Is Digital Altitude a Pyramid Scheme: The Untold Truth Behind DA

Is Digital Altitude a Pyramid Scheme: The Untold Truth Behind DA

Quick Update:

As of 29 Jan 2018, Digital Altitude has officially been shut down by FTC because it has been confirmed to be an illegal pyramid scheme.

Digital Altitude is just using digital marketing products as a disguise to lure innocent people into the system and recruit more and more people. Not only that, members are required to pay for a series of tiered memberships with increasing fees.

For more information, read the official press release by Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

All in all, Digital Altitude is a scam.

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Is Digital Altitude (DA) a pyramid scheme?

I've heard many people asking about this. So, I decided to write this Digital Altitude review and reveal to you the untold truth behind it.

Digital Altitude Review Summary

digital altitude review

Product Name: Digital Altitude

Founder: Founded by Michael Force in 2015/2016

Product Type: They call themselves Affiliate Marketing, but it's more like MLM or a Pyramid Scheme in my opinion

Price: $1 to join the basic membership 14-day trial and $37/month afterwards. Plus MANY MANY UPSELLS!

There are numerous membership upsells with the cheapest being $597 and the highest $27,997

Work Best For: The Founders, Coaches & Top Few Percent Members


Digital Altitude is a company that offers online training courses to help beginners make money online. However, it is an extremely expensive course with numerous upsells. The way it works is by helping people to promote their own membership and "recruit" even more membership. That's basically a pyramid scheme!

Rating: 45/100

Recommended: No


What is Digital Altitude?

digital altitude review

Digital Altitude is a company that offers online training courses in the form of membership site. Their courses range from personal development to online marketing.

The course is mainly to teach people how to make high-ticket commissions/sales online by leveraging their 'done-for-you' system.

They claim themselves to be an affiliate marketing business. However, I would say they are more like a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business or even a pyramid scheme.

I'll prove to you in this review. Do stay with me because I'm going to reveal to you some of the untold truth about DA at the end as well as my top recommended online business!

Their Bold Promises

DA's main selling proposition is their 'done-for-you' system. They keep emphasizing that literally EVERYTHING you need to make money online has been done for you.

Their 'done-for-you' claims include:

  • Building a sales website
  • Website designs
  • Online advertising
  • Customer sales & support
  • Closing and handling of sales

All you need to do is to keep purchasing their membership upsells, work with your "business coach" and follow through the steps.

I'm not even kidding. You can sign up for their 14-day risk-free trial and see all the bold claims and promises for yourself. It is ridiculous.

My doubt is...

If everything is done-for-you, then how in the world are you going to master the skills and build your own online business? 

Are you just going to rely on Digital Altitude forever? What if they close down one day?

Another bold promise they make is that they will pay you back $500 plus your initial investment if you couldn't make your first dollar online within 90 days.

Watch how they phrase this promise!

They can easily help you make just one dollar or a few bucks and claim that you've made your first dollar online. Or they can't simply claim that you didn't follow what they teach, etc...

I've seen enough promises like this. I just want to warn beginners like you to be careful of this kind of traps.

By the way, Wealthy Affiliate is my top recommended opportunity to make legit money online. Check out how I make passive income online in just 4 simple steps.

How Does Digital Altitude Work?

The Beginning Stage

To get started with DA, you have to first sign up for their 14-day trial. If you go to the sales page via their homepage, it'll cost $37 because it is the monthly fee for Aspire, their basic membership level.

However, if you go to the sales page via other DA member's affiliate link, you can get the 14-day trial at just $1. You can even get a 'risk-free' trial if you go through links like this one.

Right after you've signed up, you'll be given a $99 upsell straight:

digital altitude upsell

Immediate upsell after sign up

After the upsell, you'll be led to this page:

digital altitude aspire business center

Digital Altitude Aspire Business Center

This is the welcome page with the first few training lessons. They call it the Aspire Business Center. You'll be assigned with a "welcome coach" once you've signed up and entered this page.

