Is Freedom Mentor A Scam? Another Mentoring Program EXPOSED!

Is Freedom Mentor A Scam? Another Mentoring Program EXPOSED!

Welcome to my Freedom Mentor review!

Anyone who's willing to spend time and money to develop their skills in real estate investing have probably stumbled upon the Freedom Mentor at least once. 

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with Freedom Mentor in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal what this interesting real estate investing mentoring program is all about and to find out the answer to the question:

Is Freedom Mentor A Scam?

Let's get to it...

Freedom Mentor Review Summary

Product Name:  Freedom Mentor

Founder:  Phil Pustejovsky

Product Type:  Real Estate Investment Mentoring Program

Price:  $3,000 for One-Time Fee plus $197 Monthly Membership Fee

Best For:  People who are eager to get into real estate investment as a full-time investor, or people who want to take their investment skills to the next level.

New Logo Freedom Mentor-1 - Review Summary

Summary:  Freedom Mentor is a real estate investment mentoring program created by Phil Pustejovsky. It's a program that helps students get into the world of real estate investment as well as those who want to take their investment skills to the next level. However, I do not recommend this program because it's too expensive for what it's supposed to be. On top of that, the reviews are mixed (I'll explain why in this article), and the 50/50 profit split just doesn't fit. 

Rating:  20/100

Recommended:  No


What is Freedom Mentor?

Freedom Mentor was created by real estate investor Phil Pustejovsky and claims to be one of the leading real estate investing mentoring programs that can help you succeed in no time.

With that in mind, Phil and the rest of his mentoring team claim that there’s no better time to make money in real estate than now, and that the secret to success in real estate is having the right mentor.

Freedom Mentor is not to be confused with another MLM program of almost the same name called Your Freedom Mentor.  

Your Freedom Mentor is also a completely different program because it's an affiliate marketing platform that's reported to be a scam and has nothing to do with real estate. 

Who is Phil Pustejovsky?

Before we get into the details of this program, I need to shed some light on its founder, Phil Pustejovsky.

Phil Pustejovsky with his book

Phil graduated from Vanderbilt University where he claimed that he was so involved in the party lifestyle that his life began to spiral downwards.

At one point, he was homeless and living on his truck after his first failure in real estate investing.

After hitting rock bottom, Phil claimed that he only succeeded after meeting his mentor named Tom, who guided him throughout the entire process.

Since then, he’s able to have closed $45 million in short sales and built a large portfolio of properties acquired through lending techniques.

Now, he dubs himself as the “nation’s premier real estate mentor” by helping other investors to get started or to take their business to the next level by using his Freedom Mentor Programs.

Inside Freedom Mentor

When you get right down to it, Freedom Mentor is a mentoring program for real estate investors that helps its students not only get the skills they need but also partner with the program’s mentors in closing deals.

The 50/50 Split

Here’s why. Through this partnership, Freedom Mentor will share 50/50 of your net profits for each deal you make. So, the student gets 50% of the cut and the company gets the other 50%.

This ensures that both parties have as much vested interest in any real estate deal or investment.

Freedom Mentor's 50-50

In addition to the 50/50 program, Phil also claims that his personal mentoring of his students will help them avoid pitfalls and dangers that’re commonly associated with real estate investing while providing solid advice to boost their students’ confidence in no time.

In addition to the mentoring program, Phil Pustejovsky also gives out a free digital copy of his best-selling book called How To Be A Real Estate Investor.

This is the book that he claimed to have simplified real estate investing in order to make his principles practical and easy to apply.

It also contains decades of real estate investing experience and knowledge and shows you all of the strategies you need to succeed.

On the website, you’ll find a list of free real estate training courses which is comprised of 25 different articles and videos, starting from the basics up to the more complex lessons.

Phil’s blog on his website is also updated regularly with short articles on real estate.

How To Get Started With Freedom Mentor?

Freedom Mentor does not post their pricing information for its programs on their website, but after much research, I found out that the company charges $3,000 for the initial fee and then a monthly membership fee of $197.

This is what you’ll be getting with the mentoring program after you’ve been screened and paid:

  1. A personalized investing plan
  2. Instructional, lead-generating software
  3. Access to a lender database
  4. 2 conference calls per week with other mentorees
  5. Daily instant messaging with Freedom Mentor’s staff of counselors
  6. 3 live coaching calls per month with Freedom Mentor’s staff of counselors

In order to apply for the program, the student needs to enter their name, email address, and contact number. After which, a representative will get in touch you.

According to the website, Phil is only interested in coaching apprentices who’re action-oriented, honest, and committed students.

You may also get in touch with their staff to ask about their pricing information via this contact number: 877-693-3172.

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Who's Freedom Mentor For?

