Is Mommy Jobs Online a Scam? How To Work From Home The Right Way!

Is Mommy Jobs Online a Scam? How To Work From Home The Right Way!

Welcome to my Mommy Jobs Online review!

You can easily earn money online by doing remote jobs for various companies, but it's quite difficult to locate which ones are reliable and which ones are actually going to pay you. 

These jobs will also vary in terms of rate, tasks, and even quality.

But what if there was a site that could make things easy for you? 

If you’re looking for a decent source of online remote jobs, then you can check out Mommy Jobs Online!

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with Mommy Jobs Online in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal how the platform works and how you can start your remote work-at-home career. 

Mommy Jobs Online Review Summary

Product Name:  Mommy Jobs Online

Founder:  Not disclosed

Product Type:  Work-At-Home Opportunities

Price:  $85 per job category, or $210 to access all job categories

Best For:  Stay-at-home moms looking to earn a decent income online, or people who are having difficulties in finding a job.

Mommy Jobs Online Review Image Summary

Summary:  Mommy Jobs Online is a decent work-at-home opportunity provider that lists hundreds of remote jobs online.  It's a good platform for anyone, especially stay-at-home moms, to get started with applying for remote jobs. However, I would like to point out that there is a membership before you can actually see the available jobs, so that's a deal breaker. If you have the cash to spare, then good for you. The site will only list jobs available, and will not guarantee you that you will be accepted for the job. It will be up to you on how you present yourself and up to the employer if they accept your application. But if you're okay with all of these, then the program is worth checking out. 

Rating: 80/100

Recommended:  Yes and No! 


What is Mommy Jobs Online?

Mommy Jobs Online, or MJO, is a professional remote contractor job platform that provides you and other people with various work-at-home opportunities.

The site guarantees that the jobs posted are pre-screened and legit, so you’re going to get paid.

Mommy Jobs Online Landing Page

The amount of money will usually vary depending on the job you applied for and the skills and experience you possess.

Based on my research, it looks like a legit platform that advertises legitimate business opportunities, but allow me to dig deeper into its mechanics so you’ll make your own judgment.

Inside Mommy Jobs Online

Think of Mommy Jobs Online as a jobs board where you’ll find different online work opportunities that you can apply for.

There are many categories that will fit your experience and skillset, and you can apply different jobs for these categories.

To gain access to the list of jobs, you’ll have to become a member first.

Membership is not free, but it does carry a one-time fee.

To my knowledge and based on 3rd party research, there seems to be no recurring or additional fees.

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What Do They Offer?

To earn money from this site, you’ll have to buy into the job categories that match the corresponding job types.

It’s intended to target people who want to work at home without leaving their homes.

The pricing per category is listed as follows:

Mommy Jobs Online Price

Complete price list

You can choose to pay either a one-time fee of $85 per category, or pay $210 to get access to all job categories.

Once you buy a category, or all categories, you’re getting the job types along with their salary range.

The salary ranges between $10 and $90 per hour, which is far higher than the US Federal Minimum Wage.

Then, once you buy the jobs under that category, you're getting the following job types with a salary range between $10 to $90 per hour:

  1. Clerical
  2. Customer service
  3. Transcription
  4. Medical Coding
  5. Professional
  6. Internal jobs
  7. And more!

On top of these categories, you’ll also have access to the network that can benefit you as a freelancer.

This guarantees your earnings from your hard work as well as entry into a non-discriminative atmosphere.

Here’s a list of what they have to offer:

Mommy Jobs Online Network

What the platform offers?

This is because they include housewives in their list of prospective applicants, and those who have a hard time looking for a job.

How To Make Money With Mommy Jobs Online?

The companies are going to be the one who will pay you for the jobs you do.

Think of it as an employment of sorts, and this will depend on the rate you and the employer agreed to.

Payment options will also be provided by your employer, so there’s no uniformity in terms of how you’re going to get paid.

What Other People Say About Them?

Based on their BBB or Better Business Bureau profile, Mommy Jobs Online currently has an outstanding customer rating of A-.

They’re also a BBB-accredited business, so they’re legitimate.

Most of the positive reviews about Mommy Jobs Online state that the jobs listed are reliable and trustworthy.

Some even claim that they’re even paid $15 per hour at the start of their job.

I would advise to take their reviews with a grain of salt though.

Who's Mommy Jobs Online For?

Mommy Jobs Online is intended for the following:

  1. Stay-at-home moms looking to earn a decent living
  2. People who are looking for a decent way to make money online
  3. People having a hard time looking for local jobs

If you’re looking for another way to make money online, I have a step-by-step guide on affiliate marketing that can get you started from A to Z.

Mommy Jobs Online Ugly Truths Revealed!

#1 - Pay To Apply For Jobs!

This is probably the first thing that I don’t like about the program.

Mommy Jobs Online doesn’t have a free membership, which seems counterproductive because the people it targets are those that have no or minimal sources of income.

The price is not cheap either since you have to spend at least $85 for one category and getting access to all of them will cost you $210.

Of course, you can always think of it as a starting capital for your own work at home business since you’re going to be earning more than what you paid for in the long run.

#2 - They Only Provide Jobs And Nothing More!

Mommy Jobs Online simply provides you with jobs online, and nothing more.

It’s up to you to apply for the job and it’s up to the company to accept your application.

Granted, they do screen companies that list for job vacancies for quality.

#3 - Jobs Don’t Pay As Advertised!

Some jobs actually don’t pay as advertised based on their listing.

When you apply for a job, you expect to be paid at the range that the company advertised. You’d think that because they’re screened for the job, you’ll know how much you make.

But some members complain that they’re getting paid way below the advertised range.

You’ll actually find these complaints on their BBB profile.

What I Like About Mommy Jobs Online?

#1 - Lots Of Jobs Listed!

There are several jobs listed per category, so you’ll have lots of jobs to choose from once you’re a member.

This will allow you to create different streams of income based on your preference, and you’ll be able to create your own work shift as you continue to grow.

#2 - Membership For Life!

Despite paying a hefty fee to look for jobs, the membership is for life, and there seems to be no hidden fees or upsells.

This means that as long as you paid and are still registered, you’ll always be able to look for a job in Mommy Jobs Online.

Is Mommy Jobs Online a Scam?

Mommy Jobs Online is a legitimate online jobs platform that provides you with different work-at-home opportunities.

The site is intended for people who have a hard time looking for a job and for stay-at-home moms who want to make a decent living without leaving their homes.

But there are several things that I don’t like about site, and one of them is having to pay to get access to the jobs.

Then even if you do pay for the membership, it’s still up to you and the employer as to whether or not you land the job since Mommy Jobs Online will not help you with the application process.

However, they do make up for it by providing you with a ton of job listings online and allows you to create a decent profit stream online.

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