Unleash the Power Within Review: Is it Worth the PRICE?

Unleash the Power Within Review: Is it Worth the PRICE?

Last weekend was literally the best weekend in my life so far. I attended Unleash The Power Within by Tony Robbins at Singapore Expo.

It was a really life-changing event that I'll never forget. So I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of my biggest takeaways in this UPW review.

By the way, you may have read Tony's book before or watched him speak in YouTube videos. But none of them can compare with attending a LIVE event. They are just totally different experience after all.

So I highly recommend anyone of you to invest in this and give it a shot. You'll never regret.

Literally anyone can benefit from UPW. Keep reading and you'll find out why...

"The more you know about who you are, what you love, what you hate, what excites you and what drives you, the easier it will be for you to achieve what you want & to be fulfilled."

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What is UPW All About?

Unleash The Power Within (UPW) is one of the signature events by Tony Robbins. Tony has held UPW all over the world for more than 40 years and it has since changed millions of people's lives.

Basically, Unleash The Power Within, as its name suggests, its main purpose is to help you find out who you really are, what you want to achieve and empower you with the strategies, tools, mindsets and ENERGY needed for you to achieve your goals and dreams.

This program is about LIFE. The things you learn here can help improve every aspects of your LIFE. That's why I said this program is literally for anyone, not just for business owners or entrepreneurs or any particular group of people.

"WHAT we acquire will never make us happy. It's WHO we become that determines out happines; it is the only lasting aspect of life."

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4 figure monthly passive income
Jerry Huang, Founder of Smart Affiliate Success

I'm Jerry!

I Created My Own 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income at just 21 Years Old!

UPW Event Details

Unleash The Power Within is a 4-day intensive personal development program. The one I attended was on 1-4 Feb 2018 at Singapore Expo. By the way, more than 12,000 people attended. It was crazy!

The following details is based on the one I attended. It may not be the same for all events.

Day 0 (Wednesday) - Registration

Due to the massive amount of participants (over 12-13K), registration was already opened one day before the event from 5pm to 9pm.

Bring your printed e-ticket to the registration counter and you'll receive your workbook and wristband

You better keep this wristband properly or wear it straightaway because if you lose it, you won't be able to enter the venue. So in the sense, the cost of this wristband is the investment you paid for your ticket. (Mine was SGD$1.6K LOL!)

upw 2018 registration

Registration Completed on Day 0

Day 1 (Thursday) - Firewalking Day

upw firewalk experience

Registration resumed in the morning from 9am onward and doors are opened at 9:30am.

You better be there early to get a good seat because you'll be surprised by how crazy people are. There are people queuing up since 6-7am in the morning. By the way, it is free seating within your category.

On day 1, lesson will start at 12pm and you should expect it to end earliest 12am the next day. Because you'll be experiencing your first Firewalking experience on the first night.

Day 1 mainly focuses on understanding human's psychology and needs. You'll learn why we do what we do and how to turn FEAR into POWER.

Afterwards you'll be using what you've learnt about FEAR and use it in your Firewalk.

You'll be walking on 2000 degree hot coal with your bare feet. This is no joke!

Day 2 (Friday) - Strategies Day

Tony will not be here on the second day because he needs to give his vocal cords a 24 hour rest after speaking and shouting for 12 hours non-stop in the first day.

Tony's good friend Joseph McClendon III will be teaching you about various strategies to help you succeed in anything you can imagine.

Joseph mcclendon iii

Joseph McClendon III

Some of the lessons include:

  • The Ultimate Success Formula
  • 3 Steps to Create a Lasting Change
  • The Strategies to help you get from where you are to where you want to be

Tony will still be speaking in the form of pre-recorded videos to deliver the main lessons by the way.

Day 3 (Saturday) - Transformation Day

Tony will be back on the third day to deliver one of the most important lessons and that is to teach you about BELIEFS.

This is called the transformation day because he'll literally help you get rid of the limiting beliefs you've always had which has been holding you back from achieving your dreams.

