Take Surveys For Cash Scam Review: $3,500/Month, Is it Possible?

Take Surveys For Cash Scam Review: $3,500/Month, Is it Possible?

Welcome to my Take Surveys For Cash scam review!

I'm really glad that you're here because it means you're doing your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" products.

The owner of Take Surveys For Cash claims that he has found a "weird trick" to make over $3,500 per month just by taking online surveys.

take surveys for cash fake promise

Oh really?! Sorry, I don't believe you...

Is that really possible? Or is Take Surveys For Cash a scam?

Sit back, relax and grab a coffee. Let me expose to you what's really behind the curtains...

Take Surveys For Cash Scam Review Summary

Product Name: Take Surveys For Cash

Founder: Jason White (Could be a fake person)

Product Type: Paid Survey Intermediary

Price: $39 + downsells & upsells

Best For: The owner and affiliates promoting this product

take surveys for cash scam review

Summary: Take Surveys For Cash is NOT a legit online survey platform. It's just a survey intermediary, which means you're paying money to do surveys. But there's no guarantee that you'll get paid for joining them. Beware! It's just another ClickBank product trying to make money from you.

Rating: 5/100

Recommended: No

Wanna Make Legit Money Online but Tired of SCAMS?


What is Take Surveys For Cash?

Take Surveys For Cash is allegedly founded by the person called Jason White, who named himself as the "King of Paid Surveys".

And according to him, his product is meant to help you make a really good income online by taking surveys AND achieve financial freedom!!

take surveys for cash scam

Financial Freedom?! Are you kidding me?

I've been online for quite some time now and I've reviewed lots of products so I've definitely tried paid surveys before.

To be honest, after reviewing so many products, I found that MOST of the "paid surveys" are scams. And for those that are legit like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks, the earning potential is not very huge.

Yes, you can make real money by taking surveys online. But it's impossible for you to earn a full-time income or even achieve financial freedom from it, unless you're like Jason, selling such scam products online.

Honestly speaking, I believe Jason's main income stream comes from selling products like Take Surveys For Cash to you, instead of really taking online surveys.

Do you know why I know this? I'll reveal to you in just a moment...

Wait, so who is Jason?

First of all, there's no way to find out if Jason is a real person because there's no information about him at all.

He never show his face or introduce anything about himself. All he did was keep repeating that he knows the secret to making big bucks from survey which all of us don't know.

take surveys for cash secret trick

If he is really the "King" of Paid Surveys, he must be very popular and famous. But you can't find anything online about him.

So from my own experience, I highly suspect that "Jason White" is just a fictitious character.

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Jerry Huang, Founder of Smart Affiliate Success

I'm Jerry!

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How Does Take Surveys For Cash Work?

Now we all know this product is to help you make money online by taking surveys. But how does it work exactly?

Let me explain to you from the basics of online paid surveys for the benefit of those who are new...

How Does Paid Surveys Work?

Basically, big companies around the world are keen to know more about their customers' habits, preferences and opinions because this is directly related to their businesses.

By knowing more about their customers, they're able to create more successful products and marketing campaigns which are more relevant and targeted to their audience.

That's why they're constantly working with market research companies to get these valuable information. That's also why companies have market research funds or budget and they'll pay these market research companies.

On the other hand, market research companies will reach out to people like you who want to make money online. So they'll reward you with some credits or cash in return for your opinions.

That's the overall concept of online paid surveys.

Below is a video explanation:

It may sound like a good way to make some easy money since you don't need to do any hard work. But you're just making cents, sometimes dollars.

In my opinion, taking up a local part-time job is even more lucrative than taking online surveys.

Take Surveys For Cash Ugly Truth Revealed!!

If you've read my summary earlier, you'll know that I mentioned about Take Surveys For Cash NOT being a legit paid surveys site, right?

Let me explain why...

Take Surveys For Cash requires you to pay a fee in order for you to receive survey opportunities. To be honest, that's not the right way paid surveys work.

It requires you to pay a fee because it's just a intermediary. You're not taking surveys directly on Take Surveys For Cash. Instead, you'll be provided with a list of 3rd party survey sites for you to sign up with.

You need to sign up with all the 3rd party survey sites again and again in order to take their surveys.

That's why Take Surveys For Cash is called an intermediary. You're basically paying for survey opportunities which can be easily found online for FREE.

That's not the end. The ugliest part of this process is that whenever you sign up with any 3rd party survey sites Jason recommends, he actually gets paid because all the links he provides you are his affiliate links.

