My Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review... is it worth it?

My Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review… is it worth it?

Review of The Knowledge Business Blueprint

Today, you will find countless different business models which are running successfully. Every business has a success story with a business success secret that the owner would always love to share. Now here comes the role of knowledge sharing. Those who are willing to share their expert knowledge to others who are still in search of the right path give birth to the mastermind group.

The concept of a mastermind group hasn’t emerged in a day or two, instead it has been in the industry since 1930, introduced by Napoleon Hill. The motto of mastermind groups is to bring entrepreneurs or other people on one platform and make them discuss their struggle, hurdles and the way to their success.

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E-learning is now a gigantic industry, as discussed for instance in this and this article. Surely there’s an area you know about and people out there are willing to pay to consume that knowledge, either via online coaching, masterminds or courses.

For every entrepreneur, taking business to certain heights is never easy, specially if you don’t get help from the experts or more experienced people. But in today’s era, it’s a bit tricky to find the right experts and masterminds to give you the right advice.

As a boon for the entrepreneurs, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson made the Knowledge Broker Blueprint added with the Mindmint software that brings together various masterminds and makes it easy to share your knowledge.

Why Masterminds when there are many other programs?

This is the important question that bombards in most to your mind. There are various entrepreneur coaching programs which are specially built to help the entrepreneurs to learn new skills and tactics to make their business grow, but still, there are a number of things missing in them.

Knowledge is power

The biggest thing that various coaching groups miss is the presence of successful business owners who can discuss the pointers and make it easy for you to find new tactics and strategies that can actually work for your business. This mastermind formula is a specially built program to benefit the needy entrepreneurs as well as other interested people who are looking to earn a handsome living through self-education. To make their efforts seamless, the Mindmint software is also built with huge investment by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

What’s KBB & The Mindmint Software about?

KBB is a specially built course that will give ticks and tricks that Tony and Dean have implemented in various businesses till today. These tactics will really work for your business success. They also have the lessons to make your own mastermind groups and share the knowledge to grow your digital business. The knowledge they earned in their life has been combined together into this Powerful formula for the needy people like you.

Collecting your personal expertise and knowledge takes a lot of efforts and time. So to shorten those efforts, you need dedicated logistic software. Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi have invested more than $500,000 to make the mindmint software that will actually help you make your masterminds easy and seamlessly.

You will find more opportunities about the course and the software once you take this course and start using this software to build your own masterminds.

honest review
Verdict: Not a scam.

What is “The Knowledge Broker Blueprint” exactly?

The evolution of a new idea is what required every time you look for the success secret of a business. But even you will agree with the fact that a single brain can never explore and find one such effective idea.

*** UPDATE: It’s finally out!! You can join the KBB method using THIS VIP LINK… it’s the most affordable option

As mentioned earlier, Napoleon Hill once said that two minds which think together, they will come up with a new mind with enormous ideas and tricks. The Mastermind Formula is also similar to that.

Creating a mastermind group can be seen similar to the group of group of students, professionals or any other do some knowledge sharing activities that bring new and innovative ideas for everyone.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint gives you the platform to brainstorm your mind and extract the best of your knowledge that can be easily used by the mastermind groups as well as your followers.

The people behind it

There are three core members that have devoted their efforts and come up with a unique idea of collecting your entire knowledge in the form of a mastermind and use it to teach others throughout the globe.

Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson have served the digital industry with more than 60 years of their combined experience. With this knowledge, they have made countless masterminds and served the people. But this time, they have brought special software ‘Mindmint’ which you can use to create your own mastermind and spread your knowledge among the mastermind groups.

Now, many of you would be wondering that Tony Robbins and Dean were born with special powers that made them capable to create such a great success formula for everyone. But this is totally a myth. Tony, like we, have all the capabilities that can take his efforts to succeed. He used his expertise and skills to make others great.

Formula for Mindmint software

His expertise in the digital industry along with the extensive knowledge of Dean Graziosi made it easy for them to contribute their money and skills to bring the best ever mastermind formula for everyone who wants to make their own mastermind and share their knowledge to others, without many efforts.

Everyone wants to achieve success, but getting greatness is not as simple as most of you generally take it. Instead, it requires countless efforts that may either result in pain (sometimes). But those who go through each and every hurdle in their success, experience the positive aspect of their life, achieving the greatness.

This is exactly what the power behind the Knowledge Broker Blueprint has been used.

Even you can make your own mastermind group (HOW):

Now, for many of you, this powerful mastermind formula seems to be interesting, but you are not aware of the steps to make your own mastermind group and start sharing the immense knowledge you encompass.

Online mastermind groups

You can easily create your own mastermind group by the following steps:

Select Your Topic: The start is always tough; hence you need to be more specific on the topic that can help you showcase the best of your skills in front of your followers/members. Make sure you have in-depth knowledge on the selected topic.