At the same time, he'll transform you with empowering beliefs which allow you to upgrade your life to the next level because you're now unstoppable.

tony robbins live

Tony Robbins!

No negative beliefs can hold you back anymore!

Tony's good friend, Pitbull, was invited to speak at UPW Singapore 2018 and the third day ended with a Pitbull's mini concert which is absolutely amazing.

Pitbull has been working together with Tony for a long time and Tony has helped him a lot to achieve the success he has today.

So Pitbull shared with us his inspirational story before he had the mini concert of the night.

pitbull inspirational story

Pitbull shared with us his inspirational story

pitbull mini concert

Pitbull's Mini Concert 🙂

Day 4 (Sunday) - Health Day

Once again, Tony will not be present on the last day and Joseph will be covering another extremely important topic of life, and that is HEALTH!

"Without our health, we have nothing!"

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You'll learn a lot of valuable health tips which may not make sense to you right away or they may contradict to your current beliefs.

For example, you and your children should avoid drinking cow's milk because it'll do you more harm than good. This is not the advice we will hear normally, right?

What I suggest is to always have an open-mind to absorb like a sponge. Because you're learning from the "experts and masters of LIFE". Give it a shot and it'll make sense.

By the way, here is a lesson overview from UPW 2013 (This is the only lesson overview I could find online). You may want to take a look if you're interested to find out what exactly you'll be learning.

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Other Event Photos (UPW Singapore 2018)

upw selfie


upw selfie

My brother & I 🙂

upw dance


firewalk hot coal

This is the 2000 degree hot coal!

14 Biggest Takeaways from UPW

1. FOCUS is Power

Tony Robbins always says, "Wherever your FOCUS goes, ENERGY flows."

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This means that what you focus on EXPANDS! So you wouldn't want to focus on the negative things in life. The more attention you put into thinking about the negative stuffs, the more problems you'll get. That's just the way universe works.

I'm not saying you should totally ignore the problems in your life. I'm just saying don't put your focus there. Focus on the positive things and more good stuffs will start happening in your life. And you'll get lesser and lesser problems.

This also applies to the things you want to achieve in your life. The more you focus on it, the more likely you've achieve it.

2. Be at your Beautiful State Every Single Day

Your FOCUS, PHYSIOLOGY and your LANGUAGE will determine your STATE. And your state will determine your actions/behaviors which will lead to the results you get.

So you need to be at your beautiful state every single day in order for you to get the most out of your every day life.

That's why Tony's events always have a lot of dancing and shouting. Because your motion and physiology will determine your state. Being at the PEAK state allows you to learn and absorb the most.

There are many strategies to keep yourself in the beautiful state but I won't cover it here. You'll learn the most by attending UPW yourself. It'll be too vague for me to explain it in words here.

3. Proximity is Power

"Who you spend time with is who you become."

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People's lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group. If your peer group doesn't expect much, it's just a matter of time before you lower your expectations of yourself.

So, it's important to stay away from peers that will drag you down and spend time with peers that can motivate you, encourage your and most importantly CHALLENGE you!

Also, if you want to master certain skill, it's best to spend time with people who are good at it and learn from them.

Tony shared with us his story about how he managed to learn the sport Polo as a complete beginner and became the best among all his friends within a short period of time.

The secret is to learn from the coach who is the best at this sport.

4. Success Leaves Clues

Successful people are not successful because they are lucky or they have some special talent or power.

If you study successful people closely, you'll find that success leaves clues.

Successful people have common personalities and mindset which help them to achieve their goals. Yet they are different in some areas that contribute to their uniqueness in their respective fields.

There's no overnight success. Overnight success are "overnight" because they have put in days and months and years of hard work and constant improvement.

In fact...

"Success is a learnable skill."

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That's why attending this kind of programs and seminars are extremely helpful.

We should be learning directly from the masters and experts themselves, instead of listening to your friends, your parents, your teachers/professors or people who have not achieve the success you want to achieve.