That's why I said he is not making most of his money from directly taking surveys. Instead, he is making most of his money from Affiliate Marketing, the business model I personally recommend.

In fact, I doubt he takes any surveys himself because as experienced online marketers, we all know the earning potential of taking online surveys is too small. It's not even worth your time.

Just to prove to you that most online surveys are scam, take a look at products like Survey Money Machine and Click 4 Surveys, they are all very similar to Take Surveys For Cash.

They are just survey intermediary and the owners of these products are making much more money by selling these products to you and by promoting affiliate offers.

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Take Surveys For Cash Sales Funnel Revealed

As you would have known by now, Take Surveys For Cash is actually just a sales funnel for Jason to make money from you.

So let me reveal to you his entire sales funnel...

take surveys for cash sales funnel

Sale Funnel revealed!

As you can see, the initial price of this product is $39. But if you try to leave the page, a pop up will show and you'll be given a "special discount" of $27, which I'm sure it's not special at all. 

take surveys for cash downsell

Downsell #1: $27

After that, if you try again, they will downsell you another discount for $12.

Even at $12, it may seem very cheap. But I won't recommend it either. The reasons are very simple:

  1. You're not supposed to pay any money in order to take surveys
  2. Participating in paid surveys is wasting your time seriously

Apart from the downsells, they also have 3 upsells in place to take more money from you.

take surveys for cash upsell 1

Upsell #1: $37

The first upsell is $37. The second and third on is $24. Despite these upsells are all very cheap, they are not worth your time to even check them out.

If you really want to make money, check out my top recommended program here

Making money online is not about trying your luck. It's about following the right system and training. So don't waste your time and money anymore and let me help you!

Anyway, all 3 upsells here are known as "one-click upsell", which means you'll directly be charged just by clicking the accept offer button. You don't have to enter your payment info again.

This can actually cause people to lose more money like what I did last time. I didn't know about one-click upsell so I thought there will be another page for me to enter my payment info.

Whenever you're purchasing anything via ClickBank, be careful of such one-click upsell.

Pros & Cons

The Good

1. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

For those of you who have been following my website and my reviews for quite some time, you know I'm an honest and unbiased person with no BS review. And I'll always do my best to make the review as balanced as possible.

But sometimes, there are certain scam products like Take Survey For Cash which really doesn't have anything good to say.

The only good thing about this product is that at least it has a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee since it's a digital product sold through ClickBank.

The problem with ClickBank though, is that it may be hard for you to get a refund unless you have very compelling reasons.

The Bad

1. 'Pay-to-Play'

Like I've mentioned multiple times, I really can't stress this enough: Please don't fall into such 'pay-to-play' products!

You don't need to pay a person just to get surveys to do. This is the same for certain affiliate programs. Some companies market have some training to help you but eventually, all you'll be doing is to promote their own products. This is another form of 'pat-to-play' scheme.

Anyway, this is the reason Jason gave to justify the price of Take Surveys For Cash:

take surveys for cash cost

He said that because you're getting a "membership" to their system so they require a "processing fee". I laughed when I saw this, LOL!

There are so many software and tools to help anyone build any type of membership platform. This "processing fee" is just a scam. It's an unethical reason for them to charge you.

Also, he said that it's also to cover the cost of their advertising fee and employee's wage. I laughed again...

Jason listed his product on ClickBank and there are tons of affiliates helping him to product this product. I really don't understand what advertising cost does he need. And this lousy product really don't require any employee.

Lastly, he said that it takes time for him to find the best and high-paying surveys EVERY day for you. I couldn't take it man!

Do you really believe he is on his computer everyday looking for good surveys for you? NO!

He's enjoying his life with all the money innocent victims of his product pay him.

And he talked about the FREE $50 which I'll expose that once again in my next point...

2. Misleading BONUS Reward

In his sales pitch, Jason said that you'll be given $50 for FREE when you get paid for your first survey. This is a really clever way to cheat people's money.

Let me explain to you why...

To be eligible for the $50, you need to get paid by doing survey first and show them the proof.

But for most survey sites, they'll have a payout threshold of $10 (for more legit sites) and $100 (for more scammy sites). You're not allowed to withdraw before you reach these thresholds. And don't forget that you're only earning a few cents to probably a few dollars for every survey.

It will take some time before you reach the threshold. Sometimes a month, sometimes a few months.