Freedom Mentor seems to be an exclusive mentoring program for real estate investors, and as mentioned earlier, it’s not meant for everyone.

From Phil’s perspective, the applicant has to meet his standards for apprenticeship but it’s not disclosed on his website as to how they screen applicants (I’ll explain more in detail below).

From my own perspective, this program is for people who are serious about real estate investing or those who want to make it their full-time source of income.

What I Don't Like About Freedom Mentor?

#1 - It Is Expensive

The price tag to join this mentoring program is quite expensive.

On top of the huge one-time fee and the monthly membership fee, you’re also paying out a 50/50 profit split, and this occurs between $100k to $500k, depending on the specifics of your deal.

Granted, it may be a small price to pay if you’re able to close out a deal worth millions of dollars, but how often are you going to come across deals like those?

If you want something consistent in terms of income, I would advise you to look at affiliate marketing.

One thing that I’d like to point out is that most of the stuff that you may find on the mentoring program can be found everywhere else for free or at a much lesser price.

I did a quick research on Udemy for its real estate investing courses, which are taught by the likes of Khari Parker and Symon He.

Udemy Courses on Real Estate

Now, if training programs are not your forte, there are books written by the best in the field and those who’ve made a name for themselves which you can purchase for a fraction of the cost of joining Freedom Mentor.

Books on Investing-1

P.S. This program that has enabled me to generate a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income at just 21 years old is FREE to get started and only cost $49/month fee to go full-time!

#2 - It Has Mixed Reviews

Like most legitimate programs that I’ve reviewed, Freedom Mentor is met with a healthy dose of skepticism, mostly from people who’re wary of trusting thousands of dollars to a mentoring program.

My focus here is that I too am skeptical of some of the positive reviews that I’ve read about the program:

Freedom Mentor Positive Reviews-1
Freedom Mentor Positive Reviews-1

Now, based on those reviews’ timeline, they were made the same days that these were posted. I wouldn’t assume that these reviews are fake because I have no proof to back that assumption up.

On the topic of negative reviews, it seems to me that people are complaining about throwing all of their money at a mentoring program that they claim doesn’t even work.

Freedom Mentor Negative Reviews-1

Like with positive reviews, I would also take these negative reviews with a grain of salt.

This particular review shown below has piqued my interest because Phil Pustejovsky himself responded to the review:

Freedom Mentor Negative Reviews-1
Freedom Mentor Negative Reviews-1

In this correspondence between the reviewer and Phil, the program was called out because of the sales representatives pressure the applicants into signing up for the program. 

It even reached a point that a rep said “there’s no need for an attorney to get involved”.

If ever a sales representative ever told me that line, I'd be suspicious of their intent immediately. 

#3 - The 50/50 Split Is Insane

So you’re signing up for a mentoring program that costs thousands of dollars plus a couple of hundred of dollars on a monthly membership fee just to split your profits with the company for a contracted period of time.

Now, I get that this is a form of motivation for mentors and students because everyone wins, right? I mean, the company has another way to make money out of its students by getting half of their profits.

I’m not saying that this program will help you close a deal one month after you’ve taken in all the lessons. They don’t even claim that on their website.

But by the time you’ve closed your first deal (after applying their lessons), you’ve probably spent around $1000 to $10,000 at the bare minimum to get your money back.

This basically means that you’re running the risk of never making a sale or risk not making enough profit to quickly recover your initial investment.

#4 - There Are Unanswered Questions

I still have a few unanswered questions about Freedom Mentor, which is mostly attributed to its exclusivity and secrecy. So, my questions are:

  1. How are they selecting these applicants? 
  2. What are their standards?
  3. How does the mentorship program adjust to your needs once you’re screened?

It’s important for any student to know the answer to these questions beforehand if the program wants to get quality students, plus it makes for a great selling point.

What I Like About Freedom Mentor?

In all of my reviews, whether they’re good programs or not, I always aim to be as objective and as honest as I can be.

However, in my research about Freedom Mentor, I have found nothing positive worth noting about this program at all.

Is Freedom Mentor A Scam?

The Freedom Mentor by Phil Pustejovsky is far from being a scam, unlike its namesake (Your Freedom Mentor).

It’s a legitimate real estate investing mentoring program that helps its students take their business to the next level or help students get started with their real estate business.

However, I do not recommend this program for the following reasons.

First, it’s too expensive for what it’s supposed to deliver. What’s stopping students from just buying a book of investment and learning on his or her own?

Second, I am skeptical about their reviews because there’s not enough proof that either positive or negative reviews were falsified to make the company look good or bad.

Third, the 50/50 split on top of the expensive fees just doesn’t give me the confidence that anyone will be getting their money back as quickly as they want.

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