5. Our Beliefs Control Our Lives

Day 3 of UPW is called the transformation day because Tony literally help us remove our limiting beliefs and replace them with the empowering ones.

Belief is everything. If you don't believe you can achieve something, then you'll never achieve it.

The worse thing is that a lot of our limiting beliefs are not ours. They may come from our parents, our friends or the society.

Tony shared with us a story about a girl asking her mother why she needs to slice a particular fish into half every time when she's preparing that dish. The mom said she don't know. It was the recipe from the grandmother.

So they go and ask the girl's grandmother why is that so. The grandmother said she don't know. It's the recipe the great grandma used.

Fortunately, the great grandma is still alive and she said the sliced the fish into half because her pan was too small last time. LOL!

This story shows us that there are actually a lot of false beliefs that are limiting out lives because it's being passed down generations.

Probably Henry Ford put it the best...

"Whether you believe you can or you can't, you're right."

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6. Achievement is Not Sustainable Without Fulfillment

A lot of you consider yourselves achievers. We all want to achieve more in our lives, be it for the sake of making more money, gaining more respect, helping more people, etc...

There's nothing wrong with achievements. But achievements are not sustainable without fulfillment.

What does this mean?

Firstly, achievement is the ability to produce results; to take anything you envision and make it real.

Whilst, fulfillment is the ability to feel happiness and joy in the process; to delight in the experience of life.

Unless you're having fun and enjoying the process of achieving something, you'll eventually burn out.

Tony gave an example of Robin Williams. Robin Williams is undoubtedly a very successful actor and comedian in Hollywood. He had a lot of achievements that others could only dream of.

However, he committed suicide at the age of 63. Why?

The problem is the lack of "fulfillment".

His subconscious purpose for being a comedian is to gain recognition and significance. That could be how his mind was programmed since young due to his background and family.

No matter how many achievements he had, he wouldn't be happy if he didn't enjoy the process and experience true happiness in life. In the end, there will just be more and more stress.

Robin Williams

Robin Williams committed suicide in 2014

7. Life will Pay Whatever Price You Ask For

As Tony always says, "Ask and you shall receive."

This is somewhat related to the point I talked about beliefs. If you don't believe you are capable to achieving or getting something, you'll not ask for it. So the universe definitely won't give you what you want.

But first you need to know clearly what you really want. Ask for it and work towards it.

You are capable of achieving anything you can dream of.

"Imagination is the tool you use to create your future."

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8. Training Never Stops when You Want an Extraordinary Life

In simple words, lifelong learning is crucial to achieving massive success and live an extraordinary life.

For a lot of people, their education stops after they leave schools. However, education never stop for successful people. Even the world's top influencers and achievers are constantly training themselves to become better and better.

Tony gave an example of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. They are already the masters in their fields. However, when they were professional NBA players, they were still training not just every single day but 3 times a day.

"If you're not growing, you're dying."

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9. Money is just a RESOURCE

Money is undeniably a very important part of our lives and society. A lot of people spend their whole lives chasing for money.

However, money is just a RESOURCE, not a goal. Your goal is to make yourself RESOURCEFUL and focus on adding value to the society.

Attract money and let the money come to you. Not the other way round.

Money is everywhere. In fact, everyone is a millionaire if the entire world's money is evenly distributed. So the key here is to be resourceful enough so that the money can come to you.

A lot of us don't know how to get that. That's why investing in our own education is extremely important. Being resourceful and attracting money to you is a learnable skill.

Sadly, school doesn't teach you that.

"There's no unresourceful people, only unresourceful state."

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10. You MUST Celebrate Your Victories

Do you still remember how you celebrate a small victory when you were a kid?

But why people today hold back a lot on celebrating and being happy at their victories?

In most cases, it's the society that restricts us from expressing our emotions especially happiness. We are taught to be humble and arrogant is bad.

However, being happy and celebrating does not equal to being arrogant.

Instead, studies have shown that celebrating our victories allow us to improve and get better at what we're doing.

Regardless of the size of your victory or achievement, start celebrating and rewarding yourself for that. You'll feel the difference.

