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The KIBO Code Review, Makes Dollars or Not?

Do you want to get the most bang out of your buck from internet marketing and eCommerce?

Then the Kibo Course just might be the best option for you.

The Kibo Course is an internet training program created by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton that runs over an 8-week period and teaches you the secrets of how a well-known store in Tokyo, Japan managed to generate BILLIONS of dollars every year selling every kind of product imaginable for a wide variety of niches and demographics.

Update: Kibo Code’s launch is over, but there’s something else coming. Imagine a course that includes software and a whole method to extract your knowledge and make a living doing masterminds? It’s called the Knowledge Broker Blueprint review.

They did it by using special strategies related to testing and experimenting with a mountain of different products, adapting to what sells and what doesn’t, and then putting forward the most profitable for advertisement and attention and generating INSANE RESULTS.

Kibo code review

Not only that, but this course shows you one of the easiest and most lucrative actions to put into ACTION and PROFIT.

Here’s why:

• It doesn’t require you to use Amazon,

• You don’t need an inventory,

• Nor do you have to worry about warehouses and foreign suppliers,

• Not even Facebook Advertisements are necessary!

And that’s not all…

11 Million Dollars in sales were achieved in just ONE WEEK on their previous product, the 7 Figure Cycle, which launched back in 2018.

What’s more, they expect the Kibo Code course to surpass the 11 Million Dollars record!

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Now, you might be asking yourself…

“Does it really work? Why? How?”

The answer to those questions is simple: Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

The power duo that have worked together for over half a decade to bring people value. You can actually find other reviews of their old programs on this site.

Here is a short description of them:

 Aidan Booth

Booth is a master of internet marketing and eCommerce that had over 1500 websites online during his peak and almost two decades of experience in the online market.

But before Booth was at the head of his digital empire, he was young and broke. What’s worse, he was living in Argentina with his wife when he didn’t even know Spanish!

Aidan Booth is the creator of the Kibo Code

On a tourist visa and without dominion over the language, Aidan would never be able to find a job. He desperately needed to find an alternative to start making money (and not embarrass his wife!)

That’s where affiliate marketing and online businesses come in!

He started his first websites in 2005, which, although not very successful, were very important for him to learn and gain experience in the market and pave the way for his success. Success that didn’t take long to arrive…

In 2006 he used the lessons he learned from his first ventures and turned it into a success with his first affiliate websites, which were advertised with Google Adwords. He wasn’t making big bucks, but it was the start of something big…

Because after some time, he got into eCommerce and had a mix of affiliate businesses and eCommerce and used both SEO and paid traffic to support it and before he even realized it, he was standing atop a giant empire with over 1500 websites!

Fast forward a few more years in the future and Aidan Booth partners with his friend and mentor Brian G. Johnson to create his first high-level eCommerce training program which trained thousands of online marketers and igniting his passion for online training and coaching.

He would later meet Steven Clayton to create a series of yearly courses that started in 2015 and is still ongoing, with the Kibo Code course being the next one in line, prepared for early 2020.

Booth shares his own products, services, and thoughts on his own digital marketing blog, where you can see the results and testimonials of his work.

On Booth’s website, you can see some of his services like Online Business Coaching called The Blueprint Academy and an Online Business Training Membership called Online Marketing Classroom.

You can also follow his popular Facebook Page here, his Instagram in this link, and his Youtube channel here for consistent content from the legend himself.

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 Steven Clayton

Clayton is a former CFO of a Fortune 500 company.

Oof. It’s hard for it to get better than that. But it does…

He is a masterful strategist that has built a myriad of eCommerce and affiliate websites.

And he’s willing to teach YOU everything that he has learned from years to experience.

Clayton is particularly knowledgeable and experienced in PPC (pay-per-click) advertising and SEO. He has also earned over seven figures during his first year as a digital marketer when he was partnered with Tim Godfrey.

Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth connected in October 2013 and since then, the two have created and shared enormous value together.

In fact, the value they’ve created and offered a variety of online marketing courses and affiliate opportunities that go as far back as 2015. Here is a recollection of their online marketing courses:

100k Factory + Ultra and Revolution updates (2015 – 2017)

This three-pillar course had a deep-dive into their eCommerce businesses which they were able to run with zero inventory. It also included a bonus 12-week case study that went over a real, practical, live business and the fundamental teachings that can be absorbed from it.

7 Figure Cycle (2018)

This aforementioned program is one of their newest creations and it is a course based on Amazon, which is aimed at to create seven figures by selling on Amazon.

This course is once again remarkable for its simplicity as you didn’t need to create a sales funnel or website and had a very low cost to run. Great feedback has come out of this program.

Parallel Profits (2019)

Their latest course before the Kibo Code course, Parallel Profits goes deep into the business model for their side business. It’s all about B2B services and here’s our review of it.

In this project, you had the option to work with franchising, so you didn’t do any of the hard work as it had already been done for you. All of the branding, website, and advertisement material was available to you from the get-go. In fact, there was a whole team prepared to work for you.

Kibo Code (2020)

The upcoming 8-week course that gives you the blueprint for a unique and highly-profitable structure and style of eCommerce that has gone “under the radar” for a lot of digital businesses.

Ecommerce purchase

 But… is this course a scam?


Since the start of their partnership and multiple online courses, they have taken in over 50,000 members. Most of which massively profited from the program.

And with so many members, you can easily find dozens of testimonials and stories of people who changed their lives around with these programs. People who are now able to earn a living purely out of online businesses, eCommerce and/or affiliate marketing.

Not only that, but its creators, Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton are completely transparent and well-known authorities in the industry as mentioned before.

And that’s not all…

If you’re dubious about whether it really works, check these statistics out…

2015: 5 million dollars in sales and affiliate partners were paid over 2 million dollars in commissions.

2016: 9 million dollars in sales with affiliate partners making over 4.3 million dollars in commissions.

2017: 9.2 million dollars in sales, and affiliate partners were paid over 4 million dollars in commissions.

2018: 11.2 million dollars in sales, while affiliate partners were paid over an astonishing 5.4 million dollars in commissions.

2019: 7.2 million dollars in sales, which paid affiliate partners over 3 million dollars in commissions.

That’s right… over 40 million dollars in sales and over 5 million dollars in commissions in a 5-year period.

Not only that, but every single year has been consistently productive.

And consistency is massively important because that means that you don’t have to be afraid that the Kibo Code course will be different and fail since every single year and every single project that came before the Kibo Code course was tremendously successful.

In fact, you should expect the Kibo Code course to be the biggest and most successful of their courses, surpassing all of its predecessors in both sales revenue and paid commissions.

Japanese stores (online and offline)

 Registration and Timing

It is important to note that subscription to these high-level courses are only available for a limited period of time. They are open for subscription during only ONE WEEK and then it’s closed forever as they focus on training their members.

As if that wasn’t enough, every course only happens once a year.

Meaning that the one week where it is open will be one of the most important weeks in the entire year.

And the Kibo Code course is no exception and its window of opportunity is very short.

Their prelaunch ends on January, 22nd

While its cart opens on January, 28th and it closes on February 6th.

So, if you want to be a part of this exclusive high-level club, you need to do it fast.

You can already get registered at the Kibo Code course website by filling in a simple form.

A series of videos and webinars will be released during the next few days, so stay tuned for our bonus links and first impressions of the Kibo Code course. We loved pursuing the ecom business model through this approach and has been producing interesting results, which we are going to showcase very soon so you can adapt your online store to this.

Hope you enjoyed my review! Leave a comment below if you have any questions.


SmartAffiliateSuccess Ninja Team

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