What's even worse is that I've heard people saying the $50 is not even real cash. It's just a voucher or an Amazon Gift Card.

3. Fake Online Surveys Site

Like I've explained earlier, Take Surveys For Cash is just a survey intermediary for Jason to earn affiliate commissions for himself. You're not taking surveys directly in his platform.

And as you can see from my paid survey guide, survey intermediary site is actually a huge red flag to avoid!

4. Extremely Hyped Up

Jason kept emphasizing how his life has been changed just by taking online surveys and how he managed to help so many people to change their lives.

Seriously, let me repeat myself...

You can't get rich by doing online paid surveys. You can consider yourself fortunate if you're able to pay off some of your bills with the income from taking surveys.

$3,500 per month?! Forget it. It's impossible with online surveys.

If you want to earn $3,500 per month or more, you should learn about Affiliate Marketing!

5. Fake Income Proof

Simply put, everything in Take Surveys For Cash is fake. Look at the screenshot below:

take surveys for cash income proof

Fake income proof #1

This is the income proof Jason used on his sales page showing how he managed to get from earning $3 per survey to earning $500 per survey.

But if you're observant enough, you'll realize these are fake photos. They photoshop the number $3.00 and $500.00 onto the fake check.

The numbers don't look natural. It's too bold, too big and the position is just not right.

Another thing is that, if you try to read the sentence at the bottom of the check, it says that this is not a real check. It's just for demonstration purpose something like that.

I think they forgot to photoshop that part away, LOL.

take surveys for cash income proof 2

Fake income proof #2

This is another fake income proof. I have no evidence to prove this is not real. All I can say is that by just showing his PayPal account balance it doesn't mean anything.

The money could be deposited by Jason himself, right?

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6. Fake Promotion in Your Country

Last but not least, Take Surveys For Cash is clever in the way that they keep using the country exclusiveness technique to hook innocent people.

Basically, their sales page can detect which country you're in and they'll show the country and flag accordingly to make their offer seems exclusive to your country.

Just take a look at the screenshots below:

take surveys for cash scam

This is 100% fake!

is take surveys for cash a scam

This one also

take surveys for scam currency

I'm currently based in Singapore, that's why they keep mentioning the offer is only for Singapore. But if you've searched for other reviews online, you'll see that this country will change according to your IP Address.

However, one thing that caught my attention was that they even include the picture of Singapore dollar.

I'm actually quite surprised. But this just shows that they're relying on this technique heavily.

Is Take Surveys For Cash a Scam?

Some of you might not think this is a scam because this product is cheap and you're at least getting something for your money.

But to be honest, I'll consider this as a scam product because all the sales pitch and information are very misleading and mostly fake.

Promising people to make $3,500 per month through paid survey is already a big big red flag. So the only right thing for me to do is to label this product as a scam and warn people about it.

Buying into this product is not just wasting your money, but most importantly wasting your more precious time.

My advice to you is this...

If you really want to make money, don't look for shortcuts because there are no shortcuts to success. There are no overnight success as well. It's all about hard work and following the right system!

If you're still reading my review until this point, I hope you can see that I'm not just doing a normal product review. Instead, I also want to educate my readers at the same time so that they won't fall into anymore scams in the future.

Who is Really Making Money with Take Surveys For Cash?

Before we end off this review, I just want to mention one more thing. There are people making good money with Take Surveys For Cash, but it's definitely not the innocent ones who unfortunately bought into this scam.

Other than Jason himself, the affiliates who are promoting this product are making good money...

take surveys for cash affiliate

As you can see, according to Take Surveys For Scam, their top affiliate earns $100,000 a month. That's even more than the $3,500 a month Jason promised his customers. Pretty ironical right?

I can't confirm if this claim is legit or not. But I can guarantee you that the affiliates are definitely earning a lot more than survey takers.

So if you are serious about making money online in the long run, I would recommend you to become an affiliate marketer instead of survey taker.

As a survey taker, you're still trading your time for money and it's even worse than many of the local part-time jobs you can find.

As for affiliate marketer, you're building your own online business which can bring you months after months of passive income once you build up the foundation.

In fact, with affiliate marketing...

I've personally created a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Stream and become financially independent at just 21 years old without any College degree or working experience!

Through my own hard work, I went from a broke restaurant waiter to living my dream laptop lifestyle in less than a year's time...

