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How To Choose A Niche For Affiliate Marketing?

If you have read my beginner's guide to affiliate marketing, you should know by now the first step to start any online business is to choose a niche. Choosing a niche can be very scary at first. But eventually, it should be an exciting process because YOU are getting started with YOUR OWN online business. In this post, I'm going to give you a general guide on how to choose a niche in a smart way for your New Affiliate Marketing Business!

What is a NICHE?


​A niche is a segment of the market on which a specific product is focused. It is the Target Audience you want to focus on for your online business.

​For affiliate marketing, this is the topic that your website will be focused on. That's why you need to choose your niche even before you start building your website. One website should only have one niche so choose your niche wisely.

What should I consider before choosing a Niche?

​The niche must be either your interest, your passion, your hobby, a problem, a need or a want by the society. Basically, almost anything you can think of is a niche and that's why I'm helping you to choose a niche that suits you. There are billions of people searching on the internet everyday. You can earn money in every single niche. This is for sure. It's just how well you do it.

By choosing a niche that is of your interest or passion, you will be much more motivated and your online business will be fun and enjoyable. After all, this is not an ordinary day job. Think about it this way, when you are pursuing something of your passion, you will put in your 100% effort or even more every time ​no matter what. You will also enjoy the process at the same time. So what's the ultimate benefit of this?


Build a business around these concepts, it will progress and prosper a lot faster.

Some points that you should understand before making your decision:

  1. You are going to write contents within the niche
  2. You are going to communicate with people in the niche
  3. You are going to choose & promote products within the niche
  4. You should enjoy helping people in the niche
  5. Any niche can turn into a Full-Time Income Source
  6. Your first niche will not be your last - Don't spend too much time on making it perfect in the beginning!

Having these in mind, it's much easier for you to evaluate whether a niche is suitable for you.

Niche is "A Group Of People"​

​Many people think and read too much so they are confused by the word "niche". It's not that complicated. In essence, a niche is a group of people!

These people are interested in something or they need something. So you recognize this and offer help for them. This is NICHE! Simple as that. So whenever you are thinking about your niche, simply think of a group of people that you want to HELP. You will suddenly realize that choosing a niche is not that difficult, instead, it is motivating and exciting. 

However, Please Be Specific!​

​The key to choosing this group of people is to be specific because it will be very difficult to communicate with your audience if your niche is too broad. The main point is to be targeted at the group of people that you want to help. This will make your offer more relevant to them so there is a higher chance for them to purchase things from you.

For beginners, a broad niche will only distract you and also the competition is much more intense. This is not going to benefit you.​

Remember this by heart...

If you are marketing to everyone, you are marketing to NO ONE!​

What is considered a Broad Niche? Real Life Example...

​Let me give you an example so you can understand how specific you need to be.

​"Weight loss" is a very common niche with a huge audience. Do you think this is a good niche?


Many people are making this mistake. Just like Health, Clothing, Outdoor recreation and many more, Weight Loss is a niche that is way too broad. It can be broken down into more specific niches like how to get six packs, low fat diets, weight loss exercise, healthy recipes... Can you see my point here?

My Personal Experience

​My first niche was the "long distance relationship" niche. I chose this because I was in a LDR for quite some time (now still in LDR) so I had a lot of tips and advice to share with people. This is a great niche for me to begin with because I fulfilled the first four points regarding writing contents, communicating, promoting and helping others. This is something that I am passionate about. I was so excited to get started. I was able to spend the whole day building my niche website without rest. This is the state that you should be in - choose a niche that you can spend whole day doing it. You won't feel like you are "working", really!

There is No Such Thing As A "Wrong Niche"

A niche can only be classified as whether it is too broad or too specific and whether it is suitable for you. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. You learn by taking actions and making mistakes. Choose wisely and evaluate carefully.

My Final Words For You...​

You DO NOT need to be an expert in the niche to start. But you should aim to be an expert in a very specific niche. There are 2 billion people online. The internet is the biggest marketplace. Being an expert in a very specific niche, you are already helping thousands of people around the world and this can make you a Full-Time income​!

What you need for now is just an open-mind and a keen heart to learn. That's all you need to get started...​

If you have any questions regarding choosing a niche, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will happy to help you out 🙂

Jerry Huang

Jerry is a young aspiring Internet Entrepreneur who started his online business at the age of 18. He is currently a Full-time Affiliate Marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, a community to help anyone start their own online business without prior experience. He actually achieved Financial Independence at the young age of 21. Read more about his story here!

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