However, all the lessons are locked as shown below:

digital altitude aspire training

Lessons are locked before you get in touch with your "welcome coach"

You have no access to anything unless you book a skype call with your assigned "welcome coach". Then your welcome coach will brief you on the system and answer any questions you may have.

After that, your coach will then unlock the next set of training for you to go through, be it watching videos or reading PDF documents, etc.

However, you'll hit a roadblock every time because your coach will only unlock the next step for you. You'll have to keep in touch with your coach and they'll unlock the next step for you when you're done.

This is really annoying because you basically have no access to anything in their platform. All you can do is to follow their instruction one by one.

It can be a good thing for complete newbie but it's definitely not for me.

How to Make Money with Digital Altitude?

Like I've said, Digital Altitude claims themselves to be an affiliate marketing business because they allow their members to promote DA membership with their own affiliate links.

So, the purpose of all the training is mainly to teach you how to leverage their various 'done-for-you' systems, tools and resources to promote its own membership.

You earn commissions for every membership sale. And your commission will depend on your membership level as well as the membership level your referral signed up for.

You'll earn a 40 to 60% commission for every membership sale which you've purchased the license. If your coach helps you close the sale, you'll lose around 20% of the commission which will go to your coach. Similarly, you can make commission down to the third level of your down line.

Seeing from this perspective, it's an affiliate marketing business.

However, that's not the whole story yet...

There are instances where your referrer (the one who refer you to DA) will also earn commission from your sales. On the other hand, there are instances where you can earn commission from your referral's sale.

So, this forms something like an up line and down line system. Seeing from this perspective, it's an MLM!​​​​

In addition, the only way for you to make money with DA is to "recruit" more people into the system. Isn't that a pyramid scheme as well?

They claim that you can build your own online business by learning from their training. But I doubt so...

There are so many things that have been done for you so you definitely need to rely on the system a lot. How are you going to apply it somewhere else and build your own online business apart from promoting DA?

Digital Altitude Pricing Details

Take a look at the pricing details for all their membership levels below:

digital altitude product list
  1. Aspire Walker (Digital Business Sales System) - $37/month
  2. Aspire Hiker - $67/month
  3. Aspire Climber - $127/month
  4. Base (Digital Business Mastery Course​​​​) - $597 (one-time)
  5. Rise (Digital Marketing Mastery Course) - $1,997 (one-time)
  6. Ascend (Digital Business Profit Workshop) - $9,997 (one-time​​​​)
  7. Peak (Digital Business Prosper Retreat) - $16,997 (one-time)
  8. Apex (Digital Business Legacy Experience) - $27,997 (one-time)

I won't go into the details of what each membership level offers like many other reviews because I know that's not the most important thing people are looking for.

But just take a look at the number of upsells (membership levels) and the ridiculous pricing.

I'm not against high-ticket products because I believe there are programs that really worth the price.

Here's a comparison...

For example, I've recently spend S$2,136 for Peng Joon's Internet Income Intensive Program and S$1,600 for Tony Robbin's Unleash the Power Within 2018.

I have listened to Peng Joon's live presentation before and I trust him. I can see the value to invest in the seminar.

However, compare Digital Altitude's price to Tony Robbin's event. The most expensive ticket for Tony Robbin's 4-day event is only S$5,000. What about DA?

The highest is $27,997!!

Another bad thing about DA is that you can only get commission for the membership levels you have purchased. For example, if you only have Aspire membership, you won't be able to promote Apex membership and earn high-ticket commission for that.

How is that affiliate marketing when you have to pay money in order to be an affiliate?

So, let's add up all the prices together...

$37+$67+$127+$597+$1997+$9997+$16997+$27997 = $57,816!!

The worst thing is that most beginners are not aware of all the different upsells that are waiting for them. Digital Altitude's website doesn't mention a single price on its products page!

Even if you want to purchase the higher membership level, they'll still lead you to purchase Aspire first, followed by the next and the next...

Pros & Cons

The Good

The good thing about DA is that they have a very clear step-by-step training to help beginners get started.

Every member is also assigned with a coach to help them which is another bonus to newbies.

Some of their lessons like social media marketing skills (running FB campaigns) can be applied to other online businesses.