11. Disease is a Cure

What we normally understand disease is that it is a sign which tells us there's something wrong with our body. So we need to take medicine and get treatment to cure the disease.

However, Joseph said that disease is actually a cure. It is the way that your body tries to heal itself.

For example, fever is caused by your body fighting against thee bacteria or virus. Running nose is the way your body get rid of the defeated bacteria and virus.

So for this kind of common flues, there's no need to take medicine. Just give your body plenty of water, vitamins and rest.

We must admit that human body is very powerful. But you must give the thing your cells need. This will be covered in detail on Day 4 of UPW.

I'm not saying you don't need to see a doctor if you have some serious illness. I'm just saying there's another perspective to look at diseases.

12. Being Outstanding is a Choice

Literally anyone can be outstanding at something. But it's your choice of whether you want to be outstanding and in which area you want to be outstanding.

Like Tony had said, outstanding is just 2mm away from excellence. It a matter of fact whether you want to put in the extra effort and keep pushing your limit. Or you're satisfied with the "good enough".

13. Clarity is Very Important

Clarity is about you knowing the end goal you want to pursue, the path/direction you want to go and the actions you want to take.

Being clear about the outcome you want to achieve is the most important step to get started. If you don't have clarity, you'll never succeed because you simply don't know what exactly you want.

To achieve anything in life, know about the clear outcome you want to achieve first.

For example, if you want to lose weight. You need to know how much weight you want to lose, how much time you are giving yourself and what actions are you going to take to achieve that.

If you simply said you want to lose weight, there's no clarity in your outcome. You'll definitely not achieve anything much.

14. Tony Robbins is NOT a "Motivational Speaker"

A lot of people think Tony Robbins is a motivational speaker but in reality he is not. Let me explain...

His speaking can definitely motivate people. However, if motivating people is all that he does, he wouldn't be able to change so many people's lives.

So instead, he is a strategist. He has studied and done a lot of research to better understand "humans" and why humans do what we do.

Since he has all these understanding about humans and psychology, he knows exactly how to help people achieve what they want to achieve.

Don't ever see Tony Robbins as merely a "motivational speaker".

Go attend his LIVE seminar and learn his strategies to master the gift from God called "Life"!

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9 Tips to Prepare You for Your First UPW

1. Have an Open-Mind & Play at Your 100%

This is the most important thing you need to have in order to get the most out of these 4 days.

You may be thinking, "I've paid so much for the ticket. I'll definitely learn as much as I can." But having the thought and actually doing it is two different things.

There will be a lot of dancing, shouting and stupid sessions throughout the 4 day. You may find them stupid or useless but all the things Tony and Joseph do have purposes.

So, just play full out and do whatever they told you to do. Even the dancing, singing and shouting have their purposes because that's how you can keep yourself in the PEAK STATE and absorb the most.

2. Get Enough Rest

These 4 days will be very intense. Sometimes you'll end very late in the midnight and the next day start again at 9am.

You won't have a lot of breaks in the day so you should really get some good rest before the event starts and give yourself a rest whenever you can.

3. Warm Clothing is a Must

Tony is a beast! He has to be chilled. So the air-condition will be quite strong in the room. You'll definitely need to have your own jacket or any clothing to keep you warm.

4. Bring Your Own Snacks & Water

You'll not be given time to have your lunch and dinner which they said it's on purpose. They want to create an environment where you can be fully immersed.

Even there are breaks, you'll be competing with thousands of people for food. So it's best to prepare your own snack, bread and water.

And remember to stay hydrated throughout the day but don't over-drink as well unless you want to keep queuing up for toilet.

P.S. Diamond category and above will be provided with one meal per day from second day onward.

5. No Stilettos & High Heels

I know ladies want to look pretty but you should really refrain from wearing stilettos or high heels for Tony Robbins events.

There will be a lot of dancing, jumping and moving around. You wouldn't want to injure yourself or lose the opportunity to participate fully. So, just wear a pair comfortable shoes so that you can fully participate and jump as high as you can 🙂

6. Tony will only be there for 2 Days

Like I've mentioned above, Tony will only be there on the first and third day because he needs to give his vocal cords a rest after doing all these for many decades.

