What Is MarksMan LTD? It's a Daily 3% ROI Ponzi Scheme!

What Is MarksMan LTD? It’s a Daily 3% ROI Ponzi Scheme!

Welcome to my MarksMan LTD review!

It’s still early in 2021 and we’ve already uncovered a good number of Ponzi schemes. We expose these sites before they can harm anybody, particularly the uniformed public about the industry they supposedly operate in. 

Before we proceed with the review, let us tell you right now that there’s nothing illegal about the cryptocurrency industry. What’s illegal here are the companies that try to operate within the industry to scam people. 

This company is one of those. This is MarksMan LTD.

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with MarksMan LTD in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal the ins and outs of the Ponzi scheme!

MarksMan LTD Review Summary

Product Name:  MarksMan LTD

Founder:  Not Disclosed (Fake Owners On Website)

Product Type: Cryptocurrency Investment ROI

Price:  $25 minimum investment

Best For: No One!

What Is MarksMan LTD Image Summary

Summary:  MarksMan LTD is a cryptocurrency investment Ponzi scheme that does absolutely nothing for you. They lie to you about who their owners are and where they're located. On top of that, there's no proof they're doing actual investments.

Rating: 1/100

Recommended: No!


What is MarksMan LTD?

MarksMan LTD is a MLM or multi-level marketing company that operates within the cryptocurrency industry. 

What Is MarksMan LTD - Landing Page

What Is MarksMan LTD - Landing Page

Specifically, they offer passive ROI through their automatic crypto trading that they provide for their members. 

Unlike most of the scams that we’ve exposed over the last few weeks, there are a few things that MarksMan LTD did to make them stand out. 

On their landing page, you’ll actually find their board of directors posted. These are a bunch of names with their positions. To the uninformed, you might think that this is a way for the company to be transparent with company information. 

What Is MarksMan LTD - Board of Directors

What Is MarksMan LTD - Board of Directors

However, due diligence has us doing individual Google searches on these people. Sad to say that there were no results that turned up for any of them. It’s like they don’t even exist. 

So, the next thing we did was to take a look at their domain name registration.

Their WhoIs info shows that their domain name was registered in August 2020. But this was done through a private registration. This means that they’re hiding who registered the domain name and where it was registered from. Another dead end. 

The last clue we have is their UK incorporation. It shows that they started back in November 2015, but the website didn’t exist till 2020. 

So what was going on in between these years? If they operated in the cryptocurrency industry, both the UK incorporation and the website should have the same start date (or at least the same start year).

MarksMan LTD Product Line

MarksMan LTD does not offer any retail products or services. As a MLM company, they are required by law to provide such. But since they aren’t, it constitutes that their only source of income for their opportunity is through recruitment. 

This is a very big red flag. 

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Does The Product Work?

MarksMan LTD claims that they generate external revenue through trading. External revenue refers to money coming in outside of new member investments. 

According to their site, they are a trading company designed by an industry expert. This expert also provides them with a universal portfolio for all the investors. Their main concept is through buying and selling currency pairs. This allows people to earn a stable income with the highest interest rate possible. 

Unfortunately, there’s no proof anywhere that proves that trading or investing is being done by MarksMan LTD. 

On the topic of them offering a passive income opportunity, they need to be registered with the FCA (the UK counterpart of the SEC). This agency is responsible for governing financial institutions and their transactions on behalf of their clients. 

No surprises here but we found no registration. This constitutes securities fraud because they’re unregistered and unlicensed to carry out these transactions. 

What does this mean? 

It means that the only verifiable source of income to sustain the company and to pay off members come from new member investments. 

And how do you get new member investments? You recruit people. 

In other words, MarksMan LTD is nothing more than a recruitment-based Ponzi scheme hiding behind a cryptocurrency investment platform.

How To Make Money with MarksMan LTD?

MarksMan LTD claims that you can make money from: 

  1. ROI Commissions

  2. Referral commissions

How To Get Started with MarksMan LTD?

It’s free to join MarksMan LTD but in order to take part in their income opportunity, you’ll have to invest a minimum of $25. 

MarksMan LTD Compensation Plan

ROI Commissions

You’ll be required to make an investment of at least $25 to get started with their compensation plan. This allows you to earn 3% ROI daily.

It doesn’t mention how long this daily ROI is paid out for. 

They do this by accepting your cash investment and converting it into the crypto of your choice: USDT, BCH, ETH, and many more. 

The company also mentions that you can take out your earnings at any time when there’s no holding period. 

Referral Commissions

This is the only MLM aspect of their compensation plan. Their referral commission is paid out through a MLM unilevel compensation structure. 

What Is MarksMan LTD - How It Works

What Is MarksMan LTD - How It Works

The unilevel structure places you at the top of the team. Your personal recruits are placed under you and marked as Level 1. 

When your level 1s recruit people, these new recruits become your Level 2. 

When your level 2s recruit people, these new people become your Level 3. 

And it goes on and on from there. 

There are three levels that MarksMan LTD pays on. 

There are two parts to their referral commission. 

First part has you earning up to 12% on your team’s total investment. 

Second part has you participating in a trading pool where you can earn up to 18.5%, but qualifications on the pool were not mentioned.

MarksMan LTD Ugly Truths Revealed!

#1 Fake Owners!

There’s no denying here that the people appearing on MarksMan LTD’s board of directors are all fake. 

There’s no digital footprint left by any of these individuals. I doubt that they’re all hiding their footprint if they’re that successful in cryptocurrency. 

We know their names are fake, but as for the photos, they might be stock photos or they probably just stole these from other sites. 

#2 Fake Address!

Their address appears to be bogus as well. When we did a Google map search on their address, it returned a building that was still under construction. 

This belongs to an accounting company, it seems. 

What Is MarksMan LTD - Fake Address

What Is MarksMan LTD - Fake Address

Their UK incorporation is also probably bogus, but it doesn’t really matter since it doesn’t have any impact at all to their business dealings. 

#3 Obvious Ponzi Scheme!

MarksMan LTD is a Ponzi scheme that powers itself through recruitment-based incentives. There’s no proof anywhere on their program that they’re making money outside of recruiting people.  

What I Like About MarksMan LTD?

There’s nothing to like about MarksMan LTD. It’s one big Ponzi scheme. 

Is MarksMan LTD a Scam?

MarksMan LTD is a Ponzi scheme, and there’s nothing to prove here that they’re a legitimate investment company. 

The red flags are all there, from the fake owner information to the fake address listing on their UK Incorporation. We remind you that in the MLM industry, a UK incorporation is useless since it’s affordable and not regulated. It doesn’t do anything to add to a business’ legitimacy and how it operates. Their income opportunity is solely based on recruiting and they have no proof that they’re doing investments on behalf of their clients to generate the daily ROI’s. 

Stay away from this program.

How I Make a Living Online?

I'm not a fan of MLM, not because it's illegal or not profitable, but because of all the restrictions and the expensive costs involved.

Instead, Affiliate Marketing is my top recommended business model for anyone to make money online.

The reason is simple...

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  • It's Free to get started

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