Is Points2Shop a Scam? It's Not Your Typical GPT Site For Sure

Is Points2Shop a Scam? It’s Not Your Typical GPT Site For Sure

Welcome to my Points2Shop review!

Paid survey programs are a dime-a-dozen. We probably review a couple of them every week here at Smart Affiliate Success. But when it boils right down to it, you only need to look at one thing: its income potential.

Not all sites are made equal though. A few of the sites can only pay out decent income, and even then, it doesn’t guarantee a full-time income. There are even a few that don’t pay out cash rewards.

Today, we’re looking at Points2Shop.

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with Points2Shop in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal what this GPT site is all about and why it's probably worth doing...

Points2Shop Review Summary

Product Name:  Points2Shop

Founder:  Mat M and Joanna L

Product Type:  Get Paid To Survey Program

Price:  Free to join

Best For:  People who shop frequently with their partner sites

Is Points2Shop a Scam Image Summary

Summary:  Points2Shop is a legitimate get-paid-to site that has a few decent income opportunities, but there's no money to be made here. You're going to be earning points that you can use for their shopping partners. If you do shop a lot, it's worth checking out...

Rating: 50/100

Recommended: Yes and no!


What is Points2Shop?

Points2Shop is a paid survey intermediary that was founded in 2007 by friends Mat. M and Janna L. who decided to put their brains together to create a fun and interactive GPT program for US and international members.

Points2Shop pays members for completing different tasks online. And since their inception, they’ve generated more than 13 million members that are paid for and well taken care of.

Points2Shop isn’t like most of the survey sites we reviewed here and that’s because they don’t pay out in cash but rather points that you can use to shop on their partner sites, namely Amazon and other big-named retailers.

Inside Points2Shop

The signup is free and is open to everyone from around the world.

1 – Paid Surveys

Points2Shop offers various survey opportunities and depending on your country, you’ll get varying numbers of them at any given day.

Is Points2Shop a Scam - Surveys

Is Points2Shop a Scam - Surveys

This is the main income opportunity from Points2Shop, so you’ll find more surveys than the other tasks. Some of the surveys will average anywhere between a few cents to a few dollars.

2 – Offers

You’ll find paid and free offers from Points2shop, which will allow you to earn points when you complete them. These offers come from a third-party provider, so Points2shop will have no liability as to what happens to your personal info outside of the site.

Is Points2Shop a Scam - Offers

Is Points2Shop a Scam - Offers

Some of the offers will include surveys, signing up for websites, downloading apps, watching videos or ads, and a lot more.

Much like surveys, these are common opportunities in any GPT programs.

3 – Refer People

Referrals are part and parcel of any GPT, and it’s no surprise that we get one from Points2shop. You get 15% of what your referrals make from the program. If they’re inactive, you earn lower.

Their referral system follows a MLM-like compensation structure called a binary structure where referrals are divided into two legs, left and right, and are placed accordingly under you. The lower the levels, the lower the percentage.

4 – Games

You can play games and get paid for doing so. Some games are intended for playing with other members, while there are others that are meant for just you.

Is Points2Shop a Scam - Games

Is Points2Shop a Scam - Games

The games will cost points, but if you do win, you’ll get rewarded for it. The higher the entrance fee, the higher the rewards.

5 – Contests

There are monthly contests available that will allow you to earn more points. For example, there’s a contest for the top 10 survey takers and the first place gets $15 and it trickles down tfrm there.

There are also contests that follow a Sweepstakes-like program that allows you to win hundreds of points. However, these are sometimes restricted by countries.

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How Do You Get Paid By Points2Shop?

Points2shop will get you paid through points by doing the tasks listed above. You’ll turn these points into gift cards, and not actual cash.

So if you think you’re earning real money here, think again.

Here are the gift cards that you can convert your points to:

  1. Amazon
  2. Visa
  3. Itunes
  4. Best Buy
  5. NewEgg
  6. Spotify
  7. Skype
  8. Google Play

There are also gaming cards available for consoles such as Xbox and Playstation, and other games such as World of Warcraft and League of Legends.

You can also get Amazon products using your points, but it’s only restricted to residents in the UK, USA, and Canada.

How Much Money Can You Earn?

Again, there’s no money to be made here, but you will be earning points to use on their partners. So you could think of it as a way of getting some products for cheap or for free.

If you put in the time and effort, you could actually get something worthwhile from the program.

Who's Points2Shop For?

If you’re looking to make a quick buck, this program isn’t for you. However, if you frequent purchase from their partners, earning a few points here and there could help you save a few bucks from your next purchase.

Points2Shop Ugly Truths Revealed!

#1 They Sell Your Data

Their privacy policy is questionable because you only get to read it until you agree to it. This looks to be intentional, and from what I gathered, you’re basically giving out your information to their partner sites.

If you value your privacy, this may be a huge red flag.

#2 No Income Potential

Points2shop doesn’t really make you any money, but rather just points that you can use to spend on their partners.

So there’s literally no income potential here. You’re only looking at earning points, which you can use to shop on their partner sites. In a way, it’s helping you save money from your purchases.

What I Like Points2Shop?

#1 It's Free To Try

It doesn’t really hurt to try out the program, and being able to access all of the features and opportunities is just a huge bonus.

Everyone’s on equal ground here, so there’s no way to get an advantage by paying a few bucks. You earn and work towards the goal just like everyone else here.

#2 Great Referral Scheme

Their referral scheme is quite impressive and rewards you greatly for recruiting people. If you can build a solid and active team, you’ll be earning more points on top of your surveys, offers, etc.

Is Points2Shop a Scam?

Points2shop is definitely not a scam, but if you’re looking to make some money on this program, this isn’t for you.

There’s no money to be made here because you’re only working towards points that you can use to shop on their partner sites. At best, you can use these points to earn a discount from future purchases.

There’s this issue with their privacy policy, and to me that’s kind of suspect with the way they make you sign it. You’ll be forced to agree to it, so your data might be up for grabs with no liability from Points2shop.

But all in all, this site is worth checking out if you frequently shop from their partner sites, or use their services.

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