Also, their courses are decent and easy-to-follow

thumbs up

For your info, I've seen real people making huge bucks and being successful with DA. So, I'm not saying you can't make real money with Digital Altitude. However, whether this business is ethical and whether it's suitable for everyone is another story.

Normally, a pyramid scheme is only profitable for the top few percent members and it is not a sustainable business model.

DA was only founded in 2015/2016. Let's see how long it can survive and how big it can grow.

The Bad

thumbs down
  • Very very expensive
  • A system that is like a MLM and pyramid scheme
  • The training courses seem to be reused from My Top Tier Business (MTTB)
  • Only for beginners
  • You have to pay to become an affiliate
  • The only way to make money is to promote DA
  • You can only make commissions on those products for which you've purchased the license

There's a member in the community I'm part of who asked "Has anyone heard of Digital Altitude?" Here are some answers...

Positive Reviews

positive digital altitude review 1
positive digital altitude review 2

Negative Reviews

negative digital altitude review 1
negative digital altitude review 2
negative digital altitude review 3
negative digital altitude review 4
negative digital altitude review 5

The Untold Truth Behind Digital Altitude

So far, I've revealed to you quite a lot of insights into the DA system. But there are a lot more insider secrets I've found regarding DA.

#1 Digital Altitude is very similar to the Six Figure Mentors (SFM). I was a member of SFM as well so I'm familiar with their sales techniques. SFM also has a lot of membership levels to upsell you. The highest membership level costs $20,000. I eventually quit SFM after I finally realized how this kind of system works. You can read my Six Figure Mentors review here.

#2 Digital Altitude is also very similar to My Top Tier Business (MTTB) and My Online Business Empire (MOBE). Since DA is so similar to MOBE, MOBE actually filed a lawsuit against DA for copyright infringement

#3 Your assigned "coach" will be very friendly and patient to you at the start. Their main purpose is to persuade you to purchase the next level upsell because that's how they make money. However, once you refuse to purchase and continue, some coaches will start to be mean and sarcastic to you. They're only nice and patience to you because you are still helping them to make money.

#4 Since they'll keep asking you to put in more and more "investments", there are people who can't afford it. So, some of them may even ask you to get a loan from somewhere else to fund the product purchase. This is really bad and unethical.

#5 Your "coach" will close all sales for you because they want to make money. This inhibit you from learning how to really make sales so you won't be able to build your own online business because you don't know how to sell.

#6 From my research, all the positive reviews that promote Digital Altitude are from people who are affiliated with DA. Because they need to rely on DA's system to make money so they'll definitely offer it a good review. No other people left a good review on DA.

#7 Among the top reviews on the internet, about 80 to 90% of them are negative reviews. The only positive reviews are from DA members.

#8 Michael Force has been involved in many other "make money online business opportunity". Carbon Copy Pro and Empower Network are two of them. Many of the so-called "business opportunity has been folded. Another funny thing is that the Jay Kubassek was working with Michael for Carbon Copy Pro and Jay is the Co-Founder of SFM!

Take a look at Ethan Vanderbuilt's review on Digital Altitude:

So, is Digital Altitude a Pyramid Scheme?

To conclude, Digital Altitude is not a scam because it has some legit training and there are people actually making money from it.

However, it really looks like a pyramid scheme to me because the only way for you to make money with DA is to "recruit" more people into the system

This is unlike Wealthy Affiliate where they'll teach you how to build your own niche website and make money from any market you like.

So, I'll definitely recommend you to stay away from DA because eventually they'll keep asking you to put in more and more money.

about wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is still my top recommended platform for you to make money online. There's NO UPSELL, no ridiculous amount of investment needed and it's FREE to get started. There's no limited trial period and you're given 2 free websites to start with.

Jerry Huang

Jerry is a young aspiring Internet Entrepreneur who started his online business at the age of 18. He is currently a Full-time Affiliate Marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, a community to help anyone start their own online business without prior experience. He actually achieved Financial Independence at the young age of 21. Read more about his story here!