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Jerry Huang

Jerry is a young aspiring Internet Entrepreneur who started his online business at the age of 18. He is currently a Full-time Affiliate Marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, a community to help anyone start their own online business without prior experience. He actually achieved Financial Independence at the young age of 21. Read more about his story here!

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Otis Dube - May 12, 2018

Hello πŸ˜‰

This is some useful information right here, as I have done some paid surveys in rerturn for cash, and I will say it’s not that easy at all.

The way it’s advertised is different from the way it actually works, and you are right you not guaranteed income as some companies just want to use you for there own benefit.

With that being said please do your homework before wasting your time, we all seem to be hooked to easy monies and seem to forget about the people incharge of the money system they dont really care about you all they care about is using you.

Keep up the good work as we need to know the truth.

Dr. Doug - May 11, 2018

The pay to play is such a big tip off of a scam. Hopefully not many people pay him to fill out surveys, but from the scope of his advertising it seems like they do. Its easy enough to find free surveys to fill out that will pay you back a small amount. Not worth the time in the end, but if mobility is an issue, it’s a way to earn something. Paying someone a fee to do this is just a rip off.

    Jerry Huang - May 12, 2018

    Hey Doug,

    The ‘pay-to-play’ part is really the rip off of this product. Experienced marketers will know this for sure. Just that we need to educate those innocent beginners who are too impatient to make money online.

    Thanks for your comment!

Dave - May 11, 2018

Hey Jerry,

Thank you very much for letting me know about the upsells of this program and the fact that I don’t have to feed my financial info to get charged.

I know I would have lost money because I am usually very curious.

I also don’t find any value of the upsells. I think I will try out your recommendation as it is seems to be something very rewarding. Thanks for advice.

    Jerry Huang - May 11, 2018

    It’s my pleasure Dave! I’m glad it helps πŸ™‚

HappyB - May 10, 2018

Thanks For the heads up Jerry.

It is amazing how people will pay for things that are already free, simply because of clever sales pitches.

I love the fake check pictures. He claims to be the “King of Paid Surveys.” Maybe his Mum knows him as that.

I know there is quite a lot of studying and hard work to become a successful Affiliate marketer, but that is true of any business, isn’t it?

Where would you get the training and expertise to start your own business for a few hundred dollars?

I have also done online surveys and it can never pay more than an erratic few dollars a week. Like you say, a part time job moving shopping trolleys in the supermarket would pay more, and be more consistent.

    Jerry Huang - May 11, 2018

    It’s all about imperfect information so “clever” marketers know how to take advantage of innocent people.

    LOL, I wonder if his mum knows that he is out here scamming people’s hard earned money.

    And yes, you’re definitely right. There’s no short cut to success. It’s the same for every business or anything in life.

    Thanks for checking out my review and leaving an awesome comment πŸ™‚

Diana - May 10, 2018

The fact that Take Surveys for Cash charges you to take surveys is a clear sign that this is a scam.

Swagbucks does the same thing and it’s free.

With products like these the money isn’t in it for the users… you’re better off as an affiliate.

I wouldn’t recommend it as an affiliate.

There are way better methods to make a living online.

Thanks for sharing Jerry!

    Jerry Huang - May 11, 2018

    Thanks for dropping by Diana!

    I’m glad you agree with me. You should never pay money to take surveys. Legit surveys sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie is completely free to join. Having you to pay a fee is definitely a huge red flag.

    Affiliate marketing is also my top recommended business model πŸ™‚

vikram - May 10, 2018

Hi Jerry,

Thank you for this review, I was actually contemplating joining one of the survey programs. Your article has helped me in rethinking my decision not just in this program but the overall gamut of survey programs available.


    Jerry Huang - May 11, 2018

    Hey Vikram,
    I’m really glad that my review helps. You should definitely check out my online survey guide to avoid falling into scams.

    But anyway, I believe online surveys are just a waste of time. Even with the legit ones, the earning potential is still very low.

    If you really want to make money online, Affiliate Marketing is the way to go!

norman richards - May 10, 2018

All I can say is shame, shame, and more shame. I believe that those who are making the money with this system is those who have created the system. These are some bold claims and in some cases, it sounds to be unreal. The better choice to make real money and to success is Wealthy Affiliate like you’ve mentioned which is helping many people to achieve success online.

    Jerry Huang - May 10, 2018

    Yes indeed! Those who are making the most money from this scam product are the owner and those affiliates promoting it. I agree with you that it’s really shameless to give such blatant and misleading claims.


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