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OnlineJobs.ph Review: Why It’s Better Than Upwork & Fiverr

Welcome to my OnlineJobs.ph review!

So, you want to hire somebody to outsource certain parts of your work/business. Probably someone or some website recommend OnlineJobs.ph to you.

Now, all you have to do is to sign up with them, create a job posting, sit back, relax and wait. Once you hired a person, all you have to do is to hand over your work and then live the "4 Hour Workweek" life like what Tim Ferriss advocates.

Is it really that simple?

Obviously not.

There are a lot more details that you need to know and master for you can successfully outsource your work.

The good news is that OnlineJobs.ph can allow you to do that. You just need to learn the necessary skills and mindset.

So in this review, I'll explain to you what you need to know and be aware when hiring somebody on OnlineJobs.ph.

OnlineJobs.ph Review Summary

Product Name: OnlineJobs.ph

Founder: John Jonas

Product Type: Job marketplace for hiring Filipino workers

Price: Free to start, $69/month or $99/month to hire worker

Best For: Hiring full-time workers on a long-term basis

onlinejobs.ph review

Summary: OnlineJobs.ph is my favorite place for you to hire full-time Filipino workers on a long-term basis at very affordable prices. Personally, I hired my quality full-time writer at $400/month (I'll show you how to do that). But if you want to hire workers on a project by project basis (i.e. freelancer), OnlineJobs.ph is not the best place for you. Read on to find out other alternatives.

Rating: 90/100

Recommended: Yes

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