Top 7 Reasons on Why You Should Join Wealthy Affiliate

Top 7 Reasons on Why You Should Join Wealthy Affiliate

You are here probably because you are looking for money making opportunities online.

Or you've already heard of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and are researching on whether you should join.

Either case, this post will blow your mind on what WA is capable of. It's so awesome and powerful that you cannot afford to miss.

There are tons of features and tools that WA offers. But I'm just going to list out the 7 most important and exclusive ones that you CANNOT find anywhere else on this planet.​

If you find a platform that has all these exclusive features, shoot me a comment or email to let me know and I'll delete this post and award you USD$1,000. Deal?


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

But first, for the benefit of those who have not heard of Wealthy Affiliate, I need to give a brief introduction.​

​Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform aims at helping people to achieve success online regardless of their knowledge and skills level.

The way WA achieve this is by offering detailed step-by-step training, support, tools, other resources and a whole community of internet entrepreneurs to help one another.

It is not just a forum, nor just a tool. It provides everything you need to get started in online business, or more specifically, affiliate marketing!

Without further ado, let's quickly look at the Top 7 Features which are EXCLUSIVE to Wealthy Affiliate only!

#1 Private Access to the Founders

​There are countless of affiliate marketing and training platforms out there, but is there any one of them which you can have direct and private access to the founders of the company?

I bet none.

​In Wealthy Affiliate, you can private message the co-founders, Kyle and Carson, and they do reply every single message.

Look at my personal experience below:


This is an example of me private messaging to Kyle due to some issues.

Despite it may take a few days, you need to understand that being the co-founders of the company and still allow members to private message them is really not easy.

So, whenever you have problems or issues, you can always contact them and usually you can get it solved in a few days time, or even faster.​

But it doesn't stop ​here...

Kyle and Carson do regularly participate in the discussions in the community to offer help, knowledge and answer questions.​


Kyle participating in the discussion!

This is completely different from other companies. Many of the founders of the other companies simply create the platform/courses/tools​ and leave it.

I'm not saying that's bad because there are still good courses and stuffs out there. But Kyle and Carson are willing to put in the extra effort and go the extra mile to make this community and platform the best place for internet entrepreneurs. Really appreciate that!

#2 Quality Web Hosting with FREE SSL

​Being an affiliate marketer, a website is a necessity. In order to offer a good experience to your website visitors, a quality hosting server is necessary to ensure good connection and fast loading.

​There are a lot of web hosting service in the market. However, Wealthy Affiliate managed to create its own hosting service that is integrated with the system. So that you can manage everything in one place, your WA dashboard.

free ssl in Wealthy affiliate

​The Best Thing?

Wealthy Affiliate is the first ever company that offers FREE SSL certificates for premium websites hosted at WA.​

In case you don't know, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which allows the website to transfer data via​ a secure route that is encrypted. It not only makes your website a safer place for your visitors, but it also allows safe online transactions to take place and help you rank higher in Google.

Related Post: The Beginner's Complete Guide to SSL Certificate​

​SSL certificate can cost up to hundreds of dollars per year. But Kyle and Carson believe that everyone has the right to have easy access to a secured website. That's why they are offering SSL for FREE.

free ssl for everyone

I'm sure no other company can achieve this. Kyle and Carson are really building a ​really authentic and helpful platform to help as much people as they can since 2005.

#3 Website Comment & Feedback Platform​

​There's a "Pay-it-forward" system inside WA that encourages members to help and contribute.

The SiteComment tool in WA allows people to offer comments on other people's website to earn credit. At the same time, it allows people to use credits to request for comments on their own website.


Take a look at the platform.

Having comments and engagements on​ your website can boost your rankings. That's why this tool is so useful. It adds a lot more engagements and content to your website.

This tool can really give beginners a ​huge boost in getting quality comments because it's hard to get organic/natural comments when they are just getting started.

​SiteFeedback is another similar tool but it allows people to offer feedback for other people's website and earn credit. Again, the credit can be used to request feedback from others for their own website.

The difference between comments and feedback is that comments are contents that will be shown in your websites while feedback are suggestions, constructive criticisms or opinions given within the Wealthy Affiliate platform to help members to improve their website.

In anything we do, there must be times when we need other people's help, suggestions and opinions because different people have different perspectives.​

You know what?! I was surprised when I saw Kyle actually requested for feedback on his website.

Look at this post: I just gave Kyle a feedback on his site!

Having this tool to help one another​ in building their website is very useful.

The credit system ensures that you will get a comment or feedback as long as you sent a request.

I'm so grateful to be in this really helpful and resourceful environment to build my online business.​

#4 Earn Money by Teaching Others What You Know

​This is an epic one! (Actually, everything in WA is epic.)

​In Wealthy Affiliate, you can create training or tutorials for other members to learn. In return, WA will pay you credits according to the amount of likes and engagement your training has.