The second and fourth day will be taught by Jospeh with Tony's pre-recorded videos.

Don't be upset because Joseph is an awesome guy too! He is really amusing and I really like the way he taught. He is trusted by Tony so you definitely won't be disappointed.

7. Bring Your Partner Along

This is a good opportunity to enhance your relationship with your significant other because both of you can grow at the same time and learn more about each other.

If you come alone without your partner, it's hard to explain to him or her what you've learnt. Sometimes you may start to have some conflicts because of the different mindset and beliefs.

So if possible, please bring along your significant other.

8. Stay Near to the Convention Center

Sometimes the event will end in midnight. You wouldn't want to take another hour or two just to get back to your hotel. Stay near the convention center as much as possible. This allows you to have more time to rest as well.

9. Be Prepared to Go CRAZY!

To be honest, I used to be a really shy person and I didn't like getting high and jumping around. I felt that was childish and stupid.

But everything changed because of UPW. I was really surprised at myself being fully immerse and engaged in the process. I shouted a lot, danced a lot, gave a lot of high-fives and hugs.

This leads back to my point number 1. You need to play full out! I can personally tell you that's how you enjoy the process and learn the most.

Just do it and Go CRAZY 😀

My Final Advice for You

If you've already purchased your ticket for Tony's upcoming UPW, good luck to you and I wish you all the best. Just follow the suggestions I gave in this post and give your 100%. You'll enjoy the best weekend of your life!

However, if you're still considering, my advice to you to stop hesitating. Give it a shot and you'll never regret your decision.

I know the tickets are not cheap. If money is an issue for you, I just want to share with you that I borrowed money from my parents and my friend to purchase my ticket.

The key here is to be resourceful. Money is just a resource.

I'm telling you that this event will change your life so there's no reason for you to be restricted by not having enough money. That's not an excuse!

I'm not recommending you to borrow money. I'm just asking you to be RESOURCEFUL. There are a lot of ways to make money online or offline.

My favorite way is via Affiliate Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate is my Top Recommended Program to help you build passive income streams online.

Once again, I wish you all the best for your UPW Experience and remember to have an open-mind and play at your 100%.


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Paging for Fellow Firewalkers...

If you're a certified Firewalker (means you're a graduate of UPW), I would really love to hear from you and what you've learnt from Tony.

Let us feel your ENERGY by leaving a comment below and share with us your experience. We learn and remember what we've learnt the most by sharing them with others.

I would really love to connect with you. So make sure to share with us what you've learnt in the comments below and follow me on Instagram & Facebook!

firewalker certificate

Firewalker Certificate 🙂

Jerry Huang

Jerry is a young aspiring Internet Entrepreneur who started his online business at the age of 18. He is currently a Full-time Affiliate Marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, a community to help anyone start their own online business without prior experience. He actually achieved Financial Independence at the young age of 21. Read more about his story here!

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Shigeko - June 8, 2019

Hi Jerry,
I’ve this article with great interest. Do you think any seat, no matter which Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Solitaire of Singapore Expo, is worth attending this seminar?

Thanks for your reply in advance.

Owen - February 2, 2019

Hey, what tier was your ticket for? Bronze, silver, gold etc?

What was the experience like at THAT tier?

I was thinking if I can’t get the diamond/solitaire tier seats, then might as well get the cheapest tickets because sitting in the middle is no different from sitting at the back.

What do you think?

    Jerry Huang - February 7, 2019

    I forgot what tier I was in. I know it’s between VIP and Diamond. But the name of the categories are different when they host it in different countries though.

    Usually, it’s harder to get tickets at the back than getting a diamond/solitaire ticket. Up to you.

Paul - March 20, 2018

Dear Jerry,

Wow it’s amazing, great post! I need to read it again actually this is the second time. Learned a lot thanks for sharing. It’s amazing when you shared “The secret is to learn from the coach who is the best at this sport.”