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Matt - July 3, 2018

I know DA now has been taken down by the FTC I can say I was apart of DA I didn’t invest much though. Someone got in touch with me through IG then I got introduced to DA. I was never upselled to go into the climber tier which when I joined was DEC of 2017. At this time like you said it was $37 a month for walker teir then they only had climber after that which was $97 a month. My coach did try and up sell me but I didn’t listen and just said I don’t have the money. To be honest I guess it depends on the coach because, he never said anything negative to me he was actually helpful and nice.

Well after my 6th step of 16 or so with the three coaches you get they dropped down the RISE price to just over $2k. Since I didn’t have this at the time only half I just kind of didn’t talk to my coach. Saved up and by the time I had the money which was in Feb of 2018 I had gotten an email from Michael Force saying about the FTC and I looked it up because I thought it was weird the $97 wasn’t taken out my account found out the FTC had taken them down.

So I didn’t lose much money and just say I did lose the $2k I wouldn’t be to mad because I believe this something my pops has always told me with investing money or letting people borrow money.

“Don’t invest money you are not willing to lose.”

I understand with a lot of people they are in a position where they will do what they can to make money online and live the free life or as a digital nomad. But that’s the thing without doing your research and seeing if you are willing to, invest and if you are don’t go broke you know>?

I can say one thing abou DA though is that my sponser which wasn’t a top earner was making money with DA. So was a few others I know that did. Now their problem was that they made bold claims of makeing a 6 figure online business in 90 days plus other things that made their business unethical.

Now I can say they never gave a true website to make money how you made money like you said through promoting DA through sales funnels either ones they provided for you or ones you made that has your affiliate link in it.

They did learn how do paid ads and how to get free traffic in order to make sales. So by saying that they could use that to make money with other affiliate offers from another affiliate program you know>?

Also they used a funnel creator like click funnels or lead pages to name a few which would have optin pages to build your email lists to promote whatever you wanted to promote since you got their emails.

A big thing they did talk about and this is comeing from my research and from me talking to my sponsor which I still talk to today since she is a stand up person. Is that a big thing they would teach is to build email lists by using an optin page from a funnel builder like click funnels or lead pages.

Now onto WA I can say WA is a good program to learn SEO and build a website and learn affiliate maketing through blogging. Which I have no problem with training is good for what it is. Would I reccomend WA yes I would in a heart beat.

So with that being said promoting just about any program you will have to pay to be affiliate DA, WA (way cheaper but you still pay a montly payment of almost $50 a month or a yearly payment of just over $300). Now click bank or amazon associates to name a few you can promote products from them for free and other places like that. BUt if you want training to help build an online business then you have to pay to play whether it is a cheap investment or an expensive one it depends on the program.

With recruiting people I don’t know any program where you don’t have to recruite people in order to make money. WA it may be one of the cheaper programs to promote and yeah you don’t have to promot WA since you can blog and promote whatever you NICHE SITE is about.

Just say you promote WA you will add an affiliate link to a blog post FB ad, Google ad, IG ad or where ever you promote your affilite link for WA. Someone clicks on the link goes through the sign up process then, gets into WA stay as a free memeber or even upgrade to premium then if they upgrade the person refering them or sponser gets a comission.

So in reality you are promoting and recruiting people into your downline to get money from them. Just like in DA or LM, MOBE or whatever other program out there. the only difference is that DA is gone WA is here MOBE is gone WA is here.

WA is legit gotta put in hard work yeah the only real work you have to do is really a blog post and telling a story in that blog. and ranking in SEO so you can get more traffic unless you pay for ads to go too your site.

So with that being said is that I understand where you are comeing from and keep on doing what you are doing great work and i hope the best for you i really do.

also if you havent already you should check out LM or Legendary Marketer which is like a DA the owner is David or Dave Sharpe. I watch someone who has been in the affliate business for over 7 years Nick Arapkiles he swears by it and so do a few others that are newbies in the game so if you havent looked it up do a review

Patrick grant - February 1, 2018

I would never blame anyone that has falling for this scam. Think about it, the world is already unsafe as it is. At the time all I could think of was save for a raining day after so much years of hard work. Wouldn’t say I curse the day my neighbor introduced me to Gt0ptions till this moment that has been a day I long to never relive.

