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Affiliate Marketing And 7 Other Ways to Earn Money on Instagram

​​​​For all the Insta Freaks out there, you can now avail yourself of 7 ideas to earn money on Instagram, including affiliate marketing. This can be really great since you are viable to attain a great amount of money using this social network. Below mentioned are the ways by which you can earn a great deal of income.


1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is always a great way to earn handsome amount of cash. You can easily just promote the affiliate products with an innovative, intriguing and thus effective approach. There are a lot of people who are getting great deals of income using this source and employ different platforms to exercise their marketing. They have been successful, and you can also try out your luck by promoting the products of such category that you are passionate about.

For example, if you are intrigued and interested in writing for the fashion products, then you should go for the fashion products and promote them via Instagram. You can post short video reviews or how- to guides and let people know why the product is better than others on the market. Convince them to buy the product and earn from it.

2. AdSense

You can drive traffic towards a website and earn money from AdSense. You might also create a landing page and use it. For example, you can simply create a page based on your Instagram profile and then use that page to set up AdSense. In your Insta profile, just redirect visitors to that landing page by saying, click here for more pictures, or you can say, “for more info click here.” You can also post a short video and say that to see the full video; they have to go to that specific page. All in all, this is also a good way to generate income on Instagram.

3. Cost Per Action (CPA)

There are different places like Moby or CPALead that offer CPA. Every time a visitor will enter his email or sign up, you will get paid for it. Advertise the area related to your expertise and advertise it well. Many mobile apps will offer you CPA, but they have a lower payout in general. So, it is better that you find some trending game and use it for advertising and make money.

4. Sell Your Own Products

If you own a business, then you can simply use your Instagram account to sell your physical products. You can put sale and attract audience towards your business.

5. Photography

You can sell some high- quality prints of your photos on Instagram. Provided that your images are stunning, valuable and of a high-quality use following websites to get some profit from photos:

  • Twenty20
  • Print Stagram
  • Insta Prints
  • Snap My Ad

6. Influencer

You can become an influence and connect yourself to brands by Snap Fluance. For this purpose, first you will have to get some large amount of traffic on your Instagram account, and then, you will be approved to be a part of this network.

7. High-Value Name

If you have a brand username, then hold on it because someone might buy it from you.

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