This is really a new information…For example, “you and your children should avoid drinking cow’s milk because it’ll do you more harm than good.” This is not the advice we will hear normally, right? But I am planning to implement that and avoid milk.

Your Friend,

    Jerry Huang - March 22, 2018

    Hey Paul,

    Thanks for your constant support and I’m really glad that you learnt something new from my post. It’s really my pleasure!

    In fact, there are quite a number of misconceptions in our lives and “drinking cow’s milk is good for health” is just one of them. These misconceptions happen to all aspects of our lives, such as health, wealth, money, business, mindset, etc…

    Most of the time, we learn things from our parents and traditions. However, this creates a lot of limiting beliefs in us since young.

    The most important thing to live a life you truly desire is to immerse yourself in personal development and always learn from the best of the best.

    Tony is the best of the best in personal development and strategies in life, business, health, etc. So, I would highly recommend you to attend Tony’s event as much as possible.

    If not, listening to his Podcasts or reading his books definitely helps. Some of his bestselling books include Awaken the Giant Within, Unshakeable and MONEY Master The Game!

Stefan Vogt - February 12, 2018

Hi Jerry, this seemed to be a great weekend for you. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and excitement.

I like when people try to help others find themselves and reach new heights. Often Life is not easy and lots of people like to bring one down and spoil all the fun. To join a meeting like this I guess can power you up for a long time and protect you from bad vibrations.

I really like the walking on the charcoal part. I’ve done it before and it was amazing.

    Jerry Huang - February 12, 2018

    Hi Stefan,
    You did walk on hot coal before?! What an awesome experience you had. Was it with Tony Robbins as well or was it another program/opportunity/context?

jessie palaypay - February 12, 2018

I would definitely love to go to these events but the price of admission is not quite in my budget considering it cost $900+ US dollars from what I have seen on the website.

As far as the firewalk was concerned, did you have a better experience with it than other people recently? I was hearing that Tony was coming under a lot of heat recently (no pun intended) for people getting their feet badly burned during the walk.

    Jerry Huang - February 12, 2018

    Hey Jessie,
    Thanks for your comment! I know the cost of such events may scare a lot of people away. But what if I told you that this event will change your life, not just financially but also in terms of happiness, health and many more? Would you do your best to be RESOURCEFUL and fork out that money? I’m sure it’s a no-brainer to do whatever it takes to come out with the money and go all in. That’s how successful people become successful. Because they are resourceful.

    As for the firewalk, I had a really great experience walking on hot coal. After that, I had a small blister on my left foot but it’s no big issue. For this kind of activities, there are definitely some level of danger involved but firewalking has been around for many decades. Tony told us about an incident where someone took all his content to organize their own firewalking. That’s how many people got injured. If you follow Tony’s instructions closely, you won’t get hurt. At most only a few blisters. There are also many professional crew to help out with facilitating the activity. So I feel pretty safe there. For those who got injured like you’ve heard, I’m sure there are reasons behind it.

Norman Richards - February 12, 2018

Jerry, these events seem to be very exciting and life-changing. I believe that events like this will really challenge you to dig within and bring out the best. With events like these, you will surely reach for the stars. I love this quote. I remember many years ago I heard of a quote something like this and it is so powerful

“WHAT we acquire will never make us happy. It’s WHO we become that determines our happiness; it is the only lasting aspect of life.” Thanks as always for sharing. I myself would one day God’s willing to attend an event like this. I can only imagine the high level of excitement.

    Jerry Huang - February 12, 2018

    Hey Norman,
    Thanks for your comment. This kind of seminars is indeed life-changing! I personally gave up traditional education but my personal education has just begun. Like Robert Kiyosaki had said, “The Rich go to seminars while the poor and middle-class go to school”. School is a thing of the past. It is based on the concept of the industrial age.

    You should definitely check out Success Resources and see what are their upcoming events. Success Resources is the world’s leading event promoters in the world.

    I wish you great success Norman!


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