This credit not only can be used for the SiteComment and SiteFeedback tool, but it can also be cashed out as real money to you.

How awesome is that?


You are actually earning money while teaching others from your knowledge and what you know.

Some of you may be thinking: I'm just a newbie so this is not for me because I don't know much...

You are wrong!

​Think it this way: You are a newbie, so do many others. But every single one of you has your own talent or expertise. As long as it has something related to online business and you can add value to others, you can teach!

Also, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to create training only after you've been a premium member for 3 months. Within this 3 months, you will be learning a lot. Together with your own experience and expertise, you definitely have things to share and help others.​

So you get where am I coming from?​

We all can teach. There are many people who can benefit from your knowledge.​

Tell me, isn't this platform awesome?​

#5 A True Community

​From the previous points, you can see that Wealthy Affiliate is not just a "dead" platform. It's a lively, interactive and helpful community.

To prove it further, let me tell you some more details.

  • Similar to other social media, you can follow or unfollow other members in WA. You can build your own network.
  • You can write blog posts which can be ranked in Google as well.
  • You can participate in all the discussions, questions, training, blog posts, etc. (Remember? Kyle and Carson also participate in these as well!)
  • You can also join the Live Chat which is taking place 24/7 everyday because there are tons of members from different part of the world.

There is a ranking system in place as a little incentive for you to participate and contribute.

Because of this system, people are constantly sharing knowledge and experience. Everyone is learning a lot everyday.​

Where else can you find such a wonderful and helpful community, together with so many tools and resources?​

Before we move on, you can take a look at my profile:​


Click on the image to view full profile in WA

#6 A Free Trip to Las Vegas

​Yes, you didn't see wrongly!

​You can have a chance to be invited to Las Vegas for the Wealthy Affiliate Conference where you will meet the Co-Founders Kyle and Carson and also other successful WA members.

​The great thing is that if you are eligible, your whole trip will be fully paid-for and you will be entertained by Kyle and Carson warmly.

Some other benefits include:

  • You will be put up in style with beautiful accommodations​
  • Awesome WA Swag Package (high end goodies)
  • 3 Day Interactive Super Affiliate Conference
  • Entertainment is in abundance (gambling, shows, dinners)

Let's take a look at a recent 2017 Las Vegas Conference made by one of the successful WA member, Alex Sol:​

Here are some more photos that you may be interested:

WA Las Vegas Conference 2017 Group Photo
Wealthy affiliate Las Vegas Conference MGM 2017
Wealthy affiliate Las Vegas Conference 2017
Wealthy affiliate Las Vegas Conference Table

But Jerry, What's the Requirement?

​The requirement is simple. If you get 300 WA sales in a calendar year, you are invited!

If you are a online marketing newbie, it definitely takes time and hard work to achieve this. But like I've said, Wealthy Affiliate​ has all the necessary things you need to get started right away. You have a step-by-step course to help you get there.

People who make it to the Conference are normal guys like you and me. But with consistent hard work​, it's totally possible. Just follow the course and apply it.

Are you ready to go to Las Vegas with me?​

#7 Free to Get Started Without Time Limitation​

​Intrigued by all the exclusive features?

Wealthy Affiliate allows you to start for FREE. You just have to sign up for a FREE account. You'll have access to many of the features within WA.

What's more interesting is that WA does not have a "trial period" like many other companies do. A lot of companies offer free trial for a certain period and ​you need to start paying them money if you want to continue.

WA is ​very different. The Free Account has no "expiry date". You can use the free account for as long as you want.

However, Please Take Note! Many of the exclusive features are only available to Premium Members.​

Here's a comparison table between starter and premium member:

Nevertheless, it doesn't mean you can't succeed with the starter membership because you have training and 2 free websites. For affiliate marketers, website is their ATM. You have these 2, you are ready to get started.

Here is a quick example of Starter Member earning commission.​

So, starter membership is really a great option for people to try out Wealthy Affiliate and have some taste of affiliate marketing. Whilst, Premium Membership offers people with all the tools to achieve success much faster at a very affordable price.

If you decide to pay annually, it's $359 per year, which equals to $0.98 per day. You can start learning and building your own online business at the cost of less than a dollar per day. Isn't that a great investment?


To me, Wealthy Affiliate is my best investment in my life so far. I've learnt a lot more than I could learn in University without the need to pay for expensive tuition fees. At the same time, I am also making passive income online.

How awesome is that?

You Ready to Give it a Shot?

Jerry Huang

Jerry is a young aspiring Internet Entrepreneur who started his online business at the age of 18. He is currently a Full-time Affiliate Marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, a community to help anyone start their own online business without prior experience. He actually achieved Financial Independence at the young age of 21. Read more about his story here!

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Paulina - March 19, 2017

I think it’s important to know that you have a community of people that all have the same goal and are willing to help each other.

    Jerry Huang - March 19, 2017

    Hey Paulina,
    Yea you’re right! A helpful community is definitely critical for you to learn faster and achieve success much faster. It’s similar to having a mentor.
    Glad that awe found Wealthy Affiliate on our online business journey!

Lucas1337 - February 26, 2017

Yo Jerry good points here about WA !

I want to add on that apart from these points we have Jay ! His weekly live webinars are awesome and I do learn a lot. Not to mention we can watch the replay haha.

I’m looking forward to be able to go to Las Vegas as well actually, but it might take some time. Although I am happy with my current progress and I’m happy with what WA has taught me.

    Jerry Huang - February 26, 2017

    Lucas, Yea you are right. The weekly live webinars are great as well. But I didn’t include it in the list because I found that there are other platforms having similar webinars. So, it’s not exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate. Nevertheless, it’s a great point to mention. Thanks for that 🙂

    All the best to you!

Norman Richards - February 26, 2017

Hey man, I enjoyed your post! This should make people want to sign up because it looks pretty awesome. All the best to you and keep up the good work.

    Jerry Huang - February 26, 2017

    Thank you Norman again for checking out my post and leaving a comment!

KEN - February 26, 2017

Jerry, very informative and right to the point. I can really see the advantages that WA has over all other companys out in the market. Who knew they offered all these and plus something I looked over it the FREE trip to Vegas..all paid for this is freaking huge alone! I normally don’t read long post but some how it just got better and better as I read it and then I was done. So, good job on letting us know why WA is a force to be reckoned with…

    Jerry Huang - February 26, 2017

    Really thank you for reading the post fully and find it interesting. Actually, all 7 features are huge!

jamin wong - February 25, 2017

All the topics are true. I like the Free SSL which I totally don’t understand. I will go through the SSL for beginner guide.

    Jerry Huang - February 26, 2017

    Hi Jamin, I was like you last time, totally don’t understand what the heck is SSL. But I kept on reading different resources as well as blogs and training inside WA written by both the co-founders and other members. Now I’m very clear about it. You will sure have a much better understanding after reading my detailed guide there! Thanks for reading 🙂

Deraj - February 25, 2017

Amazing insides about Wealthy Affiliate. I only hear it is a good company to start the online business, but never knew what exactly it offers. From your 7 reasons to join Wealthy Affiliate, you make me clear what it is all about. Thank you very much. I’m going to join it soon. Meet you inside 🙂

    Jerry Huang - February 26, 2017

    Hey Deraj,
    Glad that this helps you. Thanks for reading and see you soon 🙂

Moon - February 25, 2017

Hi Jerry, your review is as awesome as how Wealthy Affiliate sounds. I would very much like to meet the 300 referrals target and go to Vegas to meet Kyle and Carson. As a newbie, how much work should I put in and how much earnings would I see?

    Jerry Huang - February 25, 2017

    Hi Moon,
    This is a great question!

    If you want to see results faster, then the answer is definitely as much work as possible. But if your schedule doesn’t allow, you just need to plan your time well and consistently put in effort in the business. Even if it’s just one two hours per day, it’s enough as long as you are consistent.

    To be honest, you just need to put in as much time and work as you can within your schedule because your result will totally depend on the time and effort you put in.

    Regarding the earning potential, it’s again dependent on your time and effort. From my experience, it’s totally possible to earn a few hundred dollars or up to a thousand every month in 6 to 12 months’ time if you follow WA training closely. But if you put your focus on a long term goal, it’s possible for you to earn 4, 5 or 6-figure and beyond per month in 3 to 5 years of time.

    This is just an estimation. Everyone has different learning capability and skills. Everyone has a different situation too. So, your result and income is really hard to say. But what I can assure you is that the potential is there.

    Your result depend on yourself. You create your own future, write your own paycheck!

Brandon - February 25, 2017

I totally agree with your list! Getting personal help from the OWNER himself is NOT easy to come by, and that just goes and proves even more why WA is #1 above all. Furthermore, the comment feature is amazing as well! Engagement is really important, as it helps you rank in the SERPS.

Great job on the article. I enjoyed it a lot 🙂


    Jerry Huang - February 25, 2017

    Hi Brandon,
    Thanks a lot for your support and thanks for reading!

    I still remember the first time when I receive Kyle’s message. I was so surprised. I was wondering whether is it an auto-message because that’s what we usually experience. But it’s not!

    Although there are a few auto-messages here and there, they do personally reply to a lot of messages and join in the discussions. This fact still intrigues me everyday because that’s just simply awesome. You won’t experience this anywhere else.

Mark Tuban - February 25, 2017

Wow. If I am just a newbie and read your post, I will surely join Wealthy Affiliate.
I can also attest on the great features in WA. Surely any newbie will be satisfied on what WA can offer.



    Jerry Huang - February 25, 2017

    Hey Mark,
    That’s what I believe also. Really thankful to Kyle and Carson for this platform that is helping tons of people everyday!


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