Can’t even believe I am saying this but after reading similar comments online, I am more than happy to share this with all who care to read. Going back to Gt0ptions within 8 months hurdle after hurdle I had already invested over 200kGBP with profits and bonuses running into a total of just over 390kGBP. Until now I am still oblivious to what was going until I attempted to make a withdrawal that was when my 5 months of trauma began certain. Mr Greg Dalston kept pressuring me to invest more before I could make a withdrawal, dawning on me that my investment had just been lost and I had been lied I turned to a recovery service another set of crooks. You wouldn’t believe they also had me another 70k GBP with the promise of recovering my funds from GT0ptions after 3 months of endless request for more money without any result. I was hopeless and almost suicidal because my wife had no idea of this at all. Just as I was about to loose all hope in life I came across they helped me recover my funds including profits. From the first payment I made towards my recovery process there was substantial proof shown to me that my recovery was going to be successful and in less than 1 week I really had my funds including profits I was marveled and still am.

It’s a New year and I am sure this bit of information would help all of those in need or even guide all those as well. Best of luck to everyone who comes across these and may the light that shine upon all our lives shine in our hearts and mind.

    Jerry Huang - February 6, 2018

    Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for sharing your story! Congrats to you that you got your money back eventually. This kind of people should really be harshly condemned. But we can’t prevent them from doing all these. All we can do is to keep ourselves as well as people around us safe.

    Thanks again for sharing that experience and really hope there are less people being scammed!

Minhaj - December 4, 2017

Hi Jerry

When I first got into internet marketing, this system was just released and there was so much hype about it. I was nearly deceived into subscribing to their $1 trial. However, I was already being taken by another similar MLM company called Six Figure Mentors where I was shelling out $97 per month for sub-standard services and training. Funny coincidence, both the owners of Six Figure Mentors and Digital Altitude were once in business together and then they had a huge falling out calling each other scammers (lmao). You should have also mentioned that Michale Force has been involved in many other biz opportunities that have folded.

    Jerry Huang - December 4, 2017

    Hey Minhaj,
    Thanks for your input. I’ll definitely included that in the review.

    By the way, I was also a member of SFM so I can totally relate to that. This kind of programs are all very similar. The biggest winner is the founder as they can make a lot of money by creating this kind of courses and community. However, most of the members are all struggling.

Norman Richards - December 4, 2017

What I find so amazing about many of these fake systems is how they will over promise but underdeliver. As for me, I have been a part of several MLM and to tell you the truth they can really get you excited with so many empty promises.

Wealthy affiliate by far is legit and has a solid and sound structure that can help anyone to have online success. In my opinion and I know that you will agree that wealthy affiliate is first choice and really awesome.

I would encourage anyone to become a part of the wealthy affiliate community.

    Jerry Huang - December 4, 2017

    Hey Norman, thanks for sharing your experience and you’re definitely right. I agree with you that a lot of programs today like to make empty promises as long as it allows them to make money unethically.

    Also, thanks for recommending Wealthy Affiliate as well. It really the best platform for finding success online 🙂

Joan - December 4, 2017

Hi Jerry, Just ran across your blog post about Digital Altitude. Thank you for the in-depth account of a program that looks very expensive. I understand Mr. Force was formerly with MOBE (My Online Business Empire). Looks like he’s just copying them.

There probably is some good info/training in their program, but I’m sure there are other places to learn affiliate marketing at a much more reasonable price. Your free starter program sounds like a good start for beginners or intermediates.

    Jerry Huang - December 4, 2017

    Hey Joan,
    Yes, I’ve found out that Mr. Force has founded various ‘Make Money Online’ programs from my research. Some of those have closed down and there are a lot of scam alerts and legal issues against him. Majority has a negative review against him and his products. So it’s definitely a red flag to me.

    In fact, we can learn literally everything online for FREE in today’s digital world. It’s just a matter of time. There’s really no point spending $50+K just on one course which you can learn it for FREE or at the really low price.

    Thanks for checking out and agreeing with me!


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