Call your Members: Once you have selected your topic, it’s time to send invites to all your groups/followers to be the part of the group and make it a success. Here the simple trick is to target the audience with the same mindset and similar interest, whom you can benefit with additional knowledge in their niche. A large or a small group have benefits of its own. On one hand, a large group will have more masterminds; on the other hand, the small groups will be easy to manage.

Make Your Rules: To make your mastermind group functional and beneficial, it’s important to set specific rules. The rules must encompass the disciplinary measures to keep the group systematic and under control.

Set a Schedule: This is the last step where you need to set a schedule for the masterminds meeting. Those who find it tough to create the mastermind group work are also provided with the Mindmint software that lower their efforts and grow outcome.


It’s obvious to have thousands of queries in your mind about Tony Robbins Mastermind formula. So, let’s take some of them under consideration.

What Mastermind Formula will give you?

Those who take this powerful formula will receive special tricks and strategies that help them attain success in their business. The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a powerful tool that gives you the opportunity to connect with other masterminds groups to know more effective ideas and promote your business to the next level.

What’s included in the Complete Kit?

In this kit, you will be provided with ‘The Knowledge Broker Blueprint’ Course + Mindmint software. The mastermind formula will allow you to build your own mastermind group and share knowledge, beneficial for your business. The mindmint software is the additional tool which is provided to make the knowledge extraction process easy. It offers simple steps to use your knowledge and share it in the mastermind group.

Who is Involved in this Project?

As mentioned earlier, there are three powers that devoted their combined experience of more than 60 years and brought this highly effective formula. That’s exactly why this is nothing like a scam… Tony Robbins is the mastermind behind this entire course! He is partnered with Dean Graziosi who is an investor, author and a successful entrepreneur. These two powers have made it possible to make mastermind groups in simple steps and start sharing your expertise with others.

What Makes KBB so Unique and Beneficial?

When you are investing in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint, you would think what are some of its special features? Here are some unique features that make this formula really interesting and beneficial.

New Knowledge: The foremost part of having a mastermind group is that you will earn new knowledge with other members of the group. Whatever your niche of discussion is, all you will come up is the enormous knowledge on that particular topic that will even be beneficial for your business growth.

Right Advice from Experts: Undoubtedly when you create a mastermind group, you will have many masterminds who will share their success secret and offer the right and reliable advice for your business. With various members/masterminds in your group, you can expect more expert advice that you can collect and implement on your own business.

Young Tony Robbins
Young Tony Robbins

Versatile Ideas: As discussed earlier, a single mind can never flourish versatile ideas for your personal and professional growth. Instead, you need to churn out your mind in a mastermind group where you will come up with unique ideas with proven results. Each and every member of your mastermind group will have some findings which give birth to a unique idea.

Huge Resources: The limitation of resources is one of the loopholes that keep you apart from your success. Whatever the reason is, in the mastermind groups, you will find new resources and networks that can be utilized to grow your business. You are even open to connect with other masterminds to share their efforts in your business.

New Professional Connections: Once you start sharing the knowledge, you will find new people in your community who will always be available to support you and accompany you, whenever needed. Apart from professional companionship, you will find some new friends.

Such skill sharpening efforts and new ideas will give you a better approach for your business. All it depends upon how you take the leverage form the Tony Robbins mastermind formula and derive maximum benefits.

Do you want to be one of the Masterminds?

Considering this program?

The masterminds are basically for the businesses that are looking to share their pitfalls, their success and even their day to day issues to find the positive actions that can work for their business and help them grow it.

Dean Graziosi is one of the masterminds who have been serving the businesses for years but he opted to spread this technique over the globe. As a result, he created the Knowledge Broker Blueprint along with Tony Robbins.

In short, Yes, you can be one of the masterminds if you are passionate to take your business at the next level with beneficial ideas and tips from the successful business owners.

Final Words: The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review

The mastermind formula made by the combined efforts of Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi has benefited mankind, especially the entrepreneurs who are alone in their journey to find success. There are numerous people who have already reviewed the program and have found positive outcomes at the end. The people who have undergone the mastermind groups have been able to establish their own business and make it a success with the keen advice and assistance of the masterminds.

*** UPDATE: It’s finally out!! You can join the KBB method using THIS VIP LINK… it’s the most affordable option

So, there is no doubt, this Course + the additional software will proffer you something unique which you actually deserve in your life. Alongside, you will also get various other benefits to connect with the mastermind groups, as mentioned earlier.

You should now save your time and take the Knowledge Broker Blueprint now.


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Nick - May 10, 2019

Great website, very informative and we’ll written :-). The only thing that’s upsetting (nothing you did) is that the system is 2000$ I haven’t tried it but it just doesn’t seem worth it (but I could be wrong) thank you though for the good info 🙂

    Justin Hagen - May 20, 2019

    Anything worth knowing is definitely worth paying for, am I right?


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