Quit 9 to 5 Academy REVIEW + Can you trust this?? Did it work??

Quit 9 to 5 Academy REVIEW + Can you trust this?? Did it work??

Introductory review of Quit 9 to 5 Academy, the new program by Mark Ling and Nick Torson.

Quit 9 to 5 Academy review

THE CONCEPT: Learn from the best. Join affiliate networks, choose the right product, and promote it to a given audience. You reach that audience either through free or paid traffic. Anybody can choose a product, the holy grail is reaching the right people. Quit 9 to 5 Academy is exactly about that… It’s a set of PROVEN methods taught by PROVEN successful marketers.

DOES IT WORK? Yeap. For every competitor, there are a thousand potential customers online. The method itself has been taken into practice for some time now, so it’s quite a final version. It’s only now that they have rebranded it as “Quit 9 to 5 Academy”.

ARE THEY CREDIBLE? Absolutely… Mark Ling is the most decent guy I know in the industry. He’s been around forever and is one of the best known success stories of the history of Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing in general. If he puts his name behind this, I’m in.

* Ask me anything in the comments, I did join Quit 9 to 5 Academy recently.

Now, onto the longer Q&A…

Quit 9 to 5 Academy

What is Quit 9 to 5 Academy?

This is an online course that gives you the necessary skills you need before undertaking affiliate marketing as a strategy to increase your revenues in internet marketing. Majority of people are now engaging in affiliate marketing to boost their earnings while on the internet platform. This is the kind of training you get from Quit 9 to 5 Academy.

What you learn

You might be wondering how you can join this online academy without any prior knowledge on internet related marketing. To enter this program, you don’t need any previous knowledge of affiliate marketing. If you do have some experience, there is the need to improve and learn more aspects of affiliate marketing to enhance and improve your earnings from internet marketing.

First, you will be taught on the basics of affiliate marketing. Never mind the many programs on the internet claiming to explain affiliate marketing. The Quit 9 to 5 Academy trains on a personal level, to make sure even newbies master the art of affiliate marketing in a friendly manner. Here’s a review of Tony Robbins’ new program The Knowledge Broker Blueprint.

affiliate networks

You will learn essential elements of affiliate marketing and top-notch strategies that will help you improve your earnings in the internet marketing sector.

HERE is a very informative article listing (and explaining) the best affiliate platforms out there. It’s a great resource so you should probably add it to your bookmarks for future guidance.

Always remember that this is a business, and any business requires marketing strategies to increase profits. The academy will teach you everything from ad creation to assessing risk in your campaigns. That’s why I’m convinced the academy will produce true future professionals of the sector.

Who’s behind this academy?

The main guy behind the academy is Mark Ling. He is responsible for the upload of different models and strategies into the academy’s module. This is a sharp contrast to the traditional college courses out there where you have to buy a book or some notes after attending a class.

Nick Torson and Max Sylvestre are also involved, bringing new angles and lots of experience. At quit 9 to 5 academy, you get the opportunity to work with the best trainers. You will learn different strategies that will assist you in your affiliate marketing experience for improved income.

nick torson and max sylvestre
Nick Torson & Max Sylvestre

You can also connect with mentors and peers on social media platforms. They will help guide you in your affiliate marketing journey. This is one of how the founder Mark Ling and his team are committed to ensuring you get the best training experience.

To master those skills in the real internet world. One of these programs is the VIP funnel hacking, which allows constant interactions between newbies and the more experienced guys in affiliate marketing.

Why you should enroll

There are two main reasons why you should enroll in this academy. One of the reasons is the effectiveness of their training. You can count on qualified staff that comes up with friendly and effective training methodologies. The best learning experience a teacher should give his students is to expose them to the actual process of affiliate marketing.

Let them use the tactics they learned to conduct business online. They not only gain experience but increase confidence in facing the different challenges associated with affiliate marketing.

mark ling's new program
Quit nine to five!

Affiliate marketing is a dynamic market, and it keeps on changing. You need an excellent institution to teach you how market dynamics continuously change. The other reason is that when joining this academy, you are given a template.

How is a model vital to you? Models enable you to generate offers and offer to generate revenues. You not only learn at “Q925”, but you also make your income. This template is an excellent practical lesson any student should be subjected to.

Course contents

There are different modules to guide you through this course. There are up to seven modules you should go through as a newbie. I will go through them in brief.

Module 1- this is for beginners who are learning the fundamental aspects of affiliate marketing. It is easy to understand and ushers them into the marketing world for a quick start.
Module 2- here you get to learn on the various methods of advertising on Facebook and social media in general. It involves the use of existing Facebook posts to access the market and make decisions on how to improve your marketing strategies.
Module 3- includes the use of Facebook analytics to get data and for reporting purposes. It is essential to know your reports and figures.
Module 4- here you will be guided on how to verify ads and scale them. You will be conducted on the best scaling methods and how to make sure your ad stands out from the rest.
Module 5- you will learn advanced stuff like messenger automation, how to increase your audience and to target the target audience.
Module 6- you will be introduced to manual bidding and how to select the best manual bidding strategies.
This is just a sneak preview of the modules to expect at quit9 to 5 academies.

best method to make money online

Each quit 9 to 5 trainee will get

  • Each trainee will get a personal Facebook group to give you the necessary support.
  • High converting Facebook ads
  • Live mastermind calls weekly
  • Seven modules specifically to guide you for success in this field

Some of the benefits of this affiliate marketing training…

First and foremost, without proper guidance, you are doomed to fail. The guru himself Mark Ling is a real example of how successful you can be on the affiliate marketing sector. He has earned millions of dollars in affiliate marketing revenues. Most people only believe what they can see. For instance, Affilorama is one of his ventures.

Another significant benefit is the template you were offered in training. It is an essential aspect of pre-selling for recommended offers. Finally, you are equipped with the latest formulas, methods and secrets to succeeding in affiliate marketing. The training you received focuses on these areas.

affiliate marketing


Enroll for a training course at Quit 9 to 5 Academy to get the necessary skills that will assist you in improving your income through affiliate marketing.

The academy boasts of the best teaching staff that will guide you on how to make it on internet marketing. They teach you the different strategies to cushion you from the ever-changing market dynamics.

So, to wrap things up, the course includes training, advise, coaching, support, and a sense of community and accountability. It is absolutely nothing like a scam. I highly recommend this online course to anyone willing to venture into affiliate marketing.


SmartAffiliateSuccess Ninja Team

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Ace - September 24, 2019

Hi Jerry,

A very concise review written.

Just wondering what sort of affiliate marketing are we learning from q925? like are we talking about email-marketing or just internet marketing? it seems like this program is quite focused on paid advertising using Fb ads. Also, do we have to sign up for 3rd-party tools like email auto-responder system or website builder/hosting?



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