part goes over why taking any action is always better than not taking any at all. It also teaches people how to be courageous and less delusional in life.

Some of the other steps in the program will cover the same topics and offer detailed explanations as to how you can turn these ideas into actions.

Simply put, the program is a no-nonsense approach to life and it helps members gain the emotional and mental resources that’s crucial for success and living the best life possible.  

How to Get Started with Tai Lopez The 67 Steps?

To get into the Tai Lopez The 67 Steps Program, you need to pay a one-time fee of $67. You will also be automatically enrolled into the company’s VIP program once you order.

The recurring fee for the VIP program is $69.99 but you can opt out of it.

With the purchase of The 67 Steps, new users get a 14-day free access pass to the VIP membership program, which allows them to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Twice a Month Coaching Calls
  2. Book of the Day Premium Video and Audio Summaries
  3. Investment Secrets
  4. Speed Reading Wizardry
  5. Tai’s App List
  6. Access to Private Social Networking Groups
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Who's Tai Lopez The 67 Steps For?

Tai Lopez The 67 Steps is for anyone who are emotionally and mentally prepared to face harsh (yet valid) life lesson. Note that this program is not a “magic solution” of any kind, nor does it guarantee any form of success, be it financial, professional, or personal.

The lessons found in these programs are geared towards helping (keyword here is HELPING) people live a better (and happier) life.

If it’s something that you’re willing to go through, then this program may be for you.

What I Like About Tai Lopez The 67 Steps?

#1 - There's Tons Of Educational Content Available

There’s a lot of educational material available once you’re enrolled into the program.

You have access to hundreds of hours of specifically recorded videos, book summaries, and a lot more to help with different areas of your life.

If you’re a VIP member, you also get coaching calls to help you with your issues or provide you with answers for specific questions.

#2 - Good BBB Rating

At the time of this review, his company has a B rating  and is an Accredited Business of the Better Business Bureau.

However, their BBB reviews are a mix of both positive and negative ones. Positive reviews claimed that the course has indeed changed their life, but I cannot vouch for the legitimacy behind these reviews (positive or otherwise). 

#3 – There’s a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If anyone is not happy with their purchase, Tai Lopez provides a full refund of the program within 60 days of the original purchase. 

Negative reviews have called out Tai Lopez for their refund issues, but upon closer inspection, the team is quick to resolve these issues. 

Refund issue

Unlike Jumpcut Academy where you have to prove that the program didn’t work, the program offers a full refund if the program did not work for you.

What I Don't Like About Tai Lopez The 67 Steps?

#1 - Transparency Is An Issue

The program costs $67, but they don’t tell you that you’re automatically billed for the VIP membership, which means that if you don’t opt out within the next 30 days of the order, you’ll be charged $69.99 a month.

And not a lot of people are aware of this. So if you’re going to sign up for this program, I must advise you to opt out of the VIP program if you don’t want to pay an extra $69.99 every month.

P.S. This program that has enabled me to generate a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income at just 21 years old is FREE to get started and only cost $49/month fee to go full-time!

#2 - Expensive VIP Fee

I get why some programs like Tai Lopez The 67 Steps have a VIP fee. You want people to feel that they’re paying for more value.

However, their VIP fee is expensive and you can find most of the available programs within the VIP program for free if you’re willing to hunt and compile them.

But if you’re subscribing to the VIP fee to get personal coaching, then that’s a different story.

#3 - No Other Testimonials Available

If this program was indeed successful in helping people become successful, then how come there are no testimonials, apart from the website?

Testimonial 1

Normally for programs like these, you’d have people clamoring about how good it is, and how it changed their lives.

Testimonial 2

I did a quick search for video testimonials about the program’s success, and the search results showed me three of his site’s pages. 

Now, consider the following scenarios:

  1. The program is successful and people are not bragging about it because being humble is part of the 67 Steps. 
  2. The program is unsuccessful and that people are not just saying anything about it because they got their money back. 

My guess for the absence of any testimonial is scenario 1. I can only assume that humility is part of the 67 Steps, and in order for me to find out, I would have to enroll in the course. 

Is Tai Lopez The 67 Steps A Scam?

Tai Lopez is as legitimate as any successful entrepreneur can be, and The 67 Steps is far from being a scam.

It’s an educational product that helps people become more successful in all areas of their life. The fact that the main course content is delivered through videos makes it more appealing for anyone who’re lazy to read a book.

However, the main issue that makes The 67 Step program look bad is its transparency. People are not aware that they are enrolled immediately into the VIP Fee, which is a recurring fee of $69.99 a month.

Now, I don’t want to assume anything as to why they automatically enroll people into this program, but the least they could’ve done was to inform them so people don’t get surprised by the $69.99 monthly charges.

Thankfully, that’s easily rectified because people can choose to opt out of the VIP program within 30 days.

As to the absence of any testimonial from their successful students, I can't assume as to why no one has said anything good about the program except for the ones found on the website.  

Maybe it's part of the lessons from the 67 Steps, or maybe they liked the program but never really want to talk about  it. Who knows, right? 

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