Daily Binary Profits V7 Review - I Call It A Scam And Here's Why!

Daily Binary Profits V7 Review – I Call It A Scam And Here’s Why!

Welcome to my Daily Binary Profits V7 review!

Binary options trading is not something that can be done by anyone, and you need specialized tools in order to succeed in it.

And this is what some investment and trading schemes are taking advantage of.

One of those schemes is Daily Binary Profits V7.

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with Daily Binary Profits V7 in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal what this trading scheme is all about!

Daily Binary Profits V7 Review Summary

Product Name:  Daily Binary Profits V7

Founder:  Not disclosed

Product Type:  Binary Options Trading Platform (Obvious Scam!)

Price:  $250 Minimum Deposit

Best For:  No One!

Daily BInary Profits v7 Review IMage Summary

Summary:  Daily Binary Profits V7 calls itself a binary options trading platform that promises you a 91% success rating. But they're nothing more than a scheme out to get you for your money. On top of being unregulated, the fake testimonials and the fake earnings (which you'll see later) are proof that this program is garbage and is a money-making scheme!

Rating: 1/100

Recommended:  No!


What is Daily Binary Profits V7?

According to the site, Daily Binary Profits is known as a free income system where you just need to deposit your money using the trading software and then you can generate profits almost instantaneously.

Daily Binary Profits v7 Landing Page

Daily Binary Profits V7 is an automated software that uses binary options as a way for you to generate income.

The program runs on auto pilot where it supposedly trades when it favors the investor, or in this case, you.

That’s all on the surface level by the way.

They don’t get into the nitty-gritty details of how the trades are actually done.

They don’t get into an introduction on how binary options trading even works.

Who Are Behind The Daily Binary Profits V7?

If you noticed, they don’t share the information about the company, founders, or even the developers.

They claim that their results posted on their site are verified, but they don’t say who actually verified them.

After browsing the landing page, there were several red flags that were raised and I think it’s safe to say that there’s something wrong with the program.

Inside Daily Binary Profits V7

As mentioned earlier, Daily Binary Profits V7 provides you with a downloadable trading platform, which will suggest you 60 trading positions.

Then you’ll need to go through these positions with your broker to start trading.

From there, you can start to generate money through the platform.

You’ll just turn it on and the system will do the rest for you.

But here’s the problem.

These platforms, or at least those that aren’t legitimate, usually do more harm than good.

Truth be told, there are no legitimate trading platforms that can provide you with such automation.

That’s because trading platforms need to have user input as well, whether it’s from you or from your trading broker.

Daily Binary Profits v7 Supposed Benefits

Daily Binary Profits v7 Supposed Benefits

Which brings me to the next topic at hand.

Daily Binary Profits V7 doesn’t discuss much about who the traders are behind the platform.

You can automate your trades but only to a certain extent. You have to do most of the grunt work yourself and then let the system do the work.

Even with a working algorithm, it doesn’t guarantee 100% success on all trading platforms.

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What Are Binary Options?

Binary options trading is a legitimate way to trade because all the trader needs to do is to predict whether an asset/currency will rise (CALL option) or fall (PUT option).

The prediction must take place within a set time period, otherwise,  the trade closes and you miss out on the deal.

Binary options is appealing to low-skilled traders because it’s just a “YES” or “NO” trading system.

What draws traders into binary options is the prospects of getting high payouts in short period of time.

For example, you place a $50 trade against the EUR/USD, and you’re riding a 170% payout that predicts the price will rise.

A time period is provided to you, let’s say 15 minutes, where the rise or fall will take place.

So if the EUR/USD price rises within the next 15 minutes after placing your trade, you make a return of $85.

You get a profit of $35 in 15 minutes.

Binary Options Trading

In order to assist you with doing binary options trading, you need to understand the principles of binary options.

This is something that Daily Binary Profits V7 doesn’t do because they just hype up the program’s benefits and to convince you to purchase and invest in their platform.

Daily Binary Profits V7 Regulation

Legitimate trading platforms such as IQ Option and 24Option are all regulated by different financial governing bodies all over the world.

This assures traders that all trades carried out are legal and secured by these agencies.

And these regulations are found on the homepage of the platform’s landing page or on a separate page.

Legitimate trading platforms don’t hide the fact that they’re regulated. In fact, regulation is a great selling point.

The problem with Daily Binary Profits V7 is that they’re unregulated, which is already a huge RED FLAG in its own.

So, an unregulated trading platform will link you to unregulated brokers, so you don’t know who you’re giving out your money to.

More importantly, when you deal with these unregulated brokers, you’re not going to be able to withdraw your money when you ask for it.

And you’re not going to be able to file a complaint against them to a regulation agency when it does happen.

How To Get Started with Daily Binary Profits V7?

There are only two instructions to access their members’ area:

  1. Open an account using any of the options provided on the software and then provide a deposit of $250. But the video will say to deposit as much as you can because you’re given a 100% matching deposit bonus.
  2. Then you download the platform and it’s supposed to only take you a minute or less to get the software up and running.

Once you do those steps, you’ll be immediately logged on to the software and wait for the trading signals.

Who's Daily Binary Profits V7 For?

No one.

Daily Binary Profits V7 is obviously a scam, and there’s just no one I’d recommend this program to.

Daily Binary Profits V7 Ugly Truths Revealed!

#1 – Fake User Testimonials!

On the DBP website, you’ll see some testimonials from users who’re making money with the system.

But these are all fake.

They were made by paid actors from a site called Fiverr.

Daily Binary Profits v7 Fake Testimonials

Fake Testimonials

On the image above, you’ll see the video testimonial from the user and then his Fiverr profile.

You can hire people like these for about $5 per project.

The use of these fake testimonials is to do nothing but to add “legitimacy” to their program and to make the platform look appealing to the everyday Joe’s and Jane’s.

#2 – Fake Results On Their Website!

The DBP website shows you trades and trading account statements that look positive, but these look to be either fake or isolated trades.

It’s not difficult to make a profitable trade with binary options since the odds are 1:1. And your chances of making gains are just as great as your chances of making losses.

Daily Binary Profits v7 Fake Earnings

Fake Earnings

But on their landing page, they’ll show you this image and then others that shows you a series of successful trades.

But if you look closely, the dates from the ribbon with the actual market prices don’t match with the date alongside the balance.

Trading results are instantaneous and in real time, so they should match.

Clearly, this image was doctored.

#3 – It’s Clearly A Non-Existent System!

With all of the evidence listed above, and the way that the platform is described, it’s obvious that their trading system is nothing more than a money-making scheme for the creators.

Imagine if you get 100 people to invest in the platform, the creator behind it already earned $25,000!

And where does that leave you?

Just $250 less with no means to get it back.

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What I Like About Daily Binary Profits V7?

Daily Binary Profits V7 is an illegitimate money-making platform that doesn’t provide you and other users with a positive experience.

Niche Profit Classroom Not Worth The Money

From Dragon's Den, All Rights Reserved

There’s nothing on the program that would make me recommend this program to anyone.

Is Daily Binary Profits V7 a Scam?

From the get-go, it’s clear that Daily Binary Profits V7 is a scam and will probably stop at nothing to get your money.

Fake testimonials and fake results using a non-existent trading platform, all the red flags are there that tells users “Stop what you’re doing! This is a scam!”

Binary options trading is a great way to make money, but not with Daily Binary Profits V7! There are regulated and legitimate trading platforms out there if you just do